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[Drama 2019] Let me hear your song, 너의 노래를 들려줘


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While reading the theories, somehow, i feel..

what if... 

The album of HYY polaroid in every scene that JY remake was actually memories between JY and HYY?

What if actually, JY loved her and tried to tackle her (by visiting the places in the polaroid) they've met when JY became part time lecturer(?) isn't it? 


But then, KIA met HYY and KIA fell for her and told JY. 

So, JY, as big brother who loves his younger brother, gave up HYY for him. 


Because when HYY asked JY "who killed KIA", he replied " someone he(KIA) loved". 


*just a random and sudden thought :joy:

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Ok I'mgonna do some spoilers by pict 1st 





And I will come back in short while. :D Almost come to end we received another


Another kiss from our main lead, although is romance but sad.. Im not sure what HYY said but right before she left JY pull and hug her.. 

Seriously out of expecting! 



Edit : I like your thoughts @Yoojay, at first I really thought that some memories was between JY and HYY like hand print at piano part. This is a mystery drama so who know might be twist plot. Is true that JY loves his brother so much that makes me wonder why JY quit play piano because of Ian’s talent. Is JY’s talent is much better than Ian? When it happened? When parent divorce time? He decide to let Ian follow his mother so that he quit playing piano because the mother prefer talent son?? 

OK so today our poor HYY cried alot so that JY.. (Are they in cry match?) Seems like JY starting to regret after seeing HYY in self-blame (crying) coz he begging HYY try to recall what happened on that night (if I’m not mistake) and feel jealous when HYY went out with NJW until next day morning (Ya karma come to you JY) and said some bad words to her.. 
All orchestra team at karaoke to celebrate the senior’s birthday (sorry cant recall her name) and HYY sing Twice - TT and JY sang One Man again. Unfortunately our HYY cry again.. 
So back to JY bring HYY back to JY’s house and another sad conversation then happened like what I said in spoiler. Seriously never thought will happen tonight again. Haha. 
Anyway next day, HYY decide to go back the old warehouse again by herself with the knife. Leaving message for JY and yup the fisher hat creepy guy is following HYY to old warehouse then finish. 
In preview looks like HYY been kidnapped by the fisher hat creepy guy and fisher hat creepy guy call JY’s real name. They know each other? Tomorrow we will see memories between JY and Ian. Both looks in happy conversation, is Ian showing JY bout HYY and gonna introduce her after concert? HEJ is meeting with Jung Sang-mo, making some deals? Looks like tomorrow there's not scene on HYY coz JY still searching on her. (same shirt for today last scene and black shirt on next day) Really hope by end of the episode JY manage to save her. 
About our second leads NJW and HEJ
HEJ feel hurt after knowing NJW went out overnight with HYY. And the fisher hat creepy hat come to NJW's office. Conversation was bad until NJW asked he to get out from his office. (I guess) 
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Most welcome @guinearoyal This writer/ PD-nim really know how to make us round and round. Is really like a puzzle. Ya I do hope JY quickly save out HYY as we have no idea what will fisher hat guy will did on her. Maybe at first JY almost got her but miss out coz of creepy guy. Ya it will be great if she can recall back some memories back. 


Jang Yong-ah, your face expression betray yourself when your girl on stage. :lol:


Preview of ep.8


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2 hours ago, dramaninja said:

Its obvious how much he likes her but this whole situation is so complex.


She will feel guilty then he will feel guilty then they both will feel guilty together.

It is just a vicious cycle of never ending guilt I agree. 

But a part of me hopes that somehow they will end up being each others source of healing from the tragedy. However, I think our circle of guilt will continue until either they find out what really happened, or they come to like each other so much, that it becomes more important to them than feeling sorry.

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In the clip, Maestro Nam and Yiyoung listening to music by sharing earphones


Music used in above clip is Debussy Clair Du Lune





I am enjoying all the music in the drama. This is so wonderful


The drama reminds me of Lovely Horribly. The OTP can't be together but still fall in love. I think the romance will be the focus while the mystery will unravel near the end. One thing is for sure: Yiyoung didn't kill Ian.


