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How do you keep your children safe online?

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My daughter started to use some of them when she was 4 years old. They were TV and tablet mostly, she didn't have much interest in our laptop during that time. She just watched cartoons and played some games for children, we allowed her to do that because in my opinion there's nothing bad in such activities for children. But of course we controlled her screen time and she spent no more than a couple of hours with her tablet, we used even special app for installing limits of her screen time https://www.verywellfamily.com/tips-for-limiting-electronics-and-screen-time-for-kids-1094870 .
Now she's 9 years old, she uses laptop often and tablet so controlling her screen time became harder for us. Anyway we explained her how to use net safely, which dangers and risks the web can contain and how to avoid them (for example, we don't allow at all sharing with your photos in social networks). And yes, we use parental control both for her tablet and our laptop, Family Shield for the first one and Refog Keylogger https://www.refog.com/ for the second one. Both of them work nice for controlling her activities and blocking all inappropriate content.

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I think I will give my children gadgets when they are ready. Up to 7 yo perhaps? Or 8? 9?

I will not give them gadgets if they under 7 I think. Because that’s the ages to build the foundation of their creativities. I will focus in let them drawing or singing or reading and playing with them. I will not let gadgets destroying their talents. I want my children to socialize with other kids and not with gadgets. 

Even if I let them to finally using gadgets, there will be a schedule. To use it. I want my kids grow like normal human.

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