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[Drama 2020] The School Nurse Files, 보건교사 안은영


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Netflix Drama

The School Nurse Files


Network: Netflix


Release Date: September 25th, 2020

Writer: Jung Se Rang

Director: Lee Kyung Mi




The project is a fantasy drama — based on an award-winning novel of the same name — about Ahn Eun Young, a nurse who pursues and exorcises ghosts in creative and funny ways. When she takes on a job at a new high school, she discovers a mystery.

Nam Joo Hyuk will be playing the role of Hong In Pyo, a teacher at the school who has an incredible aura of energy that protects him. He is Ahn Eun Young’s partner in crime, helping her exorcise evil spirits. Cr: Soompi





Nam Joo Hyuk as Hong In Pyo



Jung Yu Mi as Ahn Eun Young






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Will be on Netflix on September 25, 2020 (4pm KST).  298 minutes (6 episodes x 50 minutes)













SEOUL, August 14, 2020 - Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, confirmed the release date for its new original series The School Nurse Files as September 25th, 2020. Character posters of Jung Yu-mi as Ahn Eun-young and Nam Joo-hyuk as Hong In-pyo have also been revealed. 

Ahn Eun-young is a school nurse who has special powers to see supernatural Jellies that are invisible to everyone else. She discovers disturbing occurrences at her new school and solves these mysteries with the help of Classical Chinese teacher Hong In-pyo.

The ‘Jellies’ are invisible blobs of greed which are unleashed when In-pyo accidentally breaks their containment seal in the school basement. Eun-young is a school nurse who is the only one able to see the jellies. She faces the greatest challenge of her life when she battles these supernatural creatures. Fortunately, she discovers that In-pyo has a special energy that recharges her powers and protects her. With the help of the man who had been the cause as well as the cure, she wages war against the Jellies to defend the school and the students.

The fun and magical world of the School Nurse Files will be explored by the fantastic team of Jung Yu-mi as Ahn Eun-young and Nam Joo-hyuk as Hong In-pyo. The character posters reveal each actor surrounded by colorful Jellies. Ahn Eun-young has been fighting a lonely battle against the slimy world of jellies that no one else can see. Hong In-pyo is curious by nature and he readily steps into this fight to help. As the grandson of the school founder, he is dedicated to protecting it. There is humorous tension between these two awkward characters who are thrown together by circumstance and must become a complete and efficient jelly-fighting team in the process.

The School Nurse Files, a quirky fantasy series, directed by Lee Kyoung-mi of Crush and Blush and The Truth Beneath, and written by Chung Se-rang who authored the original novel that the series is based on, will be available only on Netflix.

About Netflix
Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] School Nurse Ahn Eun Young, 보건교사 안은영 - Jung Yu Mi & Nam Joo Hyuk - On Netflix on September 25th

'The School Nurse Files' to premiere on Netflix in September

By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2020-08-14

A poster for the Netflix original series "The School Nurse Files" / Courtesy of Netflix

Fantasy drama "The School Nurse Files," starring Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk, is coming to Netflix in September.

The streaming giant confirmed that its Korean original series will premiere in over 190 countries on Sept. 25.

Based on a novel of the same name, Jung plays Ahn Eun-young, a high school nurse with the supernatural ability to see jelly-like substances that are invisible to everyone else. 

The jelly-like blobs are released when classical Chinese teacher Hong In-pyo (played by Nam Joo-hyuk) accidentally breaks their containment seal in the school's basement. 

The two face disturbing situations at the school and join hands to save students from blob attacks.

The series is directed by Lee Kyoung-mi, who has created films including "Crush and Blush" (2008) and "The Truth Beneath" (2016). The scripts will be written by Chung Se-rang, the best-selling author who wrote the original novel.

"In the series, I'd like to convey a tension between two inexperienced teachers, which will be portrayed as kind of goofy," Lee said, adding that Ahn and Hong's relationship is mutually beneficial.

Jung made her debut in "How to Operate a Polaroid Camera" in 2004, and has appeared in a wide array of dramas and films, including KBS' "Discovery of Love" (2014) and zombie blockbuster "Train to Busan" (2016). In June, she was awarded best actress at Daejong Film Awards for her performance in "Kim Ji-young, Born 1982" (2019).

Nam, who rose to fame through tvN's "Cheese in the Trap" and MBC's "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" in 2016, is poised to star alongside Bae Suzy in tvN's new series "Startup," which will premiere in October.



Jung Yu-mi talks about her role in Netflix's 'The School Nurse Files'

By Lee Gyu-lee | 2020-08-31

Actress Jung Yu-mi plays the lead character Ahn Eun-young, a school nurse with a supernatural ability." Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has unveiled actress Jung Yu-mi's teaser images for its upcoming original series "The School Nurse Files."

The images show Jung as lead character Ahn Eun-young, a school nurse who has a supernatural ability to see monster-like creatures "Jelly."

She uses her ability to perform an exorcism on the creatures using rather unlikely tools ― a rainbow-colored toy knife and a BB gun. When a mysterious event unleashes the creatures, putting the whole school in danger, she teams with a fellow teacher (Nam Joo-hyuk) to fight them off.




A still from "The School Nurse Files." Courtesy of Netflix

"I normally choose a role based on if it would offer a sense of comfort to the viewers," the actress said through Netflix, Monday. "But with Ahn Eun-young, I was the one getting it." 

She added that she hoped viewers would feel the same as she did from watching the series. 

Although Ahn is unhappy with her special ability, she fiercely works to take out the Jellies to save the students. 

Explaining her character as "oddball but gutsy," the actress said, "she seems inflexible, but she's actually tender-hearted."




Jung says acting her character gave a sense of comfort. Courtesy of Netflix

"She doesn't hide the frustration, but she accepts her fate and fights off the Jellies," she said. "The 'tough on the outside but soft on the inside' personality of the character was very appealing to me."

Based on the novel of the same name, the quirky fantasy series is directed by filmmaker Lee Kyoung-mi, director of "The Truth Beneath" (2016), and written by Chung Se-rang, the novel's author.

"The School Nurse Files" is set for release on Sep. 25.

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“The School Nurse Files” Unveils Main Poster With Jung Yu Mi & Nam Joo Hyuk Looking Ready On Their Mission

By abbyinhallyuland | September 2, 2020




Fighting monsters, saving the school and going to lunch after, appear to be an unlikely combination of activity; but the two actors’ characters diligently agree on this goal in The School Nurse Files.

With its approaching premiere, Netflix has been teasing K-Drama fans with their newest treat. After introducing the main characters, The School Nurse Files pitched a fascinating new poster featuring Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu Mi) and Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo Hyuk)standing side by side against the backdrop of the sun setting in Seoul.


Visible in the picture are floating jellyfish and whale surrounding them. Not real animals though because those are jellies representing invisible blobs of greed; and only Nurse Eun-young can see those jellies.

The eye-catching image of Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo holding hands is made more vivid by the fairy tale-like background of colorful jellies filling the Seoul sky. Eun-young’s appearance is intriguing.

Dressed in her school nurse’s gown she holds a rainbow-colored sword and has the serious expression of a woman warrior. Complementing her look is the Classical Chinese Literature teacher Hong In-pyo, who discovered his gift of recharging Eun-young with his positive energies.


Threading on a supernatural theme, The School Nurse Files incorporates the idea of Jellies. Created unknowingly by living beings, jellies are remnants of their desires. While most of it are powerless, the jellies can get dangerous when tampered.

Ahn Eun-young has devoted her life to exorcise them using the special gift of perception she was born with.

