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Official Thread: Fahrenheit (飛輪海) Fei Lun Hai

Guest Shiget^

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Guest Shiget^

Fans of Jiro, Calvin, Arron, Chun lailai!! Fahrenheit (飛輪海)

IPB Image
IPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image
Wu Zhun (吳尊收)
DOB: Oct 10 1980
Vital Stats: 180cm/72kg
Fun Fact:
Comes from Brunei
Former personal trainer
Has a Business Adminstration degree
Finished school in Australia
Dramas: Tokyo Juliet

IPB ImageIPB Image
Aaron Yan Lan Lun (炎亞綸)
DOB: Nov 20 1985
Vital Stats: 177cm/62kg
Fun Fact:
Plays the piano and flute
Studied journalism at university
he has a major crush on Rainie Yang
Dramas: It Started With A Kiss
KO One

IPB ImageIPB Image
Calvin Chen (辰亦儒)
DOB: Nov 10 1980
Vital Stats: 184cm/65kg
Fun Fact:
Masters in Economics
Prepares for interviews by writing down what he wants to say
he studied in Canada
Dramas: KO One

IPB ImageIPB Image
Jiro Wang (汪東城)
DOB: Aug24 1981
Vital Stats: 180cm/68kg
Fun Fact:
Trained in graphic design
Former model
Plays the guitar
Dramas: It Started With A Kiss
KO One

first album Fahrenheit

IPB Image

01. 我有我的Young
02. 夏雪
03. 只對你有感覺 (ft. Hebe)
04. 一個人流浪
05. 找幸福給你
06. 愛到
07. 2月30號見
08. 出口
09. 請在我後悔之前離開我
10. 不死之謎
11. 只對你有感覺 (remix)

credits: AF + dearly's lj

Music Videos

飛輪海 夏雪 MV
飛輪海 + Hebe 只對你有感覺 MV (RECOMMEND)
飛輪海 - 愛到MV
飛輪海 - 我有我的Young MV
飛輪海 - 一個人流浪 MV

Official Site

Fan sites

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YAY an official thread. <3

I love Aaron & Jiro. <33333

I never knew Aaron had a crush an Rainie! How cute. <3

Even now, i still love the song 只對你有感覺.

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Guest dorisawq

heard that Calvin ideal girl is Hebe!

lol. wonder if its true or not..

but i rather Hebe pair up with Arron..

too bad, Arron has a huge crush on Rainie. Haha!

their album sells very well across Asia and I heard that they only lost to Jay Chou by less than 1 percent on the weekly G-music chart. Haha.

they really have a bright future!

yea, Fahrenheit rocks!

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Guest sassydork_.

YAY!! an official thread to spazz about farenheit!! weeee~~~

dorisawq-> yup..calvin's ideal girl is hebe..well thats a long time news ago when they are starting..I wonder if she's still his ideal girl ;)

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Guest Shiget^

yeah they are placed 2nd in G Music

they are gaining popularity nowdays im soo proud of them ^^;;

they are great actors too <3333

i hope to see arron to be able to dance well, he danced in the mid autum concert well he was the only one dancing, because he really dances great he's really talented thats why i love him <3333

but arron's body is really weak :tears: he faints alot of times :tears:


part 1 :

part 2:

part 3:

part 5:

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Guest hot_saranghae


a thread to spazz about Fahrenheit!!!

I like all of them...I actually had a hard time deciding who is my fav. member...

hahahaha I sat down and thought hard about it...LoL....


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^haha it's true they can't really sing and sometimes I cringe when I do but hey,they have rooms for improvement.Give them a chance!I love Ya Lun's voice though =)

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Guest heretoc

Ya.. There's still room for improvements for singing but i thought Arron's voice is clear... and Jiro's voice really suits band... maybe even rock... i like his voice a lot.

And yes i think they are all handsome... Wu Zun and Arron esp...haha Jiro's cute and Calvin's charming... basically they have what it takes to get popular!

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woohoo goooo fahrenheit!!

even tho i'm more hot over jiro than fahrenheit, they're good to watch whenever they appear on tv.

i think they came out at the perfect timing, which make them soo famous!

at one time of the taiwanese entertainment scene, there's like lots of groups coming out, especially from jungiery..but after these groups didn't really become very famous(except a few), such phenomenom died down...and here comes FAHRENHEIT!!

ISWAK gave fame to jiro, and straightaway there's K.O. One and Tokyo Juliet~ soo i think dramas helped them alot too!!

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