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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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37 minutes ago, Calligrapher said:

does that mean Haru is the second lead who isn't meant to end up with her?! Did I just completely blow apart my own earlier ideas around Trumpet Creeper?

yes he was always second lead. Like DoHwa.  So it’s playing out like Trumpet Creeper.  BK (TC) is the nasty supercilious rich NJ (Secret).  DoHwa is the nice second lead watching from afar...like Haru.  JooDa is supposed to end up with NJ but she likes DoHwa.  Just like DanOh is supposed to like BK but actually likes Haru.  DoHwa faces off with NJ just like Haru faces off with BK.  

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It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

1 hour ago, Jillia said:

Neungsohwa (능소화) which is the name of the sageuk manhwa, it means "Trumpet Creeper". :) 

Thankyou for your translation. How about the sentence beside them? It seems like character description or maybe their dialog?

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Did anyone already mention that actually we don't know which one of the comic that release first? (secret or flower creeper).


So, i just get enlightenment about something:


i actually think this line of Baek Kyung a bit strange (episode 1-2)


But, i just let it pass, and thinking that's maybe just another "drama line" from drama writer. But then this happened at last night episode


Then, i just have a thought that line of Baek Kyung actually a spoiler? or i just think too much because i get crazy because this never ended theories thing? 


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baek kyung’s only redeeming moment in the entire episode is the moment when the stage ended, he immediately picked up the sandwich which he rejected dan oh on stage and ate a bite. :sweatingbullets:


beyond that i don’t know what he was doing the whole time. he was just a huge box of fireworks exploding all over the place :crazy:

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Such a nice episode! Wow, i didn't think Haru and Danoh could be cuter but i was wrong :wub: 

I love the way Haru looks at Danoh, and the other way around haha, and with Dohwa, i just love their friendship!!

I really liked the Dohwa and Juda segments too, i remember in a earlier episode, Juda said that it doesn't feel right when Dohwa confessed, i can imagine that plays a part but i see her sneaking glances at him haha :love:  I would like to see some progress with Kyung and Namjoo, they are kind one dimensional right now, Kyung was better last week, i hope his progress continues but i was happy he got called out for bullying and being a jerk. 


I love this drama and (When Camellia blooms) for their portrayal of what real love is, i don't know why but i really feel like it's so important to be reminded of this. I'm so happy to see support and kindness. Even if it's romantic comedy, i like these undertones which really makes you think haha


I'm reaaaally looking forward to tonights episode!! I'll be at work but i'll check in here for the kiiiiiss haha :heart:

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Since it's a saeguk I am wondering what if there was a conspiracy to harm Dan Oh and Haru tried to change it. But instead he ended up killing Dan Oh himself and BK also died because of him. This might explain the reason why Jinmichae doesn't like him much and is against of changing the story. The writer might have deliberately made him a nameless extra to punish him for interfering in his/her manwha. BK's brother also seems to know something since he also doesn't want the story to change maybe he was also there.

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@Jillia I was going to say the same on the bullying front.


I wish Saemi gets self aware and stop the bullying. Maybe my love for her is dimming with the latest episode. Juda was realy frustrated but she is imbibing everything in her shadow self. That out burst maybe the tip of the volcano that's about to burst.


I love that Danoh knows what real love is after so much suffering. I'd never have any love for a person who treat me as trash for 10 years after I realize that I have no love left to give. A decade of this will be tiring one's soul who has a heart condition. Even Danoh's self aware self is telling herself you are just 18 why are you trying to get married in a hurry.


Maybe Kyung is only all about the chase when he get's what he wants boredom will settle down and the person beside him will die of lack of attention!


On a lighter note these three , Class President Kim, Park Mobum, Kim Bodung must have been palace gaurds under Haru's command in Trumpet Creeper. They even talk about déjà vu lol!



What if today's episode start with Kyung saying Haru if you step out of the palace no one can have you coz  I'm going to kill you!!




In a way I was right the Trumpet Creeper is always searching for Haru to remind him of his past.






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The thread is moving faster that i have hard time catching up and the live recap last night in ig is getting slower. This is indeed most buzzworthy drama for now. 