An extraordinary story powered by two amazing actors

Delivering a refreshingly novel story, The School Nurse Files boasts innovative visual effects. As seen on the main poster, Ahn Eun-young defeats jellies and Hong In-pyo keeps her charged up.

Ahn Eun-young, who has led a lonely life fighting the battle unbeknownst to others, and Hong In-pyo, whose disabled leg has made him distance himself from others, come together as two incomplete people who find wholeness in each other. Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk create brilliant on-screen chemistry with their portrayal of these roles.



Acclaimed female creators, writer Chung Se-rang and director Lee Kyoung-mi, have joined forces in creating The School Nurse Files. School Nurse Ahn Eun-young, the novel the series is based on, won the 2013 Changbi Novel Prize and the 2017 Hankook Ilbo Literary Award.

Having won such accolades, there is a lot of excitement about Chung Se-rang working on a series based on her popular novel.

Regarding her original and heartwarming novel, Chung Se-rang explained, “I wanted to write a story about good-hearted adults who wish to protect minors without expecting anything in return.”

Additionally, the writer contributed to writing the script alongside director Lee Kyoung-mi. Chung Se-rang noted, “Experts are able to add more plentiful layers in their video interpretation which is wonderful.”

Director Lee Kyoung-mi also explained more about “the story of a female warrior in the making, learning to accept her powers.” She learns to accept herself despite her differences and grows into becoming a hero that eliminates contaminated jellies.

“I wanted to share some warmth to all of the lonely people everywhere through this new world where imperfect Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo meet,” Lee Kyoung-mi shared.





Don’t miss the unique story that has never been seen before when The School Nurse Files premieres on September 25, only on Netflix.


PR Source/Photos: Netflix



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Cine21 No. 1274 (2020-09-22~2020-10-06) - Jung Yu-mi 정유미 & Nam Joo-hyuk 남주혁









Netflix Gives Closer Look On Jung Yu Mi And Nam Joo Hyuk’s Characters In “The School Nurse Files”

By JACQLIMMM | September 17, 2020


In its recently released featurette, Netflix unveils exclusive glimpse on how Jung Yu Mi, Nam Joo Hyuk transformed into their unique characters; their personal views about the series as well as commentaries from Director Lee Kyung Mi herself.





The School Nurse Files presents a refreshing type of heroine – a strange, quirky one in the name of Ahn Eun-young who is destined to help others secretly.

Based on the novel of the same title by Chung Se Rang, Eun-young is the school nurse who cannot escape her fate of having to fight invisible jellies that represent remnants of human desires. She uses the unlikely combination of a toy sword and BB gun to save the school and the students from the jellies. She may have an uninteresting name, but she has exciting adventures ahead of her.

Director Lee Kyung Mi reveals that Jung Yu Mi is the top choice of the novel’s fans to play Eun-young. She is deemed perfect to play the part of an awkward but very determined female warrior; an aloof but very caring school nurse.

In the interview, Jung Yu Mi has expressed that she is also very glad to be able to play the role and to create a synergy with her eccentric character.



Hong In Pyo is a Classical Chinese Teacher and the grandson of the school’s owner. It is his grandfather’s dream for him to work at the school.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s character is surrounded by a safety net of positive energy.  This then enables him to heal people and recharge Eun-young’s energy to fight off the jellies.

Director Lee Kyung Mi teases that viewers will be surprised to see how Nam Joo Hyuk has portrayed a reserved but charming In Pyo. “Thanks to Nam Joo Hyuk, the audience will see what a charming character In Pyo can be,” Director Lee says while smiling in the interview.

Jung Yu Mi is also all praises for Nam Joo Hyuk. “He was very reliable and quick to adapt in different situations,” she says.



Though they have different personalities, Ah Eun Young and Hong In Pyo are to become an inseparable duo who needs one another to succeed in saving the school from the jellies. “Eun Young lives in a world of mysterious powers where she cannot be complete without In Pyo,” Director Lee reveals.

Although both has the tendency to distance themselves from others, Eun Young and In Pyo find captivating connection in one another.

Through this series, Director Lee aims to show a heartfelt story of how two imperfect people can come together to create a new magical world for themselves and in the process become better versions of themselves.

The School Nurse Files premieres on September 25 exclusively on Netflix.

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Upcoming Netflix drama 'The School Nurse Files' delves deep into desires


September 24, 2020


From left, actor Nam Joo-hyuk, author Chung Se-rang, director Lee Kyoung-mi and actress Jung Yu-mi pose for a photo at an online press event for the upcoming Netflix series "The School Nurse Files" held on Thursday. [NETFLIX]

Adapted from Chung Se-rang's novel “The School Nurse Files,” the upcoming Netflix original drama series with the same title is a fantasy comedy that plays a world of unlimited imagination where a school nurse fights off invisible jelly monsters with toy knives and BB guns.

It may sound more like a children’s animation film synopsis, but don’t be fooled, as this new Netflix series directed by Lee Kyoung-mi of female-led film “Crush and Blush” (2008) delves deep into humanity and how our desire shapes us as human beings.

“Ahn Eun-young, who appears to be an ordinary school nurse, has a special ability to be able to see and kill jelly monsters floating around the world," director Lee Kyoung-mi said in an online press event on Thursday.

"After she gets assigned to a new school, she learns that unusual things are happening inside the school. The story is about Ahn teaming up with a fellow teacher Hong In-pyo to solve the mystery behind the school."

Actor Jung Yu-mi plays the lead character Ahn Eun-young, a high school nurse who tries to protect the students from jelly monsters that only she can see by using her rainbow-colored toy knife and a BB gun. The jelly monsters represent the leftover desires that living or dead creatures mark on their paths, which can stick to others and manipulate their actions. Actor Nam Joo-hyuk portrays Hong In-pyo, a Chinese language teacher who acts as a portable charger to Ahn by giving her special strength.

“In the past films I've worked on, I always wrote my own screenplays," the director said.

"But this time, I could have a whole new experience by examining another author's imagination and applying it to my work. I enjoyed it because the world within the story felt so limitless."

The parts Lee enjoyed the most while shooting the series was visualizing the jelly monsters by referencing real animals that exist in our world.

“We studied the beautiful qualities of animals and looked for ways we could make them more vibrant and graceful,” Lee said.

"I felt myself growing more imaginative as I worked on the series," Jung said. "I am glad to have worked with Nam with an interesting scenario. Thanks to his quick-witted style of acting, I could bring out natural reactions into the screen by following his lead."

“I decided to join the team because the subject matter itself was quite fresh, and I wanted to take a role in such an interesting scenario,” Nam said. “I wondered how the jellies in the novel could be portrayed in the screen.” 

The new series “The School Nurse Files” is set for release on Sept. 25.

BY KIM YEON-AH   [kim.yeonah@joongang.co.kr]




Who is actress Jung Yu-mi who was once rumoured to be marrying Gong Yoo?



First things first. This article is about the actress Jung Yu-mi, not another actress Jung Yu Mi who admitted in February this year to be dating boyband H.O.T's Kangta.

Yu-mi, on the other hand, was embroiled in (enviable) rumours in 2018 that she was to tie the knot with Korean heart-throb Gong Yoo. At that time, a netizen posted on an online community forum that the hunk had made a reservation at a hotel and would be marrying Yu-mi.

She's close to Gong Yoo

It's not hard to see why the two were linked. Both belong to the same management agency, had acted in two shows together (The Crucible in 2011 and 2016's Train to Busan) at the time of the rumours, and were said to be good friends.

Alas, wedding bells did not ring.

Their agency released a statement calling the news totally false. Someone from the agency even added: "The two aren't even like siblings; they're like brothers. Gong Yoo treats Jung Yu-mi like a younger brother."

