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[Drama 2019] Be Melodramatic/Melo Is My Nature, 멜로가 체질


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Moments From “Melo Is My Nature” That Realistically Portray How A Relationship Begins And Ends

Aug 25, 2019
by U. Kim

JTBC’s “Melo Is My Nature” is drawing attention for its realistic depiction of romance.

“Melo Is My Nature” tells the story of three female friends in their 30s and their ordinary lives, concerns, and romances. In the latest episode, Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee) reminisced about her long-lasting previous relationship with Chan Dong (Lee Yoo Jin). In the way that many couples do in real life, the two would share sweet moments, only to bicker moments later, and then reconcile. Here are some moments from the recent episode that had viewers nodding along while thinking about their own relationships.

“That wasn’t the only reason that our kiss was sweet. It was love.”

At a lecture room in college, Jin Joo and Hwan Dong kept meeting each other’s eyes, and Jin Joo made the first move by asking Chan Dong if he wanted to have a meal with her. When the two sat down for some tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and soju, Jin Joo handed Hwan Dong her glass, telling him, “Here, now tell me what it is that you want to say.” After a few gulps, Hwan Dong mustered up his courage to say, “I like you.” That’s how their relationship began, in a romantic moment that made even the spicy rice cakes and bitter soju taste sweet.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1347946wpp/moments-from-melo-is-my-nature-that-realistically-portray-how-a-relationship-begins-and-ends

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Reasons Why Ahn Jae Hong Is Irresistibly Charming In “Melo Is My Nature”

Aug 26, 2019
by S. Nam

Ahn Jae Hong in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Melo Is My Nature” is captivating audiences with his unique and refreshing charms!

“Melo Is My Nature” tells the story of three female friends in their 30s and their ordinary lives, concerns, and romances. Ahn Jae Hong plays the popular drama producing director (PD) Son Bum Soo.

Below are three reasons why viewers have already fallen for Ahn Jae Hong’s charismatic character!

An unexpected charm

Son Bum Soo is a character whose actions can’t be anticipated. Not only does he have a unique way of talking, but he also visited the female lead’s house with scallions rather than a bouquet of flowers. His unexpected antics have kept viewers on their toes, making them want to learn more about the one-of-a-kind character.

During the second episode, Son Bum Soo left a strong impact when he rejected the offer to work with the famous scriptwriter Jung Hye Jung (Baek Ji Won). Offended by his rejection, Jung Hye Jung tried to say something, but Son Bum Soo comically blocked his ears and screamed, “I can’t hear you!”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1348049wpp/reasons-why-ahn-jae-hong-is-irresistibly-charming-in-melo-is-my-nature
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Watched 5-6, and yes, I still adore this.


I love how intellectual they are, especially Eun-Jeong. She is analytical and nerdy, and they are expressing that fully without talking down the audience.


I love how meta the show is. Jin-Joo is writing about three women who are 30, and their lives and loves.


I love how they explore Jin-Joo's relationship with Hwan-Dong with realism and objectivity. They were real people who fell in love but with flaws on both sides. I love how they dig deep into that, without making it into some fantasy, or making one of them out to be the bad guy.


I love the loopy humor.


I love all the side characters.


I love how Han-Joo curses while smiling. I love that she has an edge, even though her face looks like a sweet, droopy puppy. I love how her face looks so perfectly like a sweet, droopy puppy.


And of course, I love Jin-Joo. Because she is a crazy B.


I love Beom-Soo, too. And Hyo-Bong. Who do I not love? Really, no one.


THIS IS LOVE. I can't wait until next weekend.

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I logged in to say how much I love this drama! 


For me, it's one of the best this year (so far, don't let me down writer-nim jebal...) 

Every episode had me laughing, crying, and contemplating about life. 


Can't wait to see more of eun-jeong because she is such an interesting character. 

That being said, I love all characters. 





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Chun Woo Hee And Ahn Jae Hong Combine Work And Romance In Mysterious Date On “Melo Is My Nature”

Aug 31, 2019
by C. Hong

Can Chun Woo Hee and Ahn Jae Hong’s unpredictable love story progress on JTBC’s “Melo Is My Nature?”


On the August 30 episode, Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee) and Bum Soo (Ahn Jae Hong) went on a fake date to get ideas for the melodrama they are working on together. (Jin Joo is a scriptwriter and Bum Soo is a producing director.) The atmosphere on their date remained ambiguous, walking the line between casual and meaningful.

