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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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1 hour ago, DreamCatcher2011 said:

I think Yoo Na will be the next owner of HDL, not Chansung


Me, too. I think she will become the next owner. Her personality is becoming similar to JMW or she can go that route. I think CS will continue to work at the hotel and help Yuna.

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

2 minutes ago, turtle0217 said:


Me, too. I think she will become the next owner. Her personality is becoming similar to JMW or she can go that route. I think CS will continue to work at the hotel and help Yuna.

It's so sad if everyone left those two in HDL. I think of another possibility that Yuna will be the owner and CS will be the manager


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Was finally able to watch both episode 11 and 12 with subs.  There was a lot to unpack.  But here are few of my thoughts and feelings.


Episode 11

ManChan Couple :wub:
What can I say about them?  I just love every little interaction they have now.  MW's guard is down and seems more relax in front of CS.
You can tell by the way she talks to him she isn't as rough and her eyes have softened when she looks at him.  


1. That leopard suit gift :lol: I hope CS does wear it one time to humor MW.  Another happy memory to give to MW before she leaves.

2. Smooth Operator CS with his restaurant reservation. The "Harvard Scammer" has a few tricks up his sleeves. I was cracking up 
at how pleased he was with himself when MW was amazed that they were going to eat at the rice cake soup place.

And it's great that we were able to get a confirmation on what everyone thought was YJG adlib-ing that line about UI's earrings B) their laughter after that point pure gold

3. Missed opportunities and the rose scene I must admit that when I first saw the episode without subs I was yelling
at the screen telling CS to give her a neck massage and it seemed like MW was asking for it to cause she kept rolling her head and gave him a side glance <_<  Upon second viewing seeing CS completely by passes all of this to tell her she's the most beautiful flower on the hotel grounds :wub: I was like okay I see where CS is going.  Different direction to take here.  Then MW misunderstanding CS's offer to take the phone to instead initiate in some form of skinship was hilarious. The scene itself played out rather cutely so I'm  rather satisfied with it.

The dream call service
The father and son calling the driver really touched me.  We often think of ghosts being vengeful and scary.  But here it shows how caring and thoughtful they can be.  We forget that the good souls will always do good. It even touched the cynical MW that even she started seeing the value and good this service could do. It seemed to me she finally started "working" at the hotel to see her guests off well and would finish out the remaining calls.

Sanchez and Veronica :tears:
I know some felt this story was a bit rushed and shoehorned in as one of the "ghost of the week episodes" that there should have been more set up.  However, Sanchez mentioned Veronica a couple episodes back so she wasn't a character we were just hearing about in episode 11.  Also, we were introduced to Sanchez way back in the beginning of the show so there has been some time for the audience to build attachment to the character and what happens to him.


My heart aches for Sanchez and that goodbye scene was heartbreaking.  Again we are shown a parallel to what CS will most likely have to go through when he sends MW off.  That sadness of a relationship ending before it truly began...the what ifs and the future that could have been *sigh*


You can really see the strong friendship that CS and Sanchez have.  CS standing outside quietly waiting allowing his friend to say his goodbye and come back in when ready.  The sorrow on his face was for Sanchez and what he was going through.  

Episode 12

I cried buckets in this last one :tears:  From the story of the parents and their sick child, MW and CS's fight, and then MW and CS's makeup kiss scene.


Nurse Man Wol 
All I have to say is hemorrhoid ointment :lol:
But I truly loved the way CS was smiling at MW as she was trying to figure out how to treat his wounds.
CS is such a tease too.  The game between him and the red car :D


Serial Killer
Like seriously if that bar is a real bar I really don't think a serial killer would be hiding his needles and bottles of knockout drugs in some drawer that anyone could open :huh:


Also, what's up with the gun scene back in college?  Just because it's in America doesn't mean people would not freak out and call the police on you if they saw you waving a gun around in board day light.  That was a bit too far-fetched in my mind <_<


I hope Grim Reaper gets hat spirit fast.  I don't want him harming Sanchez, CS, or anyone else for that matter.  