Ironically, Yu-mi and Gong Yoo went on to star as husband and wife in last year's movie Kim Ji Young, Born 1982; and they co-star again in the upcoming film Wonderland.



YouTube screengrab


She can really act

But the 37-year-old's claim to fame is more than rumours of being Gong Yoo's main squeeze.

She made a breakthrough in her first feature film Blossom Again, where she played an emotionally vulnerable teenager experiencing her first love. In the critically acclaimed film The Crucible, she was a human rights activist investigating sexual assaults on young deaf students.


Yu-mi has been nominated for countless acting awards since her debut in 2005, and has won more than a dozen, including honours from the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards and the Grand Bell Awards.




She's not stuffy

Despite her long list of accolades, Yu-mi doesn't put up a serious image.

Like, she actually stuck her tongue out and made a funny face at the camera during the last few minutes of a virtual press conference this morning (Sept 24) for her new Netflix drama The School Nurse Files. No other Korean celebrity, male or female, that we've interviewed had come this close to letting their poised guard down.

This perhaps is why readers reportedly voted Yu-mi to play the lead role in The School Nurse Files when it was announced that the Korean fantasy novel would be adapted into a drama series.




The six-episoder, which premieres on Netflix tomorrow, is a light-hearted fantasy series about school nurse Ahn Eun-young who has an unconventional ability to see otherwise invisible monsters that appear as colourful 'jellies'.

She discovers mysterious secrets in her new school that threaten the students, and armed with her BB gun and plastic rainbow toy sword, she and teacher Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk) exorcise the evil.




PHOTO: Netflix

She said of her character Eun-young: "As I was shooting the series and bringing the character to life, there were many things I enjoyed but there were also many challenges for me physically.

"When I tried to stand in her shoes and understand her, I felt empathy for her because she had to see all these things that are invisible to others. I don't think all of that was always happy for her. I felt her loneliness, but despite all that, she accepts her destiny and takes bold steps to meet it.

"My experiences are different from hers, but when I face challenges. I thought of Eun-young and how she fought through hers, and I felt she is a friend in my life who comforts me."






Nam Joo Hyuk Will Be In and Out of Both Small and Big Screen This Year

by krishkim | September 23, 2020

Nam Joo Hyuk will continue his busy acting career in 2020.

Attention is drawn to the packed schedules for Nam Joo Hyuk, who will return with various genres and characters. Starting with Netflix original series The School Nurse Files, which will be released on Sept. 25, he will greet fans through the new tvN drama Start-Up, set to premiere on Oct. 17. He has also finished filming two new films, Josee (literal title) and Remember (literal title).


Credit: Netflix

First, the actor will come back with a new drama about a year after The Light in Your Eyes. The Netflix original series The School Nurse Files is a cheerful fantasy series about school nurse Ahn Eun Young, who has the ability to see “jelly” that no one can see, coming upon an unusual mystery at her newly appointed high school and solving them with her fellow teacher Hong In Pyo. Nam will play the role of Hong In Pyo, the grandson of the founder of the school and a Chinese character teacher. He will stand by Ahn Eun Young as a partner who recharges her “energy.” Expectations are high on what kind of performances Nam will show as he confronts jelly monsters, the residue of desire.



Credit: tvN

Another “youthful” drama is on its way. In the upcoming drama Start-Up, which depicts the start and growth of young people dreaming of success in South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley called Sandbox, Nam plays Nam Do San, who works hard to shine once more. With this, he will show the unexpected charm of a person who is both a NGSB (no girlfriend since birth) and a coding genius.




Credit: Netflix, ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS, CJ Entertainment

Nam will also unveil two new films. First, he will release Josee, a remake of the popular 2004 Japanese film Josee, the Tiger and the Fish, and present a sweet yet lonely love story. Director Kim Jong Kwan, known for Worst Woman and The Table, directed the film. Nam also starred in Remember, a movie about an Alzheimer’s patient in his 80s who lost everything during the Japanese occupation of Korea era taking revenge on the person who caused his pain. He took on the role of a younger man who helps the old man in his plan, and worked with Lee Sung Min. This was directed by A Violent Prosecutor director Lee Il Hyung.

Will Nam Joo Hyuk, who has been expanding his acting career by challenging various works, be able to achieve fruitful results in both dramas and movies?

Source (1)

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Jung Yu Mi & Nam Joo Hyuk Take Pride On The Imaginative & Heartening Messages Of “The School Nurse Files”

By abbyinhallyuland | September 24, 2020



Director Lee Kyoung-mi, writer Chung Se-rang joined actors Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk in providing insights about The School Nurse Files at the online drama presentation in the morning of September 24.


Highly-anticipated for its powerhouse artist and production team, the new Netflix original series drops all six episodes on September 25.

Before that, The School Nurse Files‘ team provided details on the fascinating story to be unraveled by the viewers.





Introducing her character Ahn Eun-young, talented actress Jung Yu Mi beamingly shared her extraordinary character. She relayed how Eun-young starts working at a new school and discovers cryptic story about the school.

Jung Yu Mi was the top pick of fans of the original novel to take on the role. Armed with a rainbow sword and a BB gun, she has the extraordinary power to see mysterious contaminated jellies. Only she can defeat these strange incarnations of the vestiges of human desire.





Defeating the bad jellies could surely drain the power of The School Nurse Files‘ heroine. Luckily, her personal super charger Hong In Pyo comes in to her rescue. As a human source of energy-replenishment for Eun-young, he is also a Classical Chinese teacher and the grandson of the school’s founder.

Portraying In-pyo is actor Nam Joo Hyuk. He describes his character to have a unique aura surrounding him, which recharges the school nurse’ energy. His partnership with Eun-young protects the school against bad jellies.





Writer Chung Se-rang affirmed her elation upon knowing that the focal character of The School Nurse Files will be played by Jung Yu Mi. Conveying the role is just rightly made for her, she also expressed happiness on the perfect casting of the main leads. In fact, she still can’t believe that the pairing she envisioned is right in front of her.

To that, the lead couple answered the question on how they approached their characters upon reading the script. Jung Yu Mi narrated how the quirky story coupled with the subjects featured, and the warmth of its message drew her attention. She felt honored playing the role and can’t wait to see the fulfilment of its live action. Adding to that, she hopes to touch the viewers’ hearts like how the novel did to its readers.

Responding to the same question, Nam Joo Hyuk said how he found the material fresh. Along with that, he felt challenged to take the role of Hong In-pyo and bring colors to it. He was also excited to work with Director Lee and the rest of the creators of the series.





Lauded for her film creations, The School Nurse Files is Director Lee Kyoung-mi’s first series. With that, acclaimed movie directors Park Chan Wook and Byung Jun Ho sent their well wishes to Director Lee’s drama debut. In a special written message unveiled, Director Park remarked, “I can’t wait to see the explosive world that Kyoung-mi made.”

Aside from that, celebrated top-tier actresses Lee Young Ae, Gong Hyo Jin and Son Ye Jin also anticipate the work of Director Lee with whom they worked before previously. Feeling grateful for the support, the director relayed how she called and thank them all personally.

Proving the trust she has created with former actors she collaborated, Director Lee explained the process of bringing to life the imaginative premise of The School Nurse Files. She reveals one of the reasons why she agreed to take the series is because of her awareness of the novel’s fanbase. Admitting the burden of not disappointing its followers, she relayed enjoying the process of traversing the limitless world of the story.

Adding to that, it also gave her an experience to see the world created by another writer as she used to work alone on her films before. That is something new for her.

