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[Drama 2019] Aide/Chief of Staff Season 1& 2, 보좌관


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Aide/ Chief of Staff



Chief of Staff 2


Genre: Drama, Political

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 10 (season 1) + 10 (season 2)

Director: Kwak Jung Hwan (Miss Hammurabi, The K2, The Slave Hunters, Conspiracy in the Court)

Writer: Lee Dae Il (Life on Mars, Bring it on, Ghost)

Release Date: June 14th - July 13th, 2019 (season 1)/ November 11th - December 10th, 2019 (season2)  

Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00 (following drama Beautiful World- season 1)

Monday &Tuesday 21: 30 (following drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency - season 2)


Production Company: NEW

OST season 1: part 1 EXO 첸(CHEN) - Rainfall
part 2 KIM JAE HWAN (김재환) - BLACK SKY

OST season 2: part 1 Kim Yong Jin(김용진) - The End

part 2  BEN(벤) - Deep Sorrow (한숨만)

part 3 The One (더원) - Can’t let go


Official site: HERE




“Advisor” tells the story of politicians who control the world while standing behind the spotlight and engage in the dangerous gambling of politics. It is also a survival story of the “super” advisor Jang Tae Joon (Lee Jung Jae) who is on his way to having the most power in the nation.



Lee Jung Jae as Jang Tae Joon

Shin Min Ah as Kang Sun Young

Lee Elijah  as Yoon Hye Won

Kim Dong-Joon as Han Do-Kyung

Kim Kap Soo as Song Hee-Seob

Jung Woong In as Oh Won-Sik

Lim Won hee as Ko Seok-Man (season 1)

Jung Jin Young as Lee Sung-Min (season 1)

Kim Hong-Fa as Jo Gap-Young

Kim Eung-Soo as  Jang Choon-Bae

Lee Cheol-Min as Kim Hyung-Do

Jeon Jin-Ki as Lee Gwi-Dong

Jeon Seung-Bin as Kim Jong-Wook

Jeong Man-Sik as (season 2)

Park Hyo-Joo as (season 2)

Jo Bok-Rae as (season 2)



Character descriptions:


Jang Tae-Joon ( Lee Jung Jae) graduated from the Korean National Police University and worked as a detective. He wanted to gain more power and decided to work in the National Assembly. Now, he is the chief aide to a 4-time lawmaker. He has excellent intuition, a cold-blooded decisiveness and a strong desire to win. He was able to place his lawmaker in the position of the party representative, but Jang Tae-Joon has higher ambitions.

Kang Sun-Young( Shin Min-ah) is a first year lawmaker who got elected through proportional representation and is a spokesperson for her party. She worked as a lawyer and hosted a current affairs TV program prior to becoming a lawmaker. She is ambitious and does her job well. Kang Sun-Young has an awkward relationship with Jang Tae-Joon, whose boss is a rival of the senior lawmaker who got her to become proportional representation lawmaker.


Character Chart:



Character posters:







Poster season 2






season 2


teaser 2

teaser 3

teaser 4





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Lee Jung Jae In Talks To Make First Drama Comeback In 10 Years


Lee Jung Jae might be making his long-awaited drama comeback!

On January 23, TV Daily reported that Lee Jung Jae will be starring in upcoming drama “Advisor” (literal title).

The drama is written by Lee Dae Il, the writer behind OCN’s remake of “Life On Mars.” It will also be helmed by director Kwak Jung Hwan of “Miss Hammurabi” and “Slave Hunters.”

In response, a source from Lee Jung Jae’s agency Artist Company stated, “While it is true that [Lee Jung Jae] received an offer, nothing has been confirmed. He is still reviewing the offer.”

If the actor accepts the offer, he will be making his return to the small screen for the first time in 10 years. The last drama he appeared was the 2009 MBC drama “Triple.”





Lee Jung-jae considers dramaland comeback with Life on Mars writer

by tipsymocha


What is in the water in Chungmuro these days? I feel like we’re getting quite a few movie stars back into dramaland as of late, and I’m over the moon about it. The latest Chungmuro regular considering a return to the small screen is the OG oppa extraordinaire Lee Jung-jae (Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days) in a drama titled Aide (as in political assistant).