Kiss Me,. Hug Me, Thrill Me

HDL always seem to save the best scenes for last :wub:  It was done beautifully.  They both understand the stakes and they resolve to be there for each other til the very end even knowing its not going to be easy.  I like how MW initiated the kiss and finally surrender her emotions.  She has very little time left and she should be giving him happier moments and memories so he can look back fondly.  Then when CS took control and pulled her back for another kiss *sigh*   


MW you tease him about his "manliness" but be careful girl you are really calling out that tiger.  CS is a not kitty cat.  He's given those come hither eyes twice to you now. 


Seriously, can we have a third time that hits a home run :w00t: come on Hong Sisters considering the impending doom ending your going to be giving...let them have one night they won't forget B) :phew:




On 8/19/2019 at 5:55 AM, gilaswan said:

Eps 11 & 12 felt lacking in terms of plot development, particularly in the advancement of MW’s back story and what the significance of having YW finally appear in the present means. If MW had waited 1300 years before she finally encountered YW and the princess, is there no more significance to this than that those two are dating, albeit in a fiery and tumultuous relationship (experienced only through the phone call)? And what of the look YW gave MW when their eyes met in the previous episode? Nothing more to that? 


And I too am getting lost in this Mago-MW kerfuffle. The more I see of what is revealed in MW’s past, the more I fail to understand what great sin it is that has kept her locked to that tree for a millennium. If her sins were for her thieving ways, then what about other bandits? If it was for killing a bride on her wedding night out of spite, and being and all round vengeful spirit, then SJW is a far more treacherous soul. So it must be that Mago for some reason found something in MW worth redeeming. But why? What makes MW’s soul so different from the others we’ve seen so far? Is it only cos she was looking for the inn in the first place in order to make good the wrongs done to the entire tribe that died because of her folly? And what would that folly have been? To place her trust in the wrong person? I am confused.


I am not sure there is really anything more to YW/YS and MiRa's reincarnation other than to give MW closure.  And to show that you can move on.  These are two souls that have had multiple reincarnations while MW has stayed frozen in time.  It's almost showing MW if you had just let go you could have been like them, living another life, and experiencing things you've kept yourself from feeling.  


As for the sin that MW did all I can surmise is that she killed people and robbed people.  She should have been punished like the rest by being  reincarnated and having to live a  new life to learn the lessons she failed to learn.  To pay back the debt she owed to whomever it is that she owed it to.  Instead she prolonged her time here by refusing to forgive and move onward.  Its been 1300 years and all she's done is take advantage of MaGo 1's offer and that is probably why MaGo 4 looks at her with such disdain.



On 8/19/2019 at 7:08 AM, laura_waterhouse said:

MW got extra 1300 with her past life with the aide of MG1, she got special treatment nurturing her old anger. We should get a lesson from the other ghosts. Did the room 13 get special treatment? No, she was pulverized, but MW has superpowers and cars. MG1 had protected /fenced her too long. (It could also be that MG4 is annoyed in general with HDL, because ghosts should not stay too long in this earth after they die, but HDL provides a legitimate heaven sanctioned place to do that, like a loophole in the rules. I think MW is caught in a conflict of ideologies between MG1 and MG4)



Your answer I think hits it at the core that "MW is caught in a conflict of ideologies between MG1 and MG4"


And it seems most of us are too because we cannot figure out what the Gods want.  One side heals, shields, and comforts while the other side yells and waits for you to fall.  So who will show up at the end MG1 or MG4?


On 8/19/2019 at 10:17 AM, kaxx said:

I just finished ep 12. Usually I would like to be logical, and look deeper into the story and their words. But for now just lemme indulge a little. I just wanna rant.


Quite frankly I'm getting a little tired of the "Guesssssss how CS is going to pay the price? Guessssssssss? I'm not going to tell - but it's going to be HEAVYYYYYY AND PRICEYYYYYYY!"