She added how she took on the concept of jellies to be highlighted in the series. Furthermore, she also cited the effort to create a series that would make the viewers feel the urge of wanting to see it more.


Answering some queries from the press, the main actors confessed a comfy working environment prior to the actual filming. Jung Yu Mi recognized Nam Joo Hyuk for being quick-witted and creative to the facets of his role.

Returning the praises from his partner, the actor mentioned how he felt it was the other way around. He confessed that through following her lead, they were able to make an amazing synergy. Striking a profound meaning to his role of giving power to someone who needs it to protect someone, Nam reveled at the experience of playing his character.





Brimming with ingenious ideas, The School Nurse Files also aims to impart heartening messages that speaks of valor, compassion and hope to over 190 countries worldwide.

A school nurse and Classical Chinese Literature teacher are characters not common in K-Drama landscape. Eun-young’s selfless goal to protect the school with her ability encouragingly speaks about kindness that knows no bound.

Elaborating on the characters, Director Lee mentioned how the series aims to lighten the load of viewers who are feeling emotionally tired. Through Eun-young’s character, they can be fueled to not give up. At the same time, In-pyo’s power charger function to Eun-young can hopefully comfort people in their lives.








Hellokpop extends gratitude to Netflix for the media pass to cover the online media conference of The School Nurse Files.

Event covered by: abbyinhallyuland

All photos courtesy of Netflix




Stars supporting/recommending director Lee Kyoung-mi’s ‘The School Nurse Files’



Actress Lee Young-ae (<Sympathy for Lady Vengeance> - Lee Kyoung-mi was scripter)


Actress Son Ye-jin (<The Truth Beneath> - Lee Kyoung-mi’s 2nd feature film)



Actress Gong Hyo-jin (<Crush and Blush> - Lee Kyoung-mi’s film debut)



Film director Park Chan-wook 



Film director Kim Jee-woon 


Film director Lee Won-suk 


Film director Yim Pil-sung 


Film director Kim Jong-kwan (The Table)


Director Lee Hae-young (The Silenced)


Film director Byun Young-joo 


Writer Kim Cho-yeop 


Writer Lee Hyun-seok 


Writer Jang Hee-won 


Writer Jo Woo-ri 


Writer Jang Ryu-jin 


Writer Park Sang-young 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] The School Nurse Files, 보건교사 안은영 - Jung Yu Mi & Nam Joo Hyuk - On Netflix on September 25th

The School Nurse Files: Netflix fantasy K-drama a creative change of pace for The Truth Beneath filmmaker Lee Kyoung-mi


  • The School Nurse Files stars Jung Yu-mi as a school nurse who battles monsters only she can see – a story that Lee made when she ‘was in a very dark place’
  • A tricky aspect of the filmmaker’s first foray into making a series was the quieter soundtrack; Lee felt she ‘was unable to provide that cinematic experience’

By James Marsh | September 25, 2020


Jung Yu-mi in a still from The School Nurse Files, a series directed by South Korean filmmaker Lee Kyoung-mi. Photo: Netflix


A high school nurse becomes a reluctant monster hunter in The School Nurse Files, a quirky new Korean drama series which starts streaming on Netflix on Friday.

The six-part adaptation of Chung Serang’s cult novel is directed by filmmaker Lee Kyoung-mi, who spoke to the Post about creating the show.

“It’s a completely different world,” Lee says of her first foray into making a series. “When you make a film, you need to plant the seeds and reap the fruits within two hours. In this world, I was just a beginner. But because of that, a lot of it was experimental, and that made it fun.”

Lee is one of only a handful of female filmmakers currently working in South Korea, and cut her teeth under Oldboy director Park Chan-wook before directing a brace of feature films: 2008’s Crush and Blush and the excellent 2016 thriller The Truth Beneath starring Son Ye-jin.




The School Nurse Files stars Jung Yu-mi ( Train to Busan ; Kim Ji-young: Born 1982) as Ahn Eun-young, who can see “jellies”, the viscous residue of desire that we all leave behind.

“I wanted to bring out the more genre-specific aspects of the story,” says Lee. “The basic principle I brought to the series is that the world of jellies is something visible only to Eun-young, something that could be all in her head.”

Lee Kyoung-mi was drawn to Netflix because the company is known for giving artists plenty of creative control.

Jellies are normally harmless and disappear quickly. If produced by anxiety or trauma, however, they can be harmful to others. Eun-young is the only person who can see them; many of them are congregating in the school basement. It falls to her, armed with a plastic sword and a BB gun, to dispose of the creatures.

For Lee, casting Jung – “a very bubbly, lovable actress” – was a no-brainer. “I would look at her facial expression and she would be so bubbly that it would be kind of creepy. I thought that was something unique,” the director says.

Lee drew from a wide range of influences to create the look of the jellies. “I looked at Hollywood movies like The Blob, Flubber, and The Stuff, the cute slime monsters in the game Dragon Quest, as well as [the monsters called] Ooze from Dungeons & Dragons . I knew I had to draw on something people would be familiar with, so we recorded real animal sounds and sourced their vivid colours from marine organisms and wild plants.”

A still from The School Nurse Files. Photo: Netflix.

Eun-young is helped in her mission by In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk), a young teacher with a limp and a strange aura, to which the oddball nurse is drawn. Moon So-ri appears as a therapist and Eun-young’s quasi-mentor.

As the show unfolds, they battle all kinds of fantastical beasts and otherworldly threats that lurk on the campus, while also tending to their school duties, dealing with equally bizarre colleagues and classes full of precocious teenagers.

“When I was creating this series, I was in a very dark place, questioning my abilities and contemplating quitting,” Lee admits, drawing comparisons between herself and the lead character. “But ironically, when you look at the results, this is the bubbliest of my works. Eun-young is not the biggest fan of her powers, but this is a story about her accepting her fate, and wanting to help other people.”

Lee was drawn to Netflix because the company is known for giving artists plenty of creative control – but she admits that the freedom came at a price. “I could enjoy the greatest amount of creative freedom, but under a tighter timeline and budget. You could say I had to create three different works in the same time I would shoot a single film.”

Creating content for the streaming service meant there were technical compromises that she had to make: “One of the most challenging aspects was the sound. Viewers watch Netflix on all kinds of different devices, so the maximum decibel level is lower. I was creating these blockbuster action scenes, [but] I was unable to provide that cinematic experience in terms of sound.”

Lee’s films have enjoyed limited festival play outside South Korea, but the prospect of launching The School Nurse Files across the world is not a daunting one to her.

Nam Joo-hyuk (left) and Jung in a still from The School Nurse Files. Photo: Netflix.

“I am extremely curious how people will react,” she says. “I loved going to [film] festivals, and seeing the different responses from audiences. As a creator, my only hope is for what I create to be seen by as many people as possible.”


The School Nurse Files is streaming on Netflix.

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All 6 episodes of ‘The School Nurse Files’ are on Netflix.



Netflix unveils Korean original series 'The School Nurse Files'

By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2020-09-25

From left, actor Nam Joo-hyuk, novelist Chung Se-rang, director Lee Kyoung-mi and actor Jung Yu-mi pose during an online press event for Netflix series "The School Nurse Files," Thursday. Courtesy of Netflix


Netflix's "The School Nurse Files," adapted from writer Chung Se-rang's novel of the same name, is a fantasy comedy that follows the story of a school nurse with the supernatural ability to see jelly-like creatures that are invisible to others.

Actor Jung Yu-mi plays Ahn Eun-young, a high school nurse who tries to protect students from "jellies" using rather unlikely tools ― a multi-colored toy sword and a BB gun. 

