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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

I think MW is living with a heavy dose of guilt.

The princess did seem to say that it was because of her (MW) that her gang was caught. Plus, that Firefly was the one to put his sword to YW's neck as he caught him.

I feel that Firefly was being coerced somehow and he was not surprised to see MW under the red veil.


It's more likely that MW is paying penance for her 'crime' .Problem is that we don't know what that crime is ...yet.

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1 hour ago, lollyminx said:

Wait so is MW's sin...


  Reveal hidden contents

falling in love, which got everyone killed? 



47 minutes ago, jasminssiii said:

I would hate it if that's the case that would be so shallow for her to be stucked for more than a thousand years in my opinion. Unlike in goblin it was justified why Kim Shin became like that. Or maybe it was considered a great sin since she killed the future queen and king of the country and as far as I know they also have this rule known as mandate of heaven in which the king and queen are chosen by the heavens or I'm just overthinking lol


Isn't her sin murdering all those people? In episode 1 Mago told her she's an arrogant and foolish human who has fallen into self-pity, and I get the sense that her "punishment" is at least partly self-inflicted. I think part of why she's stuck is that she's still holding on to the anger (at herself, at the princess, at firefly guard) and wallowing in guilt and self-pity. Maybe Chansung should have studied to become a therapist instead of a hotelier. :P I wonder how she's going to get closure. I feel like firefly guard (and/or Yeon Woo) has to make a reappearance somehow so she can resolve her issues.


Edit: Found this preview translation by Nisvara Prajnasivi Theresa in the YouTube comments:


Mago: If you eat that, you won’t be able to see ghosts and Hotel del Luna

GCS: She’s a bad woman. Even though i was not sure about it, but she’s the person i like/love.

JMW: See how fragile his heart is.

JMW: Goo Chan Seong?

GCS: You don’t know that you let it behind right? Even though you always have it with you.

JMW: Come to Hotel del Luna

Mago: You have to give him/her a chance to let it go.

JMW: Goo Chan Seong!

GCS: I won’t go to that place again.


Oooh, red pill or blue pill, Chansung? :lol:

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Hi guys. this is the first time I post on the forum despite lurking around for a long time :ph34r:


Just want to share my take on MW's past story, specifically with the Firefly Guard as I felt it would be harsh to just refer to him as the "bad guy" after episode 8. Somehow he became my fave in the series lol damn me


Reading the dialogues from the recaps gave me a feeling that CM did indeed try to be a spy at first or at least he was assigned to do so mid-way after the Royals/Princess found out him being friends with MW. However throughout the process he truly fell in love with MW. The end of his mission was coming near and he was struggling as to follow his heart and give up the job (which basically equals committing a crime) or to forget MW and back to who he's supposed to be and marry the princess.


In their last meeting, he kept suggesting her go to him, him go to her, stating he would be willing to risk his life. I doubt if MW truly knew the meaning behind those words, but anyway her telling that they could not be together gave him the ultimate answer, to go back in his original position. He looked sad and empty after hearing that but soon accepted it. That should explain his action later, as well as his saying "You should be alive to kill me" or something.


I don't know. I just feel like some people were born in wrong place, wrong time. These two would have made a cute couple if they were not placed in opposite forces. Or maybe I have been reading too much Chinese novels. Either way I hope he could get a proper closure because he did not look like a bad guy to me :bawling:



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Didn't managed to live stream tonight, so I am a bit late joining in the party tonight :w00t:

After watching the raw episode, I was like :bawling::bawling::bawling::bawling::bawling:


I think CM did exchanged MW's life with the marriage. 

The princess only spare MW.

And the way CM tell MW to stay alive if she want to kill him, somehow implying he did it to save her, but sadly at the cost of YW's live. 

I think CM maybe already talked to YW about sparing MW's live, but YW had to be executed. 

(I am still hoping CM wasn't exactly the bad guy).


Amidst all the sad flashback scenes, somehow I feel satisfied seeing MW slashing the princess's throat. Am I the only one being weird here??? Hahahahaha

Maybe I am rooting for MW too much. LOL!


I think I understand now why MaGo said she was arrogant and foolish.

She may have killed the princess and CM out of her grudge to avenge for YW and the other members of her gang who died.

However, she may have too engulfed with her vengeance that she unnecessarily killed other innocent people too (such as those guards who were only chasing her on orders), eventually taking lives more than those taken from her. 

