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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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When they were laughing during the eating scene that was not MW and CS that was definitely IU and YJG lmao especially that cute laugh tha's IU :D


Is it just me or CS looks extra handsome in tonight's episode..ahhh the things that happen when you're in love lol

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

Goshhhh... I mean where else we can find a man like chansung?? He really truly loves and care about her that he willing to let her go.. Its so sad seeing how happy our manchan is and then remembering how little time they have... 

Its true what mira said.. There is no guy better than chansung..:tears:


I think this is why kdrama have a hard time maintaing great episode.. I mean tonight episode is a build up for tomorrow but there is a lot of scene that i think not needed but the point is there.. Eg.. The old manager to show what exactly room 404 and the lunar eclips.. Yuna scene for chansung to meet with seriel killer and our manwol just falling in love... Tomorrow is the real deal!!! 

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Unfavorable opinion on the raw ahead, you have been warned :P


My opinion might change after watching subs, but I think this is the first time I watched it raw and felt underwhelmed and confused. The thing with Veronica...it was shocking, but since we knew so little about her and her relationship with Sanchez, I wasn't emotionally invested in them. I don't like seeing Sanchez sad, but the emotional payoff just wasn't there. It just came off like something played for shock value. Like the story with Chansung's mom. I don't get it.


And I'm still annoyed by creepy killer. He had way too much air time. Why doesn't his backseat ghost summon her grudge and just choke him so we can be rid of him? :P And maybe because the secret romance was hyped, I was just...whelmed. And clearly they're playing out Smirkalot's redemption arc. Boring.


I feel like there's too many things going on and I'm losing the story. :(


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preview for ep 12




MG: The price that Gu Chan Sung has to paid for the crime won't be fair and you can't be calm about it (?)
CS: Please give me a pat on my head in your room so I can sleep
MW: What's wrong with you?
CS: You must be so shocked
MW: Because I don't want you to pay for a crime like that, I'll take care of it to the best of my ability
CS: Don't be afraid of leaving me. I am just a weak person and this is the only thing that I can give with all my might. I love you

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8 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

see she putting too much lipstick, did he have chance in today episode to wipe out some of her lipstick :mrgreen::joy:

well, some can be on the collar of CS shirt.. and i dun think CS mind much having some on his lips as well :kiss_wink: at its worst, all the lipstick will just be left on the champagne glass..

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1 hour ago, sadthe1st said:

well, some can be on the collar of CS shirt.. and i dun think CS mind much having some on his lips as well :kiss_wink: at its worst, all the lipstick will just be left on the champagne glass..






Is she cheating on our guy with his millionaire best friend :joy::mrgreen: 



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The first scene, CM was indeed waiting for MW at the lakeside. He didn't betray her in the first place, but hung the bottle to tell her to come to the lakeside, he had the fullmoon hairpin as a farewell gift to her. But, the scene ended so quickly with CM looking to his back, seems like someone coming (maybe the princess). There were indeed many things more happened in the past. CS who dreamed of the scene wondering whether CM was waiting for her. 

In this episode, CS finally realizes that there is a firefly in the hotel, although living creature such as bugs would never be able to enter the place.


It seems like the dream call service is getting popular among the guests. LOL~! MW become super busy because of all the requests. hahahahahah. But, the scene where the father and son making the call to the man who hit them unintentionally is making MW to reflect a little. I find it is such an irony for MW to advice Ms. Choi to not waste her past 200 years there because of her grudge to the last descendant of her in-law family who murdered here wrongfully. I guess MW doesn't want her to become an evil spirit in order to make sure the last descendant of that family died. But, will MW be able to keep herself from being the evil spirit as well? Hmm... only Hong Sisters knows. LOL!:lol:


The old lady who cameo tonight was the manager before Mr Noh. She meet CS to ask him to help bring her to the hotel to meet MW since her ability to see ghost has been lifted. Everyone is happy to see her. She asked a favor to MW to let her daughter and son-in-law who just married to spent their honeymoon night there since the lunar eclipse is happening. Room 404 has a history 39 years ago which was known to the female manager. That was the time when another lunar eclipse had occurred, and reveal Hotel del Luna to the eyes of ordinary human. At that time, there was a just-married couple went to the hotel to take shelter from the heavy rain, and they were brought to room 404. Apparently, a baby was born from the couple love-making that night. The still picture that showed MW whispering something to CS was about the baby, who is apparently a very famous genius (I have no idea who is they are referring to). 


I have had my guess in my previous post when they first introduce room 404, that the room fulfill the human desire, getting of what they want in that room. The reason they never check out is because right when they get out from the room, they entered another space in different place and would never been able to find the hotel again, just like what happened to the couple in this episode. 


