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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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Hahahaha... these two cuties really. I wonder though why they would try to hide their feelings in front of Do Hwa. He is their biggest shipper. Plus Ha Ru asking Dan Oh if he needs to practice flirtin

It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

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Do Hwa what a  cutie pie receiving love from Ju Da. Confession of Ju Da is damn beautiful. Being a main character, I loved the way it’s not cringe because it’s her shadow. Ju Da’s Shadow is so cool and I want more of her with NamJu after this EP i dont know who is Ju Da Like
Do Hwa and Dan Oh, best DUO. Do Hwa, Haru and Dan Oh, Best TRIO...:thumbsup:

DoHwa and Haru's BROMANCE is the best....:love: when he leans on Haru's shoulder three times LOL:lol::joy:

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Why did Sae Mi draw his nose to look that big:blink:!?




It's like in a way how Do Hwa keeps bringing up the Butterfly Effect. One small action can cause ripple effect consequences. I understand Haru is doin' it to save her but it's predestined & there's some things that cannot be undone no matter how hard we try.. Even if she survives, the very least she's alive right? I mean that's Haru's goal. 


Yikes Ju Da is the epitome of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing she really is not to be messed with!:unsure: I guess the opposite is true. Ju Da may seem quiet & unassuming but backed to a corner she could pose a threat. Sae Mi is simply all bark with no bite.

Kyung still continues to infuriate yet fascinate me at the same time LoL. 

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May I ask a question?


Sooo it is common knowledge that 1) when the stage is occurring, they hear a flipping sound, 2) according to Dan Oh, Haru, and the self-aware squad, the writer doesn't know what's happening in the shadow, and 3) Dan Oh can see the future aka know what will happen in the stage. I was watching Episode 1 and noticed something. Remember when Dan Oh still didn't know she was living in a manhwa universe and was reading various psychology books? Technically, she was in the shadow. 



Scene 1: She reads about amnesia and other types of mental illnesses.



Scene 2: Dan Oh finds the copy of Secret




Scene 3: She sees into the future/storyboard for the first time.



Scene 4: What she saw in the storyboard happened. Bark Kyung (he should be named that way instead) lowkey accused her of following him.


It's odd that Dan Oh didn't hear a flipping sound because technically speaking, Scene 4 was already in the stage. If the writer doesn't know what happens in the shadow, how was he/she able to orchestrate the events leading up to Scene 4 (Dan Oh coincidentally being in the library and accidentally tripping)?


Did I miss something? Or this was just a glitch....



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Honestly the discusion about baekyung as second male lead, usually in romance drama the second male lead likes female lead eventhough she doesnt like him back (one sided love), but as I watched the drama until now, I dont think baekyung even likes danoh in the first place?


Up till now it's only his ego, he doesnt want to lose his main character title, he is jealous of Haru somehow and he doesnt want to be left alone. .NOT because he even likes Dan Oh and trully want her to be happy, he doesnt even care about Dan Oh feeling at all.


Why there are so many justification of baekyung action? even some fans worship him and shipping him with danoh. .Because he is handsome? the actor who play baekyung is lee jae wook? Or we are so used watching jerk male lead so instead of calling out his shitty action, we would worship him and believe he would change later. In this drama baekyung is definitely unlikeable and imo his character is close to villain rather than second male lead (he doesnt even like the female lead), I find it really weird a lot of fans rooting for him and try to excuse all of his bad actions.

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They really like to show us how Ha Ru's sword looks like in that episode though, huh? We get it... it looks different from the one which will stab Dan Oh. And sageuk!Kyung is even worse than Secret!Kyung. It's a bit unfair they're still keeping from us how the plot came to the point that Dan Oh died. They both decided they want to make their own answers and therefore their own fate and maybe even wanted to change the stage. And this must've lead to Kyung ambushing them. But still... I hope we get the final answer.


I also now get why Jinmichae seems to dislike Ha Ru... because he is seeing himself in him and actually tried to stop him from experiencing the same pain over and over again.


