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[Drama 2019] The Wind Blows, 바람이 분다


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This is a very underrated show. My god,... my tears just keep flowing in the last 3-4 eps. Kam Woo Sung's performance was convincing and incredibly touching , heartbreaking to me. His good pal - also his guardian , is also a hoot to watch.  Give it a go, people. 

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This is a great drama, I feel like I am watching a real life account of a dementia patient. The title 'The Wind Blows' might seem to suggest that this is a typical melodrama but nope - it is not really those typical melodrama. There are lots of touching emotional scenes which can let one think and reflect alot. There are also light hearted scenes like the bromance and friendship.

 The acting of the cast is very on point, even the little girl acting as ARam is very good.



She is so cute and adorable in the making video.:

Now I am really curious how the story will be wrapped up in these last 2 episodes. (I am thinking of a similar satisfying and touching ending like the other jtbc drama 'The light in your eyes")


There is a summary for episode 15 at jtbc website:


2019.07.15 (Mon) 21:30 broadcast접기
Dhoun (Gam Woo Sung), who was trapped in the memory of the past, is greatly shocked by the existence of Aram, and he no longer recognizes anyone. The people around me look at it, but I can not help but feel the tears that I endured. Aram's kindergarten, "Daddy's Day," is held and Aram tells Sujin (Kim Hae-jin) that he wants to go with his father.Sujin feels confused and worried that he might get hurt.
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While being away from Soompi I was able to watch this drama and my regret will always be in not being a part of this thread and even more.  In not having an opportunity to write about this amazing drama that sadly was overlooked by so many.  Maybe because of people wanting to escape their own sadness.  Yet if they only knew how touching, moving and inspirational this drama was from beginning to the very end. 


Capturing what it means to love a friend, family member, father and husband to the very end. Because no one knows just how long that is and having one more day is more than enough.  In showing the humanity in encouraging and allowing someone you love to hold onto themselves for as long as they can. Protecting them and their respect and independence for as long as they are able.  It's not in knowing the end is coming but rather in living and loving as if it's not...



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On 7/17/2019 at 9:50 AM, USAFarmgirl 2 said:

Maybe because of people wanting to escape their own sadness.  Yet if they only knew how touching, moving and inspirational this drama was from beginning to the very end. 

I guess all the more they should watch this and hopefully SooJin's positive vibes might rub off on them.:) I like that the writer has written a strong and smart female character here. She knows what she wants and is unfazed by her worried mum and friends whom meant well.  She is confident to give her all to love and support Do-Hoon. However we did see her confidence level dipped a little when she didnt want Do-Hoon to attend the Daddy's event. But we are all glad that she did let him go attend, didnt we?:)

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”
– Leo F. Buscaglia


As for Do-hoon, he didnt want to have children because of his illness but ironically now Ah Ram has become his pillar of strength to carry on.


The OST for the ending scene is so apt:wub:

"If only we have tonight
All I wanna do is love you
Baby let’s stay tonight
Don’t be worried, I’m with you
You’re the only one I wanna spend my life all day
Let me be your sunny day
Want you to know
I will always love you"


Credit lyrics in this MV:


:)sharing some wonderful comments left on other sites (since there are not much comments at Soompi):


Original Comments:

* First time ever I have watched a Kdrama episode without subs, this is without doubt one of the best if not the best romantic drama I have watched, the acting, especially the young daughter, was amazing, my hat off to all the actors, writers, directors in fact all those that made this series memorable throughout, I am truly now a fan of them all, thank you for a super duper roller coaster ride,I am sure you will get a thousand likes


*This drama will stay in my heart forever. I will never ever forget it. Truly beautiful from beginning up to the end! Every episode is just so memorable. Their love story/ family story is perhaps the most beautiful I've ever watched. Thus, I feel a little bit sad now that it has come to an end. Mondays and Tuesdays will never be the same again! I learned a lot of life lessons from this drama. It's like a good friend who warms my heart every time I watch it. I'm really going to miss this drama very much! I can endlessly talk and write as to how great it is. But perhaps, above all, I am very grateful for it. It has dearly captured my heart from the moment I watched it. Unforgettable.. indeed it is!


*This drama was just so beautiful!! I don't know where to begin. Everyone involved did such a splendid job in captivated the hearts of the audience. Kam Woo Sung is always at the top of his game. Special mention to the writer for taking us on this incredible journey. Thank you


*Kim Woo Sun, Kim Ha Neul and the little girl make for a powerful trio of actors who put life to this emotional yet sweet drama about Alzheimer’s and it’s devastating impact on a family. More dreaded than cancer, this disease is a trip to nothingness. Institutionalizing the patient eventually is the only practical solution. I loved how this drama showed us how love can make a big difference to everyone: the patient, the family and even friends. Dealing with guilt, coping with life hampered by disability and creating lovely memories nevertheless are possible. Someday when I meet someone at a loss because Alzheimer’s happened to their family, I will tell them of this drama. It is inspirational.


*Well what a ride, this drama has shot into my top ten must watch list. Beautiful drama, amazing acting it just gave me the feels from beginning to end. Not one second forwarded and complete silence for the whole time it was on loved it, kudos to all who had a hand in making it.


*First I was though not interest with this drama.. and l was trying to watch ep by ep.. and then made me cry. Till the end ep.. the story this drama always made me cry. Love love this drama..


*damn glad that im still alive was able to watch such amazin show been a while since they didnt made classic like his one. this is a must watch drama. dont know why is not in the top lists on internet so hope this hashtag helps. #best #korean #drama #2019


*Amazing and touching drama but i don't think that a lot of people can handle this situation like su jin did in the drama but it's really great message to the people


(Credits to respective owners of all comments)


Cr jtbc

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This drama reminds us that It's easy to love someone when everything is going good but real love is in loving someone when things are turned upside down and inside out.  When it feels ugly instead of beautiful and in sickness instead of health.  I guess that's what you can't help but love about this drama is his love of sacrifice and protection for her and then her love and loyalty for him.  Yet at the end it's their hearts that prove compromise, love and that belief that no matter what,  it's you and I together it's how we started and it's how we choose to end.


It's holding on for dear life even when one of us doesn't remember how to hold on anymore...


Yet what I love best is the light that is shown to all those whom I hope watch this drama that shines on a disease called Alzheimer's.  When a person is still here but their minds are in darkness.  That with love even a disease as horrible as this,

cannot destroy or take away what forever was placed and protected within your heart...



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It has been a month since the drama was over.  I still rewatched it from time to time.  This drama has its magic.  

Also, the excellent performances of Kam Woo Sung and Kim Ha-Neul made the drama unforgetable.  Anyway,  there are some excellent reviews at the Viki website.  I enjoyed reading them.  I am sharing the link here.  


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