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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr


On October 14, Good Data Corporation posted their weekly rankings of the most buzzworthy dramas and actors. The results are from the company’s analysis of 25 currently airing and upcoming dramas from October 7 to October 13.


Coming in at No. 2 was MBC’s “Extraordinary You,” which saw a 63 percent rise in its buzzworthy rating due to its interesting story and its refreshing take on the original webtoon. SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon similarly saw a sharp increase in their ranks on the list of buzzworthy actors, taking No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.


  1. KBS2 “When the Camellia Blooms” – 16.68 percent
  2. MBC “Extraordinary You” – 12.99 percent
  3. JTBC “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” – 11.98 percent
  4. KBS2 “The Tale of Nokdu” – 9.62 percent
  5. SBS “Vagabond” – 9.3 percent
  6. JTBC “My Country” – 6.05 percent
  7. MBN “Graceful Family” – 3.8 percent
  8. tvN “Melting Me Softly” – 3.55 percent
  9. tvN “Pegasus Market” – 3.25 percent
  10. KBS2 “A Place in the Sun” – 2.42 percent


Check out the top 10 drama actors this week:

  1. Park Ji Hoon (“Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”)
  2. Gong Hyo Jin (“When the Camellia Blooms”)
  3. Jang Dong Yoon (“The Tale of Nokdu”)
  4. SF9’s Rowoon (“Extraordinary You”)
  5. Kim Hye Yoon (“Extraordinary You”)
  6. Lee Seung Gi (“Vagabond”)
  7. Kang Ha Neul (“When the Camellia Blooms”)
  8. Suzy (“Vagabond”)
  9. Kim So Hyun (“The Tale of Nokdu”)
  10. Gong Seung Yeon (“Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”)


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3 hours ago, nateko said:

I hope Dan Oh and Baek Kyung don't get engaged :grimace: Poor Haru is going to try to stop them but from the still it doesn't look good...

The jawline and cut is so sharp...like how ahhaa. A legit real life manhwa hahaha
Love the overall styling in this show. Like each character's fashion and styling really suits

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@Jillia I loved that scene too and the way Dan Oh calmed down immediately after he said it :wub: These two are killing me. I wonder what made Haru become so proactive? from the preview it seems like he'll get very much involved with Dan Oh life. Guess he could take how Baek Kyung was mistreating Dan Oh any longer. 


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New to this thread as I only been watching this series starting two days ago.  Can I just say that this story caught my heart in the first few minutes of the episode.  Here is what I have liked so far:


  • It is such a refreshing storyline where the characters realize they are in a comic
  • I found EDO's reaction to finding out that she was just a support character totally hilarious
  • I can easily identify with her frustration when her most desired moments get cut in favor of the stage scenes
  • Also I can identify with her frustration of not being able to have her own desired impact on the story as no one remembers anything not part of the stage unless they become self aware
  • EDO's heart rate going up so high every time she encounters HR.  It goes anywhere from 113-120, which is like someone running full speed.
  • I love the way EDO speaks.  She speaks so quickly, that I get winded just listening to her but it is amazing how she does it seemingly effortlessly.  Some have complained that it is overly Aigoo, but I have not found it to be so.  It is like the writers want to demonstrate how active her mind is operating and working to solve her dilemma.
  • EDO's reaction to seeing HR's abs during the night hike caused me to spit out my soda pop.  I have not laughed that hard in at least a month.


I can't wait for the next episodes to come out.  I echo the sentiments of many posters that I now lemant having started this series so early.  I should have waited until all of the episodes came out so I would not be depressed waiting for the next installment of Extraordinary You.


One thing I would like to comment on that I am sure has been mentioned ad nauseum not only for this KDrama but KDramas in general but causes me some concern.  The whole concept of the guy grabbing the girl by the wrist and dragging her away from the situation at hand, is this a generally accepted practice of behavior in Korea?  In the United States I know this type of action would generally be frowned upon since it seems like it would be demeaning to the woman.  I know if I had ever tried a stunt like that with my wife when we first started dating, she would have slugged me.  However, it seems so common in KDramas that I get the impression it is an accepted part of Korean culture.  Please enlighten me on this practice.  Thank you.

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1 hour ago, larrysouth said:

However, it seems so common in KDramas that I get the impression it is an accepted part of Korean culture.  Please enlighten me on this practice.  Thank you.

Indeed, you can find this kind of scene in almost every K-drama. At first I thought that it's just an over exaggeration but I went to South Korea this year and witnessed it first hand. Guys and girls drag each other by the arm all of the time (well mostly young adults, I'd say it's much less common for people 35+). :D

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6 hours ago, Jillia said:

But geez... who gave Ha Ru THAT jacket? :lol: I can't with this green purple flower jacket. Although I wonder if he is trying to get to Dan Oh. It's a manhwa and manhwas are full of clichés and tropes. :P


Credit: MBC

I think what they mean in today's preview is that DO isn't meant to change the writer's storyboard. Jinmichae finds Haru's drawings, and asks him to stop DO from going against it. That's probably why he attends her party

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Netizens comments :

(+17,0) Ah~ I like this triangle~ I can't wait to see it~ I'm already flustered just from look at the picture .I will look forward to it !

(+9,0) The triangle ㅋㅋㅋ

(+5,0) I really like Danoh, Haru and Baekkyung character ♡

(+2,0) Lee Jaewook is so charming in Search WWW.. But for here it's a bit too cheesy ㅋㅋ but I can't help because that's the genre. Please keep acting for a long time .

(0,0) I really like the triangle love~~~

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