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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year


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3 minutes ago, Jillia said:

LMAO OMG! :lol: I hope you don't accidently slap her head like the tall dork called Rowoon. :lol: 


LOL, no, we have never had any incident of me accidentally hitting her.  Although once, I was bending down to kiss her and she suddenly rose up out of her chair and smashed into my chin knocking me senseless.  The next thing I remember was her kneeling next to me on the floor putting a cold compress on my bruised chin.  We have the same sort of kissing problem that DO and HR suffer in that I am 6' 2" and my wife is only  5' 4".  It takes coordination and planning to get our lips to meet.   :kiss_wink:

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netizen comments :

(+31,0) Seokwoo ㅠㅠ I'm so exciting ㅠㅠ The kiss scene so pretty ㅠㅠ I cry alone while watching Danoh and Haru.

(+21,0) It's all good today really... I wish there will be more historical drama scene.

(+9,0) Don't you think Danoh's too pretty? ㅠㅠ  Just show me the two of you in front of me.ㅠㅠ

(+8,0) Danoh Haru!! Wednesday!! Hurry!!

(+2,0) Danoh Haru first kiss is really sweet.

(+1,0) Everyone please watch the Making film, it's so crazy.


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Just come to squeal and fangirling over the sleeping in the desk scene. OMFG!!! That scene is sooooooo beautiful. And their smile at the end. And to have that unreleased ost that i need to wait for another week to hear the full version just make the scene feels even more beautiful. This drama prod team succesfully create so many beautiful scenes.

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I know baek kyung is a jerk and second lead in this  drama but...


I still feel sad for him..:bawling: espescialy in yesterday ep when he fight with his father and realize he is a jerk and he cannot change it..


I hope he at least got his happy ending

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At this point, I don’t know how this drama is going to end. If DO dies, how everybody is going to end up. Are we going to have a new set up/ manhwa ? 

Is it possible to have an happy ending when you are never in control of your life ? 

All theirs efforts for what in the end ? 


IMO how to understand EY


- it feels like a critique of artistic creation. 

Like sometimes you are going to create stories and characters. At the beginning they belong to you but sometimes they become alive. Your creation is bigger than yourself ( I am thinking about GRR Martin for exemple who create an universe so rich than the writer seems lost and eaten by his own creation). They move without you and the artist doesn’t control anything anymore. 


- clearly it’s also about how an artist can be limited by his own perspective and his own success. Always having the same stories, characters and lines. The writer is maybe afraid to attempt something new and worse nobody ( readers) expect him/her to do so. They’re here for the same tropes and same stereotypese 


- in the same way, it’s also about life. About how we are in existential dread. We don’t know why we are here in this earth , what we are supposed to do ? Even with religion, we will never 100% be sure. We think we have total freedom but it’s not true. We are be conditioned by our social background, the country where we live, etc.  Despite of that, we are still living even in the worst conditions. The strength of humanity.


Anyway i love this. 10 episodes well done. I didn’t have expectations and here we are. Impressed by the story and how some people can really be out of the confort zone. 



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I haven't watched the latest episode but it seems to me that BK's personality and mentality hasn't changed from Trumpet creeper. Back then, BK wanted Haru to remain by his side and now, he is asking the same thing. He requires from Haru to act as his follower, the one who helps BK to shine as a second lead. In other words, although he is now self-aware, BK wishes that the original script from manhwa is not changed at all. His biggest wish that DO loves him for real, just like in the manhwa. He wished, Haru to remain his guard and not love DO.

To sum up, BK represents the total opposite of Haru and DO. Unlike them, he doesn't want to change the story, when it comes to HR and DO. He wants to be in the center of the love story. He would like that the fake becomes real which is not going to happen. Haru and DO wish the exact opposite: the fake disappears and the true becomes real...



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