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[Drama 2019] Let me hear your song, 너의 노래를 들려줘


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Kim Se-jung as an amnesiac timpanist with insomnia in KBS’s rom-com mystery thriller

by tipsymocha (dramabeans)


Although I’m generally wary of rookie idols taking on lead roles, I was pleasantly surprised by Kim Se-jung in her acting debut School 2017, which is why I’m interested to see her back on the small screen and outside the classroom environment. Let Me Hear Your Song, KBS’s upcoming rom-com with a dash of mystery and thriller, has released several new stills of Kim Se-jung in what looks like her I’m-only-leaving-the-house-for-a-few-minutes attire (I might have that exact outfit, myself).

The stills all appear to be from the same scene and there aren’t many of them, but the show is being pretty stingy with its promo material, what with the three stills here and the three stills of Kim Se-jung’s co-star Yeon Woo-jin (Priest) that was released a little under a week ago, so I’ll take what I can get. Kim Se-jung will play a timpanist who is a key witness to a terrible murder but has lost all of her memories of the incident. Coupled with the amnesia is her insomnia, which curiously goes away only when she listens to off-key singing.

Cue Yeon Woo-jin’s character, who joins the same orchestra she’s a member of as a guest pianist. I don’t know how he ends up moonlighting as her sleeping aide, but his tone-deaf lullabies become crucial to Kim Se-jung retrieving the memories she lost of the murder. And I think we can safely presume that in the midst of all the musical crime-fighting, the two orchestra-mates will fall in love.

KBS’s Let Me Hear Your Song will premiere on July 29 and air on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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