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@Heidi Seow thank you for the warm welcome~! :)


I just started watching the latest episode and HYY is questioning JY's theory that she was the one who stabbed Ian. As she talked on and on, and JY looking slightly unsure of the theory he has held on for a long time: "Ian was murdered by someone he loved" and assuming it was HYY... This thought came to mind:

:o OMO! What if Kim Ian was gay? And the person he loved was Nam Joo Wan?


I need to continue watching though and see if that thought leads me anywhere. :lol:

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12 minutes ago, Shine Son said:

:o OMO! What if Kim Ian was gay? And the person he loved was Nam Joo Wan?


Ditto!  :D  I've been saying something similar to this for a couple of weeks.  Only difference is that I thought NJW was the one in love with KI.  In any case, I think NJW is involved in the murder mess somehow.

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6 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

I am enjoying all the music in the drama. This is so wonderful


So am I.  But when I was watching the opening part of today's episode, something seemed a little odd with the music.  There was this sound that was right on beat but somehow seemed out of place.....and it was something a little different.....



It seems there was a tiny musical "guest star" at my house.  I usually watch videos when I'm curled up in the comfy basket chair in my craft room.  This weekend, I decided it would make a nice change to move the furniture, so the comfy basket chair and a little lamp are now under the window instead of in a corner. 


Apparently the light by the window attracted a hungry reptile:  a green tree toad.  He really was keeping time with the music.  :lol:  And he was "singing" right behind my head (thankfully, he was on the other side of the window glass).


Tree toad sounds start at :20 in this video.  Looks just like the little guy from my window.   





.......and, apologies, I tried to edit this into my previous post but I couldn't make it work.

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Most welcome @thistle I wish I can translate more but my korean understanding really limited. Mostly I understand by their motion :sweat_smile: I also adore spoilers too, haha! Sometimes really frustrated wanna know more after getting spoilers. :D


@dramaninja @guinearoyal

Indeed that JY really confuses his feeling to HYY, seeing HYY self-blame and crying unfortunately didnt see her scared and shaking when she walked out from his house. I guess he do feel panic when HYY said what if she is the murderer as you see his face expression is changing like panic to guilty and sorry, maybe he never thought it before. Or maybe after get along sometime he might thinking she not the murderer, all he want is the truth on that night. In the end of episode he really put aside his brother case and get his girl back. But that hug might be another meaning. He just wan her calm down 1st coz he pat her back. Sorry I know is little but cut the steam. :sweatingbullets: 


Im not sure how much romance we can put on this drama coz at the first beginning HYY already said this is not romance story, is a journey of finding the truth something something... So I guess best way end up with healing but I still hope there is a romance ending between both of them. ( dont wanna waste YWJ's Rocco king title.) :w00t:


Thank you so much @nohamahamoud2002 the music really good! Thanks for the source! :kiss_wink:

Ya I believe HYY is self defence, she did not kill Ian. Maybe she mis-stabbed him coz now I'm really curious is JY and Ian know this fisher hat creepy guy or not. If Ian know this creepy guy, then theory from @carolinedl will be closer. 


Edit: Sharp ear @thistle , I thought it was light raining with thunder sound. But it might be HYY hitting drum tempo sound. Just very very light sound. 


