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[Drama 2019] Joseon Survival, 조선생존기


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Korea's survival period 'Kang Ji-hwan X Kyoung-sujin, Chosun era falls ... "I'll definitely go home!"


On June 8, the first survival period of the Joseon Dynasty is a space-time transcendental fantasy that transforms the life and the world of a former archery athlete and a facial genius  Lim Jung-jung, who have fallen into the track of shipwrecks as a joke of destiny. The youth of Chosun Dynasty, which is tied up with youth and struggle in the current era, is expected to refresh the world and give a pleasant smile and a deep impression. The dramatic narrative of the main character Kang Ji-hwan in the 40-second video of the release and the chaotic appearance of Kang Ji-hwan and Kyung Su-jin suddenly fall into the Chosun Dynasty will be speedily developed.




Park Se Wan playing the sister of Kang Ji Hwan in Joseon Survival. She is a genius girl called 'first class' and 'nuclear memory' in school.





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Three’s a crowd in time-traveling sageuk comedy Joseon Survival Guide

by tipsymocha


Oh, so it’s not just one time-traveler but three? Interesting, since I feel like time travelers tend to go solo in dramaland. TV Chosun is churning out the promos for their upcoming fantasy-comedy-sageuk Joseon Survival Guide, and has released a new teaser featuring leads Kang Ji-hwan (Happy to Die), Song Won-seok (Switch), Kyung Su-jin (Meloholic), Park Se-wan (Dance Sports Girls), and Lee Jae-yoon (Mother).

This latest teaser starts with Kang Ji-hwan and Song Won-seok’s characters hiding among the trees as they’re chased by masked men on horses. The teaser caption reads, “A cold reality you cannot escape from,” and then we see shots of Kang Ji-hwan in his prime as a professional archer, and then as a deliveryman. Offscreen, his sister says that no matter how hard they try to rise even one step above, they will never be able to.


Lee Jae-yoon, who sounds like a pretty cookie-cutter villain, menacingly says that Kang Ji-hwan only needs to do “what is given to him,” or basically take orders from above like a good little underling. Lee Jae-yoon is engaged to marry Kyung Su-jin, who has a history with Kang Ji-hwan’s character. She stops Kang Ji-hwan as he dejectedly walks away from her, dressed in a fancy gown, and asks whether he has nothing to say to her. 



So, it looks like Kang Ji-hwan will be joined in his Joseon exploits by Park Se-wan and Kyung Su-jin, and I’ll be interested to see exactly how and why these three are transported back in time (if there even is a reason). A man offscreen notes their odd clothing and behavior, as Park Se-wan wonders if they’ve really been dropped into a different world. I’m looking forward to Park Se-wan and Song Won-seok’s potential loveline, since they look really cute in the two seconds of them we see in this teaser. The teaser ends with Kang Ji-hwan using his archery skills and saying that they’ll have to “face it,” presumably referring to their survival and efforts to return to their own time. 


Joseon Survival Guide will premiere next Saturday, June 8.


source: dramabeans

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On 6/1/2019 at 10:53 PM, jinkzzmec said:

Three’s a crowd in time-traveling sageuk comedy Joseon Survival Guide


Wow, three things I totally don't like in a drama in one sentence :D It's like somebody studied my fav actresses and decided to make a drama that is totally not suited for me. All three categories are what I tend to avoid.


But then there is Kyung Soo Jin......

2 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

A KISS wow so fast ??!!!


Gosh....an early kiss too? Do they really want to make me go away? Early kissed are never good. 

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I did not plan to first watch the drama. On this channel, not a single dorama has yet come out that would interest me ...:blink:
But here they show such teasers !!! I think it will be fun!
Moreover, not one guy is transported into the past, but a whole company, which means everything will be even more fun.
Now I sit on the sofa and wait!:mrgreen:

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Hello lovelies.... :wub:


Just 2 more days for the premiere date & I am really looking forward for Ji Hwan oppa's next drama!!! :) He seems confident & handsome as always! And I am a bit embarrassed that I don't know anyone from the cast except him!!! Hope to catch up with everyone once the series starts!!! :) 

Wave to dear @Lawyerh @phoenix24 @triplem @nohamahamoud2002 & other chingus! :heart:


Some pics from the press con here....

Love the dresses of 3 ladies!!! :) OMO... All are so gorgeous :love: And who's the tall guy anyway..????! He's even taller than Ji Hwan oppa :ph34r:







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TV CHOSUN special drama 'Joseon survival ' Kyung Soo-jin - Lee Jae-yoon's 'Sangmyung luxury engagement ceremony' scene was revealed.

On the 8th of the first TV CHOSUN 'survival period of the Joseon Dynasty' in the light of the scene and Lee Jae Yoon was full of glamorous public proposal was spotted. Kyung Su - jin is Lee Hae - jin, a rehabilitation medicine doctor, who is not in the "survival period of Joseon and Lee Jae - yoon is a quiet and courteous international lawyer. The two  show up as "Wannabe Couple," a pre-eminent doctor and international lawyer, offering "Elite Chemie," an exemplary love affair.

They make a promising wedding party and promise the future in front of people around them. White tuxedo look ripe "Will you marry me?" In a public proposal, Lee Hye-jin, dressed in a colorful dress, shows up in a spot and responds with a bright smile. After that, the company puts a big diamond ring on Lee Hye-jin and the engagement of the two people is beautifully accomplished. The appearance of the two people who attracted each other hotly brings out the envy around them.

However, they how up in a somewhat puzzled way during the engagement ceremony to celebrate the people around him and offer a 'reverse'. Lee Hye-jin, who laughs happily, is amazed after watching someone at the party, unable to take her eyes off of him, and keeps her benevolent manner throughout the engagement ceremony. When they gaze at each other, I see the sweetness, but when they are apart, the attention is focused on what is the inside of the 'frosty men and women', which changes 180 degrees.

(Google RAW translation)



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I was waiting for this drama to watch with eng sub! But unfortunately, this drama isn't available in any site!!! ^_^ I am disappointed in Kang Ji Hwan's choice this time!!! (He should have chosen another major network!!!) I only managed to find some clips on youtube! And I really hope this drama gets more attention & love from public than this!!! :wub: At least, their hard work must be payed off!!!














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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] Joseon Survival, 조선생존기


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