They are also pushing the urge to save Dan Oh more to the front because now the surgery is coming and Dan Oh has seen that she might die. I can't believe though that Secret!writer makes Dan Oh apologize to Kyung for hurting him!? Like what?! This is really early 2000s drama material. Do Hw and Dan Oh better keep dissing the writer. :lol: Objectively if I would care for Kyung I would say their scenes would be so heartbreaking. I mean not the part where Kyung is guilt tripping Dan Oh. But really if they had written Kyung more nuanced and in a way I can root for him as well - at least a little - the scene after the hospital could've reached my heart. But... episode 13 is too late tbh.


Even though it's sad I adore Dan Oh making a bucket list about what she wants to do before she dies. I think that's really the motif we have in the drama. Live your life to the fullest, don't waste your time on things you don't like. Make memories. Fall in love.


I also missed scenes between Dan Oh and Jinmichae, so it was nice to see them back together on screen and Dan Oh asking him to help to keep her death a secret. Oh man... my heart just breaks with each scene.


That little eyeroll moment though when Kyung said on stage he thinks he started to like Dan Oh. Ha Ru in the shadow being like "Really, writer-nim, REALLY?". But also these two having to act like best friends on stage... OMG! If this drama aka webtoon isn't a diss track on bad writing then I don't know what it is.


The heck, KYUNG! Dan Oh asked you to keep it a secret but he is using it to tell Ha Ru there are things he doesn't know about Dan Oh. HOW can anyone defend Kyung when he makes decisions like that? Also he is then spilling the beans to Ha Ru anyways... *sigh*


YES, Dan Oh and Ha Ru in our world YOU are the main leads! :wub:


But OMG... they really put in a scene in which poor Dan Oh tugged from one boy to the other. Can we please stop dragging women around like they're objects? Thank you very much!


Su Hyang saying she loves dried squid to Jinmichae is everything tbh. But I also feel for Jinmichae... the writer really wants to torture him, huh?


And yeah I still don't know how I feel about Joo Da being on a revenge path. But on the other hand... I'm all here for fierce Joo Da as well. Plus her scene with Do Hwa... my gosh... he deserves so much happiness. Question though about Nam Joo: WHY would you buy a creepy doll for Joo Da?


If I would've liked Kyung until now... I would've stopped the moment he was mean to Do Hwa. Like if there are two men who are allowed to exist it's Ha Ru and Do Hwa. Nobody comes at them, okay? Especially not at Do Hwa.


And YEP: Kyung's brother = creepy. I'm scared. He has a plan I know it. Something is off about him. What if he killed Dan Oh in "Trumpet Creeper"? I have many thoughts.


The scene with Ha Ru and Dan Oh finally adressing that their time left together might be short was so important. You could think that Ha Ru is also making it all about himself - just like Kyung - but actually he proves by asking Dan Oh what she wants that in the end it will be her decision. He is also voicing what Dan Oh has been feeling as well: being scared. And then comes the important part: that Dan Oh actually still wants to change her fate. That she wants to live...



Kyung seeing that hole though... what are you going to do with that?

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I like baek kyung.. why? Because inside my heart i wish there is plot twist and he is seol ji hwan from www:search.


But i dont understand the manhwa. Definitwly will not read secret and trumpet flower the manhwa. How come baek kyung is the main character when he is evil?


And in secret, do ah doesnt look like an extra. Their love story,  baek kyung and do ah, doesnt relate to the main character story. Like zero  link. 

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I knew it! I've been reading that knetizens can't believe it. Such a turn. But I knew it would be him.


I knew it was Kyung who killed Dan Oh in "Trumpet Creeper". It didn't make any sense for Ha Ru to kill Dan Oh. Plus... the drama pretty much tried to convince us it was Ha Ru.


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Spoiler from today epiosode.


Baek Kyung want to kill Dan Oh (hand at the preview was Baek Kyung hand), but he saw his scene at the Flower creeper, when he push the sword that Haru holding to Dan Oh (Haru just hold the sword, but Baek Kyung push that sword toward Dan Oh).


At the end, he didn't kill Dan Oh at hospital, Haru comes. But Dan Oh heart starts to become unstable. Scene change to the school, and we can see Dan Oh with changed Hair Style (the one that we saw today). And as expected, she could not recognize Haru :bawling:

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