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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Destiny's Love 爱上北斗星男友

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Chinese title: 爱上北斗星男友
English title: Destiny's Love 

Genre: Super Natural, Modern, Romance

Episodes: 36

Duration: 40 mins

Airing Channel: iQiyi 

Director:  林宏杰 Lin HongJie、陶声 TaoSheng

Broadcast Period: 13/3/2019



Xu Lu 徐璐 as Wen Su Xi 文素汐

Zhang Ming En  张铭恩 as Chi Yu 赤语

Ren Yan Kai 任言恺 as Tang Mao 唐懋

Wu Xin 吴昕 as Cai Shu Meng 蔡舒萌




A guardian of the stars, Chi Yu, is charged with maintaining the balance of power in the cosmos. When he loses the key to his power, the precious Sun Moon Jade, he’s forced to wander the realm of mortals in a desperate attempt to find it.

Wandering Earth, he finds himself drawn to a strong female general who eventually captures his heart. Desperate to keep her with him always, Chi Yu attempts to rewrite her fate and in so doing, dooms her to die at the age of thirty in each of her subsequent lives.

As punishment for his actions, Chi Yu is imprisoned in the stars for 3,000 years. Once free, he vows to fix the problems he caused and so returns to Earth. Lifetimes have passed since his last visit and much has changed but none so much as the reincarnation of his lost love. A big-time film producer, Wen Xi, is nothing like the woman he remembers, but Chi Yu refuses to let her go until he’s made amends.

Will Chi Yu be able to right millennia of wrongs? Can a fate so detrimentally entwined really end in true love?

(Source: viki.com)




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angelangie l LavelyShai

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It's fun to watch. Many funny scenes made me laugh a lot.

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10 hours ago, dramaninja said:

This show seems good so far really.


oh i havent really start on it....saw the preview and came to find it in soompi.....couldnt find it so i created one thread for it :D 

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I must say i like the drama a lot,it has it all: comedy,fantasy,mistery and romance...I love the close relationship between SuXi and Dashu even if i feel really sad for his unrequired love as i find him such an amazing guy,i really hope he finds his own happiness...I must say that i adore Chi Yu,even if the actor is handsome i never had quite the particular intrest in him till now...He is sooooo charming as Chi Yu and loved the choice of styling(well his name does mean Red)...I usually must say i'm not really fond of the reincarnation troupe as even if the soul is the same i don't consider them the same person but his love and dedication that Chi Yu has for our heroine is sooooo touching and heartflattering....Still have to catch up to the eps posted by Viki(big thanks for getting the license and subbing it) and even if i know the ending as i saw it raw i must say the drama per all is good...I'm also in love with the OST and that sad BGM and really hope they will release the whole V.A. ... While watching the show i always wondered if it was predestined for Tang Mao to be bad or if his fate changed in a worse case after Chi Yu's involvment...I always wonder how things would go per originality writing the main lead would not be the fated one and would actually be the one who cuts the red string...Coming back to the romance,i confess i was quite pissed with Chi Yu,that even if in his perspective Ji Wan is Suxi and so he loves the same one i still saw it as him loving Jiwan and not Suxi,at least not who she really was and i was really waiting for him to realise that they are two separate women...

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