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[OFFICIAL] ♥Lee Dong Wook♥ Yoo In Na ♥ Pichi Couple/Ointment Couple

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Our favorite lovely couple in dramas "Goblin" and "Touch your Heart"     

I first started asking if they are together when I saw the pic taking during the press conference when LDW tried to hold her hand as they were about to go down the stage. He acted as if holding her ha

I found this while browsing through Youtube yesterday.    It all started in 2014 I guess?     

Sigh ... the drama is ending this week, and we’re gonna be so SAD! :bawling: 

BUT this when all shippers will start to be on HIGH ALERT!! 

Btw, fans of SongSong, HOW did they react during their Wrap-up Party??? Did they keep a distance from each other like other leading Actors and Actresses ( ESPECIALLY for romcoms) or they were close??? 

I suppose it’s going to b difficult to tell from the Wrap up Party?? 

Also, when fans suspected that SongSong were dating, did any party deny??

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While browsing LDW's soompi thread, found this transcript during Goblin's Dramatalk ...putting it on spoiler tags because it's a bit long

Would really like a copy of the vid though 


LDW greeting YIN's sister


YIN: [to LDW] You should say a few sentences to my older sister, her name is Ah-na.

LDW: How old is Ah-na…?

YIN: My sister has a kid already.

LDW: Ah, is that so… I hope you can become a good mother. Next time, come visit us here. Please love Goblin a lot, thank you.



This is funny coz YIN asked LDW too about her similarities with OYS during the kakao talk interview for Touch Your Heart too kkkk


MC: Ah, so far we haven’t actually asked many questions and already the chemistry [between the cast] is this strong. Everyone’s personality/role seems to be very clear, too. Please compare each character’s personality with their real-life personality. But actually, it seems like we’re gradually seeing these personalities come through; GY plays the goblin, LDW plays the grim reaper. If we were to compare the personality of your character to your actual personality in real life, what would be similar/different?

Ah but why is everyone just exchanging glances/looking at each other? Let’s give the microphone to LDW then.

LDW: Okay. Uhh… [gets distracted by microphone cord] Sorry but this mic cord is tangled with this chair. Uh… as for the grim reaper… …do you want us to talk/compare for just our own characters? Ah, then I’ll talk about the character Sunny/YIN.

YIN: …Don’t….

LDW: Ah, you don’t want me to? I’ll only pick good things to say. We’re in front of cameras, after all.

YIN: It’s just… right now I don’t think I’ve found anything in common with the character Sunny, have you found anything?

LDW: No. [laughs] If you haven’t found any similarities yourself how could I…

YIN: Then what were you planning on saying…?

LDW: No, because Sunny is a pretty reckless… the character in the drama is quite reckless, and her self-awareness is very strong… This is a very strong, clear character. But in reality YIN is a much gentler person, who can really listen to other people’s thoughts, and can really look after/care for other people. She’s a really great person.

YIN: Thank you.

LDW: Yes, congratulations. [laughing] What even was that ending just now?


YIN talks about similiraties of Grim Reaper and LDW


YIN: First, in reality LDW really has a lot of charm [high-fives LDW]. If we were to talk about similarities and differences with the grim reaper, the reaper is a funny kind of man, and in real life LDW really is that kind of funny, interesting man.

[prolonged embarrassed pause]

LDW: Uh, then, lastly, I’ll…

[KGE and YSJ imitate LDW/YIN’s high-five]


YIN talks about how she prepared/practice for the role


MC: What was YIN’s situation like?

YIN: For me… actually Sunny is a pretty strong character, and in the beginning I introduced my character like that. When the character Sunny talks to other people, she’s not willing to concede to anyone, that kind of defiant attitude. But in reality my personality isn’t like that. I’m the type to immediately soften… [giggles] …so to not be like that, I put up pictures of KGE and the others at home.

[Cast laughs, LDW says something, YIN makes a small circle with her hands.]

Yeah, just ones that you could hold like this, not just pictures that I saw at other places. Photos that were taken to see what the profile shots would look like(?). I used really thick paper to make them into signs [that you can hold], So there was a picture of KGE where she was smiling really brightly, and in order to get/act a little tougher I would face the picture like this and just practice like that [laughs]…



YIN and LDW talking about a picture wherein they shot their first scene together


Alright, let’s take a look at the next set of pictures. Finally, we get to see the pictures of our grim reaper wth Sunny!

[In the corner you can see LDW spots YIN struggling to look at the picture, so he moves in front of her to block her view, which she protests. What a flirt.]

MC: In the picture, the two of them are standing face-to-face, looking straight at each other. But it also feels like you guys were just arguing with each other, what’s happening here?

