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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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1 hour ago, Dramanoona said:

Not sure if they will do a Goblinesque ending and have her reborn


Oh I hope not... personally I'm not a fan of reincarnation endings at all (be it Goblin or Rooftop Prince style) - they are not the same people already and it's like resetting everything. Sure they can start on a clean slate, however all the shared memories and emotions they shared (and we as viewers feel) are now wiped clean. I wish that they get to spend this lifetime together and then move onto the next. 

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Dear Goo Chan Sung   isn’t fair to kiss only top part can you share your attention   Specially for woman that didn’t kiss for 1000 years      @sadthe1st & @vangsweet

1 hour ago, Dramanoona said:

I feel there must be a bigger picture than Mira/Princess.

Since they met so soon, what will MW do? Try to kill her for the next 8 episodes?

I also get a sense that somehow MW will sacrifice herself somehow (and save a human's life) and go peacefully into the next realm. I don't think Death Mago will be able to claim her soul.

Flower Mago is trying to help MW move on but I wonder if her, Pink Mago and Glasses Mago already know the ending to MW's story. Or are they the ones to offer different pathways for MW and it is up to her to choose the road to take, revenge or forgiveness.

I am not sure if love is meant to be in the picture for MW but it looks like CS is halfway there. Be prepared for heartbreak when he really sends MW off in the limo to heaven.


Not sure if they will do a Goblinesque ending and have her reborn but I do hope somehow she can spend the rest of her days peacefully with CS and properly hand over Hotel Del Luna to YuNa. [That's another heartbreaking story waiting to happen]

how about another options CS is the one who's inherit Hotel Del luna  waiting JMW reincarnation comes :joy:

I knew this will be crazy circle thou;)

Why i loves Jieun acting her deadly cold eyes between angst, hurts and resentment so raw.she is used well  her eyes into blade, honey or bind.

Precisely .

Happy watching.

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OMG! I just realize MW's red shirt when she went to "frighten" that jerk was leopard prints. LOL!

Her obsession with leopard prints is driving me nuts! Hahahahaha





What's next? Leopard cosplay to seduce CS? With Leopard ears, paws and tail.. Hahahahahhahahaha :joy:

Ooopsss! :ph34r:

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I'm enjoying the show enough but gotta admit I'm not a big fan of the ghost of the week style we're getting right now. Feel like there's a main story I'd rather get more information and background on. They occasionally connect the two by using the ghost story as a sort of flashback but not enough for me.


Also probably in the minority but looking forward to finding about more about the ML's past - all we know so far is his dad was a thief (ho did they end up like that), he went to Harvard and he has this crazy ex GF. Do we anything about the mom? Did she leave them/pass away? They've spent a lot of time on the FL (the main lead so fair enough) and it has left the ML lacking in development for me so far but were still early on I guess.


Soundtrack continues to be great.


Also too many pages but is the consensus that he crazy ex-gf in the past found about about the FL and her bodyguard, kills the other guy in the FL's life as a result, then the FL kills her on her wedding day for revenge? Or something along those line.

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Doesn't look like a ghost this time.

More like memories becoming real as these memories manifest as spirits.


And Mira has walked into the Lion's den....She has gone to the hotel upon MW invitation.  We know what happened last time with an invitation.

. And CS has just found out.

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MW is really scaring right now. 

She has shown MiRa the time she was happy with her family.


Now she is speaking menacingly to little MiRa.

Bringing back MiRa's memory.


As little MiRa walks to adult MiRa....little MiRa has turned creepy ghost.

Then CS runs in...

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Urgh. The flashback is sooo sad....Yeon Woo ya.....I am sobbing as he smiles at MW before he is hanged. And MW looks so defeated....


Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! YEON woo!!!!


I really hate the princess! Not sure about Firefly Guard yet...but for now I hate him as he stands behind the Princess.


Ahhh.. MW kills the princess in her wedding attire and puts on the cloak.  She is so full of hate.  Then he walk in but with a very resigned look?


MW reveals herself. Weird thing is that he brought his sword to the bridal chamber. And it looks like he just let MW kill him.


CS wakes up in Sanchez house. And he has been unconscious for 3 days?

Plus the tiger painting is now in his room.


Cs runs to the hotel and it looks like the hotel is gone??? Its just an empty house. 

MW said something to him when he was unconscious. And she ends with 'Annyeong Ku Chan Sung' ....my heart!!!

Crap. I think this is how it ends this week!


Arghhh....what a cliff hanger!




I need subs for tonight's episode


Side note: YJG looks really great with his hair down. 

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I wonder if CM knows that the princess kill all of MW’s gang? Was he being forced to married so that princess will not harm MW? Was that the exchange and MW misunderstood his feelings and she killed him in the end ? 

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Haha, I love this bit (translation by Dramamilk):


He tells Sanchez that their hotel is great and has special guests, the only draw back is that he cannot brag about it. Sanchez says he thought he worked there because he loved Man-wol. Chan starts to cough up his drink so Sanchez says he got him. Chan tells Sanchez that he looks generous and dumb but is cold and smart. Sanchez says yes, he looks like a pizza house owner, but he is a chaebol. Veronica fell in love with my charm.

My headcanon is that Veronica is a tribute to the iconic Veronica Park (awesome!). 


Raw thoughts:


- I was wondering where the story was going to go now that Chansung knows her tragic past...so she just up and left and took her entire hotel with her, huh. :lol: 


- Why didn't they show her running through firefly guard with her sword, even through a veil? Makes me think it could be a fakeout, and she didn't end up actually killing him. That would make for better angst, right? Like if she couldn't (bring herself to) kill the dude who led her BFF Yeon Woo to his death. She'd hate herself so much more.


- I see you, Park Jin Joo! :D


- I thought YJG as Chansung reached peak hotness (so far) in this episode. :w00t:


I wonder what Man Wol will post on her Instagram this week, in the aftermath of this episode. Hoo boy. :lol:

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I feel sad.:tears: If she took revenge for what's done to her why is she being punished? I need answers. Mago needs to answer!!! Will Chanseong be roaming around now to find her . I feel he will not be at peace now and sit idly not searching for her!!! But that ending killed me in every way!

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Tell me i didn't dream right ?:sweat:IMG-20190728-213404.jpg


Does we have the easy plot twists as it:sweat_smile:



after the cruel slaughter scene and all breaks up??





Oh okey..then...:bawling:

Tvn..gimme  a champagne to  dead drunk a whole week:tears:

Have a nice heartbreaking days Soompier




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