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[Drama 2019] Doctor Detective, 닥터 탐정


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Park Jin Hee, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Ki Woo, And More Share Thoughts On “Doctor Detective” Finale

Sep 7, 2019
by C. Hong



The cast of SBS’s “Doctor Detective” has bid farewell to their drama!

“Doctor Detective” is a medical drama about doctors who look into the truth behind industrial accidents. Park Jin Hee stars as Do Joong Eun, a talented doctor who joins the Undiagnosed Disease Center (UDC) and exposes the corruption of people in power. It is directed by the producing director (PD) of the investigative journalism show “Unanswered Questions.”


Through her agency, Park Jin Hee said, “It was an honor and a great source of happiness to be able to film with such great people until the end. I wanted to do well in this project because it tells the story of ordinary people that you might know, someone’s daughter or brother. I hope that through this drama, our society can change into one that better guarantees the safety of the workplace.”

She also shared, “I want to say thank you to all the viewers who loved ‘Doctor Detective’ and the cast and crew with whom I worked. I’m glad I could act in a project that told the truth about what needs to be said. The motifs were often sad, relatable, and made you think about the world we want to live in. I hope that this came across to the audience as well.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1350906wpp/park-jin-hee-bong-tae-gyu-lee-ki-woo-and-more-share-thoughts-on-doctor-detective-finale

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I'm impressed by the stories told in these mv


[MV] 이정아 - 청계천 8 가 [닥터 탐정 OST Part.1 (Doctor Detective OST Part.1)]


[MV] 채울 - 위험한 세계 [닥터 탐정 OST Part.2 (Doctor Detective OST Part.2)]


[MV] 유이 란 - 무엇이 되어 [닥터 탐정 OST Part.3 (Doctor Detective OST Part.3)]


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