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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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My thoughts on BK’s journey to awareness after watching till Ep 12...


I suspect his awareness began by the end of the rain scene, when Haru said he will not remember him and the scene will change soon.


Basically, it appears that awareness may slowly develop when a character encounters something that doesn’t make sense to him/her, or is against the original “destiny/storyline” of the characters.


To hear someone say you will forget something with such certainty, and that a “scene” will change soon, definitely doesn’t feel logical, so that probably already started to trigger. Then when DH bumped into him immediately after the rain scene (which I believe was in the shadows) DH commented on how he is drenched while others are dry and that DO has awareness while he doesn’t, got him thinking further.


Along the way, the 3 musketeers kept making comments on the stage and shadows, writer, scene, not remembering, etc., which further triggered his awareness.


He also realized DO behaved very differently/“out of character” in split seconds, e.g. the bridge scene when she asked to break the engagement, the end of party after his announcement, when he invited her for the movie (he smirked and said “humph, stage?” when he was walking away after DO fled him to go to Haru), the pool scene, etc.


After the rain scene, whenever he asks Haru “who are you?”, it may look like he has forgotten him, but I think he is beginning to slowly gain awareness of his existence and he was actually asking “who exactly is this weird person I never noticed but suddenly appear out of nowhere and is unknown to other classmates, yet DO and DH who have been acting oddly seem to know him well”.

  • He added Haru’s name to the soccer reserve list but his classmate didn’t know Haru, something I inferred, because the next scene shows him asking NJ if he invited Haru but NJ asked if he was in their class, showing he doesn’t know him too.
  • He probably recognized Haru at the entrance of NJ’s party but ignored him, but noticed him again as the waiter and followed him.
  • After the announcement, he was smirking at Haru in the most challenging manner, so he definitely recognized him, even though he was unknown to the rest. Haru only became “known” to other classmates during the series of lessons, specifically the art class, when Saemi and the art teacher could name him.
  • After the tennis match, he told Haru he wants him to play with him in future so he can keep an eye on him, probably because he wants to know more about this weird person.
  • Just before the soccer game, he offered to invite Haru to join the group but what he was really trying to do, was to provoke Haru. He did not mention the soccer match nor invite, but provoked by intentionally mentioning the “secret” that he was playing with DO. When he asked Haru who he was and again Haru said he won’t remember, he responded with “oh...” but in a condescending way.


I think he was gaining awareness throughout, bit by bit, but mostly because he kept getting triggered by the 3 musketeers. He knew there was something going on, but could not figure out what is really happening, until he saw the SECRET...but when did he come across it for the first time, remains a question for now.


Jinmichae must have noticed that the changes in the story direction impacted BK and BK was being out of character (e.g. announcement at party and how the tennis player playing with BK changed from a bespectacled classmate to Haru) as well. So when DO left to look for the book, he commented that “the next person to gain awareness...”

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Hahahaha... these two cuties really. I wonder though why they would try to hide their feelings in front of Do Hwa. He is their biggest shipper. Plus Ha Ru asking Dan Oh if he needs to practice flirtin

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3 hours ago, leeminhosny said:


happy end will be and we will be happy :joy: I don't think bad end, finally this is school drama :joy:

I hope so

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On another note I wanted to see Dohwa win that swimming race between him and Namjoo. Dang but Baekkyung rang that alarm and everyone scrambled!!
I wanna see the full video of this !!!!


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I agree, @chubbz! :) 


I would even say that Kyung became slowly aware something is off a little earlier. Even before he actually met Ha Ru. When the class went on the summer trip it was apparent that after Kyung was looking for Dan Oh in the woods, he got moved to the temple site so suddenly he couldn't even remember how he got there. So this was already an indicator that he isn't dumb and notices little things. Then when he met Ha Ru - Ha Ru repeately told him: you won't remember my name or any of this anyway so what does it matter if you know my name. Plus Ha Ru is pretty much connected with Dan Oh and always putting himself between Kyung and Dan Oh. So his subconscious remembered this annoying guy who are was a) stronger than him (I noticed each time he put his hand on Dan Oh or Ha Ru, Ha Ru effortlessly was able to remove his hand), b) everytime when the scene ends Dan Oh is turning to this guy whose freaking name he can't remember and c)Dan Oh and Ha Ru telling him all the time about character purpose and "the stage is over".


So in the regard I'm really curious to see HOW aware Kyung is. And if he is reponsible for Ha Ru disappearing.


And about the episode again: I think it was good portrayal of how different Ha Ru and Kyung react to Dan Oh, to jealousy and anger. We got jealous Ha Ru but instead of becoming violent he was only throwing looks at Do Hwa and interrupting Dan Oh and Do Hwa by punching the piano keys. Meanwhile Kyung is violent, he grabs Dan Oh and not too gently and kicks things. Meanwhile Ha Ru gentle puts Dan Oh behind him in order to protect her. Yes, he grabs her as well in order to remove her from Kyung's and terrible female extras' present but he immediately lets her go as soon as they outside. 


So there is that. Kyung is certainly a interesting character but there are things which are barely forgivable. And he himself needs to realize what he


Also, let's remember he only became jealous when Dan Oh stopped swooning over him. I'm pretty sure when she wasn't aware she was just moving through the world and even without a scene would swoon over Kyung. Now that she has a mind on her own, she stopped that behavior which frustrates Kyung. And suddenly he becomes obsessive and possessive, telling Dan Oh she needs to stop playing tricks and that she is his fiancé. 


I hope with him becoming aware he is realizing that the more important thing for him is to change who he is and to change his behavior. Also, I wouldn't mind him and Dan Oh becoming friends. I think they need a good talk about how they were both so unfitting for eachother were pushed together by that dreadful writer.

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This scene! It was weirdly beautiful, lonely, sad... everything... :wub: Also: kudos to the cast and crew because they have done a great job filming this. It's so difficult to film underwater scenes but actually film beautifully - A+ job!









Credit: belsmultifandommess



Weirdy... I needed this gif to see that Ha Ru's arms is actually around Dan Oh... Also: PRETTY!


Credit: DC Gall

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@Jillia, I loved Lee Jae Wook’s character in Search: WWW and I shipped his romance with one of the main female characters. :wub: I think the actor who plays Namjoo is also handsome. I know most pictures on here show Haru, Baek Kyung and Do Hwa but I thought Namjoo is also lovely. 

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The first time, Ha Ru heard and used his own voice... :bawling: *clutching my pearls*



First time Dan Oh trying to convince Ha Ru to help her and imitating him speaking because she believes he can't talk. :love:



And the sweetest smile... just for Dan Oh...


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10 hours ago, angelbeast90 said:
On another note I wanted to see Dohwa win that swimming race between him and Namjoo. Dang but Baekkyung rang that alarm and everyone scrambled!!
I wanna see the full video of this !!!!



BK rang the alarm, did they showed it in the ep? 

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Welcome, @naori87! :D Yes I'm curious about that as well. As many say like @Peach that the webtoon is very different from the drama adaptation.


On another note: I wonder if Ha Ru was somewhat teasing Dan Oh in the move theatre. Like not to be mean but what if he read those scenes and a) knew Kyung wouldn't be there but b) also read about Sae Mi's "advice" about touching and indirect kissing. :lol: Like that would be somewhat funny. LMAO




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