The jellies are invisible blobs of greed that can stick to humans and manipulate their actions. They become unleashed when Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk), a teacher of Chinese characters, accidentally breaks the containment seal in the school basement. Then, Ahn and Hong team up to fight off these supernatural creatures.

Director Lee Kyoung-mi, who was behind hits like "Crush and Blush" (2008) and "The Truth Beneath" (2016), said it was a new experience to adapt a novelist's work for the series given that she has always written her own screenplays.

"It was a new experience to embody Chung's imagination and add new elements for the series. I enjoyed it because the world within the story felt so limitless," Lee said during an online press event for the series, Thursday.

Lee added that the most challenging part was visualizing the jellies. "I wanted to make the jellies look strange but familiar. We got hints from the vibrant colors and movements of rare creatures often found in animal documentaries. Through modulation, we created new animal sounds for them," she said. 

A scene from Netflix series "The School Nurse Files" / Courtesy of Netflix

Jung said she was able to empathize with her character and situation. "I thought it would be lonely to see what others can't. However, Eun-young accepts her fate and remains resilient. Playing her character gave me a lot of strength and comfort," she said.

The 37-year-old actor said she was taken aback when she first saw the multi-colored sword and BB gun she was supposed to use to get rid of the jellies.

"I've always wanted to perform action sequences. Although Eun-young's fight scenes are far from what I had imagined and the tools were weird, I quickly immersed myself in the character and fought against the jellies," Jung said. 

She also thanked her co-star Nam for bringing out her natural reactions. "It was a pleasure to work with Nam in such interesting roles. Thanks to his affable and quick-witted style of acting, I was able to react to him and it brought out the best of me," she said. 

Nam said he joined the project because the concept was interesting.

"The script was very interesting, and I wondered how the jellies would be portrayed onscreen," he said. "Starring alongside Jung was comfortable. I just followed her lead, and we were able to create great synergy." 

In the series, Hong acts as a portable charger to Ahn by giving her special strength.

"The School Nurse Files" premieres Sept. 25.




How Nam Joo-hyuk and Jung Yu-mi fired up the chemistry for ‘The School Nurse Files’

By MARGARET CLAIRE LAYUG, GMA News | September 24, 2020

Nam Joo-hyuk and Jung Yu-mi star on “The School Nurse Files,” which streams on Netflix Sept. 25

Apart from fighting cute jelly monsters and solving paranormal mysteries, Nam Joo-hyuk and Jung Yu-mi are going to be serving some serious chemistry on “The School Nurse Files.”

Yu-mi (“Train to Busan”) plays Anh Eun-young, a high school nurse who tries her best to protect students from mysterious jelly monsters that only she can see, while Joo-Hyuk (“Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Ju”) is Hong In-pyo, the school’s timid Chinese characters teacher who turns out to have the ability to recharge Eun-young’s powers with just a touch of his hand.

During a virtual press conference on Thursday for the new drama, Joo-hyuk revealed that he felt very comfortable with Yu-mi, thanks to the many conversations they had before the cameras even started rolling.

“Even when we were on hold, or we were waiting to go into the scenes, we had many, many conversations,” Joo-hyuk explained through a translator.

“So when we started the shoot, we felt extremely comfortable with each other, and I really think the chemistry was really special,” he added.

Yu-mi, who was greeting the press from another location, shared that she was likewise “very happy” to have Joo-hyuk for a partner. 



And, even though she never expected to be paired up with him for a series, the actress admired the way Joo-hyuk showed “quick-wittedness” throughout filming.

“What I learned from him was that he’s just very quick about his wits … every time he was very quick in these creative aspects,” Yu-mi shared.

“That brings me to be very quick with my reactions as an actor, and I think that kind of chemistry really brought our characters together, and we created a lot of synergy,” she added.

Hearing this, Joo-hyuk adorably pretended to look to his side as if Yu-mi was sitting next to him.

“I thought it was the other way around because I was able to create a lot more synergy because of her,” the actor said.




“All I did was follow her lead and, at the end of following her lead, I think we were able to create amazing synergy. So, you know, it was almost as if she really carried me on her back,” he added.

At this point, we’re not allowed to tell you what happens between Anh Eun-young and Hong In-pyo, but we can tell you that Chung Se-rang, who wrote the original “The School Nurse Files” novel, is ecstatic that Nam Joo-hyuk and Jung Yu-mi breathed life to her characters.

“It felt unreal,” the writer said on the first time she learned they had been cast.

“It was just a perfect duo! I couldn’t believe it and even when I saw it, I couldn’t believe it and even seeing them on screen here today, I still can’t believe it," she added.

Well, if that doesn’t get Nam Joo-hyuk fans and the fans of the books excited, we don’t know what will.

“The School Nurse Files” is coming to Netflix this Friday, Sept. 25. – RC, GMA News

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] The School Nurse Files, 보건교사 안은영 - Jung Yu Mi & Nam Joo Hyuk - NOW on Netflix

Netflix’s The School Nurse Files Review: Entertaining and Absolutely Bonkers!


The School Nurse Files is a fantasy/comedy/drama South Korean TV show on Netflix written by Chung Serang and Lee Kyoung-mi, and starring Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk. The series is based on the novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-young by Chung Serang.



Fantasy, drama or horror?

The School Nurse Files follows Ahn Eun-young, a school nurse, who can see “jellies”, an ectoplasmic residue created from human desires. Depending on those desires, these jellies can range in various shapes and sizes, some even shaped like cute little octopuses. In a twist of fate, she has to protect her school from impending doom with the help of her colleague Hong In-Pyo.

If you’re confused about what I said above, don’t worry, this series is even more bizzare. There’s not much reason or science behind what’s going on on-screen, but it really doesn’t matter. The School Nurse File’s bizarre premise and absolutely bonkers plot is what keeps it fresh and an intriguing watch. The show is 6 episodes long, and each episode is of one-hour duration. However, 6 hours fly by before you know it, mainly because of the absolute ludicrous things happening on-screen and some great acting.


The first episode of The School Nurse Files features opening an ancient gate, a monster trying to eat students and Eun-young trying to vanquish it with the help of her magical plastic Lightsaber and a BB gun. The show brings one oddball plot after another and is equal parts horrifying, intriguing and funny.

However, it also stays true to the K-drama part, and there are some genuinely heartwarming moments, especially between Eun-young and Baek Hye-min, a mite-eater-cum-student, whatever that means. It’s one hell of an entertaining journey, and watching which my general mind-space was absolute astonishment. If you’re someone who generally likes horror, fantasy and also likes to experiment with what they watch, I’d genuinely recommend this show.

Inspite of being an-hour long, the episodes feel quite short in length. That’s because writers Chung Serang and Lee Kyoung-mi do an excellent job trimming off the unnecessary bits. You get to know only so much that keeps you hooked while immersed in action. Thus, there aren’t many expositional sequences that would drag on.

Apart from the writing, cinematography is excellent, and everything comes alive on-screen. The show relies heavily on CGI, and it usually doesn’t seem too artificial (although the monster in the first episode does not take any awards). Blobs of jelly float around on-screen and Hye-min eats tiny mites – and they all seem real and believable. Sound is also great, adding a layer of mystery or fun wherever required.

However, the biggest winners of The School Nurse Files are its performances, and Jung Yu-mi steals the show. Yu-mi’s character, Ahn Eun-young, is spunky, albeit quiet, and has a mean sense of humour. Yu-mi adds a wonderful spark and energy to a character which would otherwise feel very drab. She’s funny, moody and energetic, and the vigour with which she finishes jellies off is absolutely fun to watch.

