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[Drama 2020] Forest, 포레스트

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On 4/3/2019 at 10:46 AM, nonski said:

Actually it bothers me as well, cuz as far as I know there is none yet.  Hopefully there will be good news soon.


Same thought here.  Huhu


Anyways..since this drama is about a firefighter(?), maybe they would include a wild forest fire scene and show the hardwork fighfighters or rescue workers go through to prevent fires from spreading. Recently a huge wildfire broke in Korea, thousands were evacuated and the goverment declared a state of emergency.





And it kinda fits the drama description, the healing space is called forest:

'Secret' is a work that depicts the characters who have realistic desires to heal in the space called 'Forest' and heal the wound of the heart that is not happy with their own memories, realizing the essence of happiness.

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Thank you Foresters for keeping us company watching Eps 5-6 of Forest.  See you again tomorrow. Thank you @nrllee for recapping tonight. @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingah

Starting in a bit Foresters! @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @

Aw sorry Foresters, I'm late, mani   @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdra

Park Hae Jin Wins Lawsuit Against “Four Sons” Production Company + To Appear In New Drama With No Legal Issues

by Y. Kim

Park Hae Jin will be filming the upcoming drama “Secret” (working title) with no legal restrictions.

Since May of 2018, filming has been suspended for the drama “Four Sons,” in which Park Hae Jin was cast in the male lead role. Park Hae Jin’s agency applied for charges of obstruction of business against the production company Victory Contents after the company accused Park Hae Jin’s agency and its affiliates of interfering with the drama’s production.

In February 2019, Park Hae Jin confirmed that he will be starring in the upcoming drama “Secret.” In response, Victory Contents applied for charges to prohibit Park Hae Jin from appearing in “Secret.” At the time, Park Hae Jin’s agency stated, “According to the contract we signed with the production company, we agreed to film until October 31, 2018. There should be no issue with appearing in a new drama when the contract date has already expired.”

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[단독] 박해진, ‘시크릿’ 팀과 강원도 산불 피해지역 자원봉사 나선다



Park Hae Jin and "Secret" team to volunteer in the Gangwondo forest fire restoration work and its victims


Park Hae Jin with his drama "Secret" team, gives warm touch to victims of Gangwon-do forest fires. 

As a result of the coverage of 'Sports Trend' on December 12, Park will participate in the restoration work in the Gangwon-do firefighting area with the <Secret> cast and staff from the morning of the 15th. 

<Secret> describes the characters whose realistic desires are healed by gathering in the space called 'forest' the scars of the heart that are worn by memories that are not happy. Park was a firefighter in the Kangsan area. Especially, it is known that firefighters' lives are based on Gangwon-do, so both the victim and the <secret> team are sick and tired of helping themselves. 

Park Hae-jin, who is currently working as an honorary fire fighter at the Fire Department, will work closely with the Secret Service along with the Fire Department to carry out the volunteer activities. 

On the other hand, <Secret> is directed by director Oh Jong-Rok, who succeeded in making big works with various genres such as SBS <Piano> <Style>, and won the Grand Prize of KBS Play Award 2002 in 2002, Drama Special < > Lee Sunyoung, who showed a lot of humanism works, writes. On the 8th of last month, I started to make full-scale production with my first filming. 

(google translated)



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Park Hae Jin, Jo Bo Ah, And Drama Cast And Staff Volunteer To Help Victims Of Gangwon Province Fire

Apr 16, 2019
by Y. Kim

Park Hae Jin and Jo Bo Ah, the lead actors for the upcoming drama “Secret,” along with the cast and 40 staff members, volunteered at the site of the Gangwon Province fire.

From approximately 9 a.m. KST to 4 p.m. KST on April 15, the “Secret” cast and staff helped clean the Halla Cement Apartment located in the city of Gangneung. The “Secret” team temporarily halted filming to volunteer in Gangneung, cheering the victims up by also providing about 100 portions of food.

Victims of the fire are expected to be moving into this apartment on April 16.

What a great way to build teamwork among the drama cast and staff for a meaningful cause!

