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[Upcoming Movie 2021] Seo Bok, 서복 - Park Bo Gum, Gong Yoo - Premieres on April 15th


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On 7/9/2019 at 8:36 AM, Noor90 said:


I don't want to disappoint you but from my experience in k movies, This movie 'll be released in summer 2020. Cuz it's high production . It aims for more admissions & more audience . 

Oh really, I wonder about the budget, maybe they will promote it overseas too 


Happy birthday gongyoo :kiss_wink:


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The shooting of Seo Bok had ended in October and the cast and crew had a a wrap-up party on November 11th. 






Park Bogum and Gong Yoo Wrapped up Filming for Their Upcoming Movie 'Seo Bok'

The filming for the upcoming movie has done.


On November 11th, cast and staff members of 'Seo Bok' (literal title), including Park Bogum and Gong Yoo, were spotted at a restaurant in Seoul, celebrating the wrap-up of the movie filming. The filming began in this May and they managed to finish it in approximately 5 months. 


Both Park Bogum and Gong Yoo were spotted in their casual winter clothes, kindly took photos with other members of the film.











'Seo Bok' tells the story of Kiheon (played by Gong Yoo), a former intelligence agent who comes across mankind's first human clone Seo Bok (played by Park Bogum) and becomes caught up in dangerous incidents involving several forces who are on the hunt to possess the clone.


'Seo Bok' is the first Korean film to deal with the topic of human cloning. The film is set to premiere sometime in 2020. 



Thumbnail Credit: ALLETS, The Qoo, Instiz

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I'm going to try and compile the support food trucks sent to the filming of Seo Bok in the next few posts. 


Starting with food trucks sent to Gong Yoo. 


Other than the one from Lee Dong Wook back in may and from his fans above, there's one from Soop - GY's management company. 



From Terra Beer : 


His fans DCInside Gong Yoo Gallery

I thought I saw Jung Yu Mi sent a truck for him, but I couldn't find any article/twitter post about it... :sweatingbullets:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2021] Seo Bok, 서복 - Park Bo Gum, Gong Yoo - Premieres on April 15th

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