Someone already mentioned it before but i want to bring it up again. I LOVE Dohwa! He's like my top two character alongside DO. And DO! How could she be that adorable. It's a bit risky move actually. Too much aegyo sometimes annoys me. But that's not the case with DO. 


I'd like to highlight how these special moments to DO is not a grand gesture like bringing flower, proposal, or anything like that. For her doing trivial things like skipping the class, eating ddeokboki (though that doesnt happen), playing around with water or just sitting and talking with HR is already special.


I also like that more extras in the drama have their time (though it's limited) to appear/highlighted and play a certain unique character that complement the drama.


BK will always bring interesting discussion right? I think he's in his worst last night. Frankly i dont like the way the drama writer turn him to a man throwing his anger anywhere to anyone. Sorry but this time i like manhwa BK more. 


I can emphatize with him. Her mom was his whole world but his father never treated him and his mom well. To make it worse her mom died his father married another woman and seemed to be nicer to them than he's ever been to BK and his mom. There's this girl who was first his friend who like and care about him but then his father use this girl and push BK to take advantage of her affection. How can he take advantage of his friend who truly care for him? To make it worse this girl has illness and may leave him anytime just like his mom. How can he go through the same pain again? So for him DO is like a string that keep him attached to his father and become his father's puppet. I believe BK really like DO. All these crazy anger explosion is a result of him starting to feel anxious that he is about to lose that important girl he neglected all this years. The last question HR throw to him is like a cold water to him. Does he like DO?


I want him to understand this and also understand that DO will not come back to her. So instead of hurting more and more people and in the end hurting himself most when he keeps hurting those who sincerely care about him, i want him to accept things the way they are now and just appreciate and treat those who like him and who he likes better, just like BK in the manhwa.

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But but this was so funny. Shin Saemi was shocked and went off that
Danoh is cheating Kyung with Haru!!! lol


Junhyun you need to explain yourself!!
Papago trans says: Junhyun, who showed you sad brotherly love! I'm curious about the next story, but look forward to Junhyun's story.


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@Jillia, there will always be viewers who overlook serious flaws and make excuses for the sake of the character they like or the ship they sail on. I started watching this show casually. In fact I didn’t know the actors at all so I had no bias.(I just last week realize the actor for Haru is the female lead’s best friend in Where Stars Land :lol:. I knew he looked familiar though. I also watched Search WWW after starting this drama so I saw and liked the actor for BK in that show). Anyway, when I started watching this and saw how awful BK treated Danoh even in front of all their classmates, I was outraged as a female. I thought Danoh needed to walk away from that train wreck especially since he was also violent. 

I get that BK has family issues with that terrible father and he resents his stepmom. His father uses him as a tool for his business and he obviously disliked Danoh because it’s really her affection (onstage) that traps him in his father’s scheme. I get that he’s very angry but I also think he’s accountable for the way he expresses that anger and lashes out at everyone around him (except A3) especially Danoh. By the way, not everyone in BK’s situation act that way. 

For me, the only time I feel sympathy for BK is when his father is in the scene. That guy is terrible! He treats BK like trash. Other than those times I don’t find BK sympathetic. There was a character in Class of Lies/Mr. Temporary who had anger issues too.


A rich kid whose father owned a law firm. However, over the course of the drama I ended up liking him because he showed many moments of vulnerability which exposed his human side and basically I felt that he was a character with layers.  In the end he understood the thing he did was wrong and he genuinely apologized  for it. However, it didn’t take the ending to show me that his arrogance and moments of anger did not define all of his character. I was really surprised by him because I really thought he was a thoroughly bad apple although honestly his friend who acted “goody goody” gave me the creeps right from the start.

With BK it’s all anger most of the time. I’m glad he heard Haru’s advice to fix himself and hopefully he will heed his advice.

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Whaow so many posts to read. I have to catch up so much. Really happy to read everything. I am sorry if someone already said something like that before ( I will catch up)


After yesterday’s episode, i feel like BK is almost dangerous and maybe his inability to cope with change (DO and storylinés changes), is going to trigger the tragedy. 

I feel his anger isn’t about his love for DO but his desire to follow the script. 

He is terrified to become useless in the story. 


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