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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나


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37 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

OMMGGGGGG this article made me feel so excited for tonight's episode. Is there a way to live stream TVN? I don't care if there are no subs yet. Hahahahahaha

I can't wait too. I believe GCS will definitely choose not to drink it because he wants to stay with JMW and Hotel Del Luna

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this is like given the option for the ending where CS forgets everything about HDL and then came walking along the streets a lady that looks exactly like MW.. :triumph: keeping fingers crossed that such cliche ending will not happen!!

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3 minutes ago, Yana Mujay said:

MW is dorks  she spent her time to drunks and there she passed a well and Darum..he is a ghosts :sweatingbullets:..or..fairy ?

The stream kept on pausing in my PC I had to stop and just wait for the videos on Naver lol

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Not that the firefly guard is back. But a firefly appeared at the old hotel del luna when CS was there.to look for MW. The firefly disappeared and the outline (looks like firefly guard) appeared and then it morphed back to a firefly and flew off.

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18 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:

Big question. Is Nam Da Reum playing the water God and is he looking for his bride????

Lol, that's what i love Hong sisters for! :joy:Their gags and parodies are hilariously awesome!:joy::thumbsup:

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So CS went to look for Water God. Apparently he lives in a well, and the water was used to make.makgeolli. 

Now, the water God has checked into a room and CS is talking to him.

And the water God is telling his story. 

They used to worship and pray to him but now he is forgotten. So he left the well and went to the hotel.

CS is talking to him and wow....Nam Da Reum is mesmerising. 

An actor to look forward to when he takes on adult roles.

The water God gave CS something. 

MW finds CS in the well. 



Theres another story running concurrently. 

And we see Yeon Woo reincarnation! (He is really good looking in his modern clothes)

He is a police officer who is investigating a serial murderer and Yoona and Bellboy helped with the discovery of the bodies.

Yoona and Bellboy brought all the murdered ghots to the hotel.


So, if there is Yeon Woo reincarnation, there should be Firefly.

And David Lee has appeared as the murderer and Sanchez knows him. Looks like full of secrets.

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