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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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HT slashes YM's arm to stop him from shooting ND.... boy why didnt you just stab his neck or smth


YM's guard has been killed. YM is devastated. He dies in YM's arms. 


The fighting is stopped (??) by another army of men. (led by who??) The king appears.... (what's gonna happen now????) i wonder whose side he is on. 

THe king's men surrounds ND and MW corps. The army demands everyone to drop their weapons. 


The king and ND face... and my stream lags



Now it shows the dowager speaking to someone. a guard informs the dowager that the king has returned. 





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5 minutes ago, icryforattention said:
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King draws his sword. who will he point it to?


KIng raises his sword at ND. 


The king believes that the coup's leader is ND based on the dowager's words. iufjw[skq[u im so annoyed lol


You got to be kidding:expressionless:. How low can he get?


@Ameera Ali dude met his match lol:mrgreen:. That's why:joy:....

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king asks ND if it wasnt a coup he was scheming, why was he sticking around. ND sheds tears. the king asks if it wasnt to kill him. The king seems sad as he asks ND. 


ND says in sorrow that the king is right, that he hates the king. 


Ym is now butting in. He apologises, and says that he knows of the truth, that ND was trying to scheme to overthrow the king. HT tells the the king that YM is lying. 


ND asks, what can i say to make you (king) believe me? if i said i was trying to stop Ym, would you believe me? if i said that although i was scared while i was with you, would you believe me if i said i was happy? ND asks if the king felt hurt because of him. He who stayed by his side keeping his identity a secret. he asks the king if he felt betrayed, lied to as ND kept his identity from him. ND says that that was exactly how he felt, when he beleived in the king without knowing that the king wanted to have him killed. 

the king demands that ND is arrested. 

Someone is shooting arrows at guards who are trying to arrest ND. it's DJ. 


THe king escapes with YM, while ND, HT and DJ escapes. 

(honestly i am currently in shock..... did they really need a whole episode to fight....................................)

there's no preview. 


The last episode will air next week. 



everyone i'm honestly quite shocked, the fighting sequence has been needlessly long when the only important parts were in the beggining, when the queen declares ND's identity to the conspirators, and the end, where the king finally appeared. i feel like those were the only few scenes that mattered but we got a whole lot of fighting inside. even political sagueks dont have such long sequence's... even mishil did not have one episode dedicated to her death. 


 although the ending was frustrating, the conversation between the king and ND was really gripping as they are finally voicing their feelings for one another



However, it was really disappointing to see that the King isnt able to believe his own son and instead leaves in YM's arms..... dude... he was the one who organised this poop fest in the first place can u not...


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Saw ep 14... man it was slow... haiz...

1. Dont even know why DJ insist in killing the king. To think that the compound was not guarded by men seemed illogical.

2. Prolonging unnecessary scenes

3. King repeating over and over again why he wants to kill his son

4. Basically everything was slow in the episode... haiz...

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Although there were some parts that maybe could've ended faster, I liked that the whole episode was all about fighting. I'd be disappointed if they spent episodes of YM plotting and building up his Big Coup but then it ended so quickly. So much for being a villain. Lol I Iooove how badass the WM Corps were this episode. <3


Gaaaaaah the king needs to get out of his head, open his eyes, and look at what's really happening!! I can't believe no one informed him of how the coup actually started?? And just believed the evil dowager?? Grrrrr

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36 minutes ago, dramaonion said:
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Wait, WHAT? Did ND play hide and seek with the bodyguard? Why is suddently dark?


because they've been fighting for so long hahah 


and we thought the political mess was gonna be wrapped up in today's episode, but it seems like we still have more to continue with the political story

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wow, i love a show where the girl saved our hero so many times!  in a badass way using her awesome bow and arrows....  totally different from shows where hero always saved damsel in distress. :w00t:


and i'm happy that amidst all the fighting, our lovebirds had sweet interactions and quick popo :wub:


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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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