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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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Hahahaha... these two cuties really. I wonder though why they would try to hide their feelings in front of Do Hwa. He is their biggest shipper. Plus Ha Ru asking Dan Oh if he needs to practice flirtin

It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

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     As ep. go on, my heart breaks for Kyung.. he's trying hard to change his lady love's fate but what to do LoL. At the same time, this is familiar to him (violence, abuse etc) 'cause it's all he knows. In a way it's how he controls his environment by exerting harsh words/actions. It also keep him protected from harm i.e. like a shield or an armor. From bein' hurt himself as he lost a parent as was revealed in an earlier ep. So he's lashing out at Dan Oh 'cause he's upset he might lose her but also she'd never love him the way he wants her to... he's also resentful that someone as insignificant as Haru - an extra has the capability of helping Dan Oh where he, Kyung has failed.

     Because of these reasons, I'm more drawn to Kyung. I feel for him. I find him to be the most compelling character out of the bunch. I LoL at Do Hwa that he's the resident violinist in the manhwa! Unlike Haru, Kyung he's resigned to his fate but he's just adorable isn't he? Dried Squid's still a puzzling character. Is he there for nefarious reasons? A new character is bein' introduced to ruffle up some feathers as seen in next preview..

     A lot of this in drama seem to draw similarities to life like how those who prefer stability like Kyung and then you have those who want to make a change like Haru. Kind of has certain religious tone to it as well. Sort of like You Reap What You Sow type thing.

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Finally done watching with english sub!


I agree with you @Jillia Jinmichae havent done anything wrong until now, he is actually just another victim of the writer, he was a character from trumpet creeper and become an extra in secret, just like Dan Oh and Haru, and seems like his past story is not good either. I find it satisfying too when he diss the writer lol! Says the writer is not creative and just recyling the character and story. Jinmichae is actually just afraid that something tragic will happen again in secret, I have same sentiment as him, I think baekyung is dangerous, he is a jerk and a mad man, I have a feeling that he would explode and destroy everything later

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14 hours ago, kawaiibooty said:

Also, somebody mentioned in an other site that the drama director's previous work was the Seaguk The King in Love about a king, a princess and a bodyguard (and the princess apparently falls for the bodyguard?!), and that he might playfully reference it as well in the Seaguk part of Extraordinary You with Kyung, Danoh and Haru.

The writer is different. That drama is by Song Ji Na.


Wave to everyone here!! I just got caught up with all episodes! Am loving this drama :wub:

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59 minutes ago, baby.hae said:

I agree with you @Jillia Jinmichae havent done anything wrong until now, he is actually just another victim of the writer, he was a character from trumpet creeper and become an extra in secret, just like Dan Oh and Haru, and seems like his past story is not good either. I find it satisfying too when he diss the writer lol! Says the writer is not creative and just recyling the character and story. Jinmichae is actually just afraid that something tragic will happen again in secret, I have same sentiment as him, I think baekyung is dangerous, he is a jerk and a mad man, I have a feeling that he would explode and destroy everything later

I also get the impression that BK has become more menacing. I don’t understand how he can get more explosive than he was before. Even the way he talked to Jinmichae got under my skin. E3 wanted answers too which Jinmichae responded by speaking mysteriously but when it comes to BK, it’s like a threat. Gah, when will this guy change? How about starting with his relationship with his younger brother. He’s just all anger all the time except when feeling sorry for himself and then it’s about putting down Haru for exerting himself to be more than a “mere” extra. I mean can he be less self-centered? I’m waiting for him to break out of “Me, Myself and I” mode. Then perhaps he can gain real friends.


I’m especially looking forward to Jinmichae’s story. I know he had a tragic romance too according to the character details released previously on this thread. I want to see if he’ll practice what he preaches when he sees his love again. Hmmm.

:wub: Do Hwa too. I wish he would be happy in the end. He has already given up on JD but he keeps getting pulled into her loveline with NJ. I liked it when JD briefly told off ahjumma. Ha. She’s definitely aware because her goody character would have never done that. Besides, we heard the stage change when she exited the gate of her home. 

Seems Danoh has accepted that she will die soon and she wants to spend her remaining time with Haru. It’s bravely poignant. I hope she gets her wish because I think it near impossible to defy the writer.