LDW: [to YIN] Why don’t you explain?

YIN: Ah, this scene… Sunny is saying to the grim reaper… Wait, am I allowed to say this?

LDW: Yeah, we can’t tell you everything

YIN: Right. This… it isn’t like that.

LDW: What isn’t?

YIN: [laughing] Ah I don’t even know anymore either [bursts out laughing]

LDW: ‘Ding!’ [”Wrong!”] Uh… this is after the two of us meet for the first time. This is the second time we meet. It looks like I scolded Sunny, in this scene we were filming. This was actually the first time YIN and I filmed together.

YIN: Ah, that’s right.

LDW: You didn’t remember?

YIN: Of course I remember!

LDW: So originally that day I thought it would be really awkward, but the filming process was actually much more comfortable than I had imagined it would be.

YIN: Yes.

LDW: YIN voluntarily came up to me and asked if we wanted to go through/match our scripts, so I’m really very thankful to her for taking the initiative. She took the initiative to set the atmosphere.

MC: The first time you met, was it under really intense circumstances?

LDW: Yes, it was like that. The first time we meet, it’s really intense. Uh… there’s a reason. There’s a reason for that.

MC: A reason… we’ll just have to watch the drama to find the answer to that, then.

LDW: Yes, of course.


When the commenters  find LDW and YIN cute together and would start rumors being together kkkk... It's a shame the question was not brought out .... But LDW and KGE's comment on her voice though 


MC: I see. Then for YIN, just now you showed great chemistry with LDW. I saw a lot of comments saying you’re so cute, or that you two are going to start rumors/scandals, these kinds of comments. But there were a lot of comments about your voice, too, asking stuff like ‘How do I make my voice as sweet [honey-voice] as yours?’ Is there a secret to that?

YIN: The secret to my voice… uh… 

MC: Were you born with it?

YIN: Actually, even though my voice is originally like this, but I think it’s also because I was a radio DJ for a really long time. When I first heard my own voice I just couldn’t stand it, so among the sounds I could make, I practiced how to make my vocal tone soothing to the ears.

KGE: Not only is YIN’s [vocal] tone is so nice to listen to, but the way she talks is beautiful as well. She can really brighten the mood of anyone who’s listening to her. 

LDW: That’s true. She’s really talented [skilled] in speaking—

[KGE and YIN bashfully pretend to swat each other from across the table, YIN hits LDW on the shoulder, everyone starts laughing]

LDW: [sighing] Ah, seriously. When she’s praising others, or when she’s talking with other people, she’ll never make the other person feel bad [cause them to be in a bad mood]. Her speaking skills are really strong. 

KGE: Her praise is really genuine. 

KGE: She doesn’t make people feel like it’s only out of courtesy/just for show.

LDW: Her reactions are very honest.

LDW: Exactly. 


When YIN wants LDW to do an aegyo


YSJ: It seems like I’ve heard them, too. Uh. I’ve done this way too many times. [Looks over at the rest of the cast, who probably suggested he sing.] 

The new song, huh? [clears throat] sings chorus of I’ll Be Your Man]

GY: Finish it up with aegyo. 

YSJ: Okay. [Sings part of the chorus of “I’ll Be Your Man”]
Please give a lot of love to BTOB’s “I’ll Be Your Man”! [finger heart]

[cast is clapping, LDW gives him a standing ovation]

MC: You can’t lose/go wrong with that! Is there anyone else here who’s prepared some aegyo? 

YIN: The oppas here will act as representatives for our team. 

MC: Who are they, YIN?

YIN: LDW, how long has it been since you debuted?

LDW: This year would be my 18th year since debut.

YIN: It’s already been 18 years, but a lot of people might not know that LDW is actually really good at aegyo. He’s really a very cute guy. 

LDW: People not knowing about that is perfectly fine with me…

YIN: [laughs] Please let everyone know…

LDW: You want me to do aegyo?

YIN: Yes, I do. 

LDW: Ah… [fake sighing]


Full transcript here http://irisnights.tumblr.com/post/156741777466/161122-goblin-cast-drama-talk-an-english

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@Alice MendozaSSCP distanced themselves during the end of drama party.  I can't even remember a single photo during that party where they were together.  There was just one video where JoongKi was making a toast and HyeKyo was kinda beside/behind him.


The crumbs kept coming after the drama DOTS is over (arrival TOGETHER at the Baeksang Awards red carpet, guests in each other's fan meeting with some sweet moments, late night sightings with group of friends, out of country trips where fans saw them).  SSCP shippers were well fed after the drama is over:D.


