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[Drama 2019] Let me hear your song, 너의 노래를 들려줘


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I first checked this drama mainly because of the male lead (loved him since Marriage not dating) but Kim Se Jong has been such a wonderful surprise and the romance and the thriller part has been haunting me. I’m watching and enjoying also a very popular airing drama right now, but THIS is the drama that I’m waiting for every single day of the week.


About the romance part, I appreciate the fact that every time the female lead tried to confess to him he kind of turned her down bluntly like “being interested in someone and liking someone are two different things” or “there can’t be nothing between us” and I personally think that he didn’t actually approach her trying to make her fall for him, it happened and he has been taking advantage of it (and of course I didn’t like it) like “let’s go together to retrieve your traumatic memories”. He seems to me like a rightful man who has been carrying a huge guilt on his shoulders as if he failed to “save” his little brother and he has been falling for the possible actual murder all along. At first I noticed during her breakdowns he didn’t really empathize with her, he tried to interrogate her like a police man instead, he didn’t touch her never, he stayed far from her every time she cried in front of him and I didn’t notice real affection, just attraction during their first kiss. But now, I only saw some scenes, but he embraced her and comforted her before kissing her, so I guess his feelings went too ahead and he couldn’t stop. She felt sick because she couldn’t stop herself from liking him even after knowing the whole story, but I think he can’t feel much better about himself either, considering that he’s kissing the potential murder of his brother. For me right now they’re both on the same page, it will be harder for her, the process of retrieving her lost memories, but their relationship won’t be easy for either of them, hope they’ll somehow manage to keep this succession of comedy and thriller nonetheless.


About the thriller part, don’t know if I’ll change my mind after watching this week episodes, but I think she was only trying to remove the knife while in shock. Can’t guess anything else, but I’ll go read some theories on the thread :D


Hoping HYY will be safe soon, happy watching to all of the live streamers here 



@The_Doctor read your theory only now and I think the same too B)

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@thistle I think when something unusual memories back, people will get anxiety. When you get anxiety, you will search for protection and JY always beside her. And HYY really like JY alot. She honest to her blind date and ask for a "date" from JY. She feel sick when she remember some clips from that night which is cause her very very sick and scared. But when she in drunk (karaoke) U see she still sit at beside JY and allow him to sent her home (which is JY's house :sweatingbullets:) I guess JY's existence already deep into her heart so much that's at last scene she decided to say goodbye him and brace herself to find out the truth. 


I'm not sure which part of translate sub have "disgusting" coz I'm watching with Chinese sub. But I think she feel been using and all this moments is just a fake relationship. (it remind me of her ex-bf also same) She hates people playing her heart. 


Anyway let see for tonight. I wonder what JY will say to her after she got rescue out. Hope JY will say out everything to her. No more hiding. 


@The_Doctor Haha, Assistance Choi just check on her. But ya, the scene really random. Actually what Asst Choi did, he might not report to JY, but he report to Jung Sang-Mo. This JY has not idea at all. 


About stabbed part, still unknown as it the mysteries guy with fisher hat might be a fake image. As we can see there is a lot scenes which double tap, I forgot where did I saw it that there is a clip the guy holding the knife and stabbing repeatedly. To who, no idea. Izzit the true scene, no idea too. A lot of scenes they show sometimes we might need to filter it or put it on side :sweatingbullets: But I really hope that HYY is not murderer. Otherwise this drama will be very painful though. :bawling:


Ps : I like Eunjoo tide up her hair or put her behind her ears. :wub:




Let find out who is the real culprit 


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I think she might've actually stabbed KI. Maybe he was already beaten up or hit by a car and the culprit went to finish him off with a knife. HYY tried to stop him, managed to get the knife out of his hands but the culprit might've pushed her and she fell on top of KI, stabbing him in the process. That would at least explain their shocked faces and the weird position of HYYs hand on the knife, as well as her thinking that she killed him. 

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@thistle it's nice that I'm not alone in that thought. :D


@philosophie I feel you with that "what the hell happened..." statement you shared. ^^'


- the classical music is a big reason for me to enjoy the drama. It enlivens me!


Some more thoughts:

• How come it's so hard for Jang Yoon to admit even just to himself that he likes Yi Young? I know their second kiss tells it all but...

• Nam Joo Wan is an effective wolf in sheep's clothing. 

• Poor Eun Ju... She is so desperate for love. (I so love this shot:)


• Could scar-hand ahjussi have previously been a part of the orchestra? What's with him and the knife?

