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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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*cough* *cough*

To fellow commenters here who still turn on their notification to this forum..just wanna tel y'all


I got to hear Hotel Del Luna medley, including Happy Ending, live in IU's concert. Still can't believe that I got to hear Happy Ending live. OMG! :bawling:

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Hi guys, I know it's a bit late but just finished watching the whole series. Everything was superb especially the entire OST. 


That being said, does anyone know what's the name of the song used in this scene when Manwol was about to leave KCS? You can hear the instrumental song I'm referring to from 0:00 - 1:36. Tried so hard looking for it but to no avail :( 




Would really appreciate any leads from my fellow fans. Thank you! :)

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Hi @packmule3 nice to see that you are here in this forum. You might not remember me but you help me a lot in some of my questions and misunderstandings about Hotel del Luna in another blogging site. You replied to this post of mine:


Just finished watching the series last night with my wife and we were flabbergasted and a bit disappointed with the ending. We were thinking not even a hug before Changsung sent off Manwol and why didn’t they show a scene in the future of them meeting up again? Admittedly we were confused if the scene in the park was real or just a dream. We did note Manwol turned around in the bridge and that she was quite happy. Surely the smile meant something. I actually read another blog and same as you the author said Manwol is back but your explanation is more detailed and more believable. I do have a question for you. What made you say that Manwol died in her sleep? Would that mean the Manwol that Changsung sent off was already reincarnated?
I strongly agree that the Magos are trying to break the connection between Manwol and Changsung. Surely the Mago (I think she is Mago6) in the Joseon era is in contact with Mago3 in the present time. They are the most powerful of deities after all.The Magos don’t have an issue with Joseon Manwol but they do with the present day Manwol. Present day Manwol does not have a reason to reincarnate had Changsung chosen to stay with the Joseon Manwol.
Also what is your take on the moon flower in Changsung heart? The Magos have been saying that Manwol is connected to the moon tree and that she should leave for the afterlife once all of the flowers have fallen. If that is the case then as long as Changsung is still alive then Manwol still has a connection to the moon tree and thus can still stay in the real world.


Anyway back to topic now. This is the first k-drama I have ever watched and I could say that it set the bar high. I have tried watching a couple more k-dramas which have much higher ratings but for a variety of reasons I just can't convince myself they are better. K-drama is very big in my home country but I have bucked the trend for the longest time till my wife tried a Netflix trial and saw Hotel del Luna. She watched the first episode and said it was good but I was still skeptical. When I watched the second episode I was immediately hooked. The quality of production and cinematography style was top notched and the flow of the story was quite fast compared to other non korean dramas I've watch in the past. I would also be kidding myself if I say that IU was not a factor. She was actually the biggest reason why I liked the drama and her very strong chemistry with the leading man. Months after I finished watching I was still regularly listening to the various OSTs and also IU's songs. I know k-pop but was never a fan before. I still don't like k-pop groups but I definitely like the solo artist in IU. I'm a guy but am not ashamed to say the last two episodes left me teary eyed. The events leading to Manwol sending off Kim Seon-bi, Choi and Ji Hyun-joong were very meaningful , very sad and perfectly executed. I was a bit disappointed and confused with the ending but @packmule3 clarified a lot of things to me. My major mistake and source of misunderstanding was not watching the first episode so all along I thought Manwol was already a ghost from the beginning. I have since re-watched the drama and other dramas starring IU but by far Hotel del Luna is my favorite.

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so i realize that i'm behind on the game :(


i actually just finished binge-watching hotel del luna for the first time (as i suspect there will be more times) and i've come to realize that i can no longer purchase the blu ray from yes24, since it was a limited release. per daum, there wasn't a dvd release....


does anybody know where else i can buy the official blu rays from?


a few thoughts while i'm here anyway:

  • i don't really think that the ending is in the future. i don't think it's even post-reincarnation. i think this is chan sung keeping everyone alive in his memories... in a world where she exists. although it would be nice for them to end up together in the next life, to spend their time together, given how much the mago used him to their ends. ending up together romantically in every life does not seem to be the mago way.
  • while i loved man weol + chan sung, my heart broke all over man weol + chung myung. it was just so tragic... and while i know in my heart of hearts that what happened had to happen in the story, a part of me wants to have an alt where they could have been happy together. the wedding chamber scene broke me in just about every way. i do want to go back and piece all of their moments together into one video.
    • also, i'm a little frustrated that they couldn't just tell each other how they felt before. even if it was there standing by the tree to say, "i loved you once"... even though i know that she loved chan sung by then and there had been several lifetimes' worth of resentment... even though i know that chung myung knew that, especially watching over her.
  • i still turn the thoughts over in my head about whether chung myung really did have to act that way in the end 1300 years ago.... so i'm still running through all the scenarios. one of the things i keep coming to is that he chose his people over hers. he didn't want his people to die, so he would have all of her people killed, save man weol and yeon woo, then pay with his own life. could he have tried to devise a way to get them out and run away with them? they still run the risk of dying and maybe seo hwa was telling the truth about his people getting killed, so his ultimate choice is to decide which half of the people who knew would die? but then, seo hwa came with barely an escort that chung myung could have taken them on, taken her hostage, and then run away with man weol and her people. but it was so sudden that he couldn't get his smart brains working? but, ugh, when he threw the ornament into the casket. it was basically just throwing himself in, joining her dead comrades, who she would take with her.
  • i have the niggling thought that a part of yeon woo/yoon sung still remembers man weol and the past... or at least just the emotions associated with her.
  • was it a subtitle error that in the beginning of the series he would have been the 49th steward/manager, but by the end he would have been the 99th?
  • it's rather sad that they decided to take a group photo in the end, only for all of it to go away.
  • i'm amused that soo jung/yu na is essentially now a ghost who can't see other ghosts.

now, i should probably be good and read back on the other posts on this thread XD;;


edit: after some more perusing, it looks like the batch 2 preorders for the blu ray just ended a month ago. and i'll have to pray for either somebody else to cancel their order or for a third batch to open up and succeed? :x

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