It sounds like the drama itself is in its early days yet, but news outlets are understandably excited to announce that Lee Jung-jae is even considering a drama role, which would be his first since 2009’s Triple (holy cow, was that already 10 years ago?!). The synopsis for the planned drama hasn’t been released, nor has it found a broadcaster to call home, but there are some creative powerhouses behind the scenes: Writer Lee Dae-il, who penned the lauded Life on Mars adaptation over on OCN, will be in charge of the script, while production company NEW, which has Descended From the Sun and Beauty Inside in its drama lineup and an even more impressive film roster to boast of, will be producing Aide.

In the director’s seat is PD Kwak Jung-hwan, who is known for slick action dramas Chuno and The K2, as well as the more recent Ms. Hammurabi. I’m not entirely sure what to expect of Aide based on this writer-director duo alone, but I really do hope that it’s something good enough to lure Lee Jung-jae back onto television. And would it be too greedy to ask that his role incorporate some comedy? Because the man can do comedy like nobody’s business.





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Lee Jung Jae and Elliya Lee in Talks for Political Drama Aide



Lee Jung Jae And Shin Min Ah Confirmed For New JTBC Drama


Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Ah will be uniting for a drama!

On March 18, the production team of JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Advisor” (tentative title) revealed that Shin Min Ah is confirmed for the female lead role. It was previously announced that Lee Jung Jae was in talks for the male lead role, and the actor has since confirmed.

“Advisor” tells the story of politicians who control the world while standing behind the spotlight and engage in the dangerous gambling of politics. It is also a survival story of the “super” advisor Jang Tae Joon (Lee Jung Jae) who is on his way to having the most power in the nation.

Shin Min Ah will be taking on the role of Kang Sun Young, a female politician who attempts to break the glass ceiling. She used to be a talented lawyer with experience of hosting a TV program that addresses current events, and she is now a newly-selected committee member of her political party.










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March 19 2019

Lee Jung-Jae & Shin Min-A cast in JTBC drama series “Aide”


Lee Jung-Jae and Shin Min-A are cast for lead roles in JTBC drama series “Aide” (literal title). The drama series is set within the backdrop of the national assembly. Lee Jung-Jae will play Jang Tae-Joon. He is an ambitious aide to a 4 time elected lawmaker. Shin Min-A plays Kang Sun-Young. She is a newly elected lawmaker and also ambitious.

“Aide” will first air towards the end of May, 2019 in South Korea (takes over JTBC’s Friday & Saturday 11 PM time slot after “Beautiful World“).





Lee Elijah was offered a role in this drama but I don`t know if it was Shin Min Ah`s role or something else. We`ll see.

I am excited to see Lee Jung Jae back on the small screen. I was wondering when Shin Min Ah will return on the small screen as well. I like the genre and the cast is good. I will wait for this drama.


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34 minutes ago, jongski said:

Oh wow for real? He''s going to make drama comeback? Triple was like a decade ago!  It's polital genre I lik andit's on JTBC so I'll be waiting.


Yes, it is true. :D I can`t wait to know more about the drama. The last political drama I watched was Assembly with  Jung Jae-Young and Song Yoona. 

From the synospis it looks like an interesting drama.


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JTBC’s upcoming drama Aide will be made into 2 seasons (with total 20 episodes). The first season will premiere in May while the second one will follow after Melo Suits Me and My Country in November.




I don`t know what is the reason for that. Maybe they want to film the drama without pressure of time. I don`t like the season concept but it is good that we`ll have the drama in the same year.


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5 hours ago, larus said:

I don`t know what is the reason for that. Maybe they want to film the drama without pressure of time. I don`t like the season concept but it is good that we`ll have the drama in the same year. 


@larus So it's a new concept? So 10 episodes  season 1? and then we'll have the next 10 in season 2?


By the way any news of other cast as well. I wonder who will play the law makers. I mean the President character. And who could be the seond lead.   Guess I'm excited.

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1 hour ago, jongski said:

So it's a new concept? So 10 episodes  season 1? and then we'll have the next 10 in season 2?

 Yes, but I don`t know if it is a new format or just an exception for a  justified reason.


