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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

22 hours ago, zhangrain said:

Still heartbroken after watching ep 14 :cry:. There are many good scenes but this is my most favorite one:


I like the way that she just walked in, saw him and decided to rest on his shoulder then he held her hands gently. There is no word exchanged but they still understand each other. They become each other's HOME. 


I never see a k-drama wrap up a second male lead story so beautifully like this. I think MW may love CW 1,300 years ago but now, not because she love someone else, but because she grows up to be a different person, she know how to let hatred and guilt go. That is her own choice to say goodbye and put an end on CM - MW story.  She chooses to be happy.



One of the most unforgettable scenes.  Words are not necessary.  Their actions spoke volume – MW, a picture of exhaustion walking in and leaning on CS’ shoulder, drawing strength from each other; the interlinking of hands, lovingly caressing the fingers, wordlessly articulating the love they felt.  In silence they understood each other.  They will remember not the words but the silence pulsating with emotion.

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Whoa, okay. That was a lot to take. And of course we're still talking about CM (because I'm going to, too :phew:). Sooo, I think things are looking up? We still don't know how they will tie the story up. Some of us have an idea and somehow, they all seem possible and make sense, in one way or another. 


Gotta love Mira. Yes, sure, she's that one friend that you have to be wary of and keep your wallet close to chest but she's by no means evil. She really likes YW, err... Youngsoo and when she stroke YS' face when he was weeping and said 'why are you crying, I'm here', I melted a little. And that, the fact that she's so tender to YS, is enough for me to root for her to achieve happiness. 


Now, CM. Where do I start :sweat_smile:

When I was watching Ep. 14 without subtitle, I became so lenient toward him but after I watched with subtitle, I found myself questioning everything. Yes, he was in a difficult position; one which would cost you so, so much no matter what you choose. But in hindsight, you weren't supposed to further involve yourself with someone you aren't suppose to fraternize with and end up tangled in unnecessary feelings. Him getting close to MW, I believe, is intended. The feelings, on the other hand, is accidental. The show didn't (not yet?) show us the complete backstory but I assume CM and Songhwa were betrothed? So, he must have understood the ramification if he was so much as doing funny things on the side. I chalk it up to the fact that he was still young, but, eh. I can't help but agree with YW. His excuses were valid, but they all fell flat to me. 


I tried not to go this route, but doesn't it make you think what would have happened if CM was CS? How drastic his decisions would be compared to CM's? Someone mentioned about how him being a firefly for a millennia is for him more than it was about MW. So, I hope it worked. I hope it's alleviated CM's guilt or those years spent being a bug and not being acknowledged by MW would be for naught. Also please, no CM reincarnated as MW and CS' son. Please, please tell me you all see how weird that would actually be.


16 hours ago, Lily92 said:

I also want to give an insight about MW and CS relationship.. Even at the beginning they have a very mature relationship and for me hong sister purposely put their way of loving each other like that.. They actually more like a married couple rather than gf/bf.. I mean their constant bickering about small thing and they just support each other.. No cheesy line about i love you or you mean everything to me.. What CS said is purely what he felt.. During the confession in ep12 show how they think and act.. Lovey dovey is just not in their way of loving each other but brutal honesty and support system.. 

In ep13 when CS and MW talk after MW meet with SC is something that caught my eyes.. CS actually said he's busy right now and will drop by to see her after work.. A typical hubby/wife way of talking.. I actually smile when they have a moment like that.. 


I really hope we will get a lot of happy time and amazing reunion with our lead.. Of course hopefully more kissing and MW joke about how healthy CS is will be proven.. LOL 


True, it's the little things. That one time Chansung rented the entire restaurant so that he and MW can have dinner? Gotta get myself a man like that. He also restricted MW's shopping, so very husband-like. And everytime MW gives him irrational reasoning just to eat something particular, Chansung will just point out that it was just her giving excuses but at the end of the day, he'll go with her anyway.


16 hours ago, vangsweetie637 said:


Of course, it doesn’t go to say that I would not like a sneak peak of room 404 or a deeper kiss. Of course I want to see it because after all the emotional ride we went through too, they (CS and MW) and we deserve it as well. I wouldn’t expect a full blown super scene :joy: i do expect more romance though since we got 2 episodes free of CM(i hope) and serial killer!


Hahaha! Our minds think alike! :joy:



OMG. You and some other posters really needed to be thrown into fiery pit for your thirsty posts. Keep them coming.


22 hours ago, angelbeast90 said:
That scene really got to me when he saw that bus-ad of the eating celebrity and he got reminded of all the mukbang scenes with Jang Manweol and her pithy sayings!!