• What would our world be without grandmothers? Nam Joo Wan's halmeoni is both warm & cool. ;)


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13 hours ago, Heidi Seow said:

Edit: Sharp ear @thistle , I thought it was light raining with thunder sound. But it might be HYY hitting drum tempo sound. Just very very light sound. 


At my house, the sound I was hearing was a tree frog.  It was only about 10 inches behind me.  LOL


6 hours ago, Heidi Seow said:

istle I think when something unusual memories back, people will get anxiety. When you get anxiety, you will search for protection and JY always beside her.


This is the core of the problem.  When a person is feeling threatened, she may reach out to the very worst person (the abuser) as her only means of support rather than striking out into new territory which would be more safe.  This is why so many women feel unable to leave an abusive partner.  To use an old expression, it's a case of "better the devil you know than the devil you don't."


To tell the absolute truth:  I had nightmares all night about this episode because it is was so reflective of abusive reality.  I still feel sick about that kiss.


Since this is a drama, we need to accept that it is only a shadow of reality.  But I have trouble doing that sometimes when the characters seem real to me.


6 hours ago, Heidi Seow said:

I'm not sure which part of translate sub have "disgusting" coz I'm watching with Chinese sub.


I have no skills with languages so I always admire those who have them.  :)  


HYY said that she knew that her feelings for JY were disgusting shortly before he kissed her.


1 hour ago, Shine Son said:

@thistle it's nice that I'm not alone in that thought. :D


I actually like NJW so I hope he didn't do anything horrible, and I do think that he cared for Kim Ian. 


I've thought that connection is why NJW seems to be protecting HYY since Kim Ian loved her.  Since NJW couldn't protect the one he loved, he is now protecting his loved one's beloved.  (Wow, that sounds confusing but I hope you see what I mean.)  Certainly NJW cares about HYY or he wouldn't have taken her to see Grandma.


The way he is treating the violinist EJ (not sure of her name) is very unkind.  He seems only to be using her, and even though he has slept with her once he is certainly avoiding her now despite her insistence.  So I wonder what EJ's involvement in all this is.  Maybe, again, NJW is just trying to protect HYY.


1 hour ago, Shine Son said:

What would our world be without grandmothers? Nam Joo Wan's halmeoni is both warm & cool.


I wish my grandma had been like her.  :)


............I tried to add this to my previous post but I couldn't edit.  So frustrating.  Apologies for double post.




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Hi, I've been lurking for the past few weeks and want to share some of my theories after today's episode.


-Maybe there isn't only one person who's behind the murder, but many people are involved specifically some of the orchestra members and the people from the management. It reminds me of the movie 'Murder On The Orient Express' where the detective was looking for one murderer but it turns out that all of the passengers on the train planned the murder intricately.

-Maybe Kim Ian was going to expose something against the orchestra's company? The guy in the bucket hat says HYY might have the "thing", maybe it's a document or file or usb.

-What Choi Seoju said struck me when she was fighting with Ha Eunjoo, she said "we kill whoever gets on our bad side".

-Jang Yoon said Kim Ian told him many times that he has "someone that he loves" and I think there's a possibility that it's actually Nam Joowan and not HYY.

-I think there's also a possibility that HYY was really the one who stabbed Kim Ian, but maybe by accident and not with murderous intent.

-The "gossip girl" who posts on their group chat will be someone we didn't expect.


We're just halfway through the show so I'm sure there are still more twists and turns. There's also that mystery on why HYY can't remember that she already met Jang Yoon before as Jang Dohun, their teacher's assistant on one of her classes. I think that timeline isn't covered by the 3 months worth of memory that she forgot due to the accident.

Also, what if Jang Yoon is the one who gets amnesia this time because he got hit in the head?


I also just wanna share that during the first week of this show I had a crazy theory that maybe HYY has a multiple personality disorder and Jang Yoon was actually just her other personality trying to make her remember her forgotten memories. As the episodes went by I realized that's not the case, thankfully. I hate plotlines where the characters or scenes turns out to be just a figment of imagination.


Lastly, Hong Yiyoung's narration at the first episode that this is definitely not a love story is intriguing. It felt like a warning or a heads up on an impending doom. She even said it twice so I'm keeping it in mind while I'm watching this show. I remind myself not to be disappointed in case the ending is sad or tragic because HYY already warned us at the beginning.





