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[Drama 2019] Catch The Ghost, 유령을 잡아라


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Moon Geun-young, Expected the Ever-Changing Charm at tvN's New Drama "Catch the Ghost"




Moon Geun-young's behind-the-scenes clip about tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Catch the Ghost" poster has been unveiled. "Catch the Ghost" is a top-of-the-line combo investigation drama that the subway police force that guards the area solves a case to catch a serial killer called a subway ghost. 

Moon Geun-young plays the role of a ghost, a new member of the subway police force who is united by a sense of justice in the subway police force.

In the unveiled poster behind-the-scenes clip, Moon Geun-young perfectly expresses the various emotions of "ghost," from a bright expression to a serious and charismatic look. It is said that Moon Geun-young, who showed her depth through a passionate subway police "ghost," played a role of vitamin with her signature bright and positive energy during filming.

Meanwhile, the new images of Moon Geun-young have been revealed through teaser videos, which are fueling expectations among viewers. In particular, Moon Geun-young's welcome is greater than ever, as she is returning to the TV drama for the first time in four years. Moon Geun-young will perfectly express her confident and passionate "ghost" with her ever-changing charm as well as action scenes.


Moon Geun-young, who has already shown her acting skills, which dominates the stage beyond movie and TV through a number of works, has even recently enjoyed entertainment shows with her cute and cheerful charm. Attention is focusing on whether Moon Geun-young's passionate passion and sincerity, which is devoted to each piece, can shine in "Catch the Ghost."

tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Catch the Ghost," which is expected to feature a different aspect of Moon Geun-young, will premiere at 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 21 as a follow-up to the "Great Show."



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Watch: Moon Geun Young And Kim Seon Ho Are Adorably Confused In “Amazing Saturday” Preview

Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho will be appearing in the next episode of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”!

On October 12, tvN released a preview of next week’s episode featuring the two actors.

The clip begins with the cast members introducing Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho as “nobles.” It also states that there are three conditions for one to be considered a noble. The first condition is that the person must have been a fan of the show from the very first episode, which Moon Geun Young states she is. The next condition is that the person must be good at writing, rather than listening. Fortunately, Moon Geun Young says she fulfills this criteria. Finally, the guest must be polite, so the clip displays Kim Seon Ho being serious and focused on the task.

Although both actors seem to satisfy these conditions, the preview shows clips of them fumbling with the answers and having a hard time hearing the songs. The cast members begin to doubt their “noble” title as they joke, “You’re not going to come prepared?” and “You’re not the type to work, huh?”

Check out the preview below!

Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho will be starring in tvN’s upcoming program “Catch the Ghost,” a new drama about a squad of police officers who guard the subway and try to hunt down an infamous serial killer known as “The Ghost.”

Catch this episode of “Amazing Saturday” when it airs on October 19 at 7:35 p.m. KST.



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[SNS] 191013 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:




Subway Police Force Family.

I've met many good people through this work.
Especially, our Subway Police Force Family!
Actor Jo Jae Yoon, Actor Kim Seon Ho, Actor Ahn Seung Gyun, and Actor Lee Jun Hyuk.
I've met these amazing actors, working together, sharing your feelings and acting.
These were really heart-warming, thrilling, and happy moments.

We couldn't stop laughing during filming,
Each moment of becoming emotional continued to grow.
Can I meet such good people again?
Can we share this fun collab again?
Woooah. I will really miss them. I will really think about them. I will really be sentimental.
Ah.. It was a real trap because i have to pay the fine.
(Too Much Information: You will have to pay 10,000 won if you laugh and make a blooper-ㅠㅠ)

Anyway, I've told this all the time,
Sincerely appreciate and I love you with all my heart, Subway Police Force Family 




#tvNMonTueDrama #CatchTheGhost #October21 #FirstBroadcast #D-8 #ActingAbility #AsABasic #InAddition #ReallyGoodHeartOppa #ActorJoJaeYoon #ReallyFunOppa #ActorKimSeonHo #TalkativeDongsaeng #ActorAhnSeungGyun #AND #AttractiveFiveTrillion #ActorLeeJunHyuk #BeingAbleToAct #Together #Sincerely #Happy #Day1486




Trans by: mgyifc






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[VID] 191015 tvN variety show "Doremi Market" gives new preview of Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho's Guest Appearance!

The next episode of "Doremi Market" will air on October 19 at 7:35pm.






[INFO] 191015 Catch the Ghost Press Conference has been moved to October 21 (Monday) in order to express condolences to the news of Sulli's death.

Sending our deepest condolences to Sulli’s family, friends and fans. Rest In Peace Sulli.




Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0002967991


trans by mgyifc



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Catch The Ghost releases new poster of Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho ahead of its October 21 premiere!




Poster caption trans:
"Somewhere here, the killer "Subway Ghost" is breathing"



#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchYooRyung #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호


trans by mgyifc



Moon Geun Young And Kim Seon Ho Investigate A Subway Crime In New Poster For “Catch The Ghost”


tvN’s upcoming drama “Catch the Ghost” has shared a new poster featuring Moon Geun Young and  Kim Seon Ho

“Catch the Ghost” is about a squad of police officers who guard the subway and try to hunt down an infamous serial killer known as “The Ghost.” Moon Geun Young plays passionate rookie officer Yoo Ryung, whose personality differs greatly from that of her poised superior Go Ji Seok (Kim Seon Ho), who does everything by the book.

