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[2019 New BL series] WhyRUtheseries by Domunditv & WabiSabi

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Guys! I'm really excited! A new BL series is in the making now. It'll be a collaboration between Domunditv and Wabisabi (by alonew).

Based on the videos and photos released from official page, I have to say the cast looks great!


The novel has only 3 chapters available to the public currently but it is in Thai so I'm hoping the English version will be available soon somehow.

IG/Twitter: whyrutheseriesth










Preview of the workshop:



And the first ship is born :D * Make sure to turn up the volume for the background music by The Chainsmokers <3



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On 4/9/2019 at 11:13 PM, gogole mongol said:

What about the plot? Just angel's faces doesn't made a good serie, so i want more news, please. BTW, thanks for start the thread!


Thanks for the comment and suggestion! I'll gradually post more information hope it helps:




1. Two main couples in the series: Fighter/Tutor (left) & Saifah/Zon (right)


2. Fight and Tutor are kind of like nemesis, they don't see eye to eye with each other. This is one of the plots in the novel which was translated into English I find really cute:


Plot 1

Fighter: You aren't thanking me for helping you to achieve the target?

Tutor: I didn't ask you to help me.

Fighter: But I helped you for not getting expelled.

Tutor: Yeah, but I nearly got expelled also because of you.


Plot 2

Fighter: How many baht can you get from this? Why don't you come back to tutor me English?

Tutor: Are you trying to reconcile with me right now?

Fighter: I don't try. I'm asking you like an employer.

Tutor: Then as an employee, I also have the right to choose my boss. Move!



You can also follow the official account on twitter or IG: https://twitter.com/whyRUtheseries



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