Weird rant done.


My husband also suggested that the heaviest price to pay for CS is to spend eternity and be the new owner of HDL in exchange for MW to leave for the afterlife. 



:lol: I love your rant there. 


Maybe CS was a gardener in his past life who couldn't grow anything and this is his debt to pay now.  To grow things :wacko:


Your husband's suggestion seems very plausible.  I wouldn't put it past it now that this is the direction we are heading in.



On 8/19/2019 at 11:39 AM, laura_waterhouse said:


Haha. I love CS but maybe he did something wrong in his other lives, not necessarily connected to MW. Although, MG said early on in ep 1 that he has good karma (not sure) and that his early misfortunes in life (dad and it turned out even mom), would clear his way to a good life? Maybe his karma is so good that MG1 picked him to help out MW, because no matter how high the price is, his karma would be able to take it. It may sound unfair, but the show has been showing that life is unfair, humans can only choose to react positively or negatively to what life serves them. MG1 was right in choosing CS, his good heart has led the flowers to bloom, maybe he will also react well to the price?


So true about life.  As humans we can only choose how we react to situations.  That is the one true choice we have. 



On 8/19/2019 at 4:13 PM, Chit Tart said:

So the latest episode did confirm that CM died that night since he was the firefly that stayed behind.  I don't understand why he wouldn't just be like "hey stop, don't stab me. This is what happened, I made a deal with your friend in exchange for your life so please don't hate me and don't suffer the rest of your life".  If MW is the last person CS will send off, that means CS will probably let CM take over his body to clear up any misunderstandings and then send him off before MW. 


Really hoping for a happy ending without any of the reincarnation nonsense. I want to see them happy in their current states, not the next one that only exists in our imagination. The Hong sisters can only repeat that trope so many times right? Even though the hotel itself may not exist once MW leaves, there still needs to be a place for wandering ghosts to go and I'm thinking that maybe MaGo's plan is for CS to take over that job in return for waiting for MW's reincarnation. But MW will sneak the potion into CS (through MaRi?) and make it so that won't happen. Which would be super sad and a terrible ending. 




Maybe MW is just that skilled of a fighter that she killed him before CM could say anything?  Or CM was stupid and just let her kill him off so easily.  If it were the second case he deserve to live like a firefly for all those years.


But you have to admire that he stayed as a firefly waiting for her.  I guess he figure if they went to the afterlife together they could be reincarnated so he could pay back his debt and maybe the second time around they could actually be together.  



On 8/19/2019 at 5:07 PM, laura_waterhouse said:

Good point.


This is also one reason why I find the hatred towards Mi Ra in terms of the love angle a bit weird. Given what happened (dont know what will be revealed in the future), it seems that she does not really care about the romantic angle between CM and MW. She caught a gang of thieves and was killing them as punishment, not because she was lovelorn, otherwise, she would have executed MW first, but she let her go meaning she did not think of her as a love threat. And if CM knew Mi Ra is jealous of MW, then his whole plan of saving her is foolish, because Mi Ra would kill MW first.


You got a point there about Mi Ra and the love angle.  But maybe Mi Ra didn't think MW was anyone significant...that her Captain would really be in love with a person of such lowly stature.  Also Captain could have been playing it real cool.  He seemed to be a bit of a smooth operator.  Mi Ra may not of realized how strong and fearless MW actually was.  That she would dare to come back into the palace and attempt to kill her after she pardon her from death and killed all her men.  A miss calculation on her part and thus she died at MW's hands.





Theories, theories, theories


My last thoughts for this really long post.


Wacky thoughts cause I'm losing my mind trying to guess what is happening and we are all going down very dark paths for the last episode.


