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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year


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18 minutes ago, cherryblossomkawai said:

After yesterday’s episode, i feel like BK is almost dangerous and maybe his inability to cope with change (DO and storylinés changes), is going to trigger the tragedy. 

I feel his anger isn’t about his love for DO but his desire to follow the script. 

He is terrified to become useless in the story. 


He’s reminding the characters that they should act according to their roles. I really do think he fears change too. He likes his familiar world where at least he’s in control. 


Another thing that I don’t get about BK is why has he never wavered even a little bit when his younger brother tries to improve their relationship. I get that he doesn’t like the stepmom and by extension blames the brother but BK is young. Is he so hardened by his life to the point that his little brother’s attempts at reconciliation don’t move him at all? He leaves no room at all to mend the relationship with his brother. Honestly I would like to see him act more like a big brother even if he never get to the point of liking his father and stepmom.

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OMG... Haru get concerned about what Baek Kyung said before, and start thinking that who can change Dan Oh fate was Baek Kyung and not Him. At the shadow, the "watch" that Dan Oh wear start ringing (but Dan Oh not feeling anything, because it's just shadow). Haru try a method that he thinking about. He placed that watch at Sae Mi hand, STAGE started! Baek Kyung come but the one that fainted is Sae Mi not Dan Oh, Baek Kyung shocked because it's Sae Mi and not Dan Oh. So, when actually the writer want Baek Kyung carry Dan Oh, this change it with Haru carry Dan Oh. 

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A couple of comments on yesterday's episodes.

  • Poor Ha-Ru, I would have been choking to death based upon how much food DO and DH were shoveling into his mouth.
  • One of the best scenes is that really uncomfortable moment where DH explains that the reason HR got his memory back was because of his affection for DO.  Poor girl!  The edit on that scene could have been better.  Her pushing Ha-Ru's face away from her was only partially seen and it was the best part of a truly great scene.
  • Just a cultural question.  Do people in Korea mostly eat their sandwiches with the layers vertical?  In the states we eat the sandwich with the layers horizontal.  In this series I have seen it both ways.
  • When Sae-Mi, calls DO a cheater and start to hyperventilate, I literally spit out my soda pop laughing.  Dan-Oh was super cool, telling her to breath and trying to calm her down.  Like many of you, I have trouble resolving my feelings for Sae-Mi.  When dealing with most everyone, she seems super cute but for whatever reason, her behavior toward JD is reprehensible.  The question is does her behavior toward everyone else excuse her behavior toward JD?
  • Ha-Ru beat down of BK in tennis was great.  BK's temper tantrum thereafter speaks volumes to what many of you have been saying about both his anger issues and his level of maturity.  Developmentally speaking, they should end at around age 4.  Isn't BK supposed to be 18 in the series.  Something is very wrong and he needs treatment.

OK, enough of the flirting, let's get down to some serious kissing scene between DO and HR today.  :kiss_wink:

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Haru crying with Dan Oh drawing, and still waiting at their promised place. But Dan Oh still get her STAGE at the hospital.



Honestly, What's wrong with this drama, i think this school drama and not mellow drama? why i want to cry so much right now :bawling:

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When he kisses her back (after she instinctively gives him the lightest peck lmao) her watch starts beeping like crazy so with a cress his hand slides down her arm and covers the watch and muffle the sound while they keep kissing.




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