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[Drama 2019] Catch The Ghost, 유령을 잡아라

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[INTERVIEW] 190927 Kim Sun Ho talks about Moon Geun Young on his recent interview




Actor Kim Sun Ho recently participated in a photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar Magazine and talks about Moon Geun Young, his co-star on upcoming drama "Catch the Ghost".

Q: <Catch the Ghost> It was supposed to be broadcast (in August)

Sun-ho: To make it better, everyone discussed it and then postponed the schedule. I don't feel anxious because it was already scheduled. It's not something that can be solved just because I'm thinking about it, so I tried to create bright energy on the set.

Q: Romantic investigative drama? What kind of drama is it?

Sun-ho: The romantic comedy with actress Moon Geun-young takes a huge part of it. My character is a detective who originally lived a rough life and pursued a stable life for some reason. I work for the subway police force, but I wear plain clothes and mixed among the people. It was my first time doing this kind of drama, and these people were actually working on the subway that we use often in real life. To catch pickpockets/criminals. He doesn't take on violent cases, so he's stable in some ways. While living like that, he meets actress Moon Geun-young, a fellow police officer who made him think about what he really wants and then he fell in love.

Q: It's a comedy. Is there Kim Sun-ho's own way to match with other actors?

Sun-ho: There is much to learn from Moon Geun-young's long acting experience. If you're always be honest and work hard and when you look at your eyes, you will catch up without even realizing it. If I'm prepared enough, I think I can do a good job together no matter what the opponent throws. So think about more situations.



Source: https://www.harpersbazaar.co.kr/article/42370
Trans by: mgyifc

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Kim Seon Ho Talks About His Teamwork With “Catch The Ghost” Co-Star Moon Geun Young


Kim Seon Ho recently participated in a pictorial with Harper’s Bazaar!

Currently, the actor is busy filming the upcoming drama “Catch The Ghost” with Moon Geun Young. During the interview, he mentioned his co-star, saying, “There is much to learn from Moon Geun Young’s long acting experience. She’s always honest and hard-working, so when I look at her eyes, I automatically follow her. I think if I make enough preparations, we will be able to do a good job together in any situation.”


Regarding his acting career of eight years in theater and two years in dramas, he said, “I won the rookie award, and it’s been two years since I’ve debuted on TV, so I thought of myself as a rookie because it was just easier that way. I can’t stay put forever. While I might feel regrettable about not being able to act well in ‘Catch The Ghost,’ I thought I shouldn’t be disappointed because I couldn’t do what I could at the moment. Even if time was delayed, I was able to say ‘Let’s do it again.’ Thankfully, [the crew] likes this side of me, so I’m filming with excitement. It’s a time I’m flowing with passion. Passion isn’t necessarily all good, but I thought it would come sometime, and this is the moment.”



“Catch the Ghost” is about a squad of police officers who guard the subway and attempt to hunt down a serial killer known as “The Ghost.” Moon Geun Young stars as Yoo Ryung, a passionate rookie officer who has little in common with her poised superior Go Ji Seok (played by Kim Seon Ho), who does everything by the book.

The drama will premiere on October 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

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[SNS] 191001 Moon Geun Young (@aka_moons) instagram update:



Drama 'Catch the Ghost'

My name is Yoo Ryung.
Not the Ghost! (Note: Yoo Ryung = Ghost in korean)
Not the exorcist who catches ghosts.
I'm a subway police officer who catches a serial killer known as Ghost.
It's not a horror drama.
Thumping + breaking + laughter + crying + confusing + fluttering + goosebumps + and so on?!?!
I don't really know the genre


Anyway, I'll be right back!
Please wait a little longer.
#tvNMonTueDrama #CatchTheGhost #October21 #FirstBroadcast #D-20

Trans by: mgyifc

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On 10/2/2019 at 4:57 PM, triplem said:

Look at his adorable face & dimples

oh, I can barely wait. I have missed him so much....  :love:


Moon Geun Young Expresses How Surprised And Moved She Was By Lee Joon Gi’s Gift


Moon Geun Young has taken to Instagram to look back on a touching moment she experienced while filming “Catch the Ghost” thanks to Lee Joon Gi.

On October 4, she shared photos of herself in front of a coffee truck sent by Lee Joon Gi in June to the set of her upcoming drama “Catch the Ghost.” She wrote the following:


Saturday, June 29, 2019

A coffee truck from Joon Gi.

A day with a tight shooting schedule,
where we were filming a scene that was action-packed, emotional, and tiring in various ways.
A really, really surprising gift from actor Lee Joon Gi!!
Wow. It’s amazing that it was all carried out in secret like this!!
It was the first coffee truck sent to the set of ‘Ghost,’
and there were even churros that gave me so much strength as I was filming without being able to eat proper meals.
Support from Joon Gi that made me so grateful.
All of the staff were so thankful.



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Watch: Kim Seon Ho Tries To Rein In Moon Geun Young’s Passion In New “Catch The Ghost” Teaser


tvN’s upcoming drama “Catch the Ghost” has shared a fun new teaser!

On October 5, tvN posted a new teaser clip for “Catch the Ghost,” a new drama about a squad of police officers who guard the subway and try to hunt down an infamous serial killer known as “The Ghost.” Moon Geun Young plays passionate rookie officer Yoo Ryung, whose personality differs greatly from that of her poised superior Go Ji Seok (Kim Seon Ho), who does everything by the book.

The teaser begins with Moon Geun Young on the subway, thinking about the duo in a variety of dramatic situations. Her thoughts are interrupted as Kim Seon Ho pulls out one of her earbuds and says, “Newbie. It’s the last train. Let’s go home.” She firmly responds, “Officer. I think we’re really well-matched.” He replies with a blank expression, “No. We aren’t well-matched.”

Moon Geun Young then passionately shouts, “I will work harder!” and Kim Seon Ho says, “Just do as much as society wants you to do. Things are already hard enough as it is.”

tvN’s “Catch the Ghost” premieres on Monday, October 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!



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On 10/6/2019 at 4:23 PM, Damsauce Karats said:

omg i love this

Same ! They are so cute . She’s gonna drive him nuts ...and is that him hiding from her :lol:

Edit to add


Edited by triplem
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Character Description - Yoo Ryung






Source: catch the ghost website
Trans by: mgyifc


More character descriptions!












[SNS] 191008 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:






We look good together.

During early shooting-
Unlike amiable personalities, two people were quite shy to each other.
As if they become close not quite, become comfortable not quite, being awkward and not quite.

When we went into the shoot,
the moment seeing Sun Ho oppa's eyes!
There's Captain Go Ji Suk in that place.
And I,
before I knew it had to become Yoo Ryung.
In that sparkling time, I don't think I will never forget that moment.

#tvNmontuedrama #CatchTheGhost #October21 #FirstBroadcast #D-13 #JiSukAndYooRyung #SparklingChemistry #IfYouWantToSeeIt #TuneIn #YouWon'tRegretIt #Actor #KimSunho #Always #ThankYou #ThanksToYu #IEnjoyed #Acting #Again #TheLastPhoto #DoesntLookStagedButStagedShot #Day1481


Trans by mgyifc






Edited by Jillia
Please do not post consecutively, edit you previous post instead. Thanks! :)
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