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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

9 hours ago, Jillia said:

I'm worried though because:

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even though I didn't watch many drama this year I heard of some which wear good but got ruined in the last episode. So even though I believe they can't really ruin it, there is a tiny chance it could happen and it gives me anxiety. :lol: 


Plus Ha Ru's speech about should Dan Oh be his ending he would be fine as well, got me like:



@Jillia Why oh why did you plant that seed? 


That started causing my mind to race toward a dozen different ending scenarios.  The worst was that Kyung caused Dan-oh's shadow death and that he and Ha-Ru started dating, leaving Dan-Oh blissfully unaware. 



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1 hour ago, Jillia said:

We ain't here for yelling fans. Like manager aka assistent seemed concerned in how to move the two as quickly as possible. I hope they wrap up filming at school as quickly as possible.


Fierce male lead eyes may punish them. :lol:


I hope shooting finish well soon , really whenever drama get popularity people give problem everyone on set ( high schooler girls are crazy )and comments , I am worried about everything ( all actors and Rowoon's healty :tears: he went to PH only  in a day and back to Korea without sleep same day after concert) 

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When they were in art class and Haru was being overprotective. Does none of the students find it strange that Baek Kyung is sitting alone but his fiancee and friend are sitting together hugging and all when they should be fighting with each other to sit with Baek Kyung? :joy:


Though Haru doesn't have home he seems to be rich too. During his school date with Dan Oh and when he was helping Dan Oh to buy racket for Baek Kyung he wore quite nice clothes. Moreover no one bullies him like Joo Da and girls also like him so maybe we can assume that his father also owns a big company :lol:





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@Jillia, I would like to think that in every universe an “aware” Danoh would always choose Haru. If Haru isn’t there, he’ll find her. Heh. Anyway, I hope the love of Danoh/Haru isn’t cheapened by the writer by giving her an ending like #2 because then all that talk of fate or implied soul mates would be proven wrong. To me Danoh and Haru’s love from TC to Secret implies that it transcends manhwa universe and time. They just need to break their bad fate with Kyung since the three entangled seem to lead to tragedy. 

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I am worried Haru isn't in ceremony , so time warp was so where is Haru at time? And I hate the most drama final ,time warp and last minutes  lead actors come across and look together and the end really I hate this please this absurt won't  be. I mean why did they ceremony? They din't talk about ceremony early.

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As for ending


I hope they don't go down the goblin road. I really want to re watch this drama so I really wish they bless us with a satisfied happy ending. 

Whatever it is I hope Dan oh's loss of self awareness gets resolved within first half of the next episode and the whole issues related to stage and shadow including Dan Oh's surgery basically I expect all the lose ends of the secret and Trumpet creeper to be wrapped by first half of the 16th episode and the remaining half they spend on the showing us the happily ever after of DanHaru and lives of other manwha characters be it in secret or if they shift to other manwha with a different setup rather than them spending the whole episode in resolving the issues and giving us a glimpse of their fate in same or different manwha.

Although I am keeping my hopes low. Years of watching k dramas have thought me to keep my expectations low especially with fantasy genre but a girl can always dream right?:sweatingbullets:

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@Jillia Haru and Dan Oh moving in a luxurious Villa after marriage and then My beauty OST plays and credit roles :lol:


On a serious note I am really anxious about the about the ending. Within 2 hours they have to make Dan Oh remember everything, Joo Da and Dowha story, Baek Kyung redemption arc, TC ending and hopefully DanHaru happy ending. Now I feel like they have dragged a lot but then again I don't think I can compromise sweet moments of our couple with other things.


@Jillia True many good kdrams were ruined in the last episode. Especially fantasy dramas rarely get good ending.


I still remember that horrible ending of Hwayugi 


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As long as i love the drama but it's feel like we will not have a satisfying ending .......like a really Good one ....<_<I doubt it sincerely.......


(even the rating in mydramalist dropped & more people were disappointed from the recent episodes):(

I Don't think they can make it in just 02 hours .

I watched a lot of Korean dramas & they always mess it up in the end , the live filming ,the bad editing ..the rashed plot ….enfortlently it's look that what are we getting because there is a lot of thing need to get explained  ……like:

1.Why Dan Oh don't remember anything from TC ? she did put her hands in the black hole but still didn't remember anything?
2.What happened to Haru & Baek Kyung in TC after Dan Oh death?
3.Did Baek Kyung killed Dan Oh in the shadow or not? if no so why her heart condition in the shadow is becoming suddenly (especially when she is near to Haru) worst,to the point that she died in the shadow? I really don't get it ! can someone explain it to me?
4.If Haru has no house & family & live in the library .......i think the other extras dont have it too! so where they hangout all of them ??? even if we know they are not aware?
5.How are we expecting a happy ending in secret manhwa it's surly impossible ( she will live a double life ! marrying Baek Kyung ,Haru as BFF of Baek Kyung in stage and loving Haru in shadow) it wil not make sense .
6. Same for Joo da ,Namjoo,Do Hwa ....Joo Da like Do Hwa but she Know she is the heroine so she know she will have a happy ending with the rich Nam Joo ,so what she will choose ? she will try to change the stage too to be with Do Hwa or not ??????
7.Baek Kyung creepy brother !why he know a lot? what's his role ?

8.The ex love of Jin Mi Chae !why she is in secret ? what's her plot ?she is not related to any character ???? I don't get it ! she is supposed to be the love interest of Do Hwa!


Random thoughts :


-It's called secret because the real story of manhawa is what's happening in shadow (B)that will be sad but genius in the same time ) 

-I think Haroo buried the pendant in TC after Dan Oh death & maybe it have Dan Oh blood in it &they found it in secret manhwa


I really miss the Happy Dan Oh & Haru:heart:





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With two episodes left. I don't know how will they resolve the remaining current questions. I hope they resolve it in an satisfying way. I think not all questions will be answered. But hopefully the major ones.


I still enjoy the dissing of the writer of the characters (Particularly Do Hwa and Dan Oh) like the chessy lines, the clunky storyline, etc.


As for Kyung, well for me it's not clear if he really did it. I'll wait for the last episodes. As for Cold Dan Oh, looks like a reversal of roles between Her and Haru.  Not going to comment on the "Trumpet Creeper" version of Kyung. Basically it's the worse version of Kyung.


For Kyung half-brother he is creepy. Like there's definitely a secret regarding him.


8 hours ago, Jillia said:

The pacing was good but they should've started at least one episode earlier to move towards the ending. I think - and I'm sorry for Jinmichae - but I wouldn't have brought back Su Hyang into "Secret". I think I could've lived with him having a tragic and sad love that remains unfulfilled. Now it's even more hurtful because the writer decided to bring her back but she doesn't remember him - or does she because was reading a manhwa in that one scene? But still I find their plotline in "Secret" unnecessary. I feel for them in "Trumpet Creeper" but each of their scenes feel like fillers which take away from moving the actual plot forward. So I think they could've cut that in order to make the pacing a lot better.

I agree with the posters here that what's the role of Su Hyang. Just to torment Jinmichae. I prefered that she only appeared at "Trumpet Creeper". Every scene they have is really a throw away. 


This series has many parallels between Dan Oh and Haru (between Trumpet Creeper and Secret).


Hoping for a director's cut of the show. Looks like it was suffering since they're still shooting scenes and the ending is this coming Thursday.


As for the "Secret" side story. I wonder how would they resolve that? Ju Da looks really unhinged sometimes. Since Do Hwa affected Ju Da to be aware, is this the case of Nam Ju, is he going to be unaware due to Ju Da's actions. But with the time left of the drama looks like this won't be explored any further.


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