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16 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

Now, I am wondering if Haru is different from the other characters because he doesn't belong to that story initially. It was outlined many times that Haru's beginning is unknown to which Haru replied that he would find his own answer. Since even Jiminchae has no idea about Haru's origin, I have been thinking that Haru might have been from the start the disturbance element in the manhwas. After appearing in Trumpet creeper, he fell in love with DO which somehow ended in a tragedy. That would explain why Haru is the only one who can change the scene on stage as he doesn't belong entirely to the story. Additionally, it would also explain why Haru can remember the "past", scenes from the manhwa "Trumper creeper". Maybe the story is repeating itself, until Haru is able to really fit in the story: he ends up with DO. Maybe the page from the manhwa showing Haru as main character next to DO and BK is the final stage of the story... maybe he started there as an extra as well...  

All great thoughts bebe!  I have watched episode 19 a couple of times now and it is BK that I find the most intriguing.  He seems to be coming to the same understanding that you just laid out.  Episode 19 went into a much different direction from the past few episodes.  The questions that BK is pondering are of the depth that you don't see often.  Look at some of the questions posed by BK, JMC et al.

  • What is true reality?
  • Where do I fit into all this?
  • Am I who I am based upon just my characteristics or am I also defined by my relationships?
  • Is this all there is?
  • Do we have the ability to change our role in life? (Free Will vs Predestination)
  • Where do I come from?
  • Is there someone who can affect our reality and how does that fit into the author's plans? (This one question alone is worth a semester of Philosophy)

I know this is primarily an entertainment show but it also allows us to think more deeply about our own lives.  Good stuff.  Now let's watch the DO/HR kiss over and over again because that is why we love this series.

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8 hours ago, Jillia said:

Ha Ru the real fox though... I always wonder if he is doing like wiping away the food from Dan Oh's lips or "accidently" touching her on purpose? :lol: :wub:


Find yourself a man who is looking and smiling at you like Ha Ru looks and smiles at Dan Oh. Also, who treats you very well and with respect.

@Jillia Speaking on behalf of men, we never have an ulterior motive for our behavior.  Ha-Ru was merely assisting Dan-Oh in appropriate oral hygiene.


More seriously, your words are sound advice.  Although no man is perfect, look for a man who treats all people well and acts with love in all their actions.

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For me the world the characters live in is still a mystery. We don't really know how things actually work. I think we can say that it's definitely a world inside a manhwa and that it's controlled by the writer. But also there is something magical going on which gives some characters the possibility to see the future (Dan Oh - which hasn't been used much for the last couple episodes), seeing the past (Ha Ru) and being able to change the plot (Ha Ru and possibly Kyung).


But we don't really know who decides who gets those skills. Also what does this mean that the drama isn't fully drawn yet? Is it like ongoing webtoon?


I'm also unsure whether the characters in "Trumpet Creeper" became aware. I'm still thinking that maybe Ha Ru and Dan Oh placed the jewelry box at the temple because they thought it would maybe re-appear in another manhwa and therefore there was a chance that the future Dan Oh and Ha Ru would find it.


And then I keep thinking how conveniently the win blew Ha Ru's cap away, so they would find. I wonder how much the writer actually controll in the shadows as well.


We might get answers before the drama ends but I wouldn't be surprised if the world remains a mystery beyond the ending.


@stroppyse @baby.hae @stargazer187

I'm complaining a lot about Kyung but I'm mostly frustrated with the people who excuse his actions by blaming everything on Dan Oh and Ha Ru. Like I'm way too old to argue with teenagers about how Kyung is NOT sexy because abusive behavior in any shape or form is not romantic or sexy. I know teenagers learn that lesson slower but still it's very frustrating and actually makes me root for Kyung less.


But if I just pretend those people don't exist I actually like Kyung's arc. Especially now he becomes more active in regards of finding out about "Trumpet Creeper".


I get he is trying to find answers. I think he is having a serious identity crisis. Just imagine being a character in a manhwa, finding out the writer deliberately put you in a family which is abusive and not healthy at all. Plus he is slowly reduced from one of the main characters or at least extras with more importance to an extra without any importance. I get Kyung's frustration and anger. I even can get behind his anger when he became aware and found out Dan Oh and Ha Ru are aware as well. Like I get that.


