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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year


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From the few I was able to watch...

JM walking, Haru bumped into him.  The boxes he is carrying fell down and Haru help him and picked up the book on the Chinese flower (not so sure)


Library scene, DO sitting and reading, HR came and sat opposite her. DO ask him then she stood up and tried to leave.  Haru stopped her saying he would change seats instead.  He stood up and sat a few chairs away from her.  He then feel asleep and and dream of a Goryeo scene.  He was behind some curtains the saw long haired DO who seemed to be arranging some textiles when suddenly she fell down smack right at Haru's back.  Next he is standing looking at some books in the bookshelf.  DO came to put back books and saw him, almost went back then proceeded and climb a mini-ladder put the books back, fell and again on Haru's back. They looked at each other but DO was the first to leave.


DO at the hospital, her dad looking sad the she mentioned about marriage.


At her room, DO preparing to leave for school, her dad called her then opened the door and saw BK, was quite surprised.  He took down the picture frame when they were children and looked at it.


DO and BK at a playground, on a swing, they seem to be talking rather comfortably to each other.  They left for school.  At school, Haru walking then DH came to his back and was surprised and almost twisted DH's arm.  DO and BK arrived as well.


Inside the classroom, Haru looking at DO the fell asleep, he had another dream.  Another Goryeo scene, DO looking at some stuff, Haru too, it's the same pendant they saw while on summer camp. 

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Can't wait for next weeeeekkkkk... :D


Even though Baekyung was a jerk these past few episodes, today's episode was <3 <3 <3...

Gyahh... Part of me wishes for him to continue being a jerk so that I won't feel bad for him...


Baekyung why you doing this to meee...


Meanwhile Joseon Haru and Dan Oh be like <3..... 


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BK looking at the saguek manga, JM standing beside him.


JM burned the book


Haru looking at the flowers then plucked one, remembered something.  

Pages of the sageuk book flipped.

BK sitting at a table, DO arrived, they talked, he showed her the keychain she gave him.  At least now the can talk to each other without shouting.  DO cries then leaves.

She walks by the sidewalk then cross the street and stopped and looking at people passing by, cars honking at her then everything gone, she looks around, all alone in the middle of the street.


Fireflies appeared, flying around her, DO crying, talks about her life as an extra. She walks and Haru is there and talked to her and came up to her, holds her hand, his scar is back.  DO is surprised to see this and Haru apologized to DO said something to her while she continues to cry and he hugs her, holding her hand.  End.


Sighs I cying here as well.

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Had a feeling while watching today's episode that more and more characters are gaining awareness, like Yeo Ju Da and even Baek Kyung's brother? They all have that weird look at certain parts of the drama.. Even Sae MI?


Like Yeo Ju Da actually smiled (Sae Mi saw it!) when Nam Joo pulled her out of the classroom after saving her from the evil classmates bullying her.


And Baek Kyung's brother had this look on him ever since the episode when Baek Kyung "claimed" Dan Oh to be the only one for him during Nam Joo's birthday party. Same look during the dinner with Dan Oh and Baek Kyung families after the stage ends.. 


Amazed, but really have no idea where this drama is heading!!!

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netizen comments :

(+85,0) It's such a legend ending when Haru is comeback ㅠㅠ How can I wait until next week!!!!

(+51,0) I will wait for Wednesday.

(+25,0) Wow today's ending is really legend and crazy ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ And why I can't see the preview for next week?

(+19,0) Haru is finally back ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  I like it everyday ❤❤❤


(+13,-1) Today's ending is legend.

(+6,0) Did you get hurt when you remember? Cryingㅠㅠ




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So Haru is not even from Joseon, it's Goryeo period I've read on twitter.


That last scene was so bittersweet. Danoh does not need words to say how much she loves Haru. Her tears spoke volumes of love for him. It was a bit emotional to see that scene wish it was a bit longer. Hope it carries over to next weeks episode when it starts.


I wanna say so many things but things got clogged in my mind. Is it writers block the writer is facing and scratching things out as she/him go along.



after seeing the behind of the latest episode. my thoughts are:

in drama: puppy couple/maltese

in reality : tom and jerry couple!!


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