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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

15 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:



Yeah she like fine dining & bling so she 100% enjoy it he  was 


* but how long she will wait to enjoy him again :joy::tounge_xd:



It has been a thousand years, let her enjoy the view:glasses::smirk::mrgreen::joy:

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20 minutes ago, lu09 said:

It has been a thousand years, let her enjoy the view:glasses::smirk::mrgreen::joy:


Poor him :joy: I think now she high on sugar :lol: , she would be more dangerous to him :phew:




KMW Tie into a tree  :joy: (so he didn’t Run ) 



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6 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:


Poor him :joy: I think now she high on sugar :lol: , she would be more dangerous to him :phew:


Would she tied him to a tree next :joy:



 She is high on sugar and alcohol lol:mrgreen:. She already thrown him in bed, looked at him like she was checking him out when he was sleeping beside the tree, kissed him to shut his mouth :mrgreen::joy::glasses:. Now MW, I wonder what you are gonna do next:naughty:??????

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Can I ask if the acting here for YJG or the male lead is his normal acting style? His hand gestures are driving me nuts as it is very distracting. Like when he put both arms out. Or mimic signing a form. Or sweeping hand movement from his chest outwards. Basically looking like a saguek character lecturing someone or a King lecturing someone.


No one else is doing it. I even went to Hancinema to check on Oh Choong- Hwan  the director thinking it was the director. I have watched 3 of his previous works and don't recall that movements. Park SH, Shin SK and the males moved their hands. But not so obviously. I see these sort of movements in our like gardening show or children's programme hosts. I am not kidding or exaggerating. It's obvious right those show people go to the same acting training school.


Anyone else noticed any other actor doing it on any other programme now? I know the male lead in Perfume is expressive but he has a drama king persona. The male lead there would totally, TOTALLY suit in a musical. Musical actors do these sort of movements. Break out in song and it would be perfect.


Sorry. It's been really irritating. And she Man Wool has insane chemistry with the other guy in the past. 

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16 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:



Peeking at him having shower maybe :joy::tounge_xd: or enter the room when he coming out from shower :tounge_wink:




@Sarang21 what you think :joy::mrgreen:

This is such a classic scene in a k-drama so I will go with that one :joy:


@ck1Oz It has been a while since I watched his last drama so I can´t really say if it´s his acting style. The only explanation that comes to my mind is that it has to do with his profession as a hotelier. In that profession Like doing all those gesture if you are trying to explain things..for example to foreigners who doesn´t understand the language. So it kind of became a habit for the character to  be that expressive with his hands. I don´t know much about hoteliers so I could be totally wrong lol


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Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before


The Cards In The Intro/Opening

Goo ChanSeong's Card




Ace of Clubs In Card Reading


Personality  :


- smart/intelligent - (graduate of MBA in Harvard)

- seeker of knowledge 

- witty

- curious nature  ->  he'll find out more about  MW, HDL, and also about his past

- good in business, knows how to manage finances  

- can adapt in difficult situation 

- aggressive debater - he can give a good argument, (bickering moments with MW)

- great communicator


other meanings 

- agreement/binding contract  --> related to the contract made by MW and his dad. it can foreshadow that might make another agreement to someone. (ChanSeong's name means "Agreement" )

- marriage card --> possibly related to his relationship with MW, they might get married in future

- property card --> after the agreement CS became MW "property".

- in Tarot it's Ace of Wands, it  represents creative force, enthusiasm, and courage

  --> this also represents that he'll faced with a choice that could dramatically affect his life.

- in Lenormand, it’s equivalent to the ring card,   it can represent unity of between  things and people

    -> possibly related to bringing back the past memories to present time

    -> possibly related to unity of two persons, past loves (CS might be reincarnation of  MW lover)

- original French name of clubs is Trèfle which means "clover" 

    -->clover is faith, hope and love

      ->-through CS and MW  love and faith for each other, they will overcome the obstacle

- Italian name is Fiori which means "flower"

- CS is the one who will blossom into MW's life, and he will be the hope to help her break the curse/punishment.



Jang ManWol's Card




Queen of Diamonds In Card Reading




- socialite

- authoritative

- can be smart and creative

- keen business woman

- indecisiveness

- extravagant

- difficulty in managing finances

- can be overly sensitive, having quite a temper 


other meaning :

- Philanthropist card - queen of diamonds are really generous and will always help their friends and try to provide to their family. They can sacrifice for those they love.

     -->  this is her true nature 

         --> though she's the leader of the thieves/bandits ,  i think she gives what they robbed to the poor (Robin Hood type pf person)

            --> shown in episode 4,  in the past she really cares others especially those who is like a family to her.

            --> it's possible she was betrayed by the people she trusted and she doesn't open herself much to others

          -->  it's possible that one of the reasons of her overspending/overshopping is to relieve her pain from                       the  past


 - in Lenormand, this card means  crossroads/pathways , means decisions/options

        --> it could foreshadow that there will be a difficult situation that MW will face and will make a very important decision that will change her life.



Number of Cards




MW card got 3 queen of diamond cards and CS has 2 ace pf clubs (front and behind cards)


1st queen of diamond card (card way back)  represents distant past: (shown in the episode 4. MW's old photo)




 it's possible that 2nd card can represent near past  till the  present time  and the 3rd (front card) represent the present time (or the time when CS works in the hotel)  and possible in the near future


In CS's  2 ace of club cards : 


The ace of club card behind

-->possibly represents the  near past  till the  present time (there was no card in behind it because CS soul wasn't existed/reincarnated yet he's not yet reborn) .

--> it could also represent the time where he's not yet met MW.


