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[Drama 2020] Forest, 포레스트


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6 hours ago, cenching said:


I will miss them badly too....I thought PHJ-KGE’s chemistry is the best but ChocoMi takes that place now. They are getting better and better as the story proceeds, very natural interactions. 

The Ice Prince turns into Fiery Prince...:lol: At least on screen....:ph34r:


Same for me... I vote for A for onscreen chemistry and after watching their latest BTS! The Ice Prince was broken while Romantic Prince was on the loose!    :love:




1 hour ago, cenching said:


Wasn't PHJ said himself that he isn't good at romancing a girl on screen because it's been such a long time he got no GF?? He must needs some guidance because he has forgotten how to kiss a girl and like it....:sweat_smile:


But he still gives hot kisses~~   :blush:




According to the blogger : "200 Point recently kbs made mix kiss video, for the drama stethoscope kiss got 200 point out of 100"    :love:

Click the link to watch the video of KBS dramas mixed kiss videos:   https://www.vlive.tv/video/179866








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It is quite regrettable that the show took such a long time to become this good because all the nonsensical stuff at the start must have put a lot of people off. It is unusual in Kdramaland because in most instances, it's the first half that's better than the second. These last 4 episodes have been very decent because the show has ditched a lot of the slapstick, tampered the nuttiness and taking itself far more seriously. And so it should. At its very core the show is dealing with some serious stuff. What Taesung has done and is doing to the villagers is wicked and criminal. People have died because of their wanton greed. In fact, people are still dying.


On hindsight, I really wish that they hadn't made so much of a mystery of KSH's trauma. It would probably have made him a much more relatable character from the start. His amnesia was a plot device and it didn't gel with everything else about him in a way that made sense. That said however, it is good that the drama maintained some degree of consistency with regard to his greed, his need to accumulate wealth and be the top dog, as it were. There are consequences as there should be. This puts him at odds with JYJ... which it should because she is a ethically driven, altruistic physician and her worldview clashes with his. She wants to help people and save them. His way of thinking is to mitigate a bad situation and salvage what benefits he can. Hers is to expose the corruption and stop the entire operation because there can be no middle ground in such a situation. The human cost outweighs any potential financial benefits.


I have no doubt that the show wants to present him as a kind of antihero. The materialistic corporate shark that will ultimately take down the behemoth that is Taesung. It won't be the law enforcement officials or the authorities (because most of them are up to the necks in doggy poo) but the former insider who does it all. We all know he could have blown the lid off the whole thing when JYJ was in custody but instead he chose to leverage whatever information he had to save her and to reap benefits for himself. His default position is to manoeuver and manipulate his way out of things. He isn't a good guy by any existing moral standards but he is a devious one... and he is the man for the job because he can manoeuver his way through. Using a thief to catch a thief as it were.


Redemption for KSH is in the horizon... The inner tug-of-war has already begun especially with the way JYJ has framed this dilemma. "It's me or the money." Essentially that's what it is. ;) So she's not appealing to him on the basis of his better self or appeal to his moral code... that probably doesn't exist at the moment. What she's certain though is that he really does actually like her a lot. So, she does what she always does, tries to save him. And she does it by appealing to his desire for her. In effect what we have is a battle... not for his soul necessarily... but a battle for love to triumph over greed. They're still working within the limits territory of self-interest but hey, it's a start.


Apparently bad guys can really fall in love. JYJ seems to believe it. I think it's possible too. KSH isn't going to transform into Mother Teresa overnight or maybe ever. :D But love can slowly guide him on the right path if the one who loves can prioritize the one who is loved over all other desires.

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29 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

It's me or the money

He had that choice to make at the hotel in Manila.  At the elevator scene when he had to choose between dashing up to the pool deck to confront her ex or be on time for his business meeting.  He chose her then.  Yes he didn’t “pay” for it as dearly because he did still manage to make the business meeting (howbeit late) but he didn’t know that at the point at which the choice was made.  He risked losing that business deal altogether.  And his confession to her in the forest when she accused him of being singularly goal oriented when it comes to corporate targets seemed to imply that he realizes that without her, the goals mean nothing.


29 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

Apparently bad guys can really fall in love. JYJ seems to believe it. I think it's possible too. KSH isn't going to transform into Mother Teresa overnight or maybe ever.

Well, at least he was honest - he said he was like the devil Satan so he’s not exactly trying to pretend to be what he’s not.  But yeah, he’s got a long way to go but JYJ will be there to guide him.  Not long now till resolution.


20 hours ago, beyaruth said:

If only the book reading scene came first then I could imagine how JYJ's blouse got ripped. :sweatingbullets:

I didn’t translate that book scene. :lol: For obvious reasons.  Keeping the rating PG13 (Parental Guidance for 13years and under) on my translations.  