1 hour ago, jongski said:

By the way any news of other cast as well. I wonder who will play the law makers. I mean the President character. And who could be the seond lead.   Guess I'm excited. 


So far, Lee Elijah was mentioned to have an offer for a role but I don`t know if it was the role of Shin Min ah`s character or another one. I am sure the cast will be very good. I don`t worry at all but, of course, I am curious just like you.

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JTBC has been filming great dramas lately. Therefore, I look forward to this drama. Especially because we are waiting for the return of such cool actors ...:w00t:

And yes, it is very interesting, why the drama was divided into 2 seasons? Maybe the channel now wants to show dramas in this way? Do they experiment with the viewer?


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Aide/The President`s Aide 보좌관 - Shin Min Ah & Lee Jung Jae - Premieres in May


JTBC 'assistant' confirmed Elija's appearance, Kim Dong-joon positively under review (official position)


Kim Dong-joon was also nominated for the role of 'assistant'. An official of the agency's major 9 said that he was "positively under review" with Kim Dong-joon's "assistant appearance" on the news the same day.

On the other hand, 'Aide' is a drawing of dangerous gambling of real political players who move the world behind the spotlight, and a fierce survival period of super advisor Chang Tae-joon who is pointing to the peak of power.

It will be broadcasted at the end of May.




The actress Lee Elijah has confirmed to appear in the JTBC new drama Aide. 



Her agency, King Kong, said on the 22nd, "Lee Elijah appears on in the drama as an 'assistant'." The actress  has been recognized for her recent role Min Yura in SBS 'Empress of Dignity'.




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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Aide/The President`s Aide, 보좌관 - Shin Min Ah & Lee Jung Jae - Premieres in May

The number of assistants & their grade level is making me dizzy :sweatingbullets:

Lee Elijah Joins Shin Min Ah And Lee Jung Jae In New Political Drama

Mar 28, 2019
by C. Hong

Lee Elijah has confirmed her casting in a new drama!

On March 28, her agency, King Kong by Starship, stated, “Lee Elijah has joined JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama in the role of political aide Yoon Hye Won.”

Shin Min Ah and Lee Jung Jae have already confirmed that they will be appearing as the leads in this new drama, which is tentatively titled “Advisor.” “Advisor” tells the story of the political aides and advisors who are the real power behind the spotlight.

Shin Min Ah plays Kang Sun Young, a female politician who attempts to break the glass ceiling in politics, and Lee Jung Jae plays Jang Tae Joon, a “super-advisor” who is aiming for the height of power.

Lee Elijah’s character, Yoon Hye Won, is a Level 6 secretary who has risen to this high position despite her young age. She is more passionate and hardworking than anyone around her, but also has a strong sense of wrong and right and refuses to take the path of temptation. She works in the National Assembly alongside Jang Tae Joon, who is a Level 4 aide.

Members of the National Assembly typically have 9 aides: two Level 4 advisors, two Level 5 secretaries, one secretary each in Levels 6, 7, 8, and 9, and one intern



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Lee Elijah, Kim Dong-joon join Lee Jung-jae, Shin Mina in JTBC’s Aide

by tipsymocha

Lee Jung-jae, Shin Mina, Lee Elijah, Kim Dong-joon

When done well, political machinations can be even more thrilling than blockbuster action scenes. And somehow JTBC has managed to lure Chungmuro regular Lee Jung-jae (Sabaha) back to dramaland with their upcoming drama Aide, ending a decade-long absence. So, I’m hoping that his return is a sign that we have some delightfully crafty and intelligent political maneuvering to look forward to in the show.

News of Lee Jung-jae and Shin Mina’s (Tomorrow With You) casting was announced a little over a week ago, and now we have reports confirming that Lee Elijah (An Empress’s Dignity) and Kim Dong-joon (About Time) will be joining the supporting cast. Aide will put a spotlight on Korea’s political landscape, and more specifically, on the shadowy power behind the throne, wielded by those who “support” politicians. The show’s description calls them players engaged in a dangerous gamble, and among them is one aide in particular who has his heart set on reaching the pinnacle of power. Three guesses as to who that aide is.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/03/lee-elijah-kim-dong-joon-join-lee-jung-jae-shin-mina-in-jtbcs-aide/


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@larus, thank you for starting the thread.
I too am excited to have Lee Jung Jae back in a drama.