What if the punishment is for MW to become human again and live the life she should have done instead of
bargaining it with God to run the Inn. She should have passed by now meaning to pass by and move forward :huh:

So they are passing their trouble maker MW to CS to take care of for the rest of his life :w00t:

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What?! Did MW just say in the other BTS (translated by the same Twitter account posted by @Ondine) that she bought the cake?! Like does it mean what I think it means? Like she personally bought the cake, go-to-the-shop-to-buy-the-cake or order-the-cake-online-herself?!?! :w00t: You can tell he was touched. :wub: 


Mommy shark dudududu is really sweet dudududu towards daddy shark dudududu please date already! - OST #20 to be released for the ending credits of Episode 16 

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              Your flowers will begin to wilt when you become afraid.


   I'll consider shouldering the pile as solely my responsibility. So....don't be afraid when you leave me behind. 



I didn't know I would be in for such emotions when I started watching the 2 eps. This totally summarizes my feelings ...tenor-4.gif .. hate these ninjas always lurking around :sweatingbullets:...It all started from that father and son. I feel like someone's actually hammering my heart during that scene..aigoo, how pure and beautiful can that be, when you wanted to apologize to the very person who caused you to die....because you know that person may be suffering due to itAnd then my poor Sanchez, it's just never the same seeing him all so sad and crying from that confident, quirky, happy-go-lucky that he is. Hope he gets his happy ending. And to top it all, the upcoming heartache that our ManChan is trying to let us all feel. It's like we're going down with them, if they don't get their happy ending, so are we. 


I actually didn't like the idea that Seol Ji Won gets to have an armor protecting him from turning to ash. I just wish MW had just ended him right there and then. Will he play a bigger role in terms of CS, is that it? Since we're all talking about this ill-fated relationship CS has and all the possible heartaches he might encounter as a burden he must bear. Hope Grim Reaper-ssi will take care of it.


What I love about HDL is the fact that it deviates from all the usual typical Kdramas I've watched so far...no unnecessary drama/ separation/misunderstandings between the MLs. No one antagonist or annoying second lead ruining the relationship. No overused cliche plots. The most that standout to me is the characters, most notably uri ManChan couple. They aren't just the best individual character themselves but they're also couple goals. We may have seen a little argument there in ep 12 but that's because they're both emotionally scared...and how they patched things up by reassuring each other that no matter what happens, they shouldn't feel that way.


This is it. This isn't just a drama to me anymore. This is about life and what comes after it...DEATH. However, death doesn't just end when you die and it ain't just about you dying. It's between you, the one leaving (Man Weol) and has to let go, and the ones left behind who has to accept it (Chan Sung). Yes, it's not that easy, but it's something we all have to go through at some point. Omg, idk, but while I'm writing this, can't help but get emotional.. giphy-1.gif




Also, I think someone mentioned here how extra hot YJG is looking in ep 12 :D..and I may have to agree...ha ha..

Now, I understand why but it's dangerous if they made CS to be so bold and aggressive...just look at this :P


...it would have been dangerous for my hearteu...HAHAHA..I thought he would actually kiss her there...look at those eyes...kyaaaaaa~


Another, I really think strong emotions bring the best out of YJG's acting..anger, frustration, sadness, even craziness (maybe)...he really shines in these types of emotions, in my opinion.







CS and SJW's confrontation is really intense. Never thought CS would be that brave...but yokshi, he's really a MBA Harvard grad, because he's one step ahead. He may be a coward in terms of ghost but he isn't afraid of any humans ^_^...






P.S. Grim Reaper ahjussi being extra cute...kekeke...




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Appreciate all the sharing done in this HDL thread.   Love the different insights which helped me see the show in a new and deeper perspective.


The underlying theme of letting go, separation, loss and eventually grief has been beautifully threaded into each episode. The latest episodes are packed with overwhelming emotions not only for the main leads.  Two scenes stood out leaving the viewers with a heighten awareness that death is something that is not easy to deal with.  Seeing Sanchez breaking down upon learning of the death of Veronica and the parents who will do anything for the love of a child.

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Haha... so now that we know Captain had no choice and had sacrificed his life for MW... where should we as audience stand?