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@40somethingahjumma @nrllee

I think I interpreted how the way KSH deals with the business side for these latest episodes differently.

I believe the driven force isn’t money anymore but pure love. Love for YJ, he exchanged the information for her release because he got to be asap before the case is taken over by prosecutor and love for his teammates and villagers, he tries to takes over the business dealings from TaeSung. The only problem is how the way he’s doing it. He gets used to the devious ways since that’s the only way he knows. 

His top priority is YJ the reason he chose to exchanged the information for her releases. But since he feels for the villagers too and he can’t uses that information to exposes TaeSung anymore, he's “deviously” tries to wiggles the results in other way by approaching The Governor to acquire the mining rights to mines the mineral without killing the villagers. 

This situation is parallel with what happened in Manila where he chose her instead of Chairman Hwang and consistent with what he asked from her, to be his goal. Well, since he didn’t specifically said he will changes his ways in reaching his goals, this is what we and YJ got...:P I also feel that YJ misunderstood him by accusing him to be heartless and prioritizing money. We can see the disbelief projecting from his face when she said it.


After he found out about his sister, his added a big spoonful of revenge in his cauldron of goals.  He even sleeping with the enemy to achieve his goals....Deviously 

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Starting episode 14 right now.


So they stop an ambulance to make that arrest? Just wait at the hospital and do it there? 

I guess we are now in the last episodes fully getting into all those hightened kdrama tropes. False charges, blackmailing, probably kidnapping and other life threatening situations.

I hope it stays watchable.


Ok that part was better than expected. Although didn't really like the JYJ's attitude there. 'Oh well i guess i am going to prison'

Their scene at the river was beautiful. And i even really liked their break up scene. No misunderstandings and actually good reasoning. Probably the first kdrama where they break up because one doesn't care about the enviroment?



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Glad the conspirarcy is finally revealed and to be wrapped up towards the finale this week.


By the way, I did a brief background search and found the second male lead is actually a Disc Jockey and don't have previous acting experience.... it really surprises me.

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1 hour ago, 000231846597 said:

Glad the conspirarcy is finally revealed and to be wrapped up towards the finale this week.


By the way, I did a brief background search and found the second male lead is actually a Disc Jockey and don't have previous acting experience.... it really surprises me.


He is cute and quite an actor as a noob....I like him a lot...




His personal IG. I noticed that many of the casts in Forest are under SidusHQ including JBA. Forest is produced by iHQ, the mother company of SidusHQ and iHQ is the one issued restriction in posting about Forest's contents in SocMed too.....<_< Don't understand why....<_<




Uri Forest Squad look dashing in uniform...:wub:




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Forest: Episodes 25-28 Open Thread

by missvictrix


The big reveals we’ve been waiting for are here — all of them. And while they don’t exactly inspire all of the awe they’re intended to, at least we’ve got the requisite backstory, breakups, and baddies before this drama comes to a close.




So, here we are in our penultimate week, trying to pull our ragged plot together. I’m starting to feel sorry for this drama. While everything is passable on paper, it’s practically unwatchable in drama form. It might have worked under better storytelling conditions, but here, everything is just poorly handled, dragged out, and badly paced (need I go on?), so it loses all the bang it’s been saving up for.

Speaking of things getting dragged out, we found out the mountain water was highly toxic what feels like ages ago… but nothing developed on this front for the longest time — until San-hyuk finally hears about it too. You’d like to think all these environmental tests would be part of the development process, but not so. When he finally finds out, that’s when the plot starts to move (for better or worse).

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/03/forest-episodes-25-28-open-thread/


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I'm excited for tonight's episodes. As I look back, I think jealousy in kdramas always works for me...  :mrgreen:

(Edit: There's no episodes tonight but tomorrow... That's how excited I am. :sweatingbullets:)

















... His secretary even thought highly of him.. :tounge_xd:





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I'm sure after their break up they'll reconcile... I want to see them both happy in each other's arms again and together solve the problem in the Forest.















Why their sweet moments are just effortless!  Making my heart flutter.   :love:









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3 Points To Look Out For As “Forest” Comes To An End

Mar 18, 2020
by L. Kim

There are only four more episodes of “Forest” left!

With the truth unfolding gradually, viewers are curious about the approaching ending.


The drama has presented three main points to keep an eye out for as the drama comes to a close:

1. Happy ending

The mutual attraction between Kang San Hyuk (Park Hae Jin) and Jung Young Jae (Jo Bo Ah) became built up over time as they interacted more and more. Moreover, they became closer as they lived under the same roof. The two characters became lovers, and they spent happy days encouraging each other about their own trauma, but in the end, they broke up. The attention is on the final development of whether they will be able to reunite again and achieve a happy ending.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1388937wpp/3-points-to-look-out-for-as-forest-comes-to-an-end

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