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[Drama 2019] Justice, 저스티스


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kdaily article about KBS 'Justice'  (in Chinese)


崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group

【2019.05.26★Choi Jin-hyuk News Update】







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**The script reading took place in April

Choi Jin Hyuk, Nana, Son Hyun Joo, And More Attend Script Reading For Upcoming Revenge Drama


On June 18, KBS released photos and video from the first script reading of their upcoming drama “Justice.”

“Justice” stars Choi Jin Hyuk as the lawyer Lee Tae Kyung, who makes a deal with the devil in order to get his revenge, and Son Hyun Joo as Son Woo Yong, a man who becomes evil for the sake of his family. The two of them collide in an investigation into the VVIPs of South Korea after several actresses mysteriously go missing.




The first script reading was held back in April at the KBS building in Yeouido. Those who attended the reading included screenwriter Jung Chan Mi, director Jo Woong, and actors Choi Jin Hyuk, Son Hyun Joo, Nana, Park Sung Hoon, Jang In Sub, Jo Dal Hwan, Lee Seo Hwan, Kim Ji Hyun, Kim Hee Chan, Yang Hyun Min, Ji Hye Won, and Kim Jin Suk.


The screenwriter promised to work hard until the end in order to create a good drama, while the director expressed his hopes that the cast and crew would become friends who met up even after the drama ended.


In addition to Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Hyun Joo’s roles, Nana plays Seo Yeon Ah, a prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office and Park Sung Hoon plays Tak Soo Ho, a vice-chairman at a major company.


The video shared by KBS showed clips not only of the script reading but also messages from the cast on set. Choi Jin Hyuk describes his character as someone who has become corrupted but evolves over the course of the drama. Son Hyun Joo describes his character as the president of a construction company who will stop at nothing for money and power and jokes, “I don’t know if I can pull off a role like this with my kindly face.” He also praised Choi Jin Hyuk and Nana’s acting skills.


Nana describes her character as someone who is very bright, tough, and persistent when dealing with evil and says, “She is a very passionate and amazing woman. I am working hard to synchronize with her 100 percent.” Park Sung Hoon describes his character as a second-generation chaebol [a large family-owned business conglomerate] heir and hopes that the viewers will enjoy watching his character as much as he enjoyed playing him.


“Justice” premieres sometime in July. Check out the video below!




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Watch: Choi Jin Hyuk And Son Hyun Joo Make A Deal With The Devil In Teasers For Upcoming Revenge Drama



KBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Justice” has released new teasers!

“Justice” will tell the story of a lawyer named Lee Tae Kyung (Choi Jin Hyuk), who makes a deal with the devil to seek revenge, and Song Woo Yong (Son Hyun Joo), a man who has willingly become evil for his family. The drama is also a social thriller that will narrate the ambitions of these two men and unveil the truth behind Korea’s VVIPs.


In the first clip, Son Hyun Joo narrates, “Have you ever recognized it at a glance? The person who holds my soul.” After reciting this mysterious line, he turns to face the mirror. The person in the reflection suddenly becomes Choi Jin Hyuk, who answers, “What are you saying to me?” The atmosphere becomes tense, and both men turn their heads to face the camera.


The second clip follows a similar pattern, with Choi Jin Hyuk mentioning a dead younger sibling in a frantic voice. After a pause, Son Hyun Joo appears in the reflection of the mirror and whispers, “Do you regret it?”

“Justice” is set to premiere on July 17 at 10 p.m. KST.




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On 6/16/2019 at 6:01 PM, sheelatpsfm said:

HI all. Looking forward for Justice... The last Choi JIn Hyuk drama was The last empress... 


Wasn't happy how they ended his character... 


Hope they have a good ending with his character this time. 

I knew right???? I hope he get his justice in this drama.... Im waiting for this one too... Lately revenge drama... Lawyer drama...even political seems more attactive to me than the romcom one...

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(Teaser2)  'Are you thinking about killing them?! I could offer you help, ...'


(00) LTK: What did you say just now?

(02) prof: How about to settle …
(03) LTK: Professornim  sending off my Tae Goo under a false accusation?
(05) LTK: Because the trial will be unwinnable?
(06) prof: You know you will have to work around here.
(10) LTK: No I will never settle
(12) LTK: So tell those trash,
(14) that they should kneel and apologize to my brother.
(16) If not, I will surely kill all of them
(21) SWY: Are you thinking about killing them?!
(24) I could offer you help,
(29) if you could give me what I want


Justice Poster


cr to DC


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