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Shin Sung Rok Talks About His Chemistry With “Perfume” Co-Stars, Acting, And Future Projects

Shin Sung Rok Talks About His Chemistry With “Perfume” Co-Stars, Acting, And Future Projects

Jul 27, 2019
by S. Nam

Shin Sung Rok shared his thoughts on acting in his first romantic comedy!

On July 25, Shin Sung Rok had an interview after the conclusion of KBS2’s “Perfume,” his first romantic comedy drama. After having shined in various dramas like “My Love From the Star,” “Return,” and “The Last Empress,” Shin Sung Rok received positive reviews for his versatile portrayal of his character Seo Yi Do, a genius fashion designer with many phobias.

On wrapping up his drama, Shin Sung Rok shared, “I feel free. I had a lot of lines and there were aspects that were physically difficult. I feel like I’ve escaped my print phobia now. It still doesn’t feel real.”

Shin Sung Rok also talked about returning with the project “Perfume” very soon after “The Last Empress.” He shared that rather than playing an evil character, he wanted to try romance. Shin Sung Rok explained, “I thought that I wouldn’t be able to [star] in a romantic comedy if I got any older, so I wanted to do it at least once.” He continued, “It was fun. I didn’t feel at any point that the genre wasn’t working for me.’ After having done romantic comedy, I want to try a different strong character again.”


The actor also talked about conversing with the director to make his lines sound as unique as possible. On his chemistry with Ha Jae Sook and Go Won Hee, he shared, “[The chemistry] was really good. My chemistry with [Ha Jae Sook] was also really good. Go Won Hee is also a young junior, but she was flexible and good at acting. While it’s possible to look at the same script and interpret it differently, she reacted very flexibly with good composure.”

The production for “Perfume” was also delayed due to various issues, including Go Jun Hee’s decision to not appear in the drama. Shin Sung Rok said, “The filming began late due to various reasons. Furthermore, this was my first time having a role with so many lines. I had my own justification for starring [in the drama], and I wanted to earn that. So I worked harder.”

Although “Perfume” ranked No. 1 in its time slot among Monday-Tuesday dramas in the beginning, MBC’s “Partners for Justice 2” eventually bumped the drama to second place. When asked how he felt, Shin Sung Rok said, “I can’t say [it wasn’t a shame.]” However, he added, “What I wanted to gain was the project. It was a shame, but it was still good.”


Shin Sung Rok also talked in depth about his acting. He shared, “In the past, I often thought that I had no talent in acting. I heard, ‘You’re bad at acting’ a lot. I thought I had to [act] because I didn’t have anything I knew how to do. I think this is my most stable period since I started my acting career.”

The actor has also already decided on his next project, SBS’s new spy drama “Vagabond.” He will be playing the role of the National Intelligence Service team leader Ki Tae Woong. Shin Sung Rok explained, “For the first time, I had the thought of wanting to rest. ‘Vagabond’ has many set locations, including locations abroad. I’ve kept my head empty for two days, but I don’t really know how to rest. I may go right into my next project after staying like this. There isn’t an actor who’ll say no to a good script.”



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Cha Ye Ryun Opens Up About Returning To Acting After Giving Birth

Cha Ye Ryun Opens Up About Returning To Acting After Giving Birth

In a recent interview, Cha Ye Ryun discussed motherhood, the challenges she faced upon her return to acting, her husband’s support, and more!

The actress went on a four-year hiatus from acting after meeting her husband Joo Sang Wook on the set of the 2015 drama “Glamorous Temptation,” and she gave birth to their daughter last year. During her interview with media outlet Newsis, Cha Ye Ryun spoke candidly about her return to the acting world after becoming a wife and mother.

Explaining that she had been inspired by the women around her to take on the challenge of being a working mom, Cha Ye Ryun said, “My older sister has three kids. She works, and she was even promoted to branch manager. Watching her reassured me, and I also learned a lot from her. When I decided to go back to work, she cheered me on by saying, ‘I had three kids and still went back, so you can do it too.'”

Cha Ye Ryun’s first drama after giving birth was KBS 2TV’s “Perfume,” in which she played Han Ji Na, a legendary top model who married another man to provoke designer Seo Yi Do (played by Shin Sung Rok) but was unable to get over him.

The actress commented that she had enjoyed playing the character because of how different she was from a typical second female lead. “Even though the drama is the writer’s debut work, it was really well-written and the characters were well-developed,” said Cha Ye Ryun. “[The writer] said she didn’t want the second female lead to be a cliché female villain. She wanted to make Ji Na someone who could be a role model. People thought that Ji Na would bully [the main character Min] Ye Rin, but it was a relief that she didn’t turn out to be a stereotypical second female lead.”


Because “Perfume” marked her first acting role in four years, it took some time for the actress to get back into the flow of things. Cha Ye Ryun said that because of her uneasiness, she hadn’t been able to eat for three days before the start of filming.

“It took about two to three weeks for me to get adjusted,” she said. “The director said that in my next project, I should show my everyday self. I’m actually very laid-back and laugh a lot. He said it was a shame that I didn’t get to show the side of myself that jokes around with the staff when I make a mistake. Honestly, I could do a really great job in a romantic comedy.”

Cha Ye Ryun also credited her husband for giving her strength during this time. “He watched every episode, and he told me my face became brighter after getting married,” said the actress. “Whenever I became eager for work, he always supported me by telling me, ‘You can definitely do it.'”

