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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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6 minutes ago, RiceGirl1212 said:


I have seen some photos where they are standing close to each other. I think YJG is just being polite. He is younger than IU and I think they are also being careful you don't want rumors starting especially with the way some some netizens treat such things. There is also a height difference lol. IU is short so maybe it was more comfortable for her to lean that way. In the finale shot YJG puts his arm around her shoulder pulling her closer.


Aww, that stinks if the two main leads cannot go on the reward trip. Maybe they can reschedule it so they can both go. Have they stayed where the award trip is going to be?

With an extreme fans, it's better to play safe even when taking pictures.

But at least with pictures below, we know they are close and happy during filming.


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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

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15 minutes ago, lightbringer06 said:

And to those who are still single like me, hopefully it won't take 1300 years for us to meet our own Chan Sung...HAHAHA..


It's my wish too. If those day someone like Mr. Darcy is the best match, but now we have Goo Chan Sung as perfect dream man.


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A "horror comedy romance", they said. 

Y U make me cry show Y?!


I thought I would absolutely hate this ending but surprisingly I didn't. 

Did I LOVE love it? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh not really.


Bittersweet? Yup definitely. 


But it's Hong Sisters, so I guess I just have to make do. This is the 4th drama I've watched and is considered one of the better endings I've seen from them, apart from Greatest Love.


With all that being said, HDL was still fun and I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts here. It was just so much fun and snickering/giggling (cannot laugh loudly in office hello) and furiously typing away on my mobile. 


I was telling my husband that they'll meet in his next life time, but he stopped me and said "Its gonna take longer."


My face legit paled.


Me: Whaddya mean longer? If CS has a long life, give or take 90 years old, (he was said to have a long long life) then MW can likely go through 1 cycle and would prolly be able to meet CS on HIS next life already.


"What makes you think MW don't have to go through more? YW and MR had 1 moment of attraction 1300 years ago and went through countless rebirth to become man and wife."


Me: But - 


"Even CS wasn't able to guarantee they will meet up in the next life. He used the word "some"  (as in some other lifetime.)"


Me: But -


"It might take another 1300 years. You know right?"


Me: You also know you are going to sleep on the living room couch tonight right?




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3 minutes ago, kaxx said:

"It might take another 1300 years. You know right?"

This is why I asked about this in an earlier post because CS did say that it will really take long, and I would have been ok with them parting in this life, but for them to wait long, that's just sad. So I like CS's imagination where MW came early but it seems like that's not what's really going to happen based on what CS said about the time it takes for reincarnation, and what the Hong sisters are now saying about the show. 


It's sad isn't it? :sleepy: I'm going to try to not think about it so much. 

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2 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

This is why I asked about this in an earlier post because CS did say that it will really take long, and I would have been ok with them parting in this life, but for them to wait long, that's just sad.

I agree.... it's still sad to me. Even if CS moves on.


Titanic's Rose moved on, Captain America's Peggy Carter moved on, but still it is just so sad.

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2 minutes ago, lightbringer06 said:

Now, someone needs to top Chan Sung as the best male lead...HAHA...


I dunno man, do I personally even WANT someone else to top CS as the best male lead...?? :D LOL

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10 minutes ago, annamchoi said:

Hong Sisters talked about HDL

We know that it is a happy ending for the dead soul. It's just our heart doesn't want to accept the fact.


MW feel the true love for a short moment, and she become greedy even in her final moment she wish to have a longer time with CS.


MW:  Chan Seong. I've pondered... countless times what I should tell you... if this moment ever came.

"I'm sorry."

"Thank you."

"Have a good life."

I came up with a lot of cool stuff to tell you. Now that it's time, my mind went blank. I just...

I keep wanting to stay with you. I keep wanting to see you. And I don't want to leave you behind here.

I'm the one who can't stay strong. When I'm the weak one, I pretended to be strong in front of you. I even made it impossible for you... to stop me from leaving. I'm sorry.


Hong's sister, do you think we able to move on with this lovely couple. I just hope both of them could make an appearance in another drama same as Jung So Min and Seo In Guk (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) appeared in Abyss. At least we could see them again after re-incarnation.





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I dudn't like Chan Sung being left behind because it hit close to home in a way. I had lost a dear friend a little more than a year back. Those who have passed away will move on as they should....those left behind have the burden to deal with it, make peace with it, hold on to the bitter sweet memories and get used to a world that suddenly does not have their loved ones. Its a heavy, heavy burden....the end was a tad bit too realistic for a fantasy setting....who knows after how many lifetime they would meet again....It had to be Chan Sung though....only he has the strength in his soul to bear this heavy pain without letting it consume him im bitterness and darkness....the pain it takes to move forward without your loved ones and living your life....by the fantasy world of HDL, he would have a great fortune in his next lifetime so here's hoping he finds his way back to Man Wol in his next life...and with this I say goodbye to this forum....enjoyed the show and the forum immensely...thanks a ton people...see you all in another thread

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Not sure what to make of the finale except for one word : Tears. Lots & lots of tears:tears: I think the reason why Man-Weol/Chan-Sung's relationship doesn't resonate with me is because it was so..chaste LoL? :P

   As annoying as they were, I felt more for Hyun-Joong/Yoon-Ah.. They really were cringe as a couple but yea when they had to separate.. The flood gates opened:unsure::tears: 

   The separation scenes were personal for me as I lost my mom just last December~ it's been 9 months but I think of her daily... My dad passed 15+ years earlier & both of them stay in my thoughts. Yes while I move on or try to, it (the thought/loss of your loved ones) never leaves you.. People are always telling me to not grieve too much. Which is easier said than done. They'd always be apart of me. 

   Overall I hope the ending scene of ep. 16 implies that there's a continuation to these series. I find stories on afterlife fascinating as very little is known of it. I only hope that a Hotel Del Luna awaits for me when my time comes. 


Well, it has been fun. As always I wish y'all blessings & happiness. Until the next drama, take care! 

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1 hour ago, kaxx said:


I dunno man, do I personally even WANT someone else to top CS as the best male lead...?? :D LOL


HAHAHA...not really but I wanna see someone try :rolleyes:...


1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:


@lightbringer06  he need secretary right :joy: 


Who? Kim Soo Hyun? ^^


Btw, uri YeonWoo have come a long way..he has now 71k followers in Insta~


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So did the interview made with Hong sisters improved my view of the drama ending... not...


So now MW was just a ghost...when earlier she really thought she was alive and just tied to the tree, undead... now u say she is actually a ghost?? 


If u wanna make CS make her leave, to go to the otherside, then dont let CS fall in love with her and vice versa.... why make CS suffer? what did he ever do in his life, except to be so nice to everyone else and in the end, you make a mess of his love life???? :(


Aigooo... i want justice for CS's love life.... hahhahaa :D:D




Ok, where is that BTS of ep15 and 16, i wanna see skinships! :)




u know, CS can still see ghosts right.. so  guess he could be Hotel Blue Moon first human manager? He's gonna live his life like 98th manager and leave when its all over.... hahha


ok, scrap that.. he is going to be a rich hotelier in NY... and miserable in his love life as he will forever see MW in his dream and ghosts in his daily life until death..... happy now Hong Sisters????? Urgh...


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