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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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Me after watching today's episode with subs haha






Is it me, or is Kyung a bit scary haha, i love that actor but his look is a bit psycho at times, especially when talking to Haru, i prefer kind Kyung. I miss kind Haru too~ please return soon, but keep your handsome new hairstyle haha


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Hahahaha... these two cuties really. I wonder though why they would try to hide their feelings in front of Do Hwa. He is their biggest shipper. Plus Ha Ru asking Dan Oh if he needs to practice flirtin

It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

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Oh my... I like Kyung even less... he is actually really creepy... I mean now I'm not sure if I like him better when I thought he wasn't aware of himself.



Plus, Dan Oh, you go girl! Tell Kyung you never liked him. Like yes!

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8 hours ago, Jillia said:

This scene... THIS SCENE! How can this drama be so stunningly beautiful... And even cold Ha Ru is just so handsome. I just can't...


  Reveal hidden contents


Credit: trendingkdrama

I know right????


Like there isn't a single scene which makes you want to skip it, or fast forward.

I've never been able to be so patient with any any other drama except probably..."I Remember You".

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Please do not quote pics! Thanks! :)
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2 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

Geez, they even haven't reached half yet but the angst is starting so tiresome. Aigoo... how could they make DO always suffers like that, it's so upsetting seeing her crying almost the entire episode. And what makes it worse is both on/off stage Baek Kyung is no help for her. He keeps confirming and testing HR's memory of DO and still being a jerk leaving her in that field while she's having a seizure. He's nicer when he's not being jealous. I feel so bad for DO. On top of that, should the writer make it worse by setting up HR's role to be his sidekick. It's so frustrating! I feel sad for the extras! Poor DH, just let him get the girl or give him another loveline, writer-nim!


I am quite amused by how those girls are moving closer to NJ during the tug of war game. NJ's expression is so cute. :lol: I think the secret plot line keep getting inspiration from BOF. Those electronic stuffs that NJ's mom sent was another meta joke of how GJP sent the same stuffs to GJD in BOF. LOL. You know I love BOF in my old days.... lolol. But here, the story looks pretty lame somehow. I don't want JD to be self-aware. Cuz I'm worried that she'll have a hard tome to accept that her character is such a typical candy character with part time jobs for the sake of her living expanses. If she is self-aware later, I want her to fight all the bully gangs! I'm so tired seeing her do nothing while they did that to her. 


Everything feels so exhausting until I saw the preview! Whoops, it's my mood booster! I can't wait to see the past DO and HR history! Everything happens to them in this secret world is just like de javu of their past life. The back bumping, the flowers... can they air the new episode everyday, I am okay if they'll extend it to 100+ long series. Hahaha


You're so right..

I hope they extend it too.

I'd be totally on-board with watching these awesome characters for a long long while

Maybe they could even make a show out of their many past lives....

(As mentioned in the MBC Character chart)

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Done watching with sub. What a twist at the end. At first I thought new Haru is a completely different person/extras (he doesn't have scar either), but he is just acting and he is actually self aware. 


So I want to know his motive, Is he afraid that he might change the story again and disappear so he pretend that he doesnt know anything? Baekyung is already suspicious of him, and Haru also know that baekyung is self aware now, He would be more careful towards baekyung. Btw Baekyung is still annoying af whether he is self aware or not lol.


So in the next eps seems like Dan Oh already accept her fate and will getting married with Baekyung, I guess Haru won't just sit down and he would reaching Dan Oh again, and the circle continue he might disappear again. .sigh. These poor souls, I actually feel bad for Haru and Dan Oh couple, they suffered a lot, they only want to be together :tears:


Ps. New Haru is so hot loll :P:rolleyes:

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9 hours ago, cherryblossomkawai said:


Yes he read the book before this episode with Dan Oh, Do Hwa and Haru’s clues and words. He was self aware after DO broke their betrothal. 


