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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Finally. Since watching episode 15 I worried that the ending might have been a sad ending but instead I felt relieved instead. The fact that it is an open ending is much more meaningful for me. It just shows how much sacrifice and love Chansung has for Manwol. I finally understand what Mago said about the price Chansung has to pay. For Chansung to be left behind and remember about Manwol is the the heavy price he has to pay but also a blessing. His love for Manwol is probably the reason he will continue to move forward, the time he spent with her is so precious that losing any memory of it will make his life so empty. Chansung has always been a righteous character with optimistic mindset. He will live the rest of his life treasuring the memories and keeping the promise with Manwol so they’ll see each other again. 


I’m satisfied with the ending and how they wrap up the story. Loved how I can see Chansung and Manwol ties. When both Manwol and chansung asked why Mago chose chansung, the answer is Mago didn’t choose but chansung chosen it himself. It was fate that brought them together in the past and once again in the present. Chansung has always been destined to save Manwol. 


The look Manwol has on the bridge, the fact that Mago revealed they have ties left, comfort me a little bit knowing that they will see each other again. 


Last, many asked about the physical romance not present in this drama. Although i wished To see more romance scene, kiss scene of our leads, the natural of the drama seems like it’s not appropriate for those kind of thing. Especially when Manwol loved for 1300 years, and chansung is such a mature guy, their love is more like of an old couple. Their love is more of empathy, understanding and sacrificing. Putting any more physical intimacy scene in could make their love shallow. 


Although I would love to see Chansung and Manwol with a happy ending and seeing them enjoying their life without worry about death and parting, I can see why the writers chose this opening ending. 

Let’s just hope IU and Yeo Jin Goo meet again in  different drama in the future and give us their amazing chemistry, happy ending and lots of physical romance that we all want. 

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

Just watched the final episode.. It was so sad but realistic and stays true to the story theme which is letting go. I am happy to see JMW and her staffs finally find closure and move on but I am sad too because GCS has to be left alone in the present time. Luckily he has SC and YN. Both were left behind and had to let go their lovers so they know what he is going through. But GCS is our rational and nice guy, he will find ways to remain positive while hoping to meet JMW again. I believe they will because they are tied together with the red thread. At least it gives me assurance they will find each other soon or later. 


Kudos to HDL team for giving us a such memorable drama. I thought I was going to be mad watching the last episode knowing the ending. But I become to appreciate the ending after watching with subs. The ending really befits the story plot. It's all about being selfless and sacrifical to let your loved ones to be free. I like the ending too because it leaves the feeling of hoping and looking forward to see the loved ones again albeit the separation. 


I have talked so much about my love towards IU and YJG. Hope to see them making it big in acting field. I really wish to see them to work together in a project again after several years. 


Before I end,  don't  you think Hong sisters should come up with Season 2 with KSH being the hotel owner? The ending really implies there will be next season. Lol. 


So till we meet again in next great drama thread. Which drama it will be? Hmm.. It's time to let go. Thank you and goodbye. Haha. 

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I finally watch the final ep with sub and its so gut wrenching to see all the staff in the hotel bid goodbye to MW one by one and its truly wholesome to see that their bond is a family not just a staff.. I cry in every departure that they shown and make me realise how deep i connect with all the character in this drama.. The contrast between ep1 with so much laugh and lightness ending with a sorrowful goodbye..... I satisfied that all the staff story wrap up beautifully. 


Our OTP... Their love is the most beautiful story of all the love story in kdrama that i watched.. Often the lead will do anything to be together but our otp way of loving is letting go to make sure one will find a peace.. CS will never let MW stay just because of him cause he watch how much suffering she endured all the year being tied to the tree and he want her to be free.. I just in awe about how they always knew that they must part way but never once stop loving each other.. The goodbye scene is the saddest goodbye scene in my opinion.. Is the final goodbye in this life and the acting between IU and YJG just break my heart more... For me their love will always remain in CS heart in the future and how he will lived the fullest on behalf of the moon in his heart.. For me this story will end in this lifetime cause in the next maybe they will meet and married but the love story between CS/MW in this life will never be repeated again.. And its the way i want to remember our manchan story.. :tears:


Also i cry when CS said the secret world that no one knew about is where you are........... For him being able to see ghost is the way he remembering MW cause its her world and its something she give to him.. I think in the end he just want to see the world that MW lived even if she gone... The love that he have toward MW is breaking my heart.. :tears:


IU and YJG pairing really blew me away with their chemistry.. Both of them help each other shine and the way they work with each other just warm my heart.. Both of them is a great person and have a kind heart so its easy to root for them.. I just hope they will able to work together in whatever project in future cause their chemistry is not something easy to make... May both of them will have a success career and happiness in life ... :wub:



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Episode 16 – The Finale


First I have to confess that I am a complete softie. I will even shed a tear or two for sappy commercials. I don't know if it's age or what :huh: but I think I literally cried more than half of the episode :tears: :lol:


The three stooges ( Kim Seon Bi, Choi Seo Hee, and Ji Hyun Joong) :D

The funny comical co-workers in the series. I never thought I would get so attached to them. It was great seeing all of them getting their issues, resentments, and grudges resolved so they could peacefully leave this world and enter the after life for another chance at reincarnation. Watching them go one by one was hard though :tears: I hope that their paths cross again in the future. Maybe as family, neighbors, co-workers, or friends.


It was sad seeing Yuna being left alone but it wasn't her time and if it is in their fate again. Yuna will meet Hyun Joong again and maybe have a more favorable circumstance and outcome.



Destiny, Fate, Choices - ManChan Couple :wub:

OMG! I forgot which Soompier mentioned it but he/she was right! Past CS saved MW! I wasn't really expecting a past like that and didn't think I needed one but when that was revealed I was so happy! It just further strengths the idea that they were destined. It explains why MW subconsciously always took a liking to CS.


I think the ending is really up to how you want to see things. I am naturally more optimistic in my outlook so I choose to see the ending as the hope to the future of what the reincarnation will be like for MW and CS. That they will meet again under more favorable circumstances and are allowed to live a full loving life together.


The theme of Hotel Del Luna has always been “letting go” but I also believe another accompanying theme is choice. Life is unpredictable. We are at the whim of the Gods or circumstances beyond our control. Case in point Mi Ra and Young Soo. Who would have ever thought the princess would marry the thief she killed in her past life? Yet it happened. Perhaps we can view this as God's twisted sense of humor or maybe a chance to have two old souls resolve and sooth the pain of their past away.


The only thing we have control over is our choices and decisions we make. We can choose to see things negatively and berate our circumstances or we can choose to take control of what we can and do our best to see things to the end regardless of it being good or bad.


I felt like MW became the former after 1300 years of being imprisoned in Hotel Del Luna letting her resentment and grudge fester. When CS came he provided clarity and helped her come back to herself again. I know there was this article calling CS a weak male lead I sincerely hope that thought has changed. These last two episodes has shown if anything just how strong of a character he is. He may not be flashy like other male leads in terms of oozing coolness, smirks, or awesome fighting skills. He's the steady breeze on a warm spring afternoon, the shade on a hot summer's day, a cozy blanket on a cool autumn's night, and the roaring fire at the winter's first snow fall. He loves unconditionally. His decisions are always for the well being and benefit of his love ones. He had many chances to give into his desires and make selfish decisions to keep MW by his side ie drinking the wine offered by the 200 years ago past MW, telling MW to drink the Moon Spirit liqueur again, the special request wish from Ma Go, holding onto her while they said their goodbyes. He may have been tempted but he choose her freedom each time.


I think a lot of us have asked if CS has such good karma why is he being tortured like this? He's constantly being tested. I agree to some extent maybe his good karma allowed him to weathered the storm of bringing vengeful MW at peace. Maybe the destiny was for CS and MW to meet again back then and live a life together but because of the events in MW's life with CM and YW's promise and her going to the Moon Inn to seek penance and vengeance it altered their course of destiny. It wasn't until 1300 years later that CS had enough karma to be brought by MaGo to MW to help her pass into the after life and give them a second chance. As ever the optimist I am hopeful that the tests that MaGo put CS and MW during this lifetime will pay out again to allow them to meet each other again in better circumstances. After all their connection was not severed. Pink MaGo let it slip out by accident that she could severed it if he wanted.


And we want them to both be human and alive next time around so “lines can be crossed”  :rolleyes: and little Man Wolies and Chan Seongs can run around and they can be one big happy family.


Also, anyone noticed these call backs?