She could have just  turn herself in after fulfilling her goal to kill the princess and CM.

The more she killed, eventually she turn to self-pity, justifying all her killings were necessary to comfort the spirit of her members. 

That's why in the first episode, the 1st MaGo said, who else MW killed for those who ended up dying for her. 


The 1st MaGo must've known how much vengeance MW had in her heart, even she killed the princess and CM, her revenge seems to be remain an unfinished business. If she died, her soul is certain to be evil spirit and would harm the human due to her deep hatred. The 4th MaGo then would not hesitate to make her vanish. Thus, 1st MaGo being the merciful one, giving her the chance for redemption, bind her to the tree and bestow her "ability" to be the owner of the guesthouse to pay for her sin by serving the departing soul who transiting at the guesthouse and to recognize and admit what she did wrong. But for more than 1000 years, she never once realize about what her sin was. In my opinion, in MW's perspective, no stories of her ghost guests were more pitiful than hers, that's why the 1st MaGo told her that "you're the one who's not budging". She's not budging from her self-pity. 



BTW, when I watched the episode, there is no preview at the end. I was wondering how would new Del Luna exterior and interior will look like for the next half of the drama. I thought, ohhhh that's the reason she sent Ms Choi and Mr Kim to look for suitable land. 

But when I watch the preview, isn't that the same place though? :blink: They're back and just stay away for awhile to trick CS into believing they are all gone to the afterlife? :blink: Andddd,, finally in episode 9 next week we got to hear CS confess that MW is someone he like(love). :wub:

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5 minutes ago, Ellander88 said:

But when I watch the preview, isn't that the same place though? :blink: They're back and just stay away for awhile to trick CS into believing they are all gone to the afterlife? :blink: Andddd,, finally in episode 9 next week we got to hear CS confess that MW is the someone he like(love). :wub:


I think they moved the location, but the interior looks the same (because ~magic).

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17 minutes ago, Ondine said:


I think they moved the location, but the interior looks the same (because ~magic).


Somehow, I think MW thought that CS would certainly take the potion to erase his ability to see ghost (and maybe the memory about Del Luna too) offered by 2nd MaGo.

But, CS refuse that and that's why we see him back to the hotel in the preview, and MW is shocked to see him coming in to work. (But it seems, he is returning the Fullmoon Badge to her?).

Just my guess based on the preview. Hahaha :D Wondering what would be the story next week.

Another week of waiting. Sigghhhhhhh :tired:

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I don't think that CM was that "evil" I bet he has his reasons why he did that and I think it's for the sake of MW because I was bothered to the fact that he brought his sword when he's supposed to have his first night with the princess is that because he wants to kill her to avenge MW, YW and the others? but sadly MW was there and killed him instead? hmmmm

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I thought the princess was ready to kill Manweol at all costs but why did she let her go so easily. One shot she had Manweol captured and then next we have Manweol in the princess chambers with a sword. I think I need to watch with subs but that scene cut was so rapid!!!

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Wait, I think not all part about MW's past have been revealed. 

I am scrolling MW's Instagram now. There is one post I've never seen though.

She is climbing out from another hole we have never been shown in any of the episode.

Whether she ran away and fall into the hole or CM smuggled her out without the princess nor MW knowing (he may have covered her head and MW thinking they are taking her to be executed), either way, I think this scene is where she came back from to kill the princess. No? :blink:




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Hi all. This is my first time commenting in this forum in a long time. I just have to delurk after the latest episode. Hotel Del Luna is the only drama I'm watching nowadays.


For me, I am more interested to know about what's going to happen to MW in the future. When Mago talked about MW's time flowing again, what does that mean? When the reaper said that MW will be the last guest CS send away,  when will that be and how? Will CS be the poison or the cure. These are the questions I look forward to get the answers to. For these reasons,  the flashbacks have become my least favourite scenes of the drama. In my opinion, the story of MW and the captain is quite cliche. So far, I've been able to guess most of what already happened. I feel like the whole story is either the captain is really in cahoot with the princess to get rid of MW and her gang which is highly unlikely or he had to do what he did to save MW and if this is the case, reeks of noble idiocy which is my least favourite trait in a character, male or female. 


Anyway, that's my 2 cents. I'm going back to lurking and reading the insightful comments in this thread. 





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