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Love Hong Kong Dramas? Write For Soompi!


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Hello, Soompiers! We are currently looking for talented and creative people to join the Soompi team!

Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong Drama Features Writer

As a Soompi features writer, you will be able to work from home under a flexible work schedule. The position is paid.


– Passionate and has depth of knowledge on Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong dramas and entertainment
– Strong command of English grammar
– Ability to write fun and engaging content
– Ability to present thoughts and arguments in an organized manner
– Strong communication skills
– Organized, proactive, and dedicated
– Chinese listening ability is preferred, but not necessary

To apply, please send a resume, a cover letter, a list of 3-4 varying original feature article topics (in the form of article titles), and a 500-word (minimum, can be longer) review of a Chinese, Taiwanese, and/or Hong Kong drama. The article must demonstrate your personality and writing style. Please submit them in Word or PDF format.

Please send your application to jobs@soompi.com with [Chinese Drama Features Writer] as the subject line.

We will take applications as they arrive, and you can apply from anywhere in the world! The deadline for applications is Friday, March 1, 2019.

For more job opportunities at Soompi, check out our Jobs page.

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Why do Property maintenance services succeed?

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Property maintenance

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Reduced equipment breakdown and failure

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Checking important property assets like:

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Your most expensive equipment is running as efficiently as possible.

Liability avoidance

If property maintenance is handled periodically.

The number of worksite possible accidents or incidents will be reduced, which will help you avoid liabilities and lawsuits.

Increased property worth

Properties that are well-maintained keep their market value. 

The neglected property will surely depreciate and lower rental rates over time.

Happy renters

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Property Maintenance Examples

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Property Maintenance will be better with the application that we will provide to you with Liza, and this is a result of various benefits that we will all mention in the coming lines.

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Your app also allows buyers and sellers to view listings from other real estate agencies.

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Real estate mobile app is still in their infancy. 

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User experience is improved when an app has a rich and appealing design.

Alerts: Your app should provide notifications, particularly for new properties for sale or property inquiries. 

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As we all know, the features determine if an app is "good" or "poor." 

So our app has a wide range of functionalities that meet the needs of your consumers.


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