In the newly-released poster, Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho sit side-by-side in a dark subway. Moon Geun Young’s gaze is sharp, and Kim Seon Ho scans the scene of the crime with a serious expression. Both officers are fully determined to catch the criminal.



The mysterious footprints on the subway floor and the fact that the subway has suddenly turned into a scene of a crime prove that something serious has happened. The poster also features the phrase, “Somewhere in this place, the killer called ‘The Subway Ghost’ is breathing,” which adds to the poster’s tense atmosphere.

“Catch the Ghost” premieres on Monday, October 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!



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On 10/14/2019 at 9:17 PM, Damsauce Karats said:

Catch the Ghost Relationship Chart! Source: tvndrama.official

@Damsauce Karats,Thank you for the translation of the relationship chart!



26 minutes ago, Damsauce Karats said:

Catch The Ghost releases new poster of Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho ahead of its October 21 premiere!

Love this couple poster!


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#tvN #CatchTheGhost releases still cuts: Kim Sun-Ho , Jo Jae-Yun and Ahn Seung-Kyoon




Premieres on Monday, October 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


[VID] 191019 SALT Entertainment releases new behind the scenes video of Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho ahead of its premiere on October 21




#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchYooRyung #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호

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[INFO] 191019 Han Ji Sang, Park Ho San and Oh Dae Hwan to make special cameo appearance on "Catch The Ghost" which will premiere at 9:30 p.m. on the 21st (Monday).




Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/018/0004495407
Trans by: mgyifc




PHOTO] 191019 tvN's 'Doremi Market' releases new stills of Moon Geun Young for their upcoming episode tonight at 7:35pm!



Source: naver

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K-Drama Sneak Peak: Moon Geun Young & Kim Sun Ho To Tackle Subway Mystery Adventures In “Catch The Ghost”



tvN’s highly awaited Catch The Ghost brings in Moon Geun Young and Kim Sun Ho together as police investigators who join forces to solve crimes. Catch The Ghost is an investigative drama that has subway crimes highlighted, with a twist of some supernatural elements. The drama highlights the problems that occurs in subways and the struggles faced by the subway police team.





When her autistic twin sister goes missing, the main protagonist joins the police subway team to solve the case. The plot of the drama focuses on the journey of the subway police team who are trying to catch a murderer known as the ‘Ghost of the Subway’. Promising the audience of explosive entertainment, the drama is a blend of supernatural thriller and comedy.


Making her small screen comeback, Moon Geun Young takes on the role of Yoo Ryung. Yoo Ryung is a passionate rookie detective who applied to become an investigator with the hopes that she would be able to find her missing sister. Blessed with supernatural powers, Yoo Ryung uses them to her advantage for catching the criminals. Known as Nation’s little sister, Moon Geun Young has delivered numerous classic drama favorites and is set to leave another noteworthy impression through this drama.




Partnering Moon Geun Young is Kim Sun Ho who plays the role of a meticulous police officer, Ko Ji Seok. He believes in strictly adhering to the rules. After his encounter with Yoo Ryung, his personality changes gradually. He often has to take care and clean up the mess made due to Yoo Ryung’s mishaps. Kim Sun Ho has gained attention for his performance in his recent drama Welcome to Waikiki 2  and a lot can be expected from him in this drama as well.

Complementing the charismatic combination of the main leads, the supporting cast includes Jung Eugene, Ki Do Hoon, Jo Jae Yun, and An Seung Yoon – who are also a part of the subway police team.



The highly anticipated drama backed by Studio Dragon Productions, is directed by Shin Yoon Sub who has also directed famous dramas like Please Come Back, Mister and Rooftop Prince. Writers So Won and Lee Young Joo have penned the script for the drama.

Catch The Ghost will premiere at 21.30 KST via tvN on October 21.



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4 hours ago, triplem said:

@Damsauce Karats do you know when the press con is ?





[SNS] 191020 @tvndrama.official instagram update with Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho 



#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchYooRyung #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호








Moon Geun Young Shares Why She Chose “Catch The Ghost” As Her First Drama In 4 Years

New behind-the-scenes stills have been shared for the upcoming tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Catch the Ghost.”

“Catch the Ghost” will tell the story of a squad of police officers guarding the subway who try to hunt down an infamous serial killer known as “The Subway Ghost.” Moon Geun Young plays passionate rookie officer Yoo Ryung, while Kim Seon Ho plays the role of her by-the-books superior Go Ji Seok.

One day before the drama’s premiere, they’ve shared a new behind-the-scenes looks at Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho at work. The pair are dedicated to their roles, looking over their scripts and monitoring their screens during breaks to make sure they create the perfect scenes. Their camaraderie continues even when cameras aren’t rolling as they share fun conversations together and discuss their characters in depth.


More soompi

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