But everyone struggles... not just Kyung. And everyone had to make a decision how to deal with it. Dan Oh was angry as well but she actually turned this anger into energy in order to change her fate. It became her mission. And it wasn't easy for Ha Ru either. Just imagine becoming aware and as a extra who is even less important than anybody else it must've been terrible because the characters don't remember you. Even if you talk to them in the shadows nobody was paying attention to Ha Ru. Plus he had no home. So he was confined to the school. Yet still he doesn't become angry and isn't throwing a tantrum like 4 year old. No, he says what he said in the "Trumpet Creeper" that he will find the answers to his questions. Do Hwa is more of a cute drama king who was so shocked to find out that he is the second male lead. He is dealing with it by being sarcastic but also by making the most of it. Actually his fate comes close to Kyung's fate: he probably won't get the girl. But guess what... Do Hwa isn't kicking tables or keeps yelling.


Everyone made their decision how to deal with the awareness.


And Kyung made his own decision. Not everything can be excused with his life in a abusive family. It doesn't excuse how he kicks things, keeps yelling and screaming. I'm not necessarily finding fault in how he acts on stage - he has no control over it. But he is violent in the shadows. He is hurting Dan Oh - not just mentally but also physically. And that's NOT okay. In the real world every therapist would assign him for a long therapy in order to deal with his issues.


He even turned himself into somewhat a ruler of the world (fitting when you think about his role in "Trumpet Creeper") by telling everyone what their place is supposed to be. Like he is reminding Ha Ru "he is just an extra" when actually slowly he is becoming an extra. And that must be scary. I can understand his motives for wanting to change the manhwa back to how it was. But I think he is wrong if he believes that everything will be the same. You can't meddle with the storyboard and set it back like nothing.


Again I believe it's his way of keeping control over a manhwa which is already out of control and not going where he wants it to be. I think maybe it would be a bliss and happy ending for Kyung if he would end up in a manhwa without any chance to become aware again.


I definitely want some sort of happy ending for Kyung. I want him away from his abusive father. And I want someone for him who genuinely loves him. I think we can all agree that there is no chance for Dan Oh and Kyung. I know it's terrible for him. But it's also not okay to belittle her for making a decision. She told him repeatedly that she didn't like him (and thank god for that! Because: it's time for female leads to be with someone who is actually mean to you for 10 YEARS!) and like I said I firmly believe he doesn't love her either. Even though I kind bought it a little bit he felt bad when he treated her like crap on stage again. He hated it. I still think despite his confrontation with Ha Ru and Dan Oh that Kyung is coming to accept that he got no chance in the love department. And I hope the drama will do a well-done arc for him. :)



Most definitely. And men don't need to be perfect or anything. Everyone has their faults and that's fine unless it's abusive of course. :D


P.S.: Sorry for the wall of text. :D

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Since the writer is lack of creativity (wth with recycling conversation from his/her other work), I think Ju Da and Nam Joo will end up like those typical shojou manga ending, where both male and female lead will be together after facing through all obstacle and challenges together..


My take on how the ending of the drama will be...


- Dan Oh character might be 'killed' by the author despite of Haru and Baek Kyung attempt to save her from dying.


- But don't worry, Haru and Dan Oh will still be together, since they will meet, AGAIN, in another manhwa. Like how Ji Mi Chae and Haru end up appearing in Secret manhwa, it is not impossible for both Haru and Dan Oh to appear in another manhwa (or probably they just end up transporting there via the blackhole)


Like, Dan Oh after dying her soul end up being transported to the other manhwa, while Haru accidentally went to the other manhwa via the blackhole (he might be super sad after Dan Oh passing and somehow one day the blackhole appear infront of him and he just walk into it, I mean he felt like he has nothing to lose now, so why not go through that weird thing)


Probably this time, they'll be a super super super insignificant character in this manhwa (you know those nameless or sometimes faceless character in comic where the writer draw just because they want to fill in the background of the frame in the comic) And since they are super insignificant their action will not be restricted by the author and they will have their own free will. So, they could live happily ever after in the comic world :)


- It will be interesting if the manhwa is actually a follow up josei manhwa about SaeMi's life after graduating high school. She has accepted that she is not fated with Nam Joo, but ended up being poor since her family has gone bankrupt (you know like those typical makjang drama plot, where share partner betraying one another, etc). And since she is now poor, she need to live like a normal citizen, like struggling to save money, go to work, do house chores without any maid helping, etc


The male lead? Hurm it can be her colleague (her team leader/manager/department head) who is actually the son of her family chauffeur. The guy initially dislike her because her snobbish attitude in the past, but end up having a change of heart since he saw her different side.


GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. And now I'm writing those cliche storyline that has been used numerously by many drama writer. LOL :D




Anyway, I'm looking forward to see what writernim will do in the remaining 6-ep

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You can be aware... and you can be aware like Ha Ru. I really want Dan Oh to find out about "Trumpet Creeper" as well. They better not keep her in the dark until the end. On the other hand.... the aesthetics in this gifset make cry. Also, I was thinking... trumpet creeper means "to wait/waiting". And Ha Ru waited for Dan Oh at that tree for who knows how long. :tears:








Credit: okashiratsuki

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Enjoy all 10 episodes so far. I can smell the angst coming..


Interestingly the way they calling themselves as main character and extra character in this drama remind me of how privilege work. Take BK for an example, he is among the main cast, but he is not the main character ( I would say the main one are juda and namjoo). The way he wants everything to goes according to how it should be because as the main character you are "most likely" get your happy ending - this is a privilege. Extra characters no one care about them. The moment BK realize his "privilege" being threatened (feeling like he is no longer a main character)upset him and he wants everything to be reset back to how it was - when his character has the supporting roles.


In contrast with DO reaction at first when she found out she was just extra, this would be BK's denial/reaction when he found out he's in the comic; and he would like everyone remain in their supporting roles because he knows he is one of the main character. 

But then this episode, everyone starts talking how lucky it is to be extra character because you are sort of free in the shadow and you don't bound to responsibility of a main character on stage. To some extend, I believe in order to change the story, it has to be a main character though... because main character has more power? The way Haru changing the stage so far has been because he meddle with the main character (if you take away/distract the main character off stage, someone else is bound to take over the stage) Example:

1. The namjoo birthday scene. DO and BK took over the stage. (He spilt drink over NamJoo and told dohwa to take JD somewhere else).

2. The DO collapse scene. Saemi took over the stage. (This time he meddle with the main prop of the stage rather than a person).


Im curious whether what they tried to change in the flower manhwa, maybe someone else was brought into the stage instead and tragedy happened.


BK is one interesting characters with full of conflicts. But he is not the one for Dan Oh. I just cannot see them being together. 


Also did anyone notice the "Secret" theme comes more into play now when NJ mother was sort of threatening NJ about his secret?? Maybe NJ is not the real son or something :))) Maybe this is what secret is about. 


I also read the comic spoiler and aware of what happened to squid fairy. At this point with 6 episode left, I don't know if they will bring JD's being aware into the bundle to further complicating things.. I would be happy if JD is aware and we have a secondary couple (that is JD and Dohwa (boy Im a fan of this boy), but if JD turns out to be evil then i wonder what will happen... 



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@stargazer187, except that whereas Danoh/Haru/Kyung triangle was tragic, I can’t see NJ/JD/DH following in the footsteps of Trumpet Creeper. The temperament of their love triangle is different. Do Hwa (aware) gave up on trying with Juda because he realized his interference at the party hurt “both”JD and NJ. That’s a key difference in the two love triangles. 

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2 minutes ago, LavelyShai said:

Kyung has reacted far differently than Do Hwa when he figured out he was only a character in a webtoon, maybe because he's part of the main cast & he can lose a lot if changes in the story happen that aren't in his favor. 

Not saying I agree with his violent behavior, but I can see why this is much harder for him to accept things.

I definitely can see that and mentioned it in my post. Kyung is desperate to have control, trying to tell everyone who their roles are because if he keeps repeating it, maybe he will remain significant as a character. Because - and here I will definitely accept his abusive father as a reason - when you grow up in a family with an abusive father and you don't feel loved every attention and affection you can get is important. And then he is losing the one person who had a crush on him for 10 years and Ha Ru the extra suddenly takes his place - everything seems to fall apart for him. I totally get where he is coming from. Just think he could be more balanced when it comes to his behavior. I like him a lot more when he is investigating about the manhwa "Trumpet Creeper". :)

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After watching the last 4 episodes. This drama is just getting good. 


I like that every episode one of the characters says that the writer with it's uncreative and uninispired things even the cheesy line/s.


I have sympathy for BK but for him to have DO is a no no especially if DO doesn't even like him at all.


Too much fluffy content in the last episode even though their's a bit of angst. Looks like more problem/s would arise. 


As for DSF, looks like someone's coming to Secret I think will affect him. With few episodes left hopefully they could resolve the plot lines they layed out. 



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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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