Support MW and Captain (1st love?) or MW with CS (last love?). Personally i would go for CS since we see more of their interaction than that of the Captain. How often did they met to make them 'love' each other?


As for CS, we have seen how he has transformed, from a non-believer  to a believer and passionate about his job to bring the ghosts to their final destination; and to fall.in love with his boss who actually loves him and wants to protect him as well... sigh..


Im not sure how Hong sisters will end the show, they better end it happily! Not another repeat of Hwaugi? (Gosh i cant spell it anymore) or Moon Lovers pls!

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3 hours ago, lollyminx said:

What?! Did MW just say in the other BTS (translated by the same Twitter account posted by @Ondine) that she bought the cake?! Like does it mean what I think it means? Like she personally bought the cake, go-to-the-shop-to-buy-the-cake or order-the-cake-online-herself?!?! :w00t: You can tell he was touched. :wub: 


It was really sweet of her to get him a cake (however she procured it...I'm guessing she had her manager do it for her?), and one with a not-so-inside joke at that. Please be a food truck-sending friendship in the future!


2 hours ago, lightbringer06 said:

...it would have been dangerous for my hearteu...HAHAHA..I thought he would actually kiss her there...look at those eyes...kyaaaaaa~


Another, I really think strong emotions bring the best out of YJG's acting..anger, frustration, sadness, even craziness (maybe)...he really shines in these types of emotions, in my opinion.


Yeah, he really looked like he was going to kiss her. :wub:  Man Wol's all cocky when she's teasing him, but when he called her bluff she got all flustered. Girl, you should have taken him up on his offer! Get him in your bed! :lol:


And I agree that he really shines in intense scenes. When they were fighting and he was telling her how he was so afraid to lose her...take all my feels! I think Episode 12 was his best work in the show so far.

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19 hours ago, Yana Mujay said:

His life is just to looking for MW ,

Watching near but so far, how solitary live he does as a little lights who's felt guilty couldn't do more to his love of his life.

Day passes month 

Months passes year

Years passes century 

Theirs live , hurts and love is still lingering.

He just waiting the MW tree blooms to accept his time to a company her is end, she find another hearts who's made her live again!

He skipped his chances to reincarnation as another hero, he simply cursed himself as firefly to take his final.

Happiest MW is everything for him.

Time to say goodbye to their century ill fated story.

Wished MW  to send him off  to after life, no regrets no hurts.

Warriors to the end whatever its performance

Dunno the firefly Captain 

Remains me to my little heroes 

  Reveal hidden contents


 They've saved the one they loves get hates, unfair treatments and being bullied but both stay intact in their ugly performance.

many couldn't understand how's wrecked and bleeding their heart.



Yes, so true.

Their love story is like a classic novel.  All is there, love, revenge, sacrifice...

CM decided to stay with MW, as he made a promise.

I didnt know that such men still existed. :D

I dont like CM being captured as a firefly.  I wanted to see the captain in the present. 

But, it is what it is.


Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks! :)
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1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:

My thought on Behind scene :mrgreen:

He be like, "Left" or "Right?!" DUDE BOTH! :w00t:


The question isn't which side to kiss her from. The question is "HOW HARD AND HOW LONG?" 


Full version of IU's song, the one on YouTube




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i saw TvN official advertising on arthdal chronicles part 3 starting 7sep.. means HDL is ending in another 2 weeks :bawling: its like, too soon!! did this drama fast forward that much we din even realise time is running out?? 4 episodes left.. please extend for another 20 episodes!!! we can’t get enough of this!!! :tounge_xd: ok.. now back to.. kiss left side or kiss right side votes lol

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29 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

He be like, "Left" or "Right?!" DUDE BOTH! :w00t:


The question isn't which side to kiss her from. The question is "HOW HARD AND HOW LONG?" 



:joy::mrgreen: hard & long will lead to a 



Maybe that was cry for   he messed up her makeup :yum:

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