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[Drama 2019] Justice, 저스티스


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Finished the first  two episodes. I knew it! I knew it I knew I knew! I damnn well knew it! 


SWY wanted YCK out of prison because he knows too much. SWY could be the mastermind behind the the murder of the actress. He asked YCK to murder the actress but then there was a witness the delivery boy.. who happens to be LTK younger brother. who was ringing the doorbell but got suspicious as no one was answering.  YCK saw clearly the face when he looked into video doorbel.  YCK also knew that the delivery boy was LTK younger brother. TK surprised  YCK knew. Of course SWY is the master  YCK following. 


Also YCK knew who is JYJ. She was the one who raped by the assemblyman's son  who got away with rape  because "scumbag" LTK defended th rapist son. Even though he knew ( of course he knows but still..argh!  victim blaming!) I really hate his character.


SYA prosecutor ( Nana's character)  stumbled at the connection of LTK younger brother as the delivery boy who could be witness to YCK murdering the actress. LTK found out and is trying to dig the connections. Got all CCTV and check and saw. Seven years ago JYJ a senior in high school  got a package delivered  by the younger brother LTK which in turn she handed over to YCK. aAfter looking at the footages he went to JYJ house to confront her (OMG! after what  you said to her being smug and all that..knowing she was raped..argh! you really are scumbag!)  of course she doesn't to talk told him to ask YCK himself and to not bother her.  Told him he's a scumbug. Hence.....


 I am going to give LTK benefit of doubt here it's only the first two episodes. He might have something planned hence he is acting like... yeah.... scumbag.


But also in one of the drunke flashback of LTK... scene of bloody murder  there were drugs and food and wine and family all sprawled on th floor covered with blood. The mother, father and a son which if you've seen.. the fingers twitch  beside the bloody knife. And SWY looking outside the window behind the curtain to man walking away from the crime on a snowy night and I think it's LTK. That flashback's continuation is the first scene of episode one where SWY gave malk whisky to bloody LTK and said to "enjoy the price of this deal".


And for more veiled ambiguity LTK went to the cemetery visited the grave of his younger brother and was leaving he brushed past the  gyoung man dressed in all black who also visited the cemetery and stood in front of grave of the younger brother. LTK deep in thought didn't even bother to look back so he didn't see.   LTK knew his brother was killed in DUI accidented ( shown in flashback) but that happened the day after the murder of the actress. SYA already got the feeling  it wasn't an accident and it has to do with murders with SYW is involved


SYA to LTK:  "You're an idiot, defending a guy who may have murdered your brother".


By the way YCK was released despite th charges because  prosecutor was change, judge change..all with the power of SYW- even the politicians bow to him and agreed to his demands.


His moral consience??? or  desire to know the truth?  He followed YCK saw the driver of SWY pick him , LTK parked his car, hidden on the side and saw YCK came out of SWY house. Once the car drove away.. he went inside the house and told SWY he can't get hold of YCK and ask where he could be.  HA! so now do you get it LTK???


That's the end scene  for ep 2.   Like I said I'm going to  give LTK a chance to see if he will change, if he has something up his sleeves or his attitude is like that because  he has to act to conceal the true nature of how he's going to avenge his brother's death. Remember he said it's DUI.. but is it really DUI?


So in conclusion. I enjoyed the ambiguity of the drama. This has that  "Money Flower" vibes! If you've seen that excellent drama from MBC you'll know what I mean. Choi Jin Hyuk's character  feels like that of Jang Hyuk's character. 


I hope this post helps a little to those who were confused about the episodes.




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after watching the second episode thinks looks more clear to me now. the murder scene confused me first but all is clear now.


SWY is real evil. why he want to keep LTK close? to keep him not knowing the hole truth or is there something else?



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Really like this drama so far, I thought the first 2 eps was way more suspenseful and well executed (better than Watcher) imo. I know SWY is the mastermind behind everything but the top prosecutors is definitely involved as well. It's one big giant corruption, can't wait to LTK turn good and expose him!

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At first, I was confused by the fast moving plot but the second day eps cleared my confusions after all!!! :)


Mostly I think that Song Woo-Yong doesn't fully trust Yang Chul-Ki even though he worked for him!!!! And Yang Chul-Ki himself could be in danger as he's got a lovely wife & son!!!! And Lee Tae-Kyung seems to noted that his hyung has interactions with the thug!! But I still try to figure it out about Lee Tae-Kyung... He is still a kind of bad guy who's teamed up with the devil!!! :( But he must be having his reasons to act harsh!!! 