Commenting that their young daughter is practically identical to her father Joo Sang Wook, Cha Ye Ryun revealed that she and her husband had received offers to appear together on family variety shows. However, because both she and Joo Sang Wook are actors, she explained that they had decided to turn down the offers in case viewers found it harder to imagine them as their characters after seeing them on such reality shows. “If our daughter says she wants to be on a show when she gets a bit older, we’ll consider then,” she said.

Finally, Cha Ye Ryun reflected on her past and present as an actress. “When I was in my twenties, I was stressed because I only received offers to play tough characters,” she remarked. “It was difficult constantly playing second leads, because I thought of it as a stepping stone to becoming a main character. Recently, however, I thought, ‘I wouldn’t mind continuing to play supporting roles.’ I think it’s a good thing if there’s a character that only I can play. My image happens to be one that is pretty and well-dressed. I’m thankful just for the fact that people want to find out where the earrings I wear in my dramas are from.”




Awww..refering to the bold section, I kinda feel sad but also happy for her. It's true though, being supporting characters are as good as the leads. There won't be a lead character without any other characters supporting the role. I really like Ji Na. And I'm glad the writer did not make her into a typical 2nd female lead. She was always supportive of Ye Rin and a good friend to Yi Do.


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On 7/24/2019 at 11:44 AM, philosophie said:

You know the song always played when characters did the catwalk? And the lyrics even went ‘perfume perfume’? Which ost was that?? I’ve been looking for it everywhere


Looking for this too ):

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6 hours ago, cheezukaeku said:


Looking for this too ):

Someone just uploaded it (Magical Perfume) yesterday! Yeah! Apparently there is a Perfume BGM OST. 



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I hope this show goes on to have a healthy afterlife. The story was very sweet, showing that true love runs very deep. NOT the fat shaming show that many were afraid of. Also showed up many of the prejudices that exist in Korean society and which should be reexamined. Lastly, Shin Sung Rok rocks - what a cute smile!

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Kviewer response for ep 29-30




Article: Naver 'Perfume' Shin Sung Rok realizes the secret to the perfume... tears up as soon as Go Won Hee wakes up [Eps 29 & 30]

1. [+292,-1]

Shin Sung Rok's emotional acting is really detailed and moving. <--- i think he has mastered the art of being sad and crying in a drama, it always feels sad when he looks sad or cries. :tears: 


2. [+149,-6]

Looks like Ha Jae Suk-ssi is better at catwalking. It was just a while, but I was amazed~


3. [+120,-8]

Cha Ye Ryun is really pretty, every time I see her. 


4. [+112,-2]

Jae Hee nuna~~ When he said that, I was reminded of his comical acting in 'The Last Empress'. I had that motherly smile. ㅋㅋㅋ And I burst out laughing. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is Shin Sung Rok in that preview for real? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


5. [+107,-1]

Love like Yi Do. 


6. [+52,-0]

Shin Sung Rok. I'll always. root for him. 


7. [+41,-0]

Looks like Ha Jae Suk-nim went on a strict diet in such a short time.. Please take this chance to go on a healthy diet and show us your acting skills in more diverse roles. <--- hopefully this drama will open more doors for Ha Jae Suk. Hopefully it opens kdrama makers eyes that actors/actresses who are outliers of the standard kdrama actor/actress look, villains, 2nd leads, comic relief also deserves a chance for lead roles. SSR and HJS killed it in their first lead role.


8. [+40,-1]

To think that it's the final episode tomorrow.. I followed this drama right from the beginning without skipping any episode. I'm someone who wouldn't watch it till the end if it gets boring, but this drama never had a boring moment. And Shin Sung Rok is really cool... It lives up to its fantasy genre. As the story goes on, Yi Do's love story turns into a fairytale gradually. I like that. Should I say that it feels like trying to find out what the secret is with Yi Do? It's so interesting that it reminds me of 'Secret Garden'. I'll wait for the final episode tomorrow. <-- sans the Secret Garden, this mirrors how I felt with Perfume, i followed it beginning to end and to me it never felt boring, it lives up to its fantasy. Also, SSR upped his awesomeness in this. Haha


9. [+32,-0]

The ending was kind of a plot twist. But Ha Jae Suk-ssi looks pretty in that hairstyle. 

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Awww...Jae Hee and Ye Rin! Glad to see them keeping in touch after filming ended.



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Kviewer response for ep 31-32




Article: Naver 'Perfume' Shin Sung Rok  Ha Jae Suk, reunite after a year... a miracle-like happy ending [Eps 31 & 32]

1. [+105,-8]
Shin Sung Rok's passionate performance made the drama unique. 

2. [+60,-9]
Shin Sung Rok-ssi seems like a different person in every drama he does~ He's the best. 

3. [+51,-2]
Jae Suk nuna is really good at acting. 

4. [+26,-4]
KaTalk dog-nim is really good at acting.

5. [+22,-3]
I knew what the ending would be like, but it's not an ending that's commonly seen. It's interesting, so I'm thinking if I should bingewatch this. 

6. [+12,-0]
Ah~~ it's sad to send Seo Yi Do off.

7. [+11,-0]
I cried together. I've enjoyed the drama~~

8. [+11,-2]
I thought the ending would be Min Jae Hee trying to lose weight for a year and becoming Min Ye Rin again.ㅋㅋ

9. [+9,-1]
This has a different ending from the other dramas, which is why I like it more~~ It's a drama that shines ^^ The leads and supporting actors have great acting skills!! 

10. [+8,-0]
A pretty drama that's like a fairytale. 

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