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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

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Three episodes down and still it gets interesting


Although our heroine Ms Man Wol is an adrenaline charged scene stealer, there are moments that I happen to like Chan Sung's moments of quiet cerebration in episode 3. 


I have been wondering this fact since episode 1. I know he wanted to get away from the deal his father made with Man Wol. He is afraid of ghosts. But it is more than he decided to stay with Man Wol 


Is it first love, pity,  or a sense of responsibility that Chan Sung feels for her? 


Either way, their first meeting was filled with the sweetest smiles. My impression Man Wol is the boy's first crush, first love







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42 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:

Do I hear Park Il Do?


You heard it right.

She said Joon Gi character "won't be able to catch the demon because it is too strong. That darn Park Il Do".  

The exorcism parody and Park Il Do's name makes me laugh out loud. :joy:


and that leopard print leggings :joy::joy::joy:

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I saw the trailer of Hotel Del Luna today on Youtube and it looks so interesting especially the Siberian Tiger.

I don't like waiting for episodes each weeks so I binge watch when the show is finished telecasting. I can't wait for this show to finish telecasting. Right now its only 2 episodes and I am so-so-so curious about it.

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Man Weol's outfits and hairstyles are such a delight to see,i adore them sooo much....I guess pretty much everyone knows that Chang Seong's is the reincarnation of the man she loved in the past(that for once doesn't have the same face)....Really feel soo sad for her,waiting all that time just to see his soul again enter her hotel and reunite with him yet never happening,guess the same with all the other family she had back then(her brothers)...Quite happy with the conclusion of the highschool spirit,karma really came fast for her and by her family's hands,guess the girl that now lives in her body will work at the hotel as well based on the poster... Not least the OST,is sooooo beautiful(i think one of them is also Shin Yong Jae of 4Men)

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Whether or not Chansung is a reincarnation of Man Wol's past love or a part of her brand new beginning, it does not matter to him for the way he looks at her says it all. The same look that he will put her above everything else even if at the end she will never be able to fully reciprocate anything. 


Jin Goo really conveyed so much in this scene. From his boyish subtle annoyance of dreaming about Man Wol's past love up to those deep glances he gives her. 


The appearance of a falling star as if this brewing relationship has tragedy written all over it


I hope the Hong sisters will come up with a creative romance interweaving past to present without frustrating the viewers. So far so good right now.  But I won't be hopeful for I was already burned from their previous dramas. If the Hong sisters can keep up the same credibility as the way they wrote Gumiho then I think this drama is going to be a good one. 






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4 hours ago, Yongzura said:

I'll be watching it tomorrow!  In the meantime here's the link for the OST on spotify




Me, too. I'll watch it tomorrow, so it's both episodes. :D

The OST is soo beautiful. Can't wait for more OST of this drama.


3 hours ago, Yana Mujay said:

Today's  JMW fashion shows 




I'm keeping tracking of all her beautiful outfits, too. Lol. More so just stating how beautiful which outfits are. She got an amazing wardrobe for Jang Man Wol.

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Now, HDL has another meaning for me besides High-Density Lipoprotein. Annyeong fellow HDL fans.


I hope you enjoyed the latest offering as much as I did. Scarlet Heart Ryeo fans are still probably mooning over the Moon Lovers' reunion. And fans of Gugudan Mina must likewise be happy bec. her intriguing character finally made entry. This episode has a rich emotional terrain. It presented the vital part of Man-wol's back story while still delivering the requisite humour, spooks, mystery, and feels as backed lovely OSTs. Those who had seen the drama The Guest would enjoy the funny aspersion to it and literal moon lovers will likewise savour the reference to the anniversary of the moon landing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a fashion sophisticate like Man-weol will don such outfit and leggings.


''You're devouring my nights and dreams---how spookily romantic.'' Those interested in psychical stuff like cartomancy must have also probably noticed how accurate Chan-seung's card as ace of clubs is bec., besides his charms and smarts, in this episode it was repeatedly emphasised how impertinently curious he is. It's interesting to note as well, Chan-seung's dreams aside, that the captain of the guards was also pictured as feigning to leave the helpless Man-weol only to return in time to save her thus making the theory tenable that Chan-seung is the reincarnation of the man she held dear in her heart. It's worth recalling how the mystical moon tree, which is an extension of Man-wol's self, started blooming flowers again when Chan-seung's father came over. Life slowly started to be breathed into her being at that very juncture. She always loves to say that Chan-seung caught her fancy and this is because he represented hope and life for her living yet dead being.


Anyway, apologies for rambling. Thanks for all these HDL photos, vids, insights, and tidbits. Enjoy. Happy Watching (and re-watching).



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The story get more interesting each episode, the mix between past to present quite smooth to capture my heart.

Scene how actually MW didn't like to intrude another ghost being business and how she "provides the service " is MW way to punish the bad yet she got the benefits from the deal.

Of course the service should cost an expensive real money since She must paying the taxes and running the hotels in humans realms B)

The chasing girl spirits scene could open CS mind there's always back story in each MW action.

How JMW pondering why CS has such a dream who's supposed belong to her is worthy to shed a tears. CS narative the dreams is vivid  he wonder why that's dream live in his night ? 

Does he really MW lovers reincarnation or someone who witnessed MW life story ?

And the Room 404 why MW has such expression the mix between anger and alarmed?

Who's the guy who's check in but never check out?

Interesting. .wish the writer keep brought viewers to another meaningful story despite the parody and the horrors.

Keep in tracks  HDL...fighting.


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This drama makes me laugh, cry, and spook at the same time. How can i laugh and then tear up and then get spooked out? Amazing.


As episodes come, I am beginning to have two theories: Either CS is the reincarnation or he is someone who received the memories into MW’s past. The old lady is the true power holder in this hotel (and the tree) as mentioned by the workers when they refer to her as a ‘crone’ and when she actually causes the flowers to bloom on the tree with her touch. She is either a God, Death, or a fairy perhaps.


It was such a nice touch to the moon lovers reunion. Short, funny and sweet :D LJK as a priest!


The ghost story was a good karma lesson too and i think this is where we will begin to see her role in the hotel. But what i am really loving is the chemistry between MW and CS! Omg! And that ending scene, I just love how MW’s chest is moving as if she is panting hard (shocked to hear that CS can see that much into her past) and he just stares and confesses in the most hauntingly romantic way by using words such as ‘devour’ and ‘paying the price’. When they begin to fall in love more, this story is going to take us on an emotional ride like this: 




Its going to be a beautiful, sweet love story with all the edges of heart-wrenching emotions!

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