Preview with translate


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Sooo some other notes of mine to make sense of this mystery;

  • the very beginning: ‘let’s ride the cable car together’ this statement said by a male is repeated over and over to HYY
  • when she saw JY the first time after the incident, in a wheelchair outside in the ran, she broke down crying when he said she killed him (possibly blaming herself; maybe she was the one that wanted to go to cable car initially which was why guy suggested it?) and this was what triggered her self inflicted amnesia?
  •  The truck driver with a scarred hand is also possibly the figure HYY sees in the flashback in that shack
  • NJW is shown to be at the scene of the crime wearing black hat and mask he has a connection to one of the higher ups that the other guy (who also commented on NJW hiring HYY as his assistant to be disgusting) says he ‘hasn’t visited soon and should greet because he was reason for NJW promotion
  • rumors that JYs dad murdered his son because he did not conduct an autopsy or accept any condolences; also seems apathetic to investigating his sons ‘murder’
  • he also tells JY to leave HYY alone, thus acting like there’s no urgency to get HYYs memory back
  • HYY cousin deleted video recording of HYYs account of what happened and was hostile to JY when he suspected HYY; no urgency either to help her get her memory back
  • No word from JY & Kim Ian’s mom as of now
  • HYY flashing back to holding knife with bloody hands (this time no longer in the shack)

what in the world happened that night?!!

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11 hours ago, The_Doctor said:

Out of context, i love Eunjoo's clothes and earrings. I love them.

Hi @The_Doctor both looks great to me :wub:

20 minutes ago, philosophie said:

what in the world happened that night?!!

Hahahaha! I also wonder What the real heck happened on that night?! :sweat_smile: We been scratching and round and round all the hints. 100pcs of puzzles and we only got maybe 30+ pcs on hand and some more all is side piece not even the centre piece yet. <_<


Edit : After I search for One Man by Kim Jong Gook lyrics meaning, it really close to Jang Yoon situation now. 


It must’ve been a long time. 
Long enough for these words to become colorless.
Even if I just see your eyes, I know everything,
It's like your friend, like your shadow.


We must’ve always been together. 
When you’re having hard time, you are sad, even when you’re lonley. 
Holding onto seperation a bit longer,
Even when I’m hurting to wipe away your tears.


There is a man who loves you so much
There is a man who can't even say I love you

By your side I put my hand out at a path that you can always reach me.
I, who cherishes you more than myself, I am with you.


To make you laugh, I think everything.
When and where ever you are I’m watching you.
I'm the one who only worries about you and missing you.


There’s a man which loves you so much.
That man that can’t even say I love you.
By your side I put my hand out at a path that you can always reach me.
I, who cherishes you more than myself, I am always with you.


For the thousandth time I swallow and again for ten thousandth time I try to set everthing straight. I want to tell you that I think I'm going to go insane 
I want to embrace you all at one but.


There's a girl, who doesn't know I'm like this. 
A girl who receives all my love but doesn't even know that it is love. 
Sad to leave you but people as foolish as I 
Are tearing at this moment but I'm happy.
It's because you're by my side right now.


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Something that bothers me: 


At the beginning HYY was a feisty girl, even though she had insomnia she was still single-mindedly focussing on her goal.  Now, HYY has become a sobbing mess who doesn't even seem to have the sense to stay away from the guy who has admittedly been stalking her and emotionally twisting her to try to make her confess to something she may or may not have done.


When JY kissed HYY in this episode, it made me feel a sick.  She knows her feelings are "disgusting" (the word used in the subs) but she likes him anyway.  For me, that sets off alarm bells that he is in control now and that she isn't autonomous anymore.  Why would you kiss a guy who you know is using you?  Isn't he just using her feelings against her by making her attracted to him?  Psychologically, this is dangerous ground.


Yes, I know he's the male lead etc etc etc.  But that scenario seems all kinds of creepy to me.


Still enjoying the mystery and the drama.....but I'm feeling queasy about it, too.

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By the way, Yi Young's sister's blind date.. What happened to him? Those scenes were so random, did it helped the plot, am i missing something?


Theories beneath:


By the way i think Ian was stabbed by that fisherman hatted guy, and when YY was running away from him she saw Ian with the knife in his body. maybe he said "take the knife and protect yourself" at his last breath and she is only remembering the part where she is grabbing the knife, hence thinking of stabbing him. 


What do you guys think?


P.S. I love Eunjoo's make up too:wub: (not the foundation ofc)

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