The ace of club card at the front represent time he's working with MW.

It could also represent what will happen in the near future.


-->  there's a possibility of another card,  he might reincarnate again.



The Front Cards 





Have you noticed the moon position changes?

MW's  crescent moon  stops in the middle but  CS crescent moon position  faces the other direction: 

The crescent moons are now have the same position of CS and MW.

The crescent moon facing  to left is waxing crescent moon and  facing to the right is waning crescent moon.  The two of the them are part of the phases of  moon/lunar cycle 


Lunar cycle represents life cycle


Waxing crescent moon  -first step toward moons' fullness (increasing)  - signifies the beginning/early  life

Waning crescent moon - last moon phase (decreasing) - signifies the ending/nearing the end of life 

Changing the moon position  from waning to waxing  -> possibly represents that CS got reincarnated or he will be reincarnated in the future.



The Flowers In Each Card 


Goo ChanSeong's Flower



Evening Primrose


- memory 

    --> reminder of agreement between his dad and MW

    --> will remember his past life

    --> will have sweet and sad memories

- eternal love

     -->  forever loving MW, promising to love one another without end

- in Korean translation it's  dalmajikkot (달맞이꽃) which means moonlight flower or flower welcoming the moon 

    -> this means CS is welcoming/accepting MW into his life especially welcoming her in his heart (loving MW) --(ManWol's name means "full moon")

-- in negative side this flower means faithlessness /fickleness  -

  it’s possible in his past life CS broke his promise to someone (possibly MW) or  he betrayed  someone


Jang Manwol's Flower 





Plum Blossom



- beauty

- perseverance and hope

 --> endurance through hardship, overcoming  trials and circumstances, never giving up,

- purity

   --:>when it comes to love for someone MW is pure and eternal

- transitoriness of life 

  -->possible foreshadowing her life is near end or her curse/punishment is coming soon to end



The Animals In Each Card 


Goo Chanseong's Animal



- willpower, personal strength and courage;

--->though CS is scared of ghosts, he can be brave when necessary, 

--->ability to overcome obstacles

-->confronting challenges


-unpredictability in life, actions or feelings

--->possible foreshadowing  an unpredictable event (plot twist)


Jang ManWol's Animal














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She who's does exists :glasses:

Neither live nor died

Timeless Hotel Del Luna owners.

Our beloved Jang Man Wol














The newest  gift from Noh Manager before passed away:cry:





Edited by triplem
4th image (Pic, YT, IG, twitter) onwards needs to go into spoiler. TQ
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Dramabeans recap of episode 3: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/07/hotel-del-luna-episode-3/


Dramas with a Side of Kimchi's chatty recap of episodes 1 & 2: https://dramaswithasideofkimchi.com/2019/07/21/chatty-recap-hotel-del-luna-ep-1-2/


A lot of comments on the Dramabeans recap are about how IU and the guard captain have chemistry whereas IU and YJG don't. I'm with the Dramas with a Side of Kimchi recappers---I like IU and YJG's chemistry. I think it has become more evident in the latest pair of episodes, and it feels like they've both grown into the characters that little bit more compared to the first two eps. I like how Man Wol was like "I forgive you for having a sex dream about me," and while of course it's entirely inappropriate for a boss to be slamming her employee on her bed and demanding him to sleep with her next to him, that scene worked for me. :lol:Definitely looking forward to jealous!ManWol in the next ep. :D 

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Why i invested so much to Man Wol and 2 lads story event at the ends no way they're become true :sweatingbullets:




Dear writernim please be nice to this youngsters, they have such good chemistry to just be sidelined story.




Wish Directornim gives viewers a beautiful  Sword fighting dance skills between MW and the Captain B)(remind me crouching Tiger hidden Dragon's B))

The fighting scenes is addictive, the choreography the camera angles a masterful interpretation in the movement with such priceless expression..wow..Lee Jieun aesthetic mastering the swords skills amazing :kiss_wink:


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11 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

Can I ask if the acting here for YJG or the male lead is his normal acting style? His hand gestures are driving me nuts as it is very distracting. Like when he put both arms out. Or mimic signing a form. Or sweeping hand movement from his chest outwards. Basically looking like a saguek character lecturing someone or a King lecturing someone.


I don’t think it’s his acting style at all.  I haven’t seen him in Absolute BF so I don’t know how he fared there but he was riveting in Crowned Clown.  I get the feeling he’s been given a brief (probably Hong Sisters zaniness inspired) and he’s been tasked to play this very cartoonish ManHwa character as a foil to IU’s droll MW, hence the larger than life gestures and exaggerated expressions.  He’s been acting since he was a child so he’s not a newbie.  If anything he has more experience than IU. So because she’s generally portraying a bored unhappy lifeless figure, he needs to do the exact opposite to provide contrast.  Where he shines are those brief moments of tenderness that he gets when he pities MW, or feels for a ghost’s plight.  That subtle shift in his demeanor and facial expressions...no words, just nuanced acting.

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The only thing distracting, minor distraction to me, about Jingoo is putting his hand on his pocket, other than that, i dont see anything wrong, anything big to make a mountain out of a molehole.


Give the lad a break, he is just 21 years old, (i just checked and was surprised! I knew he was young but not that young) and going to make a romance drama with one of the popular actresses around written by popular writers. Expectations are high... 


Just relax and enjoy the drama, people :wub:

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These epics Man Wol interests topic..money..money..

The hilarious parts is she even generously to bestowed CS a "leopard prints suit ':tounge_xd: when he could selling the Baekdu Mountain painting :lol:

She really weirdo alive!



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