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Who was JY talking to on the phone in today's episode?  He said that they should work together now.


Maybe it was the guy he met with later (the one who seems to work with JY's father).  But I had the sudden notion that it was NJW.  Could JY and NJW each be working to help HYY regain her memory?  Or maybe they are just both kinda gaslighting her?


I decided to do a re-watch of episode 1 today.  This drama had a very different sort of beginning to what it has become.  It was unsettling to see how much has changed.  And it was very interesting to notice that when HYY messed up her audition and fell off the stage, NJW was very surprised and happy to see her because he called out her name the way you might do when you are glad to see a friend.


One of the reasons I wanted to re-watch is because I am still very put off by JY's behavior from episodes 6 and 7, and by HYY's reaction to it.  I'm trying to figure out how we got to where we are.  This is an odd drama in many way.  Lots to figure out.


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Hi! I’ve been lurking and decided to join the conversation.


IMHO, the character that is truly emotionally manipulating someone without any reason is Nam Joo Wan. He plays hot and cold with EJ who he keeps leading on and hurting constantly without caring about her feelings in the slightest. What he did this episode is proof of what I’m saying. When he openly told the orchestra members that he’s interested in YY, he did it knowing that both YY and EJ would suffer the consequences of what he was doing.


As for Do Hoon, I think some of you explained it perfectly. He likes YY but he feels guilty. One moment he gives in and the other he tries to hold the reins of his feelings and overcompensates. When he pushes YY for answers it’s probably because he a) desperately wants to hear that she didn’t do it and b) he wants the answers so that he can solve the situation, and get rid of his conflicted emotions.


I feel the show’s mistake was to rely on the dialogue too much. Instead of showing WHY DH is acting the way he is acting, they just tell us that he loved his brother. It’s harder to empathize with the character because we haven’t seen scenes between him and his brother. That love is all tell and no show. That’s why I took a step back for a bit and took a look at the bigger picture. DH grew up alone and basically raised himself. His brother was the only person he had because he was angry at the world and never made friends. JY (Ian) suddenly died and everything points at YY, even if it’s circumstantial evidence, it points at YY. She has a very rare case of amnesia and he probably has a difficult time believing her and her family (who also tried to hide things - making YY even more suspicious in his eyes). I’m not going to justify what he did wrong because it was wrong, period. However, I don’t think I’d sit still if one of my family members were killed and never got justice because of a bunch of people trying to hide the truth. I’d also stop at nothing to get the answers and find justice for my loved one. Honestly, I found DH’s way of taking YY’s confession (that she had murdered Ian) quite noble. He listened to her patiently and pleaded for her to try to remember. It may sound cold, but it wasn’t aggressive or abusive in any way. Her memories are everything he has and he wants to believe in YY, but it’s hard when she’s saying she thinks she did it. He’s remaining loyal to his brother because as much as he likes YY, his brother is his priority, and he can’t let his feelings for her cloud his judgement. I find his situation as pitiful as YY’s, tbh. He’s just as torn and heartbroken as she is.  



On another note, I think both DH and YY knew each other in the past, but YY doesn’t remember it. I find that quite intriguing because YY was visibly crushing on DH when he was a TA. Apart from that, DH’s first question to her when she escaped from the hospital was “Do you remember me?”. That means they knew each other and YY is holding on to DH so much because he is someone she cared deeply for (or even loved) before she lost her memory. I think that’s why he’s a source of relief for her. Something he did in the past made YY get strongly attached to him and she subconciously "remembers" those feelings she had.


All this leads me to believe that YY and JY (Ian) were just friends. I think she wasn’t dating him at all, and that this relationship is a red herring. Maybe JY had a one-sided obsession with her and tried to harm her the night of his death when he found out YY actually loved his brother? I don’t think this is it, though. I think they were friends and they happened to be together that night. He had stolen / taken something from the higher-ups (maybe the ring?) and that’s why they killed him. That's what I believe. I also think NJW was somehow involved in the murder and I don't trust him at all even if he plays the super sweet grandson. There are psychos and murderers who love their families. What he did to YY in this episode was all kinds of wrong. She's in the eye of the storm already, why would you make things harder for her? :unamused:


Anyways, I love this drama. It has its flaws but I really like it.

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@sw33tm3lody Welcome! I am so glad that you decided to come out of lurking to share you insights. 