And so far, I like the phase of the series & looking forward for the upcoming eps...! Both Choi Jin Hyuk & Nana are doing their characters so well!!! Is there really romance involved here guys..????!!! :) Then I will love this drama even more... :kiss_wink:





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Thank you everybody for the comments.  It’s good to read highlights and questions and reactions.  As this is a first week and different things were strewn down,  it’s easy to miss out and get confused.  
At the beginning  I thought Seo Yeon-A(Nana) would be the one who was straight and clean.  But when she was ready to frame Yang Chul-Ki, I had to wonder about the meaning of Justice in this drama.  Maybe justice and injustice aren’t just black and white here.  Maybe there are many shades of justice because of how people perceive and act on it.


SWY decided to become the devil because he thought the power was the only means to fight back for injustice done against his family. LTK made a bargain with the devil SWY for his brother’s death.  Now SYA acted to frame YCK in the name of justice.  
So this bad YCK turned out to be a family man with a son who loves him.    And it was chilling to see how SWY used YCK’s weak spot.  
Now I’m curious whether LTK killed those three men or not.   If he really did, I have to guess, in kdrama land,  his redemption has to be death or imprisonment?!!  


He looks like a dark angel ^_^^_^


cr to DC

A red wine with Justice  :D


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Well, this is my first official K-drama of Choi Jin Hyuk & I am so impressed by his acting here... :) He is a tall, handsome & charismatic young guy!!! I love being young... :D And his chemistry with Nana is awesome!!! :heart: I find them very comfortable with each other!!!! And if they fall in love, I'd be the happiest for the twosome as I love dark romance!!! :blush:


And aww.... Mr. Choi Jin Hyuk is so eye candy... images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRM3lrdsbSooauoC0Q8obHqHg-fC0ozAlA9OEwXfNlDqYkLk9jU7A images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRM3lrdsbSooauoC0Q8obHqHg-fC0ozAlA9OEwXfNlDqYkLk9jU7A images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRM3lrdsbSooauoC0Q8obHqHg-fC0ozAlA9OEwXfNlDqYkLk9jU7A Looking forward to see him more in action!!!! :)








Basically, we had the foundation for the characters in the first week. So I expect to go more deep down with each character this week!!! :) I am still confused over the dark past of Lee Tae Kyung!!! As many chingus here said, he's doing it all against his will!!! :sweatingbullets: What's the real reason behind him for teaming up with the devil..???! I can't wait to find out!!! :thumbsup:


And dear @triplem chingu, so lovely to see you here... :) Yes, please watch the 2nd hour & spill the beans here!!! Somehow I liked the 2nd hour more than the 1st hour of this series!!! And you are so right!!! Viewers say that it's too early for KBS to air another crime, thriller right after Doctor Prisoner ended!!! But I love KBS dramas as they are filled with both sorrow & joy at the same time.... :heart:


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** Now  LTK and SYA begin to investigate separately on YCK and the murder of an actress.   It means at some point they will work together and maybe they might reconnect their old relationship.  When LTK heard about the death of the detective, SYA’s mentor, his reaction showed he still had feelings for her.  I hope to see more interacting friction between them.  
SYA’s dad is on the character list. Wondering whether he will be a good character as the character description describes or maybe he has secrets in the closet??



Yes I’m happy LTK hasn’t completely lost his soul/conscience.  His struggle with himself will give him another chance with SYA  and hopefully she might help him to see a different perspective about his choice.   It seems LTK’s relationship with SWY isn’t just about boss-subordinate.  LTK calls him ‘hyung.’ He must be emotionally connected  with SWY.    So it will be interesting to see how their relationship will progress as things unfold.  



'Justice'   Special Poster    CJHxSWYxNana 






** CJH always acts reserved in a public space so it’s delightful to see how he acted with his staff.  This staff must carry a heavy load  of baggage and has a muscle cramp so CJH jumped into to help her with a hand massage then elbow rubbing.  haha   So convenient in this kind of situation when you are working for someone who is tall  haha  :P


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20 hours ago, gm4queen said:

Well, this is my first official K-drama of Choi Jin Hyuk & I am so impressed by his acting here..

@gm4queen  oh so you've never seen him in drama. if can find timetyr one of his drama it's called "Tunnel" 2017  drama from OCN.. excellent one :)


6 hours ago, booha said:

SYA’s dad is on the character list. Wondering whether he will be a good character as the character description describes or maybe he has secrets in the closet??


@booha her dad.. seems to be  Isn't he the candidate for minister of Justice.  He's going to be a powerful man.  SYA  superior asking hee to stop with the investigation of  the assemblyman's son and the cold case of 7 years ago as it might  affect the hearing for the nomination of her Father.  Question is.. is the gathet going to be under the thumb of SWY?