Veronica was not murdered by anyone. She died in an accident in Shanghai, from which she suppose to come to Korea and meet Sanchez. Due to the lunar eclipse still happening, human would be able to see the ghost at the hotel, so CS persuade Sanchez to follow him to the hotel to say his goodbye. Such a relief to see Sanchez able to say his goodbye, but that was sad. I cried to Sanchez and Veronica parting scene. Gosh! We were just so curious who Veronica was, and they had to introduce her to us this way. No wonder Seo Eun Soo is just cameo for only 1 episode. Sigh. Goodbye Veronica! :tears:

The sad goodbye between Sanchez and Veronica affected CS emotionally too, since soon he will also have to go through such heartbreaking parting. Hmmm.. I don't want to even imagine it. :tears:


Finally CS meet JiWon through information from Yuna just as I guessed previously, though the situation happened differently from what I imagined. :sweatingbullets: 

Flower is starting to wilt, I will have to wait for the sub to understand better what did 4th Mago said to MW. It seems she's warning her the flower wilting does not mean MW will be the one who affected, but the one who caused the flower bloom who will be in danger. However, I will just wait for the sub for clearer understanding, as my Korean is still kinda limited. 

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36 minutes ago, Yana Mujay said:


Oppa deul...:sweat_smile:


MW twists..click...bibbb...bibbb

The youngGhost army is cuuuute...:joy:

Seems that they are making a shout out to Kookie to make a cameo or send a food truck in their drama.

Jungkook is IU's fan and JinGoo's close friend. (Since BTS is on rest break, it's possible Kookie's watching this drama)  


Speaking about the fan:

Actually,  there was 15-year-old BTS fan who passed away early this year due to bone cancer before she could attend to BTS concert,

She's Bui Deiu KL,  from  Hanoi, Vietnam. She's JungKook's fan.

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1 hour ago, dj.soul said:

The unfortunate reality with a lot of Kdramas though, even the good ones, is that for some reason things end up getting rushed at the end in terms of wrap-up.  I've always wondered why that was.  Pressured deadlines, conflicting schedules, last minute changes based on feedback?  Who knows.  It is a valid concern, though.  There is a ton of intersecting storylines, characters that have so much depth and back stories, and I personally definitely have a lot of questions that I am hoping will get answered.  I really love dramas like this that draw me in and make me want to pay attention to all the little details and wonder how they all connect.

I know right?! It's too common that I don't know why they're not addressing it. Could it initially be the writing? Because there are others that don't rush, with tight story lines that make sense, you kinda feel that no scene is wasted. And then there are other series (and now HDL is looking like it's one of them) where there's too many unnecessary scenes and they fail to focus on the more important parts of the story to make it tighter or straightforward, no room for the story straying away from the plot. Despite this, I agree with you. I also love dramas like this. I've been on a kdrama slump the past months. HDL brought me back. 


1 hour ago, Yana Mujay said:

Who is CS?

The million dollar question. It's like what happened in the past between MW and CM are also happening with CS and MW. You can't help but think CS could be CM, but then it could also go the other way. 


1 hour ago, vangsweetie637 said:

i hate when things get rushed. But unfortunately it is not a new thing. Scenes get drag too long then it leaves no space for other matters.

I felt this is what happened with this episode (even in the past ones). There's just too many things happening at once and while most of them are interesting, the storytelling isn't as cohesive as it should be. There are also some unnecessary scenes, or scenes that are just shown out of the blue and then end, and it makes you think they could have used the time for other scenes that will make the story better. 


26 minutes ago, jasminssiii said:

When they were laughing during the eating scene that was not MW and CS that was definitely IU and YJG lmao especially that cute laugh tha's IU :D

I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING. Hahahaha it was obviously them laughing and I think the director might have just gave up on the scene and just added BGM there seeing as IU and YJG couldn't stop laughing. 


25 minutes ago, Lily92 said:

I think this is why kdrama have a hard time maintaing great episode.. I mean tonight episode is a build up for tomorrow but there is a lot of scene that i think not needed but the point is there..

Yes, same feels. To be honest, the serial killer scene where CS is injured could have just happened in this episode. I don't see why they had to drag it out and then push it to the next one. 

Also, that's sweet, the three ways that CS told MW he loves her. That's true. I also like him as a male lead. It's like we've never seen a male lead like him before and it's refreshing to see, or maybe I just haven't seen a lot of dramas? But I honestly think CS is a unique character and one of the male leads who's really genuinely a good person. 


22 minutes ago, Ondine said:

I feel like there's too many things going on and I'm losing the story. 

Sigh. Same. But I'll be holding out since I love the story. I feel like I should prepare myself to be disappointed because the story may not turn out as satisfying as we'd all like. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to the rest of the episodes, the kiss and the romantic scenes, and that day when CS finally decides to wear the leopard print suit to cheer MW up. Hahahaha I was thinking a while ago, would they make it so CS is wearing that suit in their kissing scene but it's a relief that's not what happens in the preview. 





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I find the scene at the rice cake soup restaurant funny, not because of what they are doing with adding their age with the number of rice cake they eat (because CS want to call MW as Manwol-ie just like Sanchez, and MW said she will let him talk informally to her if he can eat 1300g of rice cake..LOL!), but because it is such an IU-ish and YJG-ish laugh they are having. LOL!:joy:

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