Source (1)




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190416 Mountain Movement IG update

생각보다 심각했던 피해 현장. 저희 시크릿 팀의 협동력을 공개합니다.

"The damage that was worse than we thought, and we showed the cohesiveness of our Secret team." 


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Fighting fires and saving lives with Park Hae-jin and Jo Boa in Secret

by stroopwafel


Here’s a peek at the cast of the upcoming drama Secret, starring Park Hae-jin (Man to Man) and Jo Boa (My Strange Hero).

The show revolves around a fire and rescue team based in Gangwon Province that fights forest fires. The team members risk their lives out in the field, but find themselves able to heal their emotional scars and personal traumas while they work to save lives. Slightly confusingly, the drama is being described as a rom-com so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how things play out on screen.

The lead roles are being played by Park Hae-jin and Jo Boa, with Lee Shi-hoon (Trap) and Jung Yeon-joo (Room No. 9) as supporting players.


Park Hae-jin’s character, Kang San-hyuk, was once a rising star at a major investment firm. He had it all: looks, money, success. But he decides to quit his cushy finance job and join the provincial fire and rescue team in Gangwon. He finds a place in the aviation unit and rescues people via helicopter. And what would a hero be without a sad backstory? Our hero’s lingering trauma is a mysterious amnesia surrounding his past, which prevents him from remembering anything of his childhood. There’s not much information on the rest of the cast yet, but Lee Shi-hoon is described as Park’s right-hand man.

PD Oh Jong-rok (Greatest Marriage, Piano) and writer Lee Sun-young (Sweet Love) are attached and the drama will be pre-produced. Filming for Secret began in March but the show is currently still searching for a network.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/04/fighting-fires-and-saving-lives-with-park-hae-jin-and-jo-boa-in-secret/

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Park Hae-jin and Other Persons From "Secret - 2019" Do Volunteer Work in Wake of Gangwon Fires

As of April 15th all filming and preparation of "Secret - 2019" has been put on hold. The staff and actors of the drama have instead decided to do charity work in areas afflicted by the Gangwon fires for the foreseeable future.

It should be of little surprise that the production team behind "Secret - 2019" would feel afflicted by the Gangwon fires. After all, the main character is a rescue 119 worker. Filming and preparation events were also canceled when the fires broke out on April 4th.


In a statement Park Hae-jin said that there wasn't anything to say to the victims of the fire. Feeling that words of comfort alone were not enough, Park Hae-jin wanted to go to the site directly and see what people needed.

Jo Bo-ah also stated that she was hurt to see so much pain appear so suddenly as a result of the fires. She said that whatever little they could do to help, they wanted to do to help. Jo Bo-ah went on to say that she hoped they could all find the strength to carry on.

A person related to the production of "Secret - 2019" said that the production team was of one mind on this issue, and felt that acting as a large group was the most meaningful gesture they could make. However, the source also noted that the production team was thinking realistically in terms of what they could do.





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190417 Mountain Movement/PHJ weibo update

"입주 잘하셨으려나…...."

The residents don't know if they are staying in (auto translate)



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More photos of PHJ and Secret team in action helping the affected families of Gangwon-do forest fire

190419 PHJ IG/Weibo update

"작은 도움이라도 좋습니다. 저도 계속 돕겠습니다."

A  little help is good, I will continue to help


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On 2/15/2019 at 1:38 PM, jongski said:

...... But I hope to see that Four Men as well someday..

Amen to that. I wish, hope and pray for that too.


On 4/1/2019 at 11:37 PM, nonski said:

Actor Lee Sihoon, 'Secret' appearance confirmed, expected bromance with Park Haejin

Wow this is getting better and better. Secret will have a bromance going too!! Love it.

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It is pretty late but still @larus thanks for starting this thread.

You said in one of your previous posts that you wouldn't watch Saja even if it did release.:blink: But Why?  I would really like to know - if you are willing to share of course. Cuz to a hardcore PHJ fan like me it sounds like blasphemy (almost but not quite)

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