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What's Lee Tae Kyung doing with Yang Chul Ki..????!! :o The new poster also looks amazing plus the handsomeness overloaded in the 3rd IG post!!!! :love:


15 minutes ago, jongski said:


@gm4queen  oh so you've never seen him in drama. if can find timetyr one of his drama it's called "Tunnel" 2017  drama from OCN.. excellent one :)



Hello dear friend.... :) To be honest, I've watched Choi Jin Hyuk in Fated To Love You & The Last Empress... But he was most likely the second lead in both the dramas, wasn't he..????! So I am rather glad that he's the first lead here!!! That's what I meant earlier!!! This is my first official lead role of him & I just love his performance so far!! :heart: So I am eagerly looking forward to explore more about his character!!! 


And yes, I also heard that Tunnel is very good!!! And he's one of the main leads there, isn't he..??!! :) Should try it when I get free time... Thanks a lot for the recommendation!!! :kiss_wink:

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15 hours ago, jongski said:

@gm4queen  oh so you've never seen him in drama. if can find timetyr one of his drama it's called "Tunnel" 2017  drama from OCN.. excellent one :)


@booha her dad.. seems to be  Isn't he the candidate for minister of Justice.  He's going to be a powerful man.  SYA  superior asking hee to stop with the investigation of  the assemblyman's son and the cold case of 7 years ago as it might  affect the hearing for the nomination of her Father.  Question is.. is the gathet going to be under the thumb of SWY?


Hum yes I can see SYA’s dad is a good guy   but SYA’s investigation could lead to corrupt upper level people who could threaten her dad’s nomination, and  SYA might be forced to make a decision about her investigation.    At the beginning I wasn’t sure how much interaction LTK and SYA would have.   But since they still have feelings for each other,  hopefully we will see more of their push-pull  interactions.   Now according to the latest article there would be a triangle relationship among LTK, SYA and SWY, and not just for LTK and SWY.  




So delighted to read your comment about JHssi. Very appreciated  Made my day so much sweeter 4cgR7ny.gif 
I enjoyed Tunnel, as it has a lot of  touching and heartwarming scenes for the characters, even though the drama is a crime thriller  Sometimes I was so much into the characters’ predicament  that I forgot about finding a villain. :unsure:   






















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** Frustrated to see how LTK fumbled with the recovery of his brother’s phone. He needs to bang his head hard.  He might be an ace lawyer but he is an amateur detective.  He really needs to work with SYA and her detective.  















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today's ratings:  5.5% & 6.4%  #2 Justice


Kim Joo-mi /Juni (Ladies Code) joined Justice.  No mention of what the character will be yet


Dal-hwan Jo  as Secretary  Nam Won Ki



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Hello everyone... I haven't watched yesterday's eps yet!!! :) Planing to watch as soon as possible! How the things are going..??! Anyone watched the eps..???!! :wub:


Glad that the ratings have increased for yesterday's eps....



IG updates on the ever handsome Lee Tae Kyung... :)



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Finally, just finished watching yesterday's eps & I am pretty much impressed by Choi Jin Hyuk's choice this time! He is outstanding in his role!! :heart: The phase of the story is also strong enough for making me attracted to the series! :) And I think I am all catched up with the cast & their roles..... So would like to spill some of the pin points I've noticed.!!. 


1. There are plenty of rain scenes in each ep. Then the pouring rain must have a lead to all the cases happened so far, such as the murder is either fond or hate the rain so he did all the murders amidst the rain. 




2. Yang Chul Ki doesn't trust Mr. Song at all. He's afraid that Mr. Song would be after his wife & son so he sent them away & then he died or killed..????!! :sweatingbullets: And now how would Tae Kyung find out the truth of his brother..??!


And when his phone rang inside the locker, Tea Kyung should grab it in his hands in the first place. But instead he ran after Chul Ki!! I find this as a moment where Tae Kyung lost his smart act!! I think Tae Kyung is in a dilemma whether to trust his so--called hyung!! And when Mr. Song lift up the statue at the ending scene, I immediately hunched that he'd hit the phone with it!! Then exactly the same thing happened!!! Is he a psycho that he is providing evidence to Tae Kyung with..??? Wow!!! This is so interesting! :ph34r: :o Wanna know where it leads them, the hyung & dongseng duo..!




3. Mr. Song was obviously building a miniature model of his new construction building. But then he just crashed it to the ground! Then does it mean that he'll soon be in the downfall.??! Then a hero should arise his voice. Lee Tae Kyung!!!!! :)


And by the way, why did Mr. Song hire Tae Kyung anyway..????! It can't be only to cover up the truth of his brother's death!!! Something is fishy here :sweatingbullets:



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I like your point about TK’s behavior in the locker place.  If TK’s Achille is his brother who is dead, then hearing his bro’s ring tone would create too much emotional upheaval to think rationally.  This scene was a glimpse into TK’s behaviors right after bro’s death and the trial.   You are right.  Song saw TK’s emotional rage in the court room and he knew TK was vulnerable so he trapped TK  with the idea of revenge.    
I like “A man with a soul is vulnerable” (as a soul can be one’s conscience)    Now that explains how Song has been able to control  TK for the last seven years.
I really enjoyed today’s episode.   Your comment helps me see the kind of tangled relationship  between Song and TK, and how Song controls and why TK stays around him.  
Todays’ episode showed Song was able to manipulate TK so skillfully that TK decided to believe Song’s version.  :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets: 
PS I think the boy who went to visit TK’s bro memorial site could be Song’s son.

