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what is your long list of favourite Korean dramas

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Secret Garden

Boys Over Flowers

Full House

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho


My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
Personal Taste


Something About 1%

Dream High

To The Beautiful You

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Oh My Ghost

Master's Sun

Oh My Venus


There are probably more I've forgotten too


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For a variety of reasons, you're losing out if you don't watch Korean dramas, popularly known as K-dramas. If your an avid fan of kpop music and kpop quizzes or trivia, you will love kdramas. To begin with, there's the cultural impact: As a pop culture connoisseur/productive internet denizen who enjoys Korean dramas and films, you should be well-versed in everything K-drama. Since you've found your way to this page, I assume you are. Then there's the most significant reason to watch Korean dramas: the storylines. You'll be glad you added them to your pop culture diet because they're addictive and great.


My fav k-dramas are all kpop related, wierd i know lol.

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On 6/20/2022 at 2:04 PM, SamH said:

My fav k-dramas are all kpop related, wierd i know lol.


I like Heartstrings featuring two members of CNBLUE, also Who are you: school 2015, featuring BTOB's Yook Sungjae, also Boys over flowers

On 4/7/2021 at 10:24 PM, MaryESmith said:

Big fan of A place in the sun,Sea of a woman, Home for summer, I wanna hear your song, Heartstrings, Feel Good to Die, Are you human too, Who are you: school 2015, Sunny Again Tomorrow , Winter Sonata. These are the best choices for me.


Wow, those are in my list already

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Some of the titles on your list, such as "Boys Over Flowers" and "Heartstrings", are classic dramas that have gained a large following both in Korea and internationally. Other titles such as "Feel Good to Die" and "Lovely Horribly" offer unique and intriguing storylines that may be of interest to viewers.


It's great to see that you are exploring different genres and themes within Korean dramas. Whether you are a fan of romance, comedy, action, or drama, there is sure to be a Korean drama that will capture your interest.

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Moorim School 

Lawless lawyer 

Kill it


Tell me what you saw

Flower of Evil

My Name


Beyon evil 

Reborn Rich

Alchemy of Souls 

Again my life

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