I agree with a lot that you said about DH's conflicted feeling for YY and finding out what had happened to Ian. I think we should also take into account that compared to Western countries like the States, the culture of what family is much different in Asian countries. Plus, there is the idea of saving face. And it could be possible that what ever everyone is hiding could be related to a scandal of some sorts, which would affect the reputation of the Orchestra. And I don't know about you, but Ian appeared to me like someone who kind of walked to a different rhythm. 


All in all, I think how frustrated we all are on how confused by the story so far, is actually a good thing, in that the writers have created so many options in how the story could possibly turn out. The only thing is, whether or not they can pull all of theses loose threads together in the end. Cause I swear we have so many possible red herrings, it is crazy.  

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@sw33tm3lody First, Thank you for your post. It convinced me to hold on to this drama for a while more, when I was ready to quit yesterday.

And I have to agree with you. I have a similar theory about YY and DH.

I think we are being mislead about a lot of things. Mainly regarding HYY....her feelings, her actions, or whether it was JDH or KI she liked. Everything we are told can't be confirmed or denied by YY right now. So we are left to mull over what others are saying about it all...which then depends on their own perspectives. So not 100% correct.

Few doubts of mine...

If HYY liked KI and was dating him, why does no one in the family or her group know about it....the super nosy gossip poster...or even HYY's bestie or her cousin don't seem as if they are hiding this fact from HYY.

Second, everything NJW does seems to have ulterior motives. Helping HYY is actually doing more harm to her....like isolating her from her colleagues.

Anyways, my biggest problem right now is that YY doesn't seem to have any agency....blame the writers for this. Everything YY does is being orchestrated/pushed by someone else. Even finding out the truth of her lost memories.

For a year, YY had insomnia and nightmares but she never tried to find out the truth....until JDH pushed her by doing some mean underhanded things. Her cousin who could have helped her immensely, blocked her instead...because of her fears based on incoherent words. The cousin should have continued her therapy sessions instead of just leaving YY to get traumatized by unknown triggers.

NJW also has been manipulating YY since day one. 


Believe me I welcome the frustration that comes from good storytelling...for e.g Secret Forest. It was edge of the seat, bite your nails every week during that drama. But this drama is the bad kind of frustrating...where you want to pull your hair or throw something at the screen.

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I'm really enjoying everyone's thoughts.  Thanks for coming out of Lurkdom!


The more I think about this drama, the more I feel that NJW is protecting HYY.  And I suspect this is because she was protecting him and Kim Ian in the past. 


What if she was being the "beard" for Kim Ian to cover up his relationship with NJW?

This is an old-fashioned idiom so maybe some people won't get it but it's the easiest way to describe:  a beard is a woman who knowingly pretends to date a gay person to protect him so that his true sexuality is not discovered. 


I keep coming back to that tiny moment in the first episode where he is so happy and surprised to see her.  Once that is taken into context, everything else NJW does regarding HYY makes sense:  he is helping her.  And he has even taken her to Grandma's house because he surely knows that Grandma will help her, too, because Grandma is wise enough to see right through HYY and knows just the right advice to give to help her to be strong.


On the other hand, it is YJ who is forcing his own agenda on HYY and who is using her to meet his own ends. 


I do not like YJ at the moment, and I think he deserves some emotional torment he is putting HYY through.  There is no excuse for using another person in that manner.  I hope that he does actually like her so that he can feel the pain he has caused her.

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19 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

I am sharing my addiction to music  with you :) l hope I am not imposing


Definitely NOT imposing.  I am so glad you are sharing your wealth of knowledge.  It's wonderful to see these musical links to our drama.

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So... After the 16th episode, the clouds get less hazier.


• Eun Ju seems to know much about the past and is now trying to use that knowledge for her own advantage. She's one undefeatable woman! Whatever secret the higher-ups of the Philharmonic is keeping, Eun Ju now seems to be getting closer to. I hope at one point, she becomes Yi Young's ally in finding out the truth about what really happened to Kim Ian.

• Yu Da is beginning to get on my nerves... :/ Could she be Yi Young's close friend in the orchestra?

• This scene:_aSxyvgEsKA4i9I_BuciwINWuqoxerTvtapzoQMT

Had a ballad for its BGM and I found it a little unusual. Haha. Well, I do know the context, but I still find it weird. ^^'

• The writers are doing a good job of creating a maze in our heads about this drama. xD

• I hope we'll get to see the trailer for the next episode soon. (I'll go and check out Naver TV often...)

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