Waving hi to everyone here.  Both familiar and new facessaying-hello-smiley-emoticon.gif



Shin Min Ah, Lee Jung Jae, And More Gather For 1st Script Reading Of New Political Drama

The upcoming JTBC Friday-Saturday drama “Advisor” (tentative title) is raising anticipation with stills from the drama’s first script reading!

The reading was held on March 26 and was attended by director Kwak Jung Hwan, screenwriter Lee Dae Il, and cast members including Lee Jung Jae, Shin Min Ah, Lee Elijah, Kim Dong Jun, Jung Jin Young, Kim Kap Soo, Jung Woong In, Im Won Hee, Kim Hong Fa, Kim Eung Soo, Lee Chul Min, Jeon Jin Ki, and Do Eun Bi.

After everyone exchanged greetings and settled down, director Kwak Jung Hwan stated, “I don’t believe it only takes a director and screenwriter to complete a drama. I hope that we can all share many ideas that we can incorporate into the drama to create an even better production for the viewers.”

Lee Jung Jae will be taking on the role of Jang Tae Joon, the chief aide of four-time congressman Song Hee Seob (Kim Kap Soo), who graduated at the top of his class in the police academy but turned to politicians as he sought more power. He will be at the center of the drama that unfolds, and his character will teeter along the edge of right and wrong, finding his balance through intuition and cold judgment. This is set to be Lee Jung Jae’s first drama in approximately ten years, so anticipation is high for the actor.

Alongside him is Shin Min Ah playing Kang Sun Young, a first-time congresswoman and speaker of her political party. She is proud of her competency and competitiveness, and she hopes to break the glass ceiling. There will be tension between her and Lee Jung Jae as he is the chief aide to the rival of the senior lawmaker who nominated her for her candidacy.



They will be joined by Lee Elijah taking on the role of Yoon Hye Won, the chic secretary to Song Hee Seob, and Kim Dong Jun playing the enthusiastic intern Han Do Kyung. Others in the cast including Jung Jin Young playing first-time congressman Lee Sung Min, Kim Kap Soo playing four-time congressman Hong Hee Seob, Jung Woong In playing Hong Hee Seob’s aide and head of the district office Oh Won Sik, and Im Won Hee taking on the role of Kang Sun Young’s aide Go Seok Man.

The production staff stated, “Screenwriter Lee Dae Il’s tight script and director Kwak Jung Hwan’s excellent directing combined with the actors’s talents at bringing their characters to life to create an amazing script reading,” and “We’re off to a strong start. We will bring to life the story of people who are the real players in politics. We hope everyone will anticipate it.”

The drama is slated to begin airing in late May.



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[HanCinema's News] Jung Jin-young cast for "The President's Aide"

By William Schwartz on 2019/03/28 at 21:46 PST


On March 28th, the production company behind "The President's Aide" confirmed that Jung Jin-young would be joining the drama. The drama is a behind the spotlight look at political power struggles that centers around the titular aide, played by Lee Jung-jae.

Jung Jin-young, a longtime veteran of dramas and films, will ironically enough play a newbie legislator. Lee Jung-jae's character separates from Jung Jin-young because the lead character has ambition, while the junior one is motivated by a guileless sense of justice.

The casting is somewhat ironic, given that Jung Jin-young has been cast as sneaky or otherwise non standard heroes in the past. The casting fits well with the drama's concept of aiming to show a different side of the political process. "The President's Aide" will begin airing sometime in May.

Written by William Schwartz





March 29 2019

First script reading for JTBC drama series “Aide”


Frst script reading for JTBC drama series “Aide” (literal title) took place March 26, 2019 at Studio & NEW in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Main cast members including Lee Jung-Jae, Shin Min-A, Kim Dong-Joon, Lee Elijah, Jung Jin-Young, Kim Kap-Soo, Jung Woong-In and Lim Won-Hee attended. The drama series is set in the political world and has Lee Jung-Jae playing a chief aide to a 4-time lawmaker. Shin Min-A will play first year lawmaker Kang Sun-Young.

“Aide” first airs May, 2019 in South Korea.



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