Nam Joo-hyuk is great as well as Hong In-Pyo. He’s a shy and quiet guy who’s genuinely great at heart, and Joo-hyuk adds a boy-next-door charm to the character. The show hints at a romance that is not explored much, and I genuinely wish Netflix comes out with a second season just so that I get to know what happens to these two characters.

Summing up: The School Nurse Files

Drama, (dark) comedy, fantasy, thriller, horror – The School Nurse Files is kinda all of these. It’s a charming show that keeps you entertained with some very weird plot devices, and some genuinely heartfelt performances helps you relate to the plot and the characters. There’s a lot to unpack here, and I’m going to refrain from talking more about it, lest I spoil anything. Although, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway.

The School Nurse Files is streaming on Netflix.



First Look: ‘The School Nurse Files’ is delirious fun wrapped up in dark comedy


Netflix’s newest original K-drama is absolutely bonkers, but its absurd and twisted storyline will keep you on the edge of your seat

By Sofiana Ramli | 25th September 2020

School Nurse Files. Credit: Netflix

Spoiler Warning: This article contains plot details from episode 1-3 of ‘The School Nurse Files’

“I was destined from birth to help others in secret,” Ahn Eun-Young says in the opening minutes of Netflix’s newest K-drama series The School Nurse Files, before wryly adding, “RickRoll'D.” From here on, it’s clear what sort of tone the show will assume over the course of its next six episodes: it doesn’t want you to take it too seriously, but by no means is there anything ordinary about it either.


Unlike the streaming giant’s previous original South Korean offerings, such as the tender romcom My First, First Love and period zombie thriller Kingdom, The School Nurse Files doesn’t slot easily into a single distinct category. Is it a fantasy? Is it a mystery? Is it a fantasy mystery with a dash of horror, comedy and romance? Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: it’s a hell lot of fun.

Directed by Lee Kyoung-Mi (2016’s The Truth Beneath) and written by Chung Se-Rang, the series is based on the latter’s 2015 best-selling novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-Young. It follows the titular oddball heroine, played by Train To Busan’s Jung Yu-Mi, who begins a job as a nurse at a high school.

But she isn’t your average nurse – Eun-Young has the special ability to see “jellies”, a type of ectoplasmic residue created from the desires of humans. Depending on how much greed they possess, these jelly plasma can sometimes dissolve into nothing or take the shape of adorable octopus-looking creatures. Other times, however, they can evolve into something more sinister, threatening the lives of human beings. Are you following so far?

Admittedly, it’s a bizarre concept to grasp at first, especially for those who aren’t familiar with paranormal phenomena. But Lee and Chung don’t sweat over the facts (or science) behind it all, letting their imagination run wild – you’ll just have to keep up and enjoy in the antics. Essentially it’s Ghostbusters meets Flubber, mixed with elements of Korean folklore and tradition, then wrapped neatly with Chung’s dark humour.

With only six hour-long episodes to flesh out its characters and unravel the intricate setup, The School Nurse Files doesn’t waste time getting into the thick of things. The pacing is deliberate, if not wise – stretched out any longer, the story could lose its spark. Lee and Chung take advantage of Netflix’s short show format, which has proven to be rewarding as other Korean titles on the platform like Extracurricular and Persona (of which Lee also directed the episode ‘Love Set’) have demonstrated. Sometimes, the shorter the better.

School Nurse Files. Credit: Netflix

In the first episode, all hell breaks loose when Eun-Young’s colleague Hong In-Pyo, a Chinese literature teacher, accidentally breaks a mysterious seal in the school’s forbidden basement, unleashing a swarm of jellies into the world. As the guardian of the campus, Eun-Young’s mission is to eradicate them before they bring any danger to the students.

While most superheroes would embrace their destiny to help save the world, Eun-Young only reluctantly accepts her tragic fate. But she dons the cape anyway – or in this case, a lab coat – because who else would if she doesn’t? Despite her initial resistance to help others, Eun-Young actually cares about the people around her, even if they don’t reciprocate her sentiments. It’s a quality that makes her efforts more genuine than others.

Like Dr. Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz of Ghostbusters, Eun-Young also owns a peculiar weapon of choice. To fend off the monsters, she wields a toy lightsaber and plastic BB gun, a modern alternative to the traditional instruments like rattle bells and gongs typically used by shamans. Had the script fallen into the wrong hands, her character would’ve been off-putting and slightly tryhard, but thankfully Jung is an able actor who slips into Eun-Young’s quirky shoes with ease. It’s the most action-packed role in Jung’s career thus far, who previously favoured more demure and graceful characters. Even as a cop in her last drama, 2018’s Live, Jung remained poised and cool.

Here she injects zest and spunk into Eun-Young, an outcast who on paper comes across as one-dimensional. With those mischievous eyes and perfectly comedic delivery, Jung doesn’t just shine on screen: she’s electrifying, her every movement a jolt of energy. You’d think Jung’s megawatt personality would leave little room for others in the spotlight, but Nam Joo-Hyuk, who stars as the equally eccentric In-Pyo, is magnetic, too.

School Nurse Files. Credit: Netflix

They work superbly well as partners. Although In-Pyo can’t see the jellies, he radiates a mystical aura that protects him from the school’s evil spirits and in turn is of useful help to Eun-Young. At first glance they’re a misfit duo: he’s indifferent while she’s eager, but they’re both losers longing for a connection. Nam and Jung’s chemistry fuels this offbeat and unpredictable adventure as they nail every gag, bit of banter and moments of vulnerability.

There are times, however, when the plot gets so baffling and yet no one bats an eyelid. Early on, one of the monsters rips a giant hole in the school’s grounds, but none of the students or faculty members ever questions what happened. They brush it off as a simple earthquake, an occurrence that apparently happens so often in the area that they’re unfazed by it. It’s hard to believe how blasé everyone is at times after every strange event, but it’s just one of those absurd scenarios we’re forced to ignore for now. Why fret over the little details when we can just enjoy the chaos that unfolds?

As delirious as it is on the surface, The School Nurse Files proves there’s something more delicate underneath its silly exterior, just like the monsters in the show. Within the first three episodes, Lee has already managed to bring Chung’s colourful world to life, striking a sophisticated balance between its madcap moments and solemn scenes. It’s a tricky job, especially for a director who’s only had two feature-length projects under her belt, but Lee’s no novice and pulls it off effortlessly. Even the visual effects, while still not on par with Hollywood standards, are outstanding.

We’re only halfway through The School Nurse Files yet there are still plenty of mysteries to solve (such as In-Pyo’s backstory). Come for its entertaining premise but stay for its whimsical and refreshing characters. Ahn Eun-Young might not be the hero we deserve, but she’s definitely the one we need.

‘The School Nurse Files’ premieres September 25 on Netflix

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I didn’t realize Netflix would drop all 6 episodes in one go. Is this a short series?!?


I am now on episode 3 and it’s def not for everyone! I like quirky originals so it’s def my cup of tea. I was surprise at the mix of quirky yes - but also dark comedy, surprisingly creeeeepy and it is a bit sweet. The jelly visuals are innovative too. 

Jung Yumi is gorgeous as Eun Young and her chemistry with NJH is solid. It reminds me of Japan’s TRICK a series a tiny bit but of course no slap stick humor nor is it focusing on solving scams and fighting cults. But the overall originality of mixing genre with good acting, stories and message. 

Ep5 made me cried. Ep 1 and 5 were the strongest by far. 

Just finished ep 6 and Oh it ended!?!? I feel like the story just got started with our heroine coming to terms and our OTP starting to realllly bond and then it ended! There’s so much potential left unexplored. Besides the first few episodes, our heroine didn’t really fight that many jellies but more with herself and accepting her fate. I would have loved more OTP scenes too. Still it was funny, cute, creepy and def original show. 