The scarf that MW wears in the beginning. It's actually young CS's scarf. So destined these two :wub:


On the bridge with MW. The last shot of her is turning back around facing the exit with a smile. When they were in CS's bedroom after he had marked himself with her symbol and she was smiling at his cheesiness he said, “Remember me like this, as the man who makes you smile when you look at him.” I also thought the moment served as a sign of hopefulness. MW has ended this chapter but she is off onto the next adventure and there is a sense of freedom and hope for the future. It was the correct ending for her. Jang Man Wol can finally be at peace :)



Rants, Thirsts, and Fanfics

I want to say I was satisfied with the way things ended with the romance for this series. I mean let's be real here. CS is a human and MW is a ghost ;) Episode 15 and 16 really showed MW and CS connection is beyond the physical. Their love was pure, deep, and true. I think the director and writers wanted to honor that fact.


That's probably why I felt it was so gut wrenching watching their last days/hours together and when they were saying their goodbyes. The last 30 minutes I was bawling like a baby :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: I felt their love and how they were trying hard to comfort each other in their last moments together. I believe them when they say we will met again. Just like how young MW marked CS all those years in the past. The promise they made at the tunnel it will come true again.


MW and CS will have 5 children. Why? Cause I saw 5 child actors from the wrap up party :naughty:  they can play their children if we get a Hotel Blue Moon season 2 :lol: :phew:


Also, I'm sending a punch to the promo team about the last OST single. I feel so trolled :angry:




I'm going to imagine that as the background song of when MW and CS meet again as their reincarnated selves.


Perhaps some of us didn't get the exact happy ending we all wanted, perhaps some of us did, but I'm certain all of us have been left with a beautiful bittersweet scar that was Hotel Del Luna.



Kudos all around!!!

Hats off to the cast and crew of the show! From the acting, wardrobe, set design, CGI/FX work, makeup, and cinematography...it was just perfection. This is my first Hong Sisters' drama and I am quite pleased with it. I think there were some missed opportunities here and there but over all a tight script with appropriate call backs where needed.


I knew IU as a singer and I've purchased some of songs but this was my first drama I have ever seen her act in. She was fabulous! She's definitely got a new fan now and I look forward to her future works. I'm so glad the director was so set on getting her for the drama. She was perfect for the role and I cannot see anyone else playing Jang Man Wol. That character for me is simply iconic.


I'm also impressed with Yeo Jin Goo and see why a lot of people praise his acting skills. I'm also glad the director wanted him as well. He really brought Gu Chan Seong to life. The character was a bit of a goody toe shoes but you never really got tired of him or angry thinking he was a door mat that people were taking advantage of. He was a good soul. A good human being. Looking forward to the next project Yeo Jin Goo does.


Big shout out at actress Seo Yi Sook who played all the Ma Go Sins. What a brilliant actor!


Lots of love to Shing Jung Geun (Bartender), Bae Hae Sun (Room Manager), Pyo Ji Hoon (Bellhop), Mang Mi Na (Yuna), Lee Do Hyun (CM), Lee Tae Sun (YW/YS), Jo Hyun Chul (Sanchez), Park Yoo Na (MiRa), David Lee (serial killer), and Kang Hong Seok (Grim Reaper) for their contributions to the show as well.


I really hope at the end of year drama awards Hotel Del Luna picks up nominations and wins!


It's been fun! Thanks

@Ameera Ali, @lollyminx, @vangsweetie637, @Angelica Claudia, @charlieblue17, @Ellander88, @lightbringer06, @berny2, @stella77, @kaxx, @realistic2280a, @Lily92, @annamchoi, @laura_waterhouse, @Yana Mujay, @zhangrain, @Ondine, @Joseph Lim

and everyone else who ever made a post in this thread. It's been entertaining reading everyone's thoughts, perspectives, insightful comments, and thirsty romance longings :lol: Also, sharing bts photos/videos tweets, and Instagram posts. It has been a blast hanging out here every weekend.


See you around the forums!

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When CS said its not YW who loved MW the most my heart just break at that moment.. In the past MW said YW is the one that loves her the most and CS denies that him but here he confidently knew deep down his heart that his love can rival YW love.. CS love toward MW is one of the most selfless love that i witness.. Its never about him or both of them in his heart its always MW.. Whatever choice he made he always think about her no matter if the choice will make him suffer.. MW happiness is the one that he fight for from the beginning of this drama...

CS is someone that we all can learn how to actually love someone.. Kdrama male lead should learn from him... 




This poet is so beautiful... It can be CS poet to MW and also YJG poet to IU... Both of them is so talented and kind people.. I just love and adore them and hope the friendship that they make will last a lifetime... :)

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3 hours ago, realistic2280a said:

Its funny there is a lot of IU's photo with everyone in the afterparty but not much on YGJ?