YES, their companies denied all of the sightings.  Even in her interview, SHK said that she is just a noona to SJK and Yoo Ah In who likes to treat them to good food.  I think her statement actually inspired the drama "Noona who buys me food".


One thing I have to add though is Dispatch seemed to have left them alone.  They respected their privacy.  They only released photos of these 2 when SSCP announced in July 2017 that they've been engaged since Jan/Feb and that they are getting married in October of that year.


The relationship dynamics of InNa and Wookie seems different than that of SSCP so hopefully they will be sitting together at the Wrap up Party.


I'd like to add that in the case of my other ship that actually sailed but broken up already, SWAG/NamLee Couple, they were also close friends like buddies level even before their drama so they were near each other during the wrap up party for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.  Nam Joo Hyuk even comforted Lee Sung Kyung when she was crying during the party.


Gosh, I don't know.  I hope Wookie and InNa won't be weirded out by all of us shipping them to be a couple in real life.  I hope they will sit together during the wrap up party of Touch Your Heart and give us some moments we can squeal about:heart:.

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9 hours ago, bidown said:

Talkingg about YIN relationship with her ex, I don’t know that YIN received so many criticism about that. I did watch the drama and if I remembered right, the effect after the drama was very good, and people congratulated for her relationship. I also can predict that they would breakup because her ex just served the army not so long after the confession. That’s why I a bit surprised when smb mentioned that YIN and SHK have the same feeling. Of course YIN will be more careful but her situation actually is much better then SHK I would say.


I understood SHK’s situation and also joined the ship, but back then there are so many much more clear evidences between them (Songsong). But about YIN and LDW, I have no info except from bts and their press interviews.

The similarities I was pointing out about SHK & YIN is that they're both beautiful and admired by a lot of men.  And also they both had relationships with their co-actors that failed before.  So they are more careful of being linked to another co-star.


I agree, there are clear evidence that there's something going on between SSCP.  I am hoping that once TYH drama ends, if what we saw in their BTS & press interviews are correct, that we will be well fed with crumbs from our Pichie/Ointment/Heart Couple as well.

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@o10orio - Thank You very KHAMSAHAMNIDA for the info on SongSong! Sigh ... so we just have to wait and see ... and I have a feeling Dispatch is also going to leave them alone ... cos they’re not that young anymore and they’re not KPop Idols! 

And maybe during the Wrap up Party, they will continue to be close and friendly with each other because they seem like they’re best friends!! 

I did read somewhere that SJK was already interested in SHK BEFORE DOTS because he went to visit her when she was filming another drama before DOTS! 

Then again, who knows what LDW & YIN were doing AFTER Goblin!! Maybe the so called dating with Suzy was just a cover up! And even if LDW & YIN were NOT romantically involved or interested in each other after Goblin, I think they were very close friends!! And I will bet you anything, they have kept in contact with each other - as in they talk regularly and perhaps even go out together with other friends! 

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@Alice Mendoza

Yeah consider how they were from the end of Goblin til start of TYH and you can see that they've gotten much closer than before AFTER GOBLIN, much more than you can if you ONLY hangout during Goblin, then DONT keep in touch only to meet up again ONLY now 2 years later.....impossible!




Your BET...Is very correct :D  :


I also happen to know for SURE that LDW & YIN keep reguraly in touch outside of filming. These two have been nurturing whatever it is that they have since Goblin. Even if possibly only just as very close friends like BFFs. (or maybe it's more ah ha) PM me how I know this.  ;)

 So we won't have to worry about these two losing touch now that TYH ends. Only time will tell if keeping in touch was/is/will be only as very close like BFFs or more like romantic. :lol:



....so who's to say that the Suzy news wasnt a coverup for catching LDW & YIN together? This certainly leaves the possibility. Your BFF's BFF helping you out. Thanks IU :)


<--- THIS part in Spoilertag #2 is just pure SPECULATION, to be clear. And NOT info at all, unlike what's in spoilertag #1.


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About the Goblin drama talk I found the videos regarding LDW and YIN yesterday while scrolling through amazingyooinna instagram page... if you write on instagram in the tags pichidramatalk you can find the videos faster...




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16 minutes ago, xyso said:

About the Goblin drama talk I found the videos regarding LDW and YIN yesterday while scrolling through amazingyooinna instagram page... if you write on instagram in the tags pichidramatalk you can find the videos faster...




