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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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Thoughts on the drama:


It was very important for me to post that little comment yesterday to have my initial reaction caught right away. And it was: perfection. And I stand by it. This drama was perfect to me, not just quality-wise but also on a emotional level.


Of course it had its flaws but what drama doesn't have flaws? I think there will be people who are less satisfied than others but overall I would say Extraordinary You did an amazing job to wrap it all up in the end.



The Good:


The acting: it takes an immense amount of guts to trust and rely completely on a young cast with little experience. The acting throughout was really good. I'm usually very critical of idol actors, most of them are barely good. Rowoon did an amazing job. His character went through many stages. He is definitely not perfect but young and I can see him getting even better. Kim Hye Yoon for me was carrying this drama so well. If somebody didn't feel for Dan Oh than I don't know who can make you feel for Dan Oh. Some mean things were said about KYH on other blogs and I just hope that KYH can prove them wrong and convince she has the talent to make a career from here on. Lee Jae Wook did an amazing job as well. He reminds me a bit of Song Joong Ki when he does that smirk (like check out some scenes from SJK dramas and you'll see what I mean). I think he will make a career as well and hope to see him in something I can actually root for his character. Then we have of course Lee Tae Ri and Jung Gun Joo - I'm looking forward to see them in future dramas as well. And then of course Kim Young Dae as the male lead but actually being the extra and cheesy hero. Kudos to taking on this role and acting out all the clichés. A mixed bag for me was Lee Na Eun as Joo Da. She wasn't bad but I could see so much more than with the others that she was acting. But still she sold Joo Da to me and that's good. But better stay with singing than acting. Just my personal opinion. :) And let's not forget the extras who made the school alive. 


The music: it was simply magical. I haven't heard such a good OST for a drama in a long time. And I'm not talking about the songs which are good as well but it's the BGM that is really selling each scene. And EY music team did an amazing job! I think in my long year experience of watching k-dramas I've only encountered 3 drama with a great score and EY is one of them.


The editing: I'm surprised how good the editing was in episode 15/16 when it was not really great in episode 14. What happened? I mean in the end I'm glad they did a good job for the last two episode.


The "Bad":


The pacing was good in the beginning but it got all rushed in the end. And it always surprises me because EY isn't the only drama with that problem. It's like the writers and PDs are always surprised they get 16 episodes to tell their story but can't keep up the good pacing until the end.


And with not so great pacing comes the problem with actually giving each character a proper arc. As you all know I'm not a big fan of Kyung's redemption arc. Always said though I wanted it to happen, just earlier so I could really feel for him. It's done and over now, so nothing can be changed but pacing did Kyung nothing good. Also while I adore DanHaRu I completely understand those who say it got repetitive in the end. I mean it served a purpose but I think we all caught on the soulmate connection pretty quickly. So maybe they could've done a little less and focused on something else.


The questions: I expected we wouldn't get all the answers we wanted. Fantasy is always a difficult genre and the viewer rarely gets proper answers (which also has to do with pacing). However some questions can only be answered by the viewer alone and the drama can only give a "guideline" so to speak to those answers. Existential questions is somethingdifficult to give one definitive answer to. Yet the drama drops literature here and there (Paulo Coehlo, Rainer Maria Rilke, Martin Heidegger) and gives the answer for the drama at least in their school and in the last episode in the college lecture.


I think we could've gotten answers though to how "Trumpet Creeper" ended. Like some mentiond they probably filmed a lot more but couldn't put it all in the remaining episodes. But I guess that it ended pretty quickly after Dan Oh was murdered and until then Ha Ru was wandering around, waiting... just waiting. Until he was reborn in "Secret". Why and how it happened we will never know for sure.


The "Secret" writer: in the end we - as the viewer - were part of the manhwa itself. We never were outside the manhwa and didn't really know what the writer's intentions were. Why he/she disliked Ha Ru so much when he was the writer's creation. Whether in the end it was all part of the plot or not. I thought, like many, that maybe Kyung's brother would be a manifestation of the writer in "Secret" and in "Trumpet Creeper" as well because he knew so much and he would maybe give some answers to the characters. But in the end he had no real purpose which is actually a shame. Why spend so much time on him when he is unremarkable? I think we deserved a couple of answers.


But maybe that's also part of the mystery: even if Kyung's brother was the writer how reliable would he be? How would we be able to trust him? It kinda makes sense we don't get the answers because we're more part of the manhwa than we're of the real world outside. And somewhat we got the answer that nothing can be changed and the characters are completely at the mercy of the writer. One manhwa ends, another begins. An ongoing circle. And maybe a ongoing nightmare.



I will write a separate post for the characters and DanHaRu because otherwise this post will get too long. But these are my overall thoughts on the drama. :D

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It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

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Poor guy! He probably needs like 10 people to protect him from the crowd. :o:D  


On another note... everyone talking about the A3 and here I am missing uri E3 already. I adored how happy Do Hwa was when he found out Dan Oh regained her memories. Protect Do Hwa at cost!:wub:









Credit: lee-taeri

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Thank god he did not return as beggar but just a fashion terrorist! I guess he loves everything related to strawberry. Lol  and this time its not trumpet creeper!





For posterity and to relive this moment, I post this!

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Thanks for the update guyss!! Glad our thread is still active :wub:


The drama is indeed popular!! This is why we shouldnt trust rating these days, I'm really glad we never give a fck about EY rating lol (people on other thread usually post about the rating after the eps end, and when it goes down or the rating is low everyone was sad. .)


God bless all the actors and staffs who worked hard for this drama. Most of actors in EY are rookies but they did good, I hope we can see them more in the future, I can see they will get more popular after this drama


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He is such a adorable bean:heart: I think there is something magical in the name wook. First Ji Chang Wook then Kim Jae Wook and now Lee Jae Wook.:sweatingbullets: Three of them are amazing actors. 

Lol I read a comment in twitter asking is this Wrap Up party or Guerrilla date:D the crowd is that enormous 




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