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Actress Jung Yu-mi battles jelly monsters in K-drama The School Nurse Files

By Jan Lee

In the fantasy dramedy series The School Nurse Files Jung Yu-mi fights jelly monsters with a BB gun and a tiny plastic sword.PHOTO: NETFLIX


SINGAPORE - When South Korean actress Jung Yu-mi imagined her first action role, she thought it would be along the lines of the sword fights of wuxia film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

Instead, in the fantasy dramedy series The School Nurse Files, the 37-year-old is fighting jelly monsters with a BB gun and a tiny plastic sword.

"To be frank, it is not what I expected or dreamed of as a kid growing up," she says at a virtual press conference with regional media.

"But it was a completely new kind of action series which I got to experience."

While the battles were added later via computer graphics, she adds: "It was exciting and fun. Staff members would give me the 'okay' sign when I was done with a scene and I wouldn't be entirely sure what I had done. But still, I felt very satisfied."

The six-part Netflix original series premiered last week. It is based on the novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-young by South Korean writer Chung Se-rang, who also adapted her book for the screen.

The series stars Jung (Train To Busan, 2016) as the title character, who has the extraordinary ability to see monsters. South Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk plays a teacher at the same high school, who discovers his ability to recharge Eun-young's powers during battles.

The 26-year-old actor, known for his roles in series like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016), says of his new role: "He is someone who doesn't know himself well initially. But when he realises that he can be the source of power for someone else, he changes and develops further."

South Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk plays a teacher in the series. PHOTO: NETFLIX

On set, the two leads were each other's source of power.

Jung says of Nam: "He has a very quick wit and I think that influenced me and made me quicker in my reactions to him as an actress too."

But Nam is quick to demur: "It's the other way around. I feel like I was following her lead and that she really carried me on her back throughout the series."

Director Lee Kyoung-mi, 46, says in a separate video interview that she feels The School Nurse Files series brought out a surprising side to both Jung and Nam.

She says: "For Nam Joo-hyuk, it was like, how could someone be so lovable, so good-looking and so funny at the same time? And he very often brought more to the screen than just the directions that were in the screenplay.

"For Jung Yu-mi, it's how well she handled her action scenes. I had not known before how well she could manoeuvre her body to create action sequences."

The director adds: "On top of that, she incorporated a lot of fun, cartoonish gestures and expressions into her performance."

As for the other stars of the series - the numerous jelly monsters - Lee had a say in how they looked.




South Korean actress Jung Yu-mi slays jelly monsters in the fantasy dramedy series The School Nurse Files. PHOTO: NETFLIX

"There are both harmless jellies and those that Eun-young has to defeat. For the harmless ones, I wanted them to look cute - like animals in a nature documentary which are not that familiar to the general public," she explains.

"For the ones that Eun-young fights, I wanted to invoke fear and curiosity by drawing on phobias like trypophobia (fear of closely packed holes)."

Lee is relatively new to television as she is better known as a film director and screenwriter. Her debut feature Crush And Blush (2008), which won her best new director and best screenplay at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, was produced by South Korean auteur Park Chan-wook.

The strong female vibe of the project - with a female heroine and a female director and screenwriter behind the cameras - is familiar to Lee, whose works are often female-led.

She says: "The stories which are in talks to be created into films - most of them are about men and are male-centric, so I'll be way behind in the list of directors who get contacted. That's why I started writing my own films to direct, perhaps that's why my female characters are so angry."

She adds of the character of nurse Eun-young in this series: "I see the series as the personal growth of a heroine who develops when she goes through the process of wondering why she even exists in the first place."

Actress Jung agrees that beneath the offbeat fantasy exterior of the series is the beating heart of a complex female lead.

She says: "I feel empathy for her. She has to see these things which are unseen to others. I feel her loneliness. But she accepts her destiny and takes bold steps forwards."

The School Nurse Files is available on Netflix.

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Fresh, bizarre world of Netflix’s ‘School Nurse Files’

By Lim Jang-won | Sept 27, 2020

“The School Nurse Files” (Netflix)

The first season of Netflix original drama series “The School Nurse Files” was released Friday, bringing Chung Se-rang’s fantasy novel “School Nurse Ahn Eun- young” to life in over 190 countries around the globe.

The highly anticipated drama series reached the top of the list of most popular TV shows on Netflix in Korea upon its release, according to data analytics firm FlixPatrol.

The six 50-minute episodes of the first season of “The School Nurse Files” introduces a bizarre mix of exorcism, school life and fantasy. 

“The novel, on which the drama is based on, merged a foreign fantasy world well with Korean elements. I used a lot of Korean elements while directing the series, and I hope fans all over the world will be curious about them,” said director Lee Kyung-mi.

“The School Nurse Files” is about school nurse Ahn Eun-young, played by Jung Yu-mi, who can see ectoplasmic residue of human desires called “jellies.” While some jellies are harmless, taking on multiple forms like octopus, blobs and even a whale, other jellies can be a threat. By using a toy lightsaber and a BB gun, Ahn exorcises the jellies accidentally released by Chinese character teacher Hong In-pyo, played by Nam Joo-hyuk, to protect the students.

(From left) Actor Nam Joo-hyuk, author Chung Se-rang, director Lee Kyung-mi and actor Jung yu-mi pose during an online press conference Thursday. (Netflix)

This is the first action role by veteran actor Jung, who brings to life the eccentric school nurse heroine.

“I had a strong desire to do an action-filled role,” said Jung in an online press conference Thursday. “I dreamed of action scenes like those in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.’ Although very different from what I imagined, filming action scenes taking on jellies was enjoyable.”

A scene from “The School Nurse Files” shows main character Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi) and the jellies. (Netflix)

The series is receiving mixed reviews online, with many of them focusing on the unconventional setting for a K-drama.

Some viewers, unfamiliar with the novel, expressed confusion at the fast-paced six episodes that explain the background while proceeding with the plot. Others said that once the background of the world sinks in, the chemistry between the two lead actors, along with the presence of cute and grotesque jellies, is entertaining and refreshing to watch.

There are many unexplained elements in the plot and setting of the characters in the first season, leaving fans waiting for news of the next season, which has yet to be announced.

Author Chung, who participated as a screenwriter, expressed her wish that the drama could offer comfort to the world Thursday.

“Having a chance to show this to the world audience is very special. This is a story about goodness and kindness, so I hope people treat it like a warm friend,” said Chung.



By Lim Jang-won (ljw@heraldcorp.com)

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5 minutes with Jung Yu-mi, Nam Joo-hyuk and the crew of Netflix’s The School Nurse Files

The School Nurse Files is a Netflix’s coming-of-age epic to unlock and recharge your heart amidst this strange time.

by Noel Khoo | 09.26.2020 



Despite the distance, time and all those 2020-limitations, Netflix has managed to make the best out of it. The online conference of Netflix’s Original series The School Nurse Files has been an immersive and exciting one. Against a CGI background where Jellies – one of the lead characters in The School Nurse Files– floating around, we had artists Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk, writer Chung Se-rang and director Lee Kyoung-mi on a video call to unwrap the making of the story. 

“I feel very much at home now, here’s my favourite Octopus Jelly, ” said Yu-mi who plays the character Ahn Eun-young with the ability to see Jelly aka the remnants of human desires, while pointing at the bouncing slimy on the screen.

Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi)






Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk)





We’re among the lucky media to receive the screeners from Netflix earlier this month, and the first three episodes have already left us awestruck.