Thanks! That's really helpful

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Body language wise, they mirror each other a lot. Their bodies parallel to each other most of the time even behind the scenes or interview. I believe it's a telling thing. Even their smiles are mutual. How can I not suspect these two?? :wub:B)

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3 hours ago, Cherrine Kim said:
What an amazing man he is.. love him more.. how can yin resist this man? :D


Wookie’s work attitude combined with his considerate and humorous nature is indeed an amazing combination.  It would be hard for any woman to resist a man like Wookie.  I hope InNa won’t be able to resist him at all.

4 hours ago, SnowAngel92 said:

Actually can any one tell me, does this exploded chemistry happen for many other pairs of co-actor and actress in K-drama? Is this phenomenal for LDW and YIN to behave such close to each other? :smiley:

Wookie and InNa’s explosive on-screen chemistry is rare in my opinion.  


My shipper radar was acting crazy ever since I saw their BTS in Goblin but no shipper thread was created back then.


It is also uncommon in BTS to behave that close to each other like InNa and Wookie from the ones I’ve been lowkey shipping.  The closest relationship to theirs during the drama BTS is SWAG/NamLee which is a successful ship (except they broke up after a few months of announcing their relationship).  This is in terms of joking around, teasing and being comfortable with crossing personal boundaries/spaces.  


NamLee were also close friends before their drama since they modeled together, belong to the same company (YG, same as InNa) and were also supporting cast in Cheese in The Trap.  But they are a young couple too which I think are more comfortable holding & touching each other in a friendly/buddy atmosphere.  SSCP was so careful during the DOTS BTS but there’s very few instances where their guard slipped.  It is really after the drama that things started to happen for SSCP.


I’m fairly new to shipping KDrama couples starting with SSCP in 2016 but I have several ones that I was shipping/monitoring (2 success ships - SSCP & SWAG, 3 ships in the hoping stage and uri PichiCouple).  It can take years before anything significant can be revealed between the actors.  KDrama actors are so careful and secretive when it comes to their relationships from what I’ve observed.

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Do you remember when LDW said he is comfortable with YIN, because she will accept his acting no matter what. 

At first, I don't take that statement seriously, because ofc he is a great actor and I thought, that was just his manner to respect his co-star.


But, then, I found this...

The interview of LDW with Leon Korea after a month wrapped up JTBC Life.

I'll put in in spoiler box .




I personally haven't watched 'Life', so I can't give my opinion about his acting. From what I watched in TYH press conference, there was a reporter (or an audience) asked about his failure in his previous project (JTBC Life) would it be affected to this TYH project?

At that time, I barely knew that, and searched what happened with JTBC Life. I found out that drama got the highest rating in JTBC history. But then, I read the reviews. Most of them, praised his co star's acting and said LDW's acting was just okay. And, I concluded from the interview above, he regretted his acting in Life.


So, when I read the interview with Leon, then I found out that great actor like him, also sometimes had regretful and down moment. Which was lead him to lack of confidence to take a new role. Even the pd-nim said he had a hard time to convinced him to join TYH.


Now, I realize, that his statement about being comfortable with YIN "because she accepts his acting no matter what" is really meant. And then, I speculate, that their relationship is more than just smitten friends (as in Goblin Presscon) but deepen with trust and acceptance. We also can figured out, YIN's behavior in TYH Presscon was much more restrained. 

It's as if YIN knew his down side and accepted him, but in the same time boosted his confidence where he can be true to himself.


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BTS kiss scene is not be published in TVN but including the Blue ray DVD.

maybe both of them being afraid if share Kiss BTS in public. and we are already know if so much cut kiss scene and the last kiss scene ep 14 the camera being setting so far2 away. so we can get what we are want. 



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7 minutes ago, Alice Mendoza said:

Awwww!! :wub: https://www.soompi.com/article/1313228wpp/lee-dong-wook-and-yoo-in-na-pick-their-favorite-scenes-from-touch-your-heart 

So, LDW had a HARD TIME filming Episode 13 and 14 - when KJR broke up with OJS!! Maybe he’s thinking how awful and lonely it would be in real life without YIN!! Argghhh!! :bawling: Pardon my DELULU!! :sweatingbullets:


I second to this. looking at the whole filming process of the drama, i think it is safe to say that Lee Dong wook really had fun, or was really happy with Yoo In Na and Jin Shim  (regardless of the ratings. ugghhhh) Thats why  Dong wook and Jung Rok felt sad during the break up because they felt the happiness Yoo in na or Jin Shim gave to them. HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU, especially when Jung Rok said, "Because of you, i was happy". I FELT THAT . ITS REAL, it is real for dong wook. huhuhu



huhu suddenly i was reminded of the scene where Kwon Jung Rok asked Se Won what he did when he broke up with yo reum. the emotion of lee dong wook was spot on 

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