In stills for the upcoming August 31 episode, Jin Joo and Bum Soo are out on another date, this time at a pub over beers. In previous episodes, the couple had gotten into disaster every time alcohol was involved, and viewers are looking forward to see how this new date setting sets up a new turning point for the couple.

The preview for the episode also set up a new development in their work life: a big production company makes an offer for their melodrama. However, Jin Joo has a connection to the production company that makes her think carefully about her next step.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1349290wpp/chun-woo-hee-and-ahn-jae-hong-combine-work-and-romance-in-mysterious-date-on-melo-is-my-nature
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Be Melodramatic: Episodes 2-8 (Series review)

by SailorJumun


I always love a good show that is self-aware and that can make fun of itself. Be Melodramatic is certainly that, making the various characters experts in K-dramas (and not so much in real life). Take Chun Woo-hee’s character Jin-joo for example. She submits a screenplay, knowing all too well that a slow, thoughtful drama about women in their thirties isn’t going to get high ratings. And yeah, Be Melodramatic has been struggling ratings-wise, never straying from 1 percent.

Despite what the grumpy old executives tell Jin-joo, she refuses to change her story or what I would call her delightfully strange personality. So while the drama isn’t as sweet and cute and pretty as the average rom-com, it is refreshingly honest. Sure, that honesty can lead to some frustration (which I’ll get to later), but it also leads to a lot of laughs and tears and satisfaction. With all of that said, it’s time to grab a beer, park it on the couch, and catch up with our melo-loving friends.




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This drama remains absolutely amazing at the 1/2-way point.


Hwan Dong

One thing I love is how they portray that he is actually good at his job. In fact, how *everyone* is good at their jobs. This show is doing such a great job of SHOWING instead of just TELLING. We can see that he is smart, talented, and observant, and knows what he is doing, even though we haven't actually seen him at work for very long at all.


Another thing is that he is a well-rounded character. I don't know if we're meant to like him or not. But without feeling a strong emotion either way, he is interesting. He is complex, and not just a jerk ex-boyfriend. I love how they took the time to flesh him out.


Ha Yoon

Another character who could have been a stock villain. Although we didn't understand why Jae Hoon stays with this woman who cheated on him and is a jerk in other ways, flashbacks and other scenes show that they did love each other very much, at one point, and why he can't bring himself to walk away yet. This, just like any other relationship they portray on this show, does a great job of showing you - love is not always simple.


I do feel sure that they will eventually separate, but I also feel sure that this story will be told with sensitivity and fully realized.

I'm not sure "slice of life" really describes this show anymore. I love how they are really in-depth and detailed about Korean show business, and aside from all the great character work, this show has some really great insights about the entertainment industry in Korea.


In fact, because every episode is so hilarious and enjoyable, you might not even notice how ... well-designed, shall I say? ... the plot is.


It's just all so... well thought-out. Basically, there is a fun, very spunky, "Let's make a drama together!" vibe to it. You get the writer (Jin Joo), the director (Beom Soo), the actress (So Min), and the commerce (Han Joo). And of course, you get the idealistic artiste (Eun Jeong). Each character is so strong and indelible, and very well-developed. I feel like I know these people.



I'm bummed that it's not getting more love. But based on the comments I read on Viki, those who gave it a chance are loving it.

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Cast And Crew Of “Melo Is My Nature” Share Thoughts As Drama Crosses Halfway Mark

Sep 8, 2019
by S. Cho




The cast and crew of “Melo Is My Nature” have shared their thoughts following their drama’s halfway mark.

JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Melo Is My Nature” is a romantic comedy that follows the story of three 30-year-old best friends and their daily lives. It is the drama debut for director Lee Byung Hun, who worked on the hit film, “Extreme Job.”

On September 6, the drama’s cast and crew held a press conference where the director shared, “Since it was my first time directing a drama, it was refreshing and fun. We recently filmed the ending and happily completed filming.” Despite the positive reviews, the drama has been receiving poor viewership ratings. Regarding the reason, Lee Byung Hun commented, “I watched the drama with some people in their early twenties, and they didn’t understand it well. I realized I was lacking in some ways. The viewership ratings are low, but strangely, our atmosphere is still nice.”

When asked if he would continue making dramas, he answered, “Even though I’m in tatters because it was so hard, I want to use this experience as the foundation to formulate new plans on and try [creating] a drama again. I’m currently thinking about how to lessen the gap between what I want to do and what the audience enjoys. I’m studying with a confused mind.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1350962wpp/cast-and-crew-of-melo-is-my-nature-share-thoughts-as-drama-crosses-halfway-mark

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I'm definitely still in love. This is a really great drama.