I cried with him, obvi. Of course we know that MW will be back for him, but does he? At that moment, the only thing he knew was that MW isn't coming back. What's with the tree and HJ and bartender Sunbi's predictions. Give the boy a break he deserves, show.

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With all loves and blessings towards HDL may the production teams,actors and staff could wrapped up smoothly to the final .

it is just 4 days apart to the ending we wishes .

A memorable closer ending not the cliche one nor the sad one.

12% or 13%  for ratings would be the best .






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5 hours ago, lollyminx said:

I don't actually understand why that scene is part of the episode. I was wondering if I'm missing something, if the melon symbolizes or mirrors something from the past? Is there something more to this I'm not getting? 

It wouldn't be beyond these writers to do that (in a previous drama, potatoes saved from boiling execution was the symbol of love), but maybe that scene was to lighten up the otherwise really gloomy mood of the whole episode. But we never know, we'll have to see haha

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17 hours ago, laura_waterhouse said:

Oooh, I like that. A series of heartbreaking montages of CS through different eras, also waiting for someone who never came... but not pathetically sad, just not being able to connect with someone romantically. Always single, donating all his good fortune to charity that's why he has such good karma, long lifeline, lots of wealth to come this lifeline. It would be nice if he met the the 3 hotel staff too during their lifetimes, giving them kindness before they pass away, though his face did not stick in their memory. My imagination running away...


^oh I feel like it is me in real life! Forever single and too focused on helping family and friends and work lol. I like this theory and can relate lol.

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I think the writers had to think things through.

Go with the idea that CS is CM reincarnated and pitchforks would appear saying that it was the usual drama trope, lacking originality etc.


I much prefer the idea that CS has a connection somehow with MW (remember MW met him when he was a child and in a sense 'bought' him by allowing his father to leave safely)

And with this connection he was somewhat like a conduit between the memories of the past and it all converged in the present.

CS is like the balm to her wounded soul. It may be 1300 years of hatred but it showed that a love which began like the light in the firefly (and which could also have the lifespan of a real firefly) can be strong and steady enough to guide her to learn to empty her hatred and forgive/understand CM.



At the end, when CM extended his hand to her, I don't see it as selfishness on his part to want to take MW with him, he was giving her a choice. If he wanted the force her, he would have grabbed her hand and ran towards the end of the bridge.

Having MW turn away to return to CS shows how much she loves him and she has made her choice in who to go to.

It would have been easier for her to follow CM and be reborn but she took a path which is still unknown. CS's mortality, the lives (or ghostly lives) of her staff, this is a lot to consider if she returns to the human world.


I did wish the PD had ended with this part. I think we would have even more pages of speculation. :ph34r:



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7 hours ago, lollyminx said:

I don't actually understand why that scene is part of the episode. I was wondering if I'm missing something, if the melon symbolizes or mirrors something from the past? Is there something more to this I'm not getting? 


For me personally, I take it as funny scene her joking about breaking his hand , when she before in their other life break his neck is hilarious :mrgreen:







Just careful woman his sister/ friend wouldn’t allowing it 






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3 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:



For me personally, I take it as funny scene her joking about breaking his hand , when she before in their other life break his neck 

Sigh.. sad actually... as aggressive as she was when she was the princess... He probably should find someone better....


Anyways, where is the bts of ep 13 and 14... tvn, hello...

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19 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

Sigh.. sad actually... as aggressive as she was when she was the pricess... He probably should find someone better....


I agree never warm to her , but if they become all friends as @aria26 said before :mrgreen:

we could always hope our girl make her deaf by shouting UUNNNNNNEEEEEE  every time she see her until she run away :sweat_smile:




What you think @lu09:joy:

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Hey guys,


When (in what episode, and event) do you think that CS started to feel something for MW? I mean his turning point.

Because the first few episodes he was really hesitant to work with her, and did not want to stay in Hotel del Luna.



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18 minutes ago, berny2 said:

When (in what episode, and event) do you think that CS started to feel something for MW? I mean his turning point.

When he saw her in his dreams, I think, or a little bit later.  Because that's the time he saw her not as the egotistical, prideful, and rude MW she is now, but the young MW who is in love. As CS said in later episodes, he just saw someone in love, so I think he realized that there's more to MW than what she shows others, which then made him curious to know more about her, and this curiosity turned into interest and eventually into love as he got to know her better. 


I also think CS fell in love with her knowing that she hides her care for the ghosts - the Tiger, the ghost in Yuna's body, etc. - through her materialism. I think this is what initially endeared MW to him. 


It's slow burn and I like it. 

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