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[Drama 2019] Joseon Survival, 조선생존기


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Hye-Jin and Jung-Rok  met Jung Ka-Ik in Joseon. I wonder when she will realise that her fiancee is a psychopath ?


From the stills it looks like Jung-Rok will work at the palace. :D I miss seing him as an archer.

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Hello lovelies.... Wave to dear @larus @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & @jinkzzmec chingus here!


I was really hesitating to watch this series as I found youtube clips a bit messy & no proper eng sub provided... but I think I should watch it for Kang JI Hwan oppa! :) He seems to work real hard for his character & the eng subs are also online...! So must watch this!!!


And how about so far..???! I am curious over your ideas here... :wub:


Have a nice day :heart:

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57 minutes ago, gm4queen said:

And how about so far..???! I am curious over your ideas here... :wub:

 I like it. It`s funny and easy to watch.

The time travel genre is not easy to do. Some dramas works, others don`t. It is not complicated this time. For Han Jung Rok`s sister will be harder because she will fall in love with a real character who must remain in the past. The protagonists and Seul-Ki must survive all the events and find a way for all to get home. I think that our modern heroes will have influence over Joseon characters but they will grow as peoples as well because all the hardship. I will enjoy watching this.


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hihi @gm4queen I was wondering why you were so quiet and was getting worried.  I thought you at least watch 1-2 episodes like heidi.  I definitely think you should check it out because oppa is working hard.  I'm not sure about 1st lead romance as many mentioned, but the 2nd lead romance is so cute, bromance, and sibling relationship all makes it worth giving it a go.

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In ep 7, that governor made me laugh with his comment. He compared Hye Jin and Jung Ka Ik with Romeo and Juliet.

He knew about Romeo and Juliet? :w00t: or it was just a translation thing?

He said that Joseon monk and Ming Dinasty physician have to choose love for each other or loyalty for their countries. WOW, he had some empathy left in him? :)


The second funny line... When Jung Ka Ik brought Sung Rok and told him that he is not at his level. I think Sung Rok he gave him a very strong reply and I like how he told him in the end that he doesn`t see an aura but an evil spirit. :lol:

These two men will compete to show who is the knight in shining armor to Hye Jin.


It was funny when Sung Rok pretended to talked on the phone with Hye Jin and when she responded to his question he thought for a moment that he has WI Fi. :lol:




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Update: “Joseon Survival” Cancels This Week’s Broadcast, Reruns, And Event Following Kang Ji Hwan’s Arrest

by R. Jun

TV Chosun spoke up about their plans following Kang Ji Hwan’s arrest on charges of sexual assault.

A source from the broadcasting station said, “This week’s episode of ‘Joseon Survival’ will not air. Reruns will also not be broadcasted.”

Regarding the future of the drama, the source answered, “We need to have discussions with the production company. Things will be undecided until the production company’s stance is revealed.”

The source added, “There were plans for an event related to ‘Joseon Survival’ next week, but an internal decision was made to cancel the event.”



I am shocked to hear such news. May the justice prevail.

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“Joseon Survival” Searching For Actor To Replace Kang Ji Hwan

by L. Kim

Huayi Brothers Korea has released an update on plans for “Joseon Survival.”

Earlier this week, Kang Ji Hwan was arrested on charges of sexual assault. Follow his arrest, his agency Huayi Brothers Korea, which is also in charge of the drama’s production, announced that he would be canceling all scheduled activities to cooperate with police investigations. The actor’s currently-airing drama “Joseon Survival” also announced that it would be cancelling this week’s episode and not air any reruns.

Here is the full statement below:

Hello. This is Huayi Brothers Korea, the production company for TV Chosun’s ‘Joseon Survival’.

Actor Kang Ji Hwan, who played Han Jung Rok, has dropped out of the drama.

We are currently looking for an actor to replace his role, and we are doing our best to ensure smooth broadcasting.

We are sorry to all of the viewers who supported ‘Joseon Survival,’ and we will be back on air as soon as possible.




uly 11 2019

Kang Ji-Hwan drops out of TV Chosun drama series “Joseon Survival”


Actor Kang Ji-Hwan has dropped out of currently airing TV Chosun drama series “Joseon Survival” according to the series’ production company Huayi Brothers. The production company are currently looking for an actor to replace the main character of Han Jung-Rok who was played by Kang Ji-Hwan. Korean media reported yesterday, July 10, 2019, that Kang Ji-Hwan was arrested at his house in Gwangju on July 9, 2019 for rape and sexual molestation of 2 women. During the investigation, Kang Ji-Hwan stated that he drank alcohol with 2 female staff members at his house, but he doesn’t remember what happened afterwards. He woke up and found himself in a room with the 2 women sleeping. Due to Kang Ji-Hwan’s exit from the drama series, the two episodes scheduled to air on Saturday, July 13th & Sunday, July 14th have been postponed.



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Seo Ji Suk In Talks To Replace Kang Ji Hwan In “Joseon Survival”

by U. Kim

Seo Ji Suk may be playing the main character of TV Chosun’s “Joseon Survival” Han Jung Rok, which was previously played by Kang Ji Hwan.

In response to a report that Seo Ji Suk was confirmed for the role, a source from “Joseon Survival” stated on July 15, “We are still in discussion.”

On July 10, Kang Ji Hwan was arrested on charges of assault. The next day, TV Chosun announced that they were looking for an actor to replace Kang Ji Hwan’s role as he will no longer be part of the drama. On July 12, an arrest (pretrial detention) warrant was issued for the actor.

Source (1)




Update: Seo Ji Suk Confirmed To Replace Kang Ji Hwan In “Joseon Survival”

by U. Kim

“Joseon Survival” has confirmed that Seo Ji Suk will be taking on Kang Ji Hwan’s role in the drama.

On July 15, Huayi Brothers Korea released the following statement:

Hello. This is Huayi Brothers Korea, the production company for TV Chosun’s “Joseon Survival.”

This is our statement on the casting and broadcasting schedule of “Joseon Survival.”

We announce that actor Seo Ji Suk was confirmed to join [the drama] in the role of the main character Han Jung Rok.

After finalizing the casting, “Joseon Survival” will begin filming as soon as possible, and we will resume airing episode 11 starting next Saturday (July 27).

Once again, we ask everyone who has waited for “Joseon Survival” for their understanding, and we will do our best to meet the viewers’ needs by creating a well-made drama until the end.




I am glad they find an actor for Han Jung-Rok role. I did not see Seo Ji Suk in anything but I think he will do well with the role. I read that he was an athlete when he was young, he was selected to prepare for the national team but an accident (he was hit by a car while  crossing the street) ruined his sport career.  Good luck for him and Joseon Survival team!

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