PS The guy whom Song was burying looks like the internet reporter who sold some info to Song earlier?? 


We have a new character.  He might be a new villain, as bad as Song??
 Tak Soo Ho(Park Sung Hoon)
“33 years old. Jung Jin Group Vice Chairman, who is the actual owner of Jeong Jin Enterprise, which is the top among the top 10 companies in the business circle.”








EP4 ratings  4.2% & 5.4%



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Why do I feel like that everyone is a villain lol ? This drama is so unhealthy (but I love it so far). Obviously Chairman Song but also Vice chairman Tak, Jang Entertainment, SYA's prosecution chiefs, the rookie actress Youngmi and even SYA's father (he scares everyone plus he looks worried at his daughter's investigation), LTK even tho he will see the light in the next episodes... basically everyone. :lol:South Korea's law system is known for being really corrupted but damn.


I'm guessing that Jang Entertainment is one of chairman Song business, they hire young women and they promise them a debut but in fact it's a prostitution service for Song's clients ? They probably kill the women who want to leave / talk about this business ? Idk. 


Pretty sure there will be a new romance between LTK and SYA, not a "cute" one but I do believe their relationship didn't end. He probably left her with no reason after his brother's death but still cares about her. 


The drama is good so far and the acting is solid, the plot is moving up quickly, good point for this genre because it can be boring really fast. Can't wait to see the next episodes and to know who is the biggest villain out of them. 


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Nana Thanks Former “Roommate” Co-Star Lee Guk Joo For Supporting Her Drama “Justice”

Celeb   Jul 25, 2019   by C. Hong

On July 25, Nana took to Instagram to thank comedienne Lee Guk Joo for sending a snack truck to the set of Nana’s drama, “Justice.”

“Justice” is a thriller about a lawyer who sells his soul to the devil to get his revenge (Choi Jin Hyuk) and a man who becomes the devil for the sake of his family (Son Hyun Joo). Nana stars in the drama as a prosecutor with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Nana shared a photo of herself standing in front of the snack truck with churros in her arms and wrote, “Thank you. I love you, Lee Guk Joo.”

Nana and Lee Guk Joo met through the SBS variety show “Roommate” in 2014 and have been friends ever since.

You can check out Nana in the latest episode of “Justice” below!

Watch Now







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Argh! I'm so frustrated at TK! Wake up from your emotional bond  from SWY and think smartly. You can do that, right!


I just finished  ep 3-4 clearly SWY using emotional blackmail, emotional abuse, emotional guilt trip, emotional persuation. Making sure that if he goes down, it's not only him but TK as well. Heck he hinted this clearly  when he was having drink  at a whiskey bar owned owned by mistress of Jang Entertainment which got the money laundering from Bumjung construction owned by SWY.


So SYA found about the bar went there saw SWY and TK... she mentioned that SWY  does business with the owner ( you can see the expression of  TK. he's processing everything..  boy  for lawyer and who's been with  SWY he certainly doesn't know anything that goes on. SWY made it like that. Tsk!).  I want SYA to do something that will turn around TKA thinking about his "boss"  who clearly has the upperhand due to the fact that SWY killed  the  (one who took the video his younger brother inside the car).


During the flashback  TK wanted to kill  the guy but instead SWY was the one who did it. TK said (from sub) why are you going this far? For someone else's revenge.. must you kill?"   TK was shock actually but .. what can he do it's  done already.  SWY said he doens't need to give him a reason he (TK) made choice and and he also made his.


So this emotional blackmail SWY is doing to TK.. well, they are both going to be expose if ever.  It's his ace up his sleeves.  But what I'm confused about.. was that DUI planned? Planned by SWY because an actress was killed by  Jang entertainment which  TK younger could be witnnes plus he saw the USB.  Also what does the son have to do in all of these.  wasn't the son limping?


Then there's SH the younger chairman of JungJin. Again confused about if he's good or bad...and what's he's involvement. He's not in good terms with SWY and his company, and even taunt himhow the construction company grew.


I like this drama. It's my current favorite. I like this type of dramas.. again similart to Money Flowe.


So yeah. TK better investigate and find out exactly everything he need to make sure SWY doesn't drag him further down.





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I thought the recent episodes were great. I'm really enjoying this drama. 

Luckily, It began airing at a time where I was about to go into a kdrama slump. I gave it and a few others a chance and this is probably my favorite one. I dropped the others :sweatingbullets: Something about this show feels different from other k-dramas but I can't put my finger on it. 


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