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[Drama 2019] Flower Crew: Joseon Matchmaking Maneuver Agency, 꽃파당 : 조선혼담공작소


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If the court Lady and LS do not get together, I will lose all faith in drama land!!!*** (I'm hoping it works out and he feels guilty to GTt and then realises it is ok because she had MH with her)






*** it is giving me real moon embracing the sun vibes but not really, if you know what I mean.

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I think the preview is playing with us when it comes to Gae Ttong possibly meeting Lee Soo. I think it's a red herring. On the other hand it's time for Gae Ttong to find out the truth and make her own decision.

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I loved that Gae Ddong's finally reunited with her beloved bro. It was getting frustrating 'cause I thought they were never going to meet each other! Poor girl she already lost him & her fiance.. 


On the other, there appears to be something going on with the palace help and the King.. although she's probably a mole sent by someone. Hopefully they don't have evil intentions.. I like what's happening with the dreamy tall guy from the flower crew & the arrogant noblewoman. 


Min Jae's deduction skills on where that pesky rogue would end up was awesome! He looked cool not wasting his energy running after him LoL. 

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35 minutes ago, chuscho said:

the old man that named Yun


GTt borrowed his daughter's identity(who has died) when she went to the tea ceremony.


I think when he saw her he was reminded of his daughter.


Also, he is the Lord that people are looking for to help tip the balance at court. I think he went off the rails when his daughter died which is why people don't know where he is.


My guess is that he will adopt GTt and therefore "legitimise" her nobility. It would be a very neat way to handle everything.


(and two episodes until a traditional Kdrama kiss! eeep!)

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Still a little behind...

What an interesting mixture of laughter and tears of happiness and fears.  Love matches that are made and characters whose lives are not at all the same.  Even the OTP come from what seems to be different worlds and yet underneath them lies a common bond of loss and pain of loneliness in losing their brothers and that sense of family that got lost along the way...


MH seems to be strong and able to read so many people and yet it is his own heart that he isn't at least at first able to understand at all.  In a way coming together with YS & DJ in creating the flower crew not just for smart business but I believe for that sense of family too.

 Gong in becoming the character GT continues in making this drama enjoyable her way of expressing her feelings and emotions through her eyes, expressions and complete body language.  Allow us to know what she is thinking before her words are even spoken.  She is courageous with her fighting spirit and physical actions at moments and almost childlike in often speaking her mind as if pouring out for she doesn't have a filter because her honesty doesn't allow her to hold back...


Whether it's MH calling her Stone Head or GT calling him the Match Maker or Boss or her wrapping her arms around him because he was gone and she was already so worried. 

Maybe it was MH's honesty when replying to LS ( King ) in how can you trust me.  How can you protect someone for someone else when you were already protecting her without completely understanding his own heart.  What she means to him or even himself...



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Ma Hoon smiling in ep 6 is :heart:...



..it's nice to see him smile around Gae Ttong. I think Gae Ttong is starting to have feelings for Ma Hoon as well, tho unaware. Looking at the ep 7 preview, she was saying Ma Hoon shouldn't treat her so well or else it'll be difficult for her to leave. I feel the struggle of Hoon whether to just tell her the truth about Soo. He couldn't just easily say because he's a king now. However, I hope she gets to know it sooner as to not prolong her suffering.


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7 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:


She will carry her swag to the next week episode too  :joy:


:joy: Yes! I can't wait for it.


And judging from the clothes this will happen right after last episode. I wonder if the "moving in for a kiss" is a red herring as well. I don't see Ma Hoon kissing Gae Ttong just now and meaning it.


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It's a bit hard to believe at least for me

  that with this much talent and story there are so few people here joining us.   Still it's not new my picking those dramas that might not be considered popular at the moment and yet I have come to realize.  It's not the numbers but the story and it's characters that matter most.  Often it's those dramas that don't receive the love and light they so deserve.  That are the true diamonds and so worth watching that are often overlooked and sadly for them missed...


One of my favorite lines so far is short and yet simple GT's reply " I don't want any Brides to cry "

Yet later there she stood while watching a wedding down below remembering her almost own.  Reaching for a pair of glasses to cover up her own tears trying to hold back the very emotion she didn't want another woman to have to experience or ever feel.


It's early and yet it's moments such as this that stir my heart for I just can't resist.  A strong female lead that has a heart that wants to cover up all those in pain.  That never gives up on those she loves no matter how long or might seem in vain.  That understands and sees whats inside the hearts of couples that is often overlooked. 

Whom loves herself last and others the most...


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