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Sung Yoo Bin/Sung Yu Bin 성유빈 - Upcoming Movie 'The Battle: Roar to Victory'

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Chungmuro’s Rising Star




Name: Sung Yoo Bin / Sung Yu Bin
Hangul: 성유빈
Birthdate: July 25, 2000

Education: Chung-Ang University

Height: approximately 175 cm (as of 2018)
Nationality: South Korean

Years Active: 2011-present
Talent Agency: UAA (current), C-JeS Entertainment (past)


Not the Lips (2020) - as Sung Kyung (begin shooting in June)

Full Moon (2019) - as Kyung Soo (upcoming)

The Battle: Roar to Victory (2019) (upcoming - August)

Birthday (2019) - as Sung Joon
Last Child (2018) - as Yoon Ki Hyun
Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) - as Ja Hong (young)
I Can Speak (2017) - as Yeong Jae
I Want to See Your Parents' Face (2017) - as a student *still has not released
Sweet Sixteen (2016) - as Xia Mu (young)
The Tiger (2015) - as Suk Yi
Memories of the Sword (2015) - as Gam Cho
The Trip Around the World (2015) - as Han Sang Pil
Empire of Lust (2015) - as Kim Min Jae (young)
My Dictator (2014) - as Tae Sik (young)
Manhole (2014) - as child in manhole
The Fatal Encounter (2014) - as Kab Soo (young)
Bean Sprouts (2013) - as Soo Wan *still has not released
Hide and Seek (2013) - as Sung Chul (young)
Secretly Greatly (2013) - as Ri Hae Jin (young)
My Paparotti (2013) - as Jang Ho (young)
Paper Flowers, short film (2011) - as Kyung Soo
Black Dove (2011) - as Joon Gu (young)
My Way (2011) - as Tatsuo (child)
Punch (2011) - as Wan Deuk (young)
Blind (2011) - as Dong Hyun (young)


Mr. Sunshine (tvN / 2018) - as Jang Seung Goo (young)
Black Knight (KBS2 / 2017-2018) - as Moon Soo Ho (young)
The Good Wife (tvN / 2016) - as Lee Ji Hoon
It's Okay, That's Love (SBS / 2014) - as Jang Jae Yeol (young)
Fantasy Tower, omnibus drama series (tvN / 2013) - as Si Jang
Heartless City (JTBC / 2013) - as Jung Si Hyun (young)


Drama Festival 2014: 4teen (2014 / MBC) - as Joon Yi
Drama Festival 2013: Haneuljae's Murder (2013 / MBC) - as Yoon Ha (young)


"The Signal of One Billion Light Year" (Lee Seung Hwan, 2016) - LINK
"Sogyeokdong" (Seo Taiji, 2014) - LINK1 or LINK2


Best Actor (Last Child) - 2019 (6th) Wildflower Film Awards

Best New Actor (Last Child) - 2018 Cine21 Movie Awards
Best New Actor (Last Child) - 2018 (19th) Busan Film Critics Association Awards


Best New Actor (Last Child) - 2019 (24th) Chunsa Film Art Awards (pending)

Best New Actor or Actress (Last Child) - 2019 (6th) Wildflower Film Awards
Best Young Actor (Black Knight) - 2018 KBS Drama Awards
Best New Actor (Last Child) - 2018 (39th) Blue Dragon Film Awards



Korean Wikipedia Sung Yoo Bin




tag @ebullient for directory update purposes.

thank you.

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Filming finished March 2, 2019 #Full Moon




Full Moon still cut









Last Child gets 6 nominations in the 6th Wildflower Film Awards 2019 : Best Actor for Sung Yoo Bin and Choi Moo Sung, Best New Actor or Actress for Sung Yoo Bin, Best Director (narrative film), Best Screenplay, and Best New Director. The awards ceremony will be held on April 12.

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'Birthday' media preview

cr. zzsx7094d, thesognatori




[ In 2018 - after 'Birthday' wrap up party ]

cr. daniel_chj

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[Old Pictures - In 2016]

tvN Drama The Good Wife






All cr. C-JeS instagram, C-JeS naver




'Birthday' media preview

cr. zzsx7094d

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Lee Je Hoon Was Taken Aback By How Good-Looking His Younger Counterpart Was

On August 21 2017, the upcoming film “I Can Speak” held a production briefing session. Director Kim Hyun Suk was in attendance, along with actors Na Moon Hee, Lee Je Hoon, Park Chul Min, Uhm Hye Ran, Sung Yoo Bin, Lee Sang Hee, Jung Yeon Joo, and Lee Ji Hoon.


In the film, Lee Je Hoon reunites with Sung Yoo Bin, who played the younger version of his character in the 2012 film “My Paparotti.” In “I Can Speak,” the two actors play brothers.




“I was surprised and fascinated to hear that Sung Yoo Bin would be appearing in this movie,” Lee Je Hoon said. “[Meeting him again], I thought, ‘How can he be so good-looking?’ He was my younger counterpart but he was too good-looking and it took me by surprise.”


He added, “I think he will become a great actor in the Korean film industry. His visuals are the best but he’s really good at acting too.”


Sung Yoo Bin said, “Lee Je Hoon hyung spoke kindly to me and told me to treat me comfortably like an older brother. It was always fun to come to set.”


“I Can Speak” is a warm-hearted comedy about a principled civil servant (Lee Je Hoon) and an old woman who regularly files thousands of civil complaints (Na Moon Hee) whose paths cross after he begins teaching her English. It is scheduled for release around the Chuseok holiday.

Source (1) / soompi





On February 12 2019, UAA confirmed that Sung Yoo Bin has signed an exclusive contract with them.

Source https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004303225

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January 13, 2016


This article mentions : Sung Yoo Bin is a "treasure" that the film industry discovered recently.





From MBC Drama Festival 2013 (Haneuljae's Murder)


cr. to the owner




From Lee Seung Hwan 'The Signal of One Billion Light Year' MV (2016)


cr. to the owner

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October 2017


#on the red carpet for the opening ceremony of BIFF 2017

#Sung Yoo-bin and director Shin Dong-seok



cr. as tagged



cr. C-JeS instagram




February 2018

At The Berlin International Film Festival 2018


cr. londonhjj, hallyu_heaven

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In 2018 with "Last Child" cast and director






In 2017 with "I Can Speak" cast and director






In 2015 with "The Tiger" cast




cr. as tagged


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Cine21 (2018)




cr. as tagged




marieclaire September 2018




cr. as tagged




Birthday surprise in 2018


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August 24, 2018


Sung Yoo Bin, "Acting and studying at the same time, I don't want to give up on my studies."

Source: Sports Chosun




Sung Yu-bin was asked about acting and studying at the same time, "I don't want to leave my studies," he said firmly. But grades was curved down," he said with a laugh.


He then said of acting without giving up his studies, "I don't want to be left behind compared to other friends. I want to go to school and have friends, I want to experience everything that I can experience in the classroom. I wanted to do what I had to do as a student in school."


In 2019, Sung Yoo Bin has finally become a freshman at Chung-Ang University.




Sung Yoo Bin at the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards red carpet (2018)


cr. as tagged

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Source hankookilbo


Congrats! :w00t: Yubin (Last Child) won best actor at the 6th Wildflower Film Awards 2019.

Director Shin Dong Seok received best screenplay and Je Jeong Ju received best producer.



cr. as tagged




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[April 13, 2019] Sung Yu Bin's instagram


Winning Best Actor at the Wildflower Film Awards?!
I'm always thankful for the opportunity that have given to me and I hope to become a better actor in the future.
I'll do my best!! Macaron and pencil case!!! Thank you!!



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