It's always bittersweet to love a low-rated show like this. I tell myself that I'm kind of happy to have found a hidden gem. But honestly, I'm bummed that more people are not experiencing the joy that is this show.


My biggest heartache is for Eun Jeong, who deserves all the hugs. I love her wry humor, how whip-smart she is, and how she kicks a$$ on a daily basis, and how through it all, she is suffering deep grief. It's just such a wonderful character and her story is so well-told. They just lean into all of that fully, and they don't hold back. It is so good. Why aren't more people watching? :tears:


I also love everything about Jin Joo and Beom Soo. I just love them together. They're both just really flippin' weird, and they get each other.


And I just loved that entire scene with Jin Joo hanging out with her fellow assistant writers. And how Beom Soo slowly touched the pizza box to see if it was still warm. Just little ridiculous details like that... ah... I just... THIS SHOW GETS ME.


So Min and Min Joon. Cuteness! I die!


I love how they really take time to fully get into each character's story. I really want to see how Han Joo's story is resolved and if she ever gets closure with her ex-husband. I really want to see what happens with Jae Hoon and Ha Yoon, too. I want to see what happens with Dami and Dong Gi. I want to see what happens with Hye Jeong and the Station Chief. I want... this show to never end.


I just really love everything about this show. Here's to hoping that the show within a show is a daebak hit, because it might make me feel better about the fact that this actual show is not a hit in reality. That at least we can fantasize that a smartly written show without idol actors can be a big hit.

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@chickfactor I am like you, I love this show, but so sad it is not getting the recognition it deserves... It is so funny at times, and so sad at others. I just identotfy with each character in some ways and I totally feel for them. Ha Yoon for instance and her slow descent into hell; it is portrayed so humanly...


Eun Jeong is also the most interesting to me just because she is so strong and assertive and yet she cannot move past her sorrow. I like how she is slowly evolving and moving forward though. I am also particularly interested in her brother and cannot wait to hear more about his story. It seems we might get a bit of that this week, no?


Jin Joo and Beom Soo - Ha ha ha! They crack me up. I totally love them and one of the main reasons is that they do not try to change each other. They accept each other's weird habits and go with it. They are so refreshing and fun to watch.


Jin Joo - the actress has a special place in my heart. I first saw her in the movie Han Gong-ju which totally shocked and moved me. It is a hard movie to recommend really but it is so important as well. In any case, I am impressed by her comedic abilities - she makes me laugh. I could totally relate to the lying down moments! I am a professor and I need to write quite a lot and at times, it just does not come and you just do not know what to do with yourself...


Other aspects of the show I love - the little references to all these shows and movies. Totally LMAOed with the Reply series reference and the goat sound!!! LOVED IT!

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i love this show too, the lead female and her friends are so funny. THE plot is sometimes very  sad, the romance very realistic,  just the ex boyfriend of lead female  in this drama is so sexy and very hot , shame that she love other guy but it's the life, i like a lot this drama

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19 hours ago, carolinedl said:

Other aspects of the show I love - the little references to all these shows and movies. Totally LMAOed with the Reply series reference and the goat sound!!! LOVED IT!



Yeah, I loved that. This show really properly pays tribute to the Reply series as the major cultural moment that it was. In Ep. 1, Jin Joo blames all the crying she did over her break up with Hwan Dong on the Reply series.


In fact, this show gives loves to a lot of other dramas, including tributes to "My Name is Kim Sam Soon," "Secret Garden," and many others.



That scene where Dami gave Dong Gi a fried egg is from a famous scene in some old drama, where the kitchen worker gives one of the customers a fried egg every day to show that she loves him.


They showed a similar scene in "Oh My Ghostess," but it's also in some really old drama that my parents watched back in the day.


Ah, I can't wait until this weekend, so I can curl up and enjoy some more Melo.


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2 hours ago, blademan said:

Is it airing tonight??


Yes! :) So looking forward to it!!



On 9/11/2019 at 6:50 AM, chickfactor said:


That scene where Dami gave Dong Gi a fried egg is from a famous scene in some old drama, where the kitchen worker gives one of the customers a fried egg every day to show that she loves him.



Ah though I catwh a lot of them, totally missed that one. Thank you for pointing it out :D

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