There are photos of him too. If you're on twitter, check @circulate9oo You can see YJG's photos


Episode 16 got the highest ratings. Strange cause for other dramas, ratings usually drop slightly in the final two episodes. This goes to show people's interest in seeing what happens to ManChan and the rest. Also, I think it's because the storytelling in this episode is tight. There were no wasted scenes - there was never a time when I wanted to look away or got bored. It also has the right amount of romance, humor, emotional scenes, and the backstories were all brilliant. :star:There were no missed opportunity here, okay maybe one or two (like a montage of MW and CS meeting over and over in different lifetimes), but they're less the opportunities they missed in previous episodes to make them better. I think if they did what they did in this episode since the first episode, they would have gotten much higher ratings but still, producing this series is no joke, so kudos to all who put this together. :heart:

Still on a HDL high. Don't know what to do. LOL:skull:


9 minutes ago, Lily92 said:

This poet is so beautiful... It can be CS poet to MW and also YJG poet to IU... Both of them is so talented and kind people.. I just love and adore them and hope the friendship that they make will last a lifetime... :)

OMG I'm feel so soft inside knowing he wrote that. I'm also happy he realized his dream of writing poetry. :heart: My shipper heart is thinking can't IU and YJG see they're meant for each other. They can write good poetry/lyrics for one another forever. Hahahaha I wish them well, friends or lovers. I hope they remain close. :wub:




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13 minutes ago, Drake Thompson said:

Currently experiencing HDL withdrawal... weekends seem less exciting now with HDL gone... :cry:

It just not you, and I bet most of us experience the same. I'm still in denial mode, couldn't get HDL out of my head. Once I think about their parting my tears will flow like a water tap. Yes it's indeed a happy ending. It's depend on how we wish to see it, and how we will endure it.


Letting go is definitely is not an easy task to do, especially towards something that we cherished, but hey life must goes on. Memories of it will never faded and we will keep on remembering it. So what GCS do is a realistic thing. There will be no potion to clear memories in real life.


I'm glad on trivial thing shown on this episode. It's GCS who informed JMW about guest house of the moon. Every path of their life will cross and from there we know that both of them are match made in heaven. GCS has been re-incarnate multiple time but on this his very life he able to meet JMW again, whereby JMW has been living between life and death for 1300 years. Through GCS help, JMW become a better person.

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1 hour ago, Drake Thompson said:

Currently experiencing HDL withdrawal... weekends seem less exciting now with HDL gone... :cry:

Me too. I thought I was happy letting our Jang Man Wol go, but I woke up at midnight with a sad sad heart 

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This is my first time posting on this thread as I have always been a silent reader but after last night's bittersweet finale and reading everyone's post I decided to post my thoughts and feelings on this achingly beautiful show that was my safe haven for the past 2 months.


This show kept me going and made me look for the weekends as I go through my mundane work life. The overall themes of the show which are about the choices that we make in life and letting go in order to move on to a new beginning really connected with me on a personal level.


Jang Man Wol and Goo Chan Seong are two characters that will stay with me for a very long time. I believe CS's selfless love towards MW in this lifetime will lead him to infinite lifetimes of happiness with MW somewhere in the distant or near future as was foreshadowed by Mago in the finale and the promise that he made with MW will bind him to her forever.


I think this is the first time I am satisfied with an ending of a fantasy drama as this ending is the most realistic and true to life. We all have that trouble of letting go and moving on when we lose someone that we love and care about so deeply and I think the show through the character of CS managed to show that it requires courage to let go than hold on. I like the fact the show ended on the theme of hope. Seeing CS and MW' hope and wish of finding each other again in that imagination scene just light me up and make me smile. 


As I am writing my thoughts, I cannot stop my tears from rolling down. Since last night I couldn't stop crying as I was rewatching episode 16. I will for sure rewatch the entire show again and again. I would like to thank all the members on the thread who have been posting all the thoughts, recaps, translations, videos and behind the scenes which have kept me in company in this last 2 months.


Lastly, I would like to thank the cast and crew of HDL for their sheer hard work that made me smile and cry and I would like to wish all the best to IU and Yeo Jin Goo who have embodied their characters flawlessly and magnificently and rest assured I will follow and support all your upcoming endeavours and I will also hold up the hope that one day I will get to see the both of you again together in another beautiful drama or movie.

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