Betrothal... that sounds sageuk :D

But I'm now wondering if they were possibly betrothed to each other in their sageuk flower time space... where Haru, who was supposed to be BK's guard, fell in love with DO while protecting his betrothed DO (perhaps while escorting her to him)?


9 hours ago, Jillia said:

Man, and Kyung is soooo mean still. Like he is so angry at Dan Oh for playing the game and he did so as well... sooo... this needs two to tango, Baek Kyung-ah!


Awareness doesn't equate immediate clarity so at the beginning, he was probably merely confused at first because he was aware but couldn't make sense of things because he started to see how DO behaves in one way on stage but U-turns in the shadows, but he doesn't understand how she can do an about turn in the blink of an eye, while he remains somewhat in character because he still can't grasp the change between stage and shadows yet.


Then, when he is slowly getting the hang of it, he got upset because he felt he was played like a fool by them, so he retaliated by pretending he was ignorant while fooling them back.

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Hello! comeback to soompi cuz EY. :D

Love this drama to the point that a bit ruining my normal life cuz i've been lurking all platform to read all theories, watch bts, etc.

 and being tortured for waiting each episode. at least i know i am not alone...hahaha..i really enjoy this forum. :heart:

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Kim Hye Yoon's crying....my goodness....her pain felt so real....Baek Kyung...poor guy loves Dan Oh....he couldn't take Dan Oh's complete lack of romantic interest in him well...he was internally struggling the whole episode to contain it....Mi Cae....he knew Haru from flower Manhwa....he slipped up when he said the tsundere Haru is more in character for him...but his sadness for Dan Oh was also evident...he isn't trying to keep them apart...he just knows that this world has its set rules and no character can break free...Deok Hwa truly is  gem....I have a theory about Ju Da....we'll see if it comes true

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Hello Extra Squad!


First time posting on this thread but been stalking here like everyday, lols! It's been like forever since I last posted on a currently airing drama thread.


First off, thank you Captain @Jillia for the constant updates from your thoughts to gorgeous GIFs.  :blush:

If my connection permits, I will try to pitch in later and it would awesome if dongsaeng @jeonghyang can livecap with his gifs as well.


Thankful also for all who shared their thoughts here, it fed my mind with daily dose of EY. 

@briseis I am always a fan of your comments.  My latest fave is (not sure if i got this verbatim) "The most awesome thing that ever awesomed" :wub::wub::wub:

@bebebisous33 @stargazer187 looking forward to your thoughts and maybe @Mau_Cherry can pitch in as well

@Miky88 thanks for the link on the manga and for your thoughts and the chat.



On Haru, I wholeheartedly agree with you @Jillia that he is one smooth operator when he put his mind into it.  I appreciate Rowoon on his acting skills here.  He can be as innocent as a lamb when he's called to be one.  I'd like to also note that he acted on the dot with being the hot and cold Haru.  


TBH, my favorite character so far is Dan Oh.  I love how lively she is.  Despite the situation she is in, she would still want to hang tight to that tiny glimmer of hope.  I love how she lives her life, how she is a good daughter and how in the end it's all about how she only wanted to live her life.  It saddened me so much when Haru treated her like he doesn't know her.  I was miffed when MiChae "brainwashed" that it's all her fault that Haru lost his awareness.  Taking it to heart, DO starts to distance herself from Haru.  Painful to watch.


Aaaah, watching the preview aches my heart.  Not only for DO and HR but BK as well.  He's falling for her... fast.  He can't help it.  Yes he is still a jerk but he is trying now and his previous actions cannot be condoned either. Karmic effect...


I also particularly like the DO-DH besties, as they were both cringing on Haru's green-violet coat as mentioned by @Jillia, I'd like to add that they are both cringing on cheesy gooey romance stuff as well, they look so funny doing such.


Another thing I want to be honest about is NJ and JD storyline... my interest just faded as soon as it started. 


I will try to add more thoughts when time and my work permits.


Thank you  so much Extra Squad.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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