Expect no stereotype in The School Nurse Files, the offbeat plot delivers multi-dimensional portrayal of youth and the nuances of emotions are delicately captured through explosive imaginations and unpredictable characters.

There’s no single frame of boredom. It may kind of reminds the Extracurricular as it unfolds the hardest truths we learned as a kid and the vulnerability we tried to camouflage as a grown-up.

Lee Kyoung-mi and Jung Yu-mi

"You will see the creators' will to realise a world where we love someone despite of their flaws and faults."
-Director Park Chan-wook
"Director Lee has been creating never-seen-before and never-heard-before female characters who make you laugh and cry at her story and eventually understand her as a person. "
 -Actress Gong Hyo-jin

Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Kyoung-mi

Co-created by Chung Se-rang, the writer of the eponymous novel and Lee Kyoung-mi, the director of Persona: Love Set, The School Nurse Files has an utterly stellar team on board to realise a world of unlimited imagination and endless wonder.

It brings Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk together for the very first time, featuring a soundtrack assembled by music director Jang Young-gyu who composed the film score of Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, The Wailing and The Yellow Sea.

And last but not least, The School Nurse Files introduces a cast of new faces who totally made the characters their own with raw and real portrayals of the dazed and confused. 

The School Nurse Files behind the scenes stills




The School Nurse Files production stills






We caught up with artists Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk, writer Chung Se-rang and director Lee Kyoung-mi as the crew unwrap everything about The School Nurse Files:


Jung Yu-mi: Ahn Eun-young is someone with a very ordinary name. She has this unique ability to see the remnants of human’s greediness known as the Jelly. She starts working in a school as a school nurse, where she comes across a series of mystery and decides to find out the truth behind. She always carries a BB gun and rainbow knife, which help her to defeat those harmful Jellies. Eun-young is in a constant battle with the Jellies and also the destiny of having to see things that other people could not see.

Nam Joo-hyuk: My character Hong In-pyo is the Chinese Characters teacher and also the grandson of the founder of the school. He is surrounded by an unknown protective aura, and with that aura, he can protect Eun-young from the Jellies and recharge her energy. In-pyo kind of becomes Eun-young's assistant and together they defeat the harmful Jellies in the school.

Chung Se-rang: The school nurse and Chinese Characters teacher are indeed very uncommon characters. The reason why I bring together these two characters is because they’re never the most conspicuous ones even though they play extremely important roles. A school nurse is always the first one you see if you get hurt; a Chinese Characters teacher preserves and passes down knowledge and heritage -they might not be giving you the pass to the top colleges, but they are the figures people need in their life.

Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi)





Chung Se-rang: What I first thought of was the slime that is left when a snail travels, so I felt like there must be something or some traces left over from all living things. And I wonder how would it be like to live in a world full of the residues of emotions.

Lee Kyoung-mi: I had a lot of thoughts on how to make them convincing. I started to study novels and movies about them and there are actually a lot of Jelly-type creatures out there, like Ditto from the Pokémon. I spent time obsessing over the genealogy of the Jelly, and to make it more fun to the audience, I decided to add some characteristics to the Jellies.

I found this private organisation called SCP Foundation online, where people build a huge database and categorise the (mythical) creatures that threaten human’s life. So these are living things that manifest human’s fears. After reviewing how far these imaginations can take us, I brought them together with the nature of wilderness which I've learned from the documentaries, so it added a sense of realness to our audience. To my surprise that some living things that only appear in our imaginations might actually exist, just that we never come across them.


Jung Yu-mi: The Octopus Jelly and Standing Jelly are my favourites!

Nam Joo-hyuk: I really like the Standing Jelly. This tiny friend in blue here, it has my heart [poses with the Standing Jelly].

Lee Kyoung-mi: My heart goes to the Mite Eater, and that’s also the episode I love the most. I wanted to make her so strange but cute at the same time. In fact, when we started the pre-production, the Mite Eater was the first one I cast, we have her on the casting board right next to Yu-mi and Joo-hyuk.

Chung Se-rang: I think the Toad Monster is my favourite! It is something in between fish and amphibian, and the teeth -it must be so challenging to visualise and I’m so impressed by the outcome. When I was writing the story, I was just thinking those Jellies who won’t harm people are in white and transparent meanwhile the bad ones are in more beautiful colours. The production of this series has taught me a lot on visualising the details of a story.


Jung Yu-mi: I was a little bit taken back when I first saw the weapons [laughs]. But as soon as we started filming, I feel like they are made for me and I’ve faith in them as much as Eun-young does! [ “holds” the CGI rainbow knife inserted to screen] The Blue Whale is a kind Jelly, The Octopus Jellies are too cute…OK! The Jellyfish, maybe I can do it! ["swings" the rainbow knife]

(Using the weapons) is not something really that effortless, it could also be very different from the novels when it comes to life. How Eun-young using a BB gun and rainbow sword may come across as very awkward to people, but it comes naturally to me.

Nam Joo-hyuk: My character is relatively ordinary compared to Yu-mi’s, for me, it is quite comfortable to not see the Jellies [laughs].  As you know In-pyo doesn’t have any weapon, so it’s like using your very own superpower. To In-pyo, simply being able to help others is very fulfilling, he spends his days like every other person but he never hesitates to step up whenever someone needs him, and that’s his greatest charm. 

Jung Yu-mi: I’ve always wanted to do action story and to be frank, this is not what I expected [laughs]. I was thinking of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you know, these movies we grew up watching and makes me want to do action scenes. I met Eun-young, that’s a totally new experience, she taught me that action story could be done so differently and I’m so happy that I can make my action debut as Eun-young -she could be the dream of many others, isn’t it?

Nam Joo-hyuk: He’s a Chinese Characters teacher, but, can I actually mention this? He’s not teaching much [laughs], he’s been spending a lot of time outside the classroom, fighting Jelly with Eun-young. So I don’t really have difficulties preparing my role as a Chinese Characters teacher.

Jung Yu-mi: The School Nurse Files is indeed very strange, but I love the way it is so bubbly and quirky. Many stories are being told within the series and every chapter has completed each other. I'm so thankful to be given the chance to play Eun-young. I want to make sure the story is delivered in a heart-warming way that will touch the viewers as much as the novel inspires its readers.


Jung Yu-mi: There were many things that I enjoyed portraying Eun-young. Whenever I try to stand in Eun-young’s shoes and I feel empathy for her, She had to see things that are unseen by others, I don’t think all of those are amusing experiences to her. Her loneliness is relatable. And now I think of Eun-young often and how she has the biggest heart to meet her destiny. She’s like a friend who pats you on your back.

Nam Joo-hyuk: In-pyo is someone who doesn’t really know about himself until he meets Eun-young. He is rediscovering and growing into a greater version of himself when he realises he can be the support system of someone else.


Chung Se-rang: In order to recreate the story into a six-episode series, we decided to underscore the sense of duty, desperation, happiness and all sentiments. It gives me an unecpected chance to revisit the story I've written between 2015 and 2016. The School Nurse Files is a story that connects lonely people and I hope that it will become one of your best friends.

Lee Kyoung-mi: It is my very first time to direct a story written by another writer. The experience of realising a world created by someone else was truly amazing, and it allowed me to borrow a different imagination and expression.

The ending of season 1 will leave people wondering what kind of adventure awaits? What is the story between Eun-young and In-pyo that left untold? I want these questions to linger in the mind and remain in the heart of our viewers. And whenever you feel that life is hard, remember how Eun-young meets her destiny, and even though there are challenges along the way, there’s In-pyo right next